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Posted in: Macron arrives in Tokyo for Olympic opening ceremony See in context

Je ne vous invite pas, Macron

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,979 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,383 See in context

Higher numbers, scare people and keep them from going out until the Olympics are finished.

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Posted in: Tokyo's drinkers drown frustrations over virus restrictions, Olympics See in context

If you can control perception you can control reality, that's what the media does. Learn about the psychology of the media, then let go of the fear and have a nice time.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,271 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,432 See in context

The only way out of this is the majority of people getting vaccinated - not just the vulnerable.

The only way out of this mess is for people to stop acquiescing and question what's going on all over the world.

The media are doing everything in their power to dumb down the masses. Once our freedoms are taken away from us, they will never come back. Question authority, speak your truth or live on your knees for the rest of your lives. Vaccines have nothing to do with it.

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Posted in: S Korea virus outbreak grows See in context

The purpose is to have less dead people by the time the population is immunized, if they achieve this purpose obviously they are not meaningless.

Unless the virus mutates to another covid version which will render the original vaccines useless.

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Posted in: Truck driver admits drinking alcohol before accident that killed 2 children See in context

Bad writing. “. . . before he caused an accident with the truck he was driving that . . . “.


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Posted in: California bans state-funded travel to Florida, 4 other states See in context

The left is out to lunch on this issue.

Yes, they are, All politics, all for votes, that's it.

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Posted in: New COVID-19 cases in U.S plummet to lowest levels since last June See in context

Everyone is still wearing masks in every store I go to in the US.

Really? I am at the home center as we speak and about 80 percent of the people are not wearing masks. They are free and happy.

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Posted in: Fewer people traveling during Golden Week amid virus spike See in context

Fewer people traveling during Golden Week amid virus spike

They must talk like this to try and stop people from traveling. From what I see, it’s business as usual.

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Posted in: Restaurant chain operator sues Tokyo gov't over COVID opening hour restrictions See in context

 If the law says you must close because of a pandemic there is little you can do.

I believe there is no law that states what you said. It's all on a volunteer basis. Technically he could sue and win.

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Posted in: Suga thanks public for coping with virus restrictions; asks for continuing cooperation See in context

Suga thanks public for coping with virus restrictions; asks for continuing cooperation

The trains were packed, the ramen shops were open, hostess bars in Ginza all open, salarymen going to karaoke.......all during the state of emergency. Gotta love Japan.

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Posted in: Major Biden victory as Congress passes huge COVID relief plan See in context

Democrats continuing to help Main Street whilst republicans continue to spit in the faces of hard working Americans that weren’t fortunate enough to have chosen their parents correctly.

Ha! Until they’re voted out of office in 4 years!

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Posted in: Calls grow for Cuomo to quit from top New York lawmakers See in context

Get rid of him already. He has done enough damage to the big Apple.

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Posted in: Tokyo area governors eye extension of state of emergency by 2 weeks See in context

Extended or not, nobody really cares.

I care.

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Posted in: Mizuho restores ATMs, online services after glitch See in context

Anything to hang on to peoples money.

I think all planned. Government made billions on that one.

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Posted in: 2 Americans who helped in Ghosn's escape to be turned over to Japan See in context

What crime did they commit?

The crime of saving a foreigner that would never get a fair trial in Japan, proving to the world what a farce the Japanese justice system is.

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Posted in: 2 Americans who helped in Ghosn's escape to be turned over to Japan See in context

Would take a Japanese prison any day over any other in the world. At least they are safe and dropping the soap is no issue.

How do you know? Have you done prison time in Japan?

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Posted in: Marilyn Manson faces LA sheriff investigation after abuse allegations See in context

WELL, that's a no-brainer.'

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Posted in: Canada vows to be next country to go after Facebook to pay for news See in context

get rid of facebook.

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Posted in: Mori Building, Aman Resorts conclude partnership for major development in heart of Tokyo See in context

Why do people want to live like rats in oversized cages?

Obviously, you have never lived a tower lifestyle. It is wonderful!

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Posted in: Man arrested after wearing wig to enter women’s bathing facility See in context

Actually, a very amusing story.

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Posted in: Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese air force See in context

Taiwan should just blow them out of the sky.

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Posted in: U.S. to reverse Trump's 'draconian' immigration policies, Biden tells Mexican president See in context

Draconian means: excessively harsh and severe.

The media will say anything for clicks, meanwhile, the caravan is in for a big surprise when they reach the American border and are rejected entry because of Bidens "new draconian border protection policy".

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Posted in: U.S. to reverse Trump's 'draconian' immigration policies, Biden tells Mexican president See in context

I agree. Everyone will be paid a minimum wage. Or like Marx said, just enough for the worker to be able eat the bare minimum needed to make it physically to work, work, go home and do it all again the next day.

That's how Japanese are living now.

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus death toll tops 5,000 See in context

With reports of patients suffering severe conditions renewing record figures almost on a daily basis, medical professionals warn of a medical system collapse where they will have to give up on otherwise treatable patients because of the lack of hospital beds.

haven't they been saying this for about a year now?

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Posted in: McConnell says Trump provoked Capitol siege; mob 'fed lies' See in context

Conviction should be a piece of cake, and it keeps him from running for office ever again.

When the hoopla settles, it will not be a piece of cake.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, some drink on despite gov't request for bars to close at 8 p.m. See in context

You cannot train robots, you must re-program them.

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Posted in: Saizeriya president calls requests not to eat out for lunch ‘nonsense’ See in context

Ever eat at Saizeriya? Once is about enough.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,001 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,133 See in context

Nice number.

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Posted in: Hiroshima to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 to battle COVID-19 See in context

If this is successful, the central Government will copy this and take credit for it.

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