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PacificpilotToday  08:13 am JST

Zannen desu ne. Mian hamnida.

why can’t we get along? In Hawaii where I live all races live and work together in One big community. Why do people spend all their lives and efforts hating each other? Such a waste of time

Because one of the two countries teaches hate in their schools.


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quercetumToday  10:37 am JST

Japan doesn’t get along with South Korea, doesn’t know why it can’t get along, or how to get along. That’s the bottom line.

No, you have that backwards. The adoption of a revisionist history since the establishment of the ROK has made placing blame for every role "Korea" played in WWII on Japan alone. Japan has atoned for it's past. It is South Korea which has not because it is in denial of it's past.

"Hong was prosecuted by the United States as a Class B war criminal, and was the highest-ranking Korean officer to be executed for war crimes in the postwar period."


South Korea is incapable of getting along with Japan, after having received all it needed in the 1960s, because anti-Japan sentiment has been ingrained into South Korean society and school education.

South Korean high school students protest teachers forcing ‘anti-Japan’ acts

"Public high school teachers in Seoul forced students to engage in “anti-Japan” acts, such as holding posters that say “Japan must apologize” at a school marathon event, two of the school’s students said at a press conference they held to protest the teachers’ behavior.

The teachers belong to the Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union, which supports the administration of President Moon Jae-in. Local newspapers are criticizing the teachers’ behavior, with the JoongAng Ilbo daily calling it “politically biased” education."


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Since Moon Hee Sang has already sent Japan a letter of apology for his utterly ridiculous statement, there is no reason to refuse to retract it. Claiming that Emp Akihito is a "son of a war criminal" is wrong, because his father Emp Hirohito was never charged much less convicted as a war criminal by the post WWII International Tribunal for the Far East. Akihito was 12 years old when WWII ended. His words are simply hate mongering, rude and offensive. Emp Akihito spent his entire reign basically "making up" for the harm Japan brought upon other nations during his father's reign, and even most Japan-hating Koreans with any education left this man out of it. Not so with Moon Hee Sang. J-haters are quick to point out Japanese politicians who make statements as individuals and interpret that as the position of the entire Japanese government. Should we not then consider the comments made by Moon Hee Sang as representing the position of the entire South Korean government?

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expatToday  02:08 pm JST

They aren't actually "communists" any more that they are "Leninists" - they've become a ethno-nationalist totalitarian dictatorship...

They've replaced "commnism" with "nationalism" and remain a Socialist state. That makes China "National Socialists", what the world use to call Nazis. The term Chinazi is speading day by day. And yes, they are are seeking regional hegemony and global dominance. The most militarily and economically powerful dictatorship in history.

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"In 1965, Korea and Japan signed a treaty to establish basic diplomatic relations. Under this treaty, South Korea gave up the ability to demand compensation for the Japanese occupation from 1910-1945 in return for $800 million dollars. The treaty also prevented individuals from filing claims against the Japanese government. Essentially, South Korea was giving up the ability to bring up future grievances and expect retribution. Park Chung-Hee, then-President of South Korea, had requested a normalization of relations with Japan because the country needed economic aid. And it proved effective--economically, that is. South Korea rapidly industrialized and became known as the "miracle on the Han River."

A fact that even those who believe Japan should pay more compensation recognize.

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"In January 2005, the South Korean government disclosed 1,200 pages of diplomatic documents that recorded the proceeding of the 1965 treaty. The documents, kept secret for 40 years, recorded that the Japanese government actually proposed to the South Korean government to directly compensate individual victims but it was the South Korean government which insisted that it would handle individual compensation to its citizens and then received the whole amount of grants on behalf of the victims.

The South Korean government demanded a total of 364 million dollars in compensation for the 1.03 million Koreans conscripted into the workforce and the military during the colonial period, at a rate of 200 dollars per survivor, 1,650 dollars per death and 2,000 dollars per injured person. South Korea agreed to demand no further compensation, either at the government or individual level, after receiving $800 million in grants and soft loans from Japan as compensation for its 1910–45 colonial rule in the treaty.

Most of the funds from grants and loan were used for economic development,[15] particularly on establishing social infrastructures, founding POSCO, building Gyeongbu Expressway and the Soyang Dam with the technology transfer from Japanese companies.[16] Records also show 300,000 won per death was used to compensate victims of forced labor between 1975 and 1977."


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William77Today  08:34 am JST

Outrageous they can do this. Why isnt the world taking trade action against South Korea, in support of Japan? Japanese companies are being liquidated, while the world looks the other way.

Because the world community doesn’t look at this issue with the eyes of a right wing Japanese institution.

Furthermore that is a minor local issue that the two countries have to settle by themselves.

While I fully agree that this is a matter that must be settled between the two nations themselves, I can not fathom how issues such as (1) refusing to provide the information in order to maintain white list standing, (2) unilaterally ripping up a "permanent and irreversible Agreement" after the other party has fullfilled it's obligations (3) refusing to abide by an Arbitration Clause in a state-to-state Treaty....has anything to do with being Japanese right wing or left wing. Claiming Siouth Korean right wing would make a hell of alot more sense.

