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Posted in: Japan's little prince could be last emperor on unreformed Chrysanthemum Throne See in context

First born regardless of sex, is the norm in most monarchies now. Japan needs to catch up or it will have to advertise for an emperor or empress.

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Posted in: Panel meets to study emperor's possible abdication See in context

If the process is dragged out too long, nature will take its course, which is what I presume the goal of this whole exercise is.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing high-end bike to sell on online auction See in context

Thank God for my old beater.

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Posted in: IOC, Koike to set up 4-party review panel on 2020 Olympic costs See in context

What if the RoK says we dont want it, given the upcoming winter games and the cost of that. Id say that the IOC needs to be told take it or leave it. Mori will be no use so it is the Governor vs the IOC. May the best woman win!

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Posted in: Japan lawyers' group seeks end to death penalty See in context

I am surprised that some of the lawyers were against the ending of the death penalty.

I feel fairly certain that behind all the words from clients, revenge is the real goal but it doesn`t really achieve anything. The victim is dead, the bad guy is dead and the family, while saying they are pleased with the result must know the victim isn't returned to them. Life with or without parole is a good compromise with a minimum sentence before parole is considered. It will certainly put the bad guy out of circulation and it might also slow down the cases of "suicide by the courts" after people kill others because they feel "bad" about themselves but would rather have the courts execute them than commit suicide. For those out to make a name for themselves, sitting in a prison and rotting is not likely to lead to their being used as a guiding force.

Finally, given the sometimes lack of solid convictions in Japan, pardoning a person after he has already been hanged doesn`t help them very much. At least if they were doing a life sentence, they would be alive to enjoy the correction of the error.

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Posted in: Display of rare items marks 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor See in context

World War II for the US had fundamentally already started as the Navy was escorting convoys a considerable distance across the Atlantic. Destroyers KEARNY and REUBEN JAMES had been torpedoed and the later sank with heavy loss of life. There were negotiations going on with Japan so I don`t think that people in power were ignoring Japan, The Ambassador to the US Admiral Nomura was, I think, negotiating in good faith but his leaders in Japan were using his efforts to cover their intentions to attack west and south.

I know of one Pearl Harbour sailor who was the on-coming 08-12 quarterdeck watch on a destroyer when the planes came. He ran up the colours, sounded the general alarm and when the others got to their battle stations, he was seen shooting at planes with a .45 pistol.

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Posted in: Republicans dropping Trump must answer: Why now? See in context

As a Republican who has never supported Trump or any of the other no nothings that were candidates, all I can say is, if I could see he was not fit for purpose, why couldn't these politicians.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy falls to death at Yokohama shopping center See in context

300 meters is a pretty good distance to cover. Strange how no one stepped in to assist and stop the kid - it might have saved his life.

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Posted in: Trump says open borders cost lives and 'this will end' See in context

Hey guys, back to the original story. What are Donalds stats for this rather outrageous claim? I know of one case in San Francisco so what others are there? Who were the victims of these crimes? How did they occur? Qestions for himself but I doubt well see many answers.

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins killed in annual Taiji hunt See in context

This makes for bad optics and leaves the world wondering what gives with Japan.

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Posted in: Trump won't reveal North Korea plan as tensions mount See in context

He would probably launch a foreign adventure and want to bomb the nation back into the stone age. Outside of Pyongyang, its already there so I doubt if military threats are viable. China and Russia need to be shown that is in their own best interests to defang the DPRK.

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito, 3rd in line to the throne, turns 10 See in context

The government are kicking the can down the road to let someone else deal with the succession issue and future abdication. Making this a one off policy saves politicians from being placed in a "difficult" situation and being forces to come up with a definitive process for both issues.

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Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

What is her day job? The story mentions elephant trainer to boost her resume and kick boxer as an interest but surely these don`t pay the rent.

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Posted in: Woman sets fire to estranged husband’s apartment See in context

Scorned woman in action!

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Posted in: Actress Takahata apologizes over son’s arrest on rape charge See in context

I get the requirement for mom to plead mea culpa and suffer the public humiliation. Hopefully she will take it to the next level and publicly wash her hands of this kid and leave him to face the music while she moves on with her life.

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Posted in: Former Tokyo Gov Masuzoe returns Y65,000 in expenses for improper use of official car See in context

Did he have an antique and art sale to find the cash?

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Posted in: Pizza Hut store manager, 3 others arrested for robbing store See in context

I would say buffoon over boffin . I wonder who or what cracked the case?

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Posted in: Actor Yuta Takahata arrested on rape charge See in context

What was this guy thinking of?

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Posted in: Lotte Group vice chairman found dead before corruption probe See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo ward official beats taxi driver for not going way he told him to See in context

Sounds like the assemblyman needs to be in a different line of work.

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Posted in: Body of child found in river confirmed as that of missing 7-year-old girl See in context

Lots of questions and no answers, just speculation. Hopefully some concrete facts can be turned up by the cops.

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Posted in: 9 found dead in Iwate home for elderly after typhoon See in context

Listen to and read the statements that the operator of the nursing home made.

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Posted in: China wants a successful G20 but suspects West, allies may derail agenda See in context

What one wants and what one gets are not always the same.

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Posted in: Trump vows to remove millions living in country illegally See in context

In Trumps alternate universe, once he build his wall, then what. The wall has to be patrolled and a big wall will take a lot of people to man it. He could depend on technology but all that will tell him is that someone knocked a hole in his wall. Also it has been fairly easy to tunnel into the US so is he going to install listening posts as well? Maybe this is his idea of "good jobs" - keep thousands of people busy building a huge wall in the California, Arizona and New Mexico deserts that in the end proves nothing and does nothing. Maybe he should read Shellys work about another ruler who built in the desert and that end result.

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Posted in: Panel finds nothing illegal in Tokyo Olympic bid See in context

In spite of the inflated payments, suspect documentation, and not being able to talk to principles the committee decided that nothing untoward happened? To come to that conclusion based on what they didnt have access to makes the committees decision a little premature I think.

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Posted in: Japan wants fresh U.N. sanctions against North Korea See in context

To date sanctions haven`t been all the effective given that China can turn a blind eye to them at any moment. Hopefully someone can think of a new way to squeeze Kim instead of doing the same old thing and getting the same result, which is next to nothing.

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Posted in: Japan’s isle of modern ruin: Past and future of Gunkanjima See in context

When we were there a few years ago, our guide was a man who as a high school student would come out to the island and stay with a family on Gunkanjima. It was nice to get first hand stories of life on the island. I agree with Edojin - the ride out to the island was a good part of the trip. I wish a research group could go along the underwater part of the island to see if there is evidence of the impact of a US submarine torpedo. There is a good story about a submarine that took a shot at the island thinking it was a ship.

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Posted in: Canada to U.S. tourists: Please leave your guns at home See in context

The antonym of this request would be for Canadians entering the US to "packem if you haveem".

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Posted in: Canadian Mounties to allow Muslim officers to wear hijab See in context

My only question is, will the officer be safe. Does it have any potential for putting her at a higher risk in a confrontation with a bad guy? Im not referring to religious issues although that could be a factor setting off the confrontation. Im thinking about basics like hearing and seeing threat to her and her comrades. Is this something that can break away if the bad guy grabs it or will this put her a greater risk. I suppose the RCMP has thought of this, at least I hope they have and not been pressured into responding to a poorly thought out and implemented instruction from the Trudeau Government. Hopefully this a benign policy without repercussions.

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