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Posted in: 'Wake up Punchy!' - Trump jabs back at De Niro See in context

Raging bull to whining grandpa! Go get em Gramps!!

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Posted in: N Korea calls summit a success as Trump halts war games See in context

Funny, progressives have a strong reflex to the negative. Makes me sick to read some of the comments on Japan Today. How about just sitting back during the first inning and be amazed at how 6 months ago WWW 3 was a distinct possibility, and now there is a framework for peace and denuclearization.

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Posted in: Trump believes N Korea will denuclearize; says he gave up nothing See in context

Wow! Whats up with all the pessimistic posters?

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Posted in: Trump threatens U.S. allies on trade before leaving G7 summit See in context

I've noticed a lot of pro and anti-Trump statements going in all kinds of directions except one. No one is disagreeing with him on the main issue. The US has been completely taken advantage of and you all know it. You might not like how he is turning the tables back in our favor or at least somewhat on a level playing field but none of you can say the U.S. hasn't been the trading chump for the world for the last few decades. We've footed European defense against Russia and we've footed the bill for NATO and the UN. And in return, you've been able to enjoy relative peace while you mock us as "warmongers". Now it's time to hold your own and I think you're about to find out how badly you've been fleeced by your own governments who should have been taking care of you vs relying on the U.S. All those benefits you've been giving away to migrants, time to find out where that money was actually coming from.

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Posted in: Is it the Group of Seven, Eight, Six-Plus-One? See in context

It is the group of One minus Six!

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Posted in: Allies confront Trump with trade numbers at tense G7 summit See in context

USA needs to be in the wilderness for a while. Their people are too far gone to be reasoned with and even though they have many social democratic values keep electing the worst of the worst into office. The rest of the world needs to move on from such a toxic relationship

I was thinking the exact same thing about Europe.

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Posted in: Allies confront Trump with trade numbers at tense G7 summit See in context

Trump is the President of the U.S. Makes sense his America first policy. Shouldn't the other leaders of their countries feel the same?

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Posted in: Allies confront Trump with trade numbers at tense G7 summit See in context

They all look pretty happy to me. All for show to keep the sheeple in line.

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Posted in: Japan says economy shrank in 1st quarter See in context

Seems like the island is getting smaller too.

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Posted in: Fired FBI director Comey tells ABC Trump 'morally unfit' for office See in context

Well "lying Comey" was fired and Trump IS the President so...............Morally unfit, and Crooked Hillary? Now there is a lady with very high morals! So sad that such a tall man had to stoop so low just so sell a book.

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Posted in: Western powers say air strikes crippled Syria chemical weapons program See in context

Syrians are claiming that they intercepted 71 missiles, including all 12 that were directed at the Al-Dumayr military airport outside of Damascus.

"The Pentagon insisted that no missiles were intercepted by Syrian defences and that the raids were “precise and overwhelming” while claiming the Syrian air defences remained “largely ineffective”.

I would say most of the world understands how the Russian and Syrian troll bots are out in full force now.

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Posted in: Japan's household spending posts biggest drop in nearly a year as wages fall See in context

Old people never spend, they save and have all the money.

I kind of agree with that statement in Japan. I have been living here along time and though some older people spend money, my experience is a large majority of Japanese oldsters just love to hoard their money, never spend and most importantly never invest in the youth of Japan. The will all die with their money, the government will take it all and their children will be left with nothing. A vicious cycle indeed.

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Posted in: Trade dispute escalates as Trump threatens $100 bil more in China tariffs See in context

Where Idiots can vote into power an Idiot who just keeps on being idiotic

I think a lot of people voted for him because if they knew Hillary Clinton was a bigger idiot. So we lost both ways.

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Posted in: Porn star says in TV interview she was threatened to keep silence on Trump See in context

Who cares if Trump got laid by a porn star 12 years ago? Trump didn't sign the agreement, he can easily say had no clue about it. Falls all on his attorney. And what penalty will that be? Nadda. This is all over hype and trying to spike CNN ratings. lose

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Posted in: No. of teen marijuana cases up 5-fold in 4 years: police See in context

Probably oji-san use is up too, but they will never report that.

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Posted in: Trump says he is prepared to meet N Korea's Kim See in context

Well, so much for the political elite fixing the 30 year stalemate with the North. Funny how a NON politician has the keys to peace and stability in the region. At least the two are speaking their real mind to each other.

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Posted in: 13 Russians, 3 companies indicted for interfering in U.S. elections See in context

13 Russians and 62.9 million extremely ignorant/naive Trump voters.

13 Russians and and the most brainwashed left wing media core in the history of the U.S.A.

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Posted in: Boarding now for a flight from Tokyo to Paris that never takes off See in context

Like it or not , this will be big. I think people all over the world will enjoy this.

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Posted in: Trump indirectly warns players over kneeling at Super Bowl See in context

I miss the Obama years, 

I don't.

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Posted in: Facebook losing youth at fast pace: survey See in context

Thank god the sheeple are waking up.

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Posted in: Trump indirectly warns players over kneeling at Super Bowl See in context

As he should, he is making America great again!

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Posted in: Newcomer defeats anti-U.S. base incumbent in Nago mayoral race See in context


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Posted in: Trump says Republican memo vindicates him in Russia probe See in context

It only points out a potential conflict of interest and possible politically motivated surveillance of an American citizen, which is not good. 

My point exactly. Trump will be vindicated because this is only the tip of the iceberg. We have to wait for more information to come, and it will come.

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Posted in: Trump says Republican memo vindicates him in Russia probe See in context

Its credibility as a national institution is shot.

That is correct and I might add Obamas legacy is shot too.

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Posted in: Trump says Republican memo vindicates him in Russia probe See in context

Trump says Republican memo vindicates him in Russia probe

It does.

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Posted in: Japan's antismoking plan with gaping loophole sparks outcry See in context

Just wait until all the foreigners come to Japan during the Olympics and become unhinged and start berating Japanese smokers while they are trying to eat their ¥20,000 sushi or teppanyaki course thinking for that price point they can enjoy their meal in a smoke free environment. The sh_t will hit the fan and the Governments policy will change overnight because the NO SMOKING restaurants will suddenly become more popular than the traditional smoking establishments.

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Posted in: Trump backs release of memo alleging FBI abuses See in context

Stick it to them Mr.President ! Let -the- chips -fall -where -they -may!

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Posted in: Senators race to end U.S. government shutdown before work week begins See in context

Stand firm, Democrats.

They will cave like they always do.

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Posted in: Trump says Russia helping N Korea skirt sanctions; Pyongyang getting close on missile See in context

Trump is doing alright. Admittedly I'm not the fan I was at first, but still better than what we could have had.

Amen on that brother!

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Posted in: Trump offers New Year's Eve message See in context

What a sad and pathetic year it has been. I hope that my fellow countrymen remain strong against the scourge of greed and hatred long enough to see this travesty through to its conclusion.

Most of your fellow countrymen don't know what the hell your talking about. Give it a rest already, it's 2018 and America is great again! Happy New Year to all!

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