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"Why don't we talk about how to provide funding for the building of future Japan-South Korea ties, instead of compensation?" said Kawamura, a lawmaker from the Liberal Democratic Party.

Easy, Because if you did, South Korea would be back in a year or two claiming that Japan has never paid compensation. Essentially what has happened with the 1965 Treaty.

If the South Korean government wants to proceed on the basis that the SK Court Ruling did not contravene the 1965 Treaty, it first needs to abide by the Arbitration clause contained therein and proceed to affirm it's position. Only then can it proceed with suggested "solutions" which are based on the validity of the SK Court ruling.

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Posted in: Subaru recalls cars, SUVs in U.S. for engine control, debris trouble See in context

The article has nothing to do with CVT transmissions. They have been and continue to be used in large vehicles such asthe Nissan Murano for over 10 years . That's as far from a "Kei car" as you can get. You can stop posting complete fabrications.

Sales in the U.S. as of Sept 2019 of Nissan/Toyota/Mitsubishi-30.9%, Ford/GM-30.1%.....Hyundai/KIA-7.7%.

The only consumers who buy Korean made cars are those who can't afford a Japanese, American or European one. The common sense among U.S. consumers,(excluding poor students and lower income families) is "avoid Korean cars at all costs".

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Nothing mentioned in the above article has anything to do with CVT transmisions, which have succesfully been in use for well over 10 years. In addition to Nissans, Subaru,Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi models, they are also used by some Fords, Chryslers, Dodges and Jeeps. I'd take any of those over some Korean made garbage.

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Japan is hardly alone in the world on their view of China.

Over half of Americans see friction in the current bilateral economic relationship, and more now see China as a threat


Most Europeans see China’s ‘aggressive practices’ as a threat to their economic interests, survey show


China's overreach provokes backlash across Southeast Asia.Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia all show signs of rejecting Beijing's influence


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A terrible way to die for these poor people. Now one would think they came from the poorest nation in the world. But the truth is that they came from the second biggest and powerful economy on the planet. What is it about China that people will take such risks to live somewhere else? Perhaps Akie can enlighten me?

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If South Korea is not capable of providing the requested information, then they have no qualification to have been the only Asian nation on Japan's preferential White List in the first place. Hence, they have no right to be demanding that they be put back.

There are indeed Comfort Women. And South Korea signed an "irreversible" agreement settling this issue in 2015. Then then Moon "reversed" it.

If South Korea believes the workers had the right to sue over an issue that Japan considers settled in the 1965 Treaty, then they should abide by the Arbitration Clause contained in the Treaty to affirm their position. But they refuse to do so.

These are clear issues that South Korea can resolve if they had any desire to resolve the current breakdown in diplomatic relations. But rather than acting to resolve it, South Korea increases the volume of anti-Japan sentiment. Moon himself declaring that "We will not be defeated by Japan again". Interesting cry for nationalistic ferver when Korea ws never defeated by Japan in the first place.

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South Korea needs to:

Respond to Japan's request for information as they have been asking for 3 years concerning sales of Japanese exports. This will allow South Korea to go back on Japan's White List, as they have demanded.

2 Reinstate the "final and irreversible" comfort Women Agreement of 2015 which South Korea unilaterally ripped up after getting their demands, an apology from PM Abe and money as they requested (none of which has made it to the actual surviving CW). Abide by the Agreement.

Overturn the SK Court Ruling against Japanese companies. Nothing is stopping the SK government from filing suit as the ruling violates the 1965 Treaty. If the SK government actually agrees with the Court Ruling, then it needs to Abide by the Arbitration Clause in the 1965 Treaty. Abide by the Treaty.

As long as Souh Korea continues to ignore the above, it remains a country that is untrustworthy in Japan's eyes. Surely South Korea must have now realized that doing everything else to anger, hurt and villify Japan hasn't produced anything in South Korea's favor. Learn something.

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Hasbro has already reduced the number of products it gets from China, which had hovered above 80% as recently as 2012. Goldner said the company is trying to bring that down to less than 50% by the end of next year.

Bring that down to under 10% and you won't have a problem. SEA nations will be happy to manufacture low cost toys for you.

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CaptDingleheimerOct. 22  11:20 am JST

My comments keep getting deleted for asking this, but why don't they wear traditional Japanese clothing instead of Western?

The Japanese, including the Emperor and Imperial Family, have been wearing suits and dresses for about 150 years. Might as well as consider them traditional by now.

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Both sides can be faulted but Japan has always accomodated South Korea whereas South Korea has continued to use anti-Japan sentiment as a political and diplomatic tool, refused to recognize or accept Japan's accomodations and aplogies and done nothing to improve relations, instead taking actions that can only make it worse. South Korea has displayed a propensity to deny or reject Japan's actions but never actually suggest what would lead to a resolution. In other words, no real intention of resolution.

