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Asahi newspaper still gives important post to the fraud reporter who wrote the century misinformation article.

According to the ex-Asahi newspaper reporter,Mr.Minori Hongo said, the Leftist side handed in the company of Asahi newspaper shared anti-Japanese forces for China and South Korea, shared the problems of abduction, Yasukuni shrine, history, such as the comfort women, they have denounced to Japan's past until bent the facts. Below as a specific example which cited an article of comfort women hunting.

There is a reporter who is Takashi Uemura in Asahi Shimbun. knowing that the reporter Uemura began to write the series of "colonial Korea" in "War and newspaper" on evening paper from April this year, i hold a serious doubt on the position of Asahi newspaper.

Asahi has not been fixed for more than 15 years, the mistakes the press which originated by Uemura. on the top of social by Osaka Head Office version in Asahi newspaper at 11th August 1991,Asahi in a big way reported the article,"The original living witnesses Korean comfort woman has emerged" signed with Takashi Uemura in Seoul.

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Posted in: Asahi apologizes for erroneous Fukushima, comfort women reports See in context

[the crime of Takashi Uemura who buried inside documents,

the back of the "scoop" on August 11 in 1991, on "Asahi Shimbun" ,crossed with Kim Hak-Sun who testified that "i was sold as Kisaeng at the age of 14 for 40yen;currency $5000"

The first scoop on Asahi Shimbun was for 3 days ago when Kim Huksun pressed her conference in Korea. how could they such a thing, the reporter Uemura is a son-in-law of Yang Sun Im who is a executive director, the leader of the "the meeting bereaved victims in Pacific War" including Kim Huksun, he is husband of her daughter. In other words, in order to trick the leader of the plaintiff was the mother-in-law, he got exclusive interview of Kim Huksun. ("WiLL" May,Nishioka documenton page 67-68 that "all began with the fabrication of the Asahi Shimbun" )

further more Mr. Nishioka claims that Uemura Takashi carry favor the trial of his mother-in-law,intentionally hiding the facts "she was sold as Kisaeng" .

its not only the crime by Takashi Uemura. Uemura is the relation,be in a position to be able to view the internal documents in the victims families meeting the Pacific War which are in private. it means that "Asahi newspaper" can touch the materials through by own reporter.

it is a part of darkness that led to the announcement by the traitor Kono's discourse. Suppose, "Asahi newspaper" have conclusive evidence in inside documents, they tried to publish in any way.

Although there is only a guess, there were not Smoking Gun shown "forcing" in internal documents. "Asahi newspaper" screams in the editorial corner,anyway. there is no change the fact,whether there was much involved with forced draft or not. So-what attitude they are let to faint they says that no need the Compulsory. If so, whether there national "crimes" is, in where the employee Kisaeng? it is slapdash tone, Asahi challenged to raise the company against to Yomiuri.

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Posted in: Asahi apologizes for erroneous Fukushima, comfort women reports See in context

I want you to stop criticizing a Japanese without knowing anything.

former comfort woman defrauded $ 1500000 with a reporter of Asahi newspaper http://sakuramochi-jp.blogspot.jp/2012/02/former-comfort-woman-defraud-1500000_27.html

Mother-in-law of Takashi Uemura in Asahi Shimbun fabricated reporter for "comfort women" is accused a lawsuit by compensation fraud ! officials organizations of South Korea are seized as deceive 30,000 people, "compensation from Japan" Sankei Shimbun 2011.5.9 09:43

[Seoul=Katsuhiro Kuroda] Seoul city police announced recently,39 the executive of organization arrested on suspicion of fraud, against the victims during the Japanese occupation of wartime mobilization, said do receive compensation from the Japanese government, for the attorneys' fees,had defrauded 1.5 billion won; approximately 120 million yen,$ 1500000) Up to 30,000 victims.

accused are "Pacific War Victims Compensation war-bereaved association "and "private claim right suit organization", such has developed as do the requirement to japan,anti-Japanese meeting,demo. Suspect has been also directed to (67) Chairman of the bereaved family,Yang Sun Im who is known activists in Japan since ancient times. it could take a brake on the movement compensation claims against Japan.

According to the announcement, Chairman Yang was recruiting members through in the war-bereaved meeting,association to claim and various organizations.There are also examples told a lie such as "anyone who can receive the compensation if alive at that time, even if person is not the victim of mobilization" and paid an allowance to collect the membership. In the announcement of the police,chairman Yang had been "disguised activities" such as to mobilize members in about 500, set forth the banner on stand of the succor game for friendship Japan and Korea in Seoul, to request an apology and compensation to the Japanese government.

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Posted in: Asahi apologizes for erroneous Fukushima, comfort women reports See in context

Japanese criticize the newspaper which will get a fund from China & Korean spy. It is only natural.

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Posted in: Japan demands China withdraw plane encounter video footage See in context

Article is wrong. The terrible title. Suga has not said to China that withdraw the video. He just said to China that withdraw the wrong words.

If you want proof, you can drop image from the website of China, let's take a look at the information of the data. Date they were saved after processing in PhotoShop CS5 seems to have been May 12.

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