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Ostap Bender comments

Posted in: Japanese anti-drug poster tells would-be addicts to just eat udon instead See in context

Choose life. Choose your friends.

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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

Just last week there was a video of Kyoto people in a ramen shop abusing a Korean tourist. They insult the very people they rely on for revenue.

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Posted in: After 5 days, no clues to missing boy's fate in Hokkaido See in context

It is suspicious. No body found for days. I'm starting to think his father murdered him by accident, hid him somewhere and is using the mountain story as a distraction. The father already lied once.

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Posted in: Obama's Hiroshima visit stirs differing views across Pacific See in context

People have to stop looking at WWII as good guys verses bad guys. There were bad guys on both sides. Truman was a real rascist.

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Posted in: 63% say Japan should stop apologizing over war: poll See in context

Japanese politicians have apologized too much. On the anniversary of the war's end the prime minister should ignore it and play golf or something.

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Posted in: Japan marks 70th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing See in context

No sympathy for America on September 11th.

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Posted in: Iraq's 'Jon Stewart' combats jihadists with laughs See in context

Humor is the best way to fight the Islamist Jihadis. They don't fear death but dread humiliation. Make jokes about Islamists, and drop porn and pork on the ISIS.

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Posted in: Pro-Pyongyang celebration See in context

Traitors to the country they live in. Why doesn't Japan allow Al Quaida and Om Shin Ri Kyo to openly celebrate like that, too?

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Posted in: LDP gears up to revise pacifist constitution See in context

The LDP seems determined to destroy the goodwill of the world that's been built up in the last 70 years.

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Posted in: Islamic parties seek ban on alcohol consumption in Indonesia See in context

That's Islam for you. You can't drink alcohol or look at women but you can behead people, shoot them, or crash jets into buildings.

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Posted in: Abe's visit to U.S. generating a lot of interest, controversy See in context

The Koreans never miss an opportunity to criticise Japan. They ought to worry about transportation safety and hygiene.

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Posted in: How come Japan has never demanded an official apology from any U.S. government for the dropping of atomic bombs on two of its cities? In fact, why don't Japanese hate America for dropping the bombs? See in context

I think the Buddhist cultural influence on Japanese people is a reason that they don't hate America. It's the same with Viet Nam. Buddhism discourages holding a grudge while the Abrahamic religions discourage forgiveness.

Why the government has never demanded an apology is a difficult question. Probably because it's a puppet of the USA.

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Posted in: Texas governor to declare 'Chris Kyle Day' in honor of sniper See in context

Leave it to Texas to honor an American terrorist who took part in an illegal invasion of a sovereign country. Iraqis who killed American soldiers were defending their country against an occupier.

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Posted in: Grand jury decides not to indict police officer in Ferguson shooting See in context

It's a sad day to be an American. White cop gets away with murdering a kid and white folks celebrate.

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Posted in: Riot police raid Kyoto University after 3 activists arrested See in context

As always, if you're conservative and patriotic, you can get away with anything. If you're leftist and want justice, the government will smash you.

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Posted in: Tomita denies stealing camera at Asian Games See in context

After Koreans rigged a boxing match I wouldn't be suprised if they framed him as well.

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Posted in: Top court rules in favor of pregnant woman who was demoted See in context

Co-workers will continue to have their workloads increased.

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Posted in: Having a bawl: Sumo wrestlers grapple with cry-babies See in context

“The babies’ cries are intended to reach God and parents hope that their little ones will grow healthy and strong.”

Abusing children through religion.

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