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Posted in: India outraged after female diplomat arrested, strip-searched in New York See in context

From Indian press reports, the woman belongs to the lowest Hindu caste "Dalit". Her dad also worked in their elite administrative service. The whole incident seems to be a misguided case of middle and upper class anger; though the New York police could have handled it better. Removing security barriers in Delhi has to be one of the most childish diplomatic moves ever.

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Posted in: 4,000 foreign workers questioned after riot in Singapore See in context

400 involved in rioting and 4000 questioned. Singapore seems to be a police state.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy Kennedy visits Nagasaki atomic bomb site See in context

Good on her part to visit. But I don't really think Obama is doing much these days towards nuclear disarmament.

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Posted in: Haruki Murakami novel Japan's 2013 best-seller See in context

Eagerly waiting for the translation to come out. Why does AFP always use the same lines for any Murakami story: with references to lyrical prose, surreal, margins of society, pop culture references? Can't they come up with some additional descriptions or new insights than copy pasting their old stories?

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Posted in: Abe appoints first ever female aide to PM See in context

Any female appointment in the corridors of power is welcome news for Japanese women. But the sincerity and purpose of this move will be solely proved by visible steps towards gender balance in workplaces. In addition to offices and industries, there is a real shortage of women in postgraduate education and research, especially in science and engineering.

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Posted in: Imperial couple to visit India See in context

According to the Embassy of Japan in India webpage, this visit was announced on July 9 this year to commemorate the 60th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations.

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