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This is a very informed article. However, readers/commenters should be aware that the author of this commentary is also a part of the problem. Go to the Sala website and find out how much teachers actually get paid. If there isn't information, email them. What qualifications do they seek or will they take anyone willing to work those wages? Do they promise full time or only advertise for part time? Bear in mind, I very briefly used a teacher web portal service (HeadTeacher.net) he had and got very little in return for my investment. When he says he has hired a few teachers from the failed schools, what he really means to say is he sold them on this web portal program, not as in gainfully employing them at a school with enough hours, enough pay, to make ends meet. I frequently see job postings for his school in Osaka...they certainly aren't expanding in this economy, it's more likely turnover. (Again, ask yourself, why is there turnover at a school in this economy?)

While I agree with much of what was said, do your research and consider the source, Dean Rogers.

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