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Posted in: Japan notifies U.S. of plan to send SDF to Middle East waterways See in context

Japan's post-World War II pacifist constitution commits it to strictly defensive capabilities, but Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has campaigned for years to amend it.

Japan's post-World War II pacifist constitution commits it to strictly defensive capabilities in the first paragraph of Article 9 and prohibits the existence of a military in the second paragraph, but Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has campaigned for years to amend the second paragraph to officially recognize the existence of the JSDF.

Sloppy, perhaps deliberately misleading writing to give the false impression that Abe is trying to remove the first paragraph which is what makes it a "Peace Constitution".

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zichiOct. 20  11:57 pm JST

The Yasukuni Shrine is only 150 years old this year. How was the war dead honored before that?

"Modern Japan" is only 150 years old. The first dead honored at Yasukuni goes back to the Boshin War which ended in 1869. "War dead" prior to that were those who died fighting for their respective clans or for the shogunate, rather than"for the nation of Japan" and are honored in their respective regions. Those honored at Yasukuni died in war for the modern post 1860s Japan. The vast majority of those enshrined there have nothing to do with WWII.

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Japanese automakers, as well as US and European ones have all had their share of scandals and recalls. And while those who suffered from them may no longer support those car manufacturers, to date I have not seen any indication that the "reputations" of any of them have been harmed to the extent of having an effect on overall sales and demand by the general public. Car sales appear to be affected by other non-related economic factors.

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I think you mean "Flags of Convenience" aka FOCs.

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HJSLLSToday  09:34 pm JST

Please don’t tell me Japan is just realizing this! All the more reason Japan and South Korea need to de-escalate their economic feud and look at the serious security threat of a rising China.

Japan isn't just realizing this, they, along with the rest of the world have been saying this for years.

South Korea is the only country that has taken unilateral action to destroy the US-JPN-SK military alliance and thereby help China attain regional dominance.

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70 years of Chinese not being able to vote to choose their rulers.

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RizdownToday  11:07 am JST

Surely they got it wrong.

Why do the want her to make her white by using 漂白剤 ?

If they wanted her to look more Japanese, then she would need to apply 黄変剤 (ouhenzai = yellowing agent).

Oh come on Japanese people... don't get angry... I'm making a joke here.

Your comment is as bad as the one by these comedians. Did you not realize from the article that obviously most Japanese people objected to the racist comment leading to apologies? Or are you under the mistaken impression that there are Japanese people on this forum defending the comedians?

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context

No excuse for this level of racial insenstivity. If these comments were written entirely by this comedian team, they should be fired or suspended long enough to send a clear message. On the other hand, while racism in the US public forum towards African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans is a big no-no, the same towards Asian-Americans continues. So yea, it's not just Japan.

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memoryfixToday  08:24 am JST


How about Japanese women trying to make themselves look white - parasols, makeup? You okay with that? I’ve always thought it’s ridiculous.

If you studied Japanse history at all they've been doing that centuries before they ever saw white people. Same can be said for much of Asia, both Eastern and Southeastern.

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Chip StarToday  08:18 am JST

Instead just pushing through, Is it very difficult for Japanese to say 'Excuse me'?

It sure seems to be difficult for them to say excuse me.

Did it occur to you that those "Japanese" who don't say すみません to you are rude and impolite people, who don't say it to anybody and are seen as rude and impolite by most Japanese people? Especially older ones? You resprented such behavior as being "Japanese" which is silly because you'll hear far less "excuse me"s in US metropolitan cities.

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StrangerlandToday  08:39 am JST

It sure seems to be difficult for them to say excuse me.

I'd actually say すみません is probably in the top ten of words used by the Japanese!

Exactly! Don't see how anyone couldn't reach that conclusion unless they always use mass transit wearing headphones. Or don't know what that phrase means.

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NCIS RerunsToday  01:11 pm JST

My friend in Washington D.C. said his Japanese wife stopped using her Korean-American beautician when she began verbally harassing her.

While those who are rabidly anti-Japan in South Korea may not necessarily be the majority. I have found Korean-Americans often make up for their being in another country outside of South Korea by magnified nationalism.

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Japan has no qualms about responding to SK's demand for WTO arbitration because it is confident in it's position. After all it is a security issue and SK has had 3 years to provide the requested information but chose to ignore it. Compare that with South Korea's refusal to abide by the Arbitration Clause of the 1965 Treaty which could resolve tje SK court ruling issue. Or worse, SK's refusal to settle the Liancourt Rocks Dispute at the ICJ three times. Yet South Korea is the first to go running to others to support their position on any issue, and if Japan chose to raise the very same issue at the WTO, ie; South Korea having removed Japan from their whitelist, how is SK going to explain the reason other than that it was simply a tit-for-tat childish response?

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