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You claim the Chinese would suffer at the hands of the SUPERIOR Japanese military!!! Im sorry but this is the most uninformed, pie in the sky comment ever. The JSDF is a glorified bunch of pencil pushers going around. They have not actual experience, they have copies of US equipment that has never been tried in battle, they have no experienced officers or NCO's to take control and to top it all off they can quite at any time as they are not a military force in the sense of most other nations. And if history teaches us anything numbers can and do overwhelme superiority on the battlefield, look at Korea. Underequiped Chinese forces decimated the UN and fought them to a standstill. Even the US in WW2 went for numbers over quality and won. So l wouldnt get to ambitious with my statements just yet.

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And is this a real shock to think that Japan had no plans in place to deal with a disaster of this type... Hardly surprising in the light of other recent disasters and the woeful way they where dealt with.

If Fuji did erupt we would probably get the same inane line "no immediate health concerns"from the same inane clowns that brought us the Fukushima fiasco

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"Under international law, territorial waters extend up to 12 nautical miles from the coast of a landmass."

How funny that the Japanese are quoting this ruling when it comes to the Chinese entering "their" waters, I seem to remember an incident early this year whereby as JCG manned vessel entered another nations territorial water (to within a couple of miles of the coast) and when this other nations government complained and demanded the Japanese vessel leave these demands where ignored. Typical do as l say not as l do approach from the Japanese. So in this case l say go for it China stay as long as possible. Karma oh its good aint it....

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Well lets hope their practise goes better than their actual occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Afterall they have been a bit of a disaster.

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So what if China sends ships into waters that are claimed to be Japanese. Much like Japan protesting over and trying to go to the islands that SK hold that Japan wants. Japan merely claims these islands, as does China and Taiwan, and until an internationally recognised court hands down a verdict on true ownership then it is merely Japans word against Chinas and so forth. The only way to settle this nonesense is to get an independant verdict. Oh and saying the US handed them back to Japan so they must be Japans doesnt count.

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