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Posted in: Tokyo reports 124 COVID-19 cases Friday; 70% in their 20s and 30s See in context

Woah, that picture! What happened to "Social Distancing"?

There is no “social distancing in Tokyo. It is only an English slogan. I think most Japanese have no idea what it means.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 124 COVID-19 cases Friday; 70% in their 20s and 30s See in context

It should be declared again as soon as possible before corona cases become 1,000 tomorrow

Agreed, as it is on the way!

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Posted in: As coronavirus cases in Tokyo surge, gov't gives expert advisory panel a makeover See in context

Wearing a mask protests other people, to not wear one is to signal you don't care.

or maybe you cannot breathe in the 100 percent summer humidity.

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Posted in: U.S. demanded Japan pay $8 bil annually for troops: Bolton See in context

They look like puppets.

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Posted in: Rally against racism, in support of Black Lives Matter held in Tokyo See in context

Japanese society never protests about the state of their affairs. Always they need some vision from other countries and then they just follow the pack. Japan would be such a great country if the people would work on making life for Japanese more fair and just, It seems they have given up on all their causes and believe the Government will take care of them 100 percent.

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Posted in: Suntory CEO says 20% of restaurants may fail as coronavirus slams Japan's dining scene See in context

I think 20 percent should fail, as 30 percent are horrible restaurants and should have never opened in the first place.

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Posted in: China urges citizens not to visit Australia as dispute simmers See in context

China thinks she can screw anyone for profit, the world really needs to teach that bloated country a lesson!

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Posted in: Man held for free train ride halfway across Japan for virus cash handout See in context

Leave him alone.

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Posted in: Citing jobs, Trump claims victory over virus, economic collapse See in context

Biden should be sectioned for saying 10-15% of Americans are not good people.

And he is in that group!

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Posted in: Japan to require virus testing, itinerary in easing travel restrictions See in context

So, even conservatively speaking here, adding 5,000 to 10,000 yen a day in expenses, to stay at a hotel, is going to severely limit the number of "business" trips I would imagine. I can not see many businesses being willing to pay and extra 100,000 yen plus, just to have their employees sit around in a hotel room!

Solution- Telework!

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Posted in: Japan to require virus testing, itinerary in easing travel restrictions See in context

but we should remember that it is for now necessary and it will not be forever, but it will be temporary.

This will not be temporary, this will become the new normal, slowly taking away peoples freedoms to create a 1 world government. People wake up and question everything that is being forced upon you. Triple check the media and trust your intuition. Question all authority and never let fear guide you!

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Posted in: Dentsu evacuates Tokyo HQ after receiving bomb threat See in context

to help run a coronavirus aid programme via a scheme that has been described as opaque.

Well we now know why the stimulus payments are so foggy. 50/50 chance the people will never see their payment.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to deploy military unless states halt violent protests; Floyd's brother pleads for peace See in context

Police wouldn’t shoot you if you were being peaceful.

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Posted in: Anger over police killings boils over in several U.S. cities See in context

And your last quoted comment suggests that you don’t approve of communication but violence..

Are you saying that you really approve of rioting?

girl_in_tokyo, You approve of riots because you don't live in the riot zone. You would think differently about violence if it was at your front door.

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Posted in: Biden urged to pick black VP, not Klobuchar as Minneapolis killing stokes racial tensions See in context

Biden urged to pick black VP, not Klobuchar as Minneapolis killing stokes racial tensions

Talk about politically correct. Couldn’t have picked a better time for the puppet to put on a show.

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Posted in: Tokyo hospital reports group infections as Japan fears 2nd virus wave See in context

I think Doraemon could figure this challenge out better than any Japanese politician.

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Posted in: Obama calls Trump's handling of pandemic a 'chaotic disaster' See in context

Obama was a national disaster.

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Posted in: Musk threatens to exit California over virus restrictions See in context

Used to like this guy but he's become a total nutter recently.

He has always been a "nutter" That is the act of genius.

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Posted in: China says Hong Kong will never be calm unless violent protesters removed See in context

Hong Kong was best when China had nothing to do with her. China is like a cancer on the planet wanting to suck the life and resources out of every country that doesn't agree with its slave mentality.

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Posted in: Foreign workers feel the pain of 'corona job cuts' in Japan See in context

Being fired is totally different than being laid off. The pain is the same though.

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Posted in: Tokyo to pay more to businesses that remain closed until May 31 See in context

Let Koike become the next prime minister of Japan. Abe is tired and he was slow in taking actions against the outbreak of coronavirus.

Makes no sense, as she is the female face of Abe. Same concept, same direction.

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Posted in: ANA net profit plunges 75% See in context

Tough times for the airline industry, but domestic travel within Japan will rebound quite soon. In fact it will be a great time to travel around Japan, seeing sites that are less crowded without all the visitors from overseas.


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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus deaths surpass Vietnam War toll as Florida governor meets Trump See in context

Godspeed America!

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Posted in: Starbucks sales fall as virus cripples global operations See in context

I miss my morning cup of Joe at Starbucks

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Posted in: Osaka to name and shame more pachinko parlors defying closure request See in context

Russian roulette.

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Posted in: U.S. Congress-at-home eyes reboot during virus See in context

That smug, no clue elitist Nancy Pelosi, that has done her part to destroy the beautiful state of California needs to pack her bags and never show her face in or around Washington again. Shameful wolf in sheep's clothing.

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Posted in: Seiyu to pay special bonus to store staff working during pandemic See in context

Well 15000 will get you back and forth to work.

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Posted in: Trump says briefings not worth his time after disinfectant gaffe See in context

Not to worry, he will be back part 2.

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Posted in: Osaka names pachinko parlors defying closure request despite pandemic See in context

Shaming a pachinko parlor? Give me a break, the people that frequent those places could care a less about shaming, in fact it will probably HELP the business.

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Posted in: N Korean media silent on Kim's whereabouts as speculation on health rages See in context

Maybe he's in Florida playing golf.

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