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Posted in: Pizza Hut Japan serves up Keema curry and flaming meat sauce pie for summer See in context

If any one from india reading this please let me know if its good the cury part of the slice.

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/covid-19-coronavirus-infographic-datapack/ This will make you not panic as it has more info than NHK and WHO has ever publish in the history of covid19

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

Now that Koike has got reelected she has finally decided to take the virus serious now that she was able to stay in office as that was here deep plan. Notice how the number skyrocketed after she we reelected but before she was most likely making it appear as if her leadership of deailing with he spread covid-19 was a success story(SOE for a month) in japan prior to the relelection by down playing the infections rate! Poltics politics but at least she has the motives now to take this virus serious and provide real help and show real numbers!! its a good start wheres the coronoa beer party at!

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 102 new coronavirus cases See in context

A virus doesn’t want to kill its host. Viruses want to keep their host alive to propagate itself. As long as the host is coughing and discharging viral particles , the virus is happy, assuming that a virus can indeed be happy. Mankind has coexisted with viruses for eons, we are not going to ‘defeat’ this latest strain. I wouldn’t assume that a vaccine will cone along and magically make Covid disappear, at this point in time there exists no vaccines fir any of the coronal strains. Like it or we will be living with Covid 19 for a ling time.

Is this what we call natural selection in Darwinism?

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 102 new coronavirus cases See in context


shortness of breath

extreme fatigue

joint pain

muscle pain


back pain

rib pain

diarrhea and other GI symptoms



ringing of the ears

...symptoms of patients "recovered" from covid-19, lasting for weeks or months. Sound pleasant? I didn't think so. But hey, as "there aren't that many deaths" and "it's just flu" all of these symptoms are a-ok, I guess.

I think had all these symptoms back in March for like two to three weeks with a mild fever but could never tell if this was because of Covid-19 or is because I was working 120 hours of over time in a month. No way to get tested.

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Posted in: Street Kart company ends crowdfunding campaign with dismal support See in context

Good thing I dont have to fantasize this in real life going to the covid-19 streets. I have me a Nintendo Switch with the latetest and greatest Mario Kart for fantasy :). Though it looks very fun to try this I will not at least until COVID-19 is over. Life is more precious to me than a go-cart cosplay.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 107 new coronavirus cases on Thursday See in context

See what happens when we all think we are all out of the woods?? let alone open economy to everyone and now we have a huge influx of infections comming our way. But bare in mind its not our fault. this was a china man made diaster that could of been prevented and many want to forget where the virus orgininated. Yes it make no diffrence to make the blame on China but the reality is we are face with this highly contagious virus and there is probably not enough hospital for CCP virus patiens. I was predicting that the numbers would shoot up but still 100 confirmed cases is still considered low compared to other nations who test wildly. Please stay home and be safe.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 67 COVID-19 cases; highest since state of emergency lifted See in context

Yeah Yeah COVID-19 is a joke let the economy open and everyone run freely the numbers are still low compared to other countries which spells very low testing. Yep sweep the numbers under the rug we are all just fine dandy. No problem here I have not seen on COVID-19 patient other than what the news is trying to deceive.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney parks reopen after 4-month closure due to virus See in context

Now this is really un-essential to life needs. Yep I beleve this park is going to be a haven and breeding grounds for COVID-19 to spread like wild fire.

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Posted in: Shinjuku hoods bloody scouts on Kabukicho's deserted streets See in context

we all know that hosttess bars and most of all night clubs or ran by the mobsters of Japan. They should just shut the entire Kabukicho city down and every night club as its a waste of space. No one need that crap and that scum bag kabukicho city.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven Japan begins selling life insurance See in context

Sounds like the technocrats are trying to use COVID-19 as a way to push their world wide agenda....

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Posted in: One meter or two? How social distancing affects COVID-19 risk See in context

Who can trust the WHO and the medical expert panel when they cant even find a solution while they use us all as guinea pigs... Really one meter droplets. have we forgotten that a mask wont prevent contraction because the virus can float around and enter your eyes and even attach to your clothes. If you really want to disinfect you need to burn your clothes with a flame thrower before entering your home. Peeps keep forgeting that the virus can launch onto your clothes, and commissary items you go out and buy. No way to prevent the spread.

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Posted in: Ramen restaurant in Chiba offers lifetime free ramen plan for ¥100,000 See in context

LOL talk about how desperate a Ramen shop give you ramen everyday for the rest of your life for 10 man yen pay out??? Are they asking you to exchange your health with the posibility of heart disease in exchange for 10man yen this sounds toooooooo funny

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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 app reaches 4 million downloads in first week See in context

This COVID-19 virus tracking app is useless. what purpose does it server when you cant even get tested and no way a redicolous app is going to prevent you from another virus victim getting close when they clearly dont even know how this virus spreads so rapidly. All guessing games. Don;t waiste your efforts and time on a useless app made by a govt to track you. I even think the abe stimuls package of given everyone in Japan free money is supcisious as they want to know your bank account info for some odd reason in exchange for 10 man yen....

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Posted in: Japan's izakayas, once a staple of after-work socializing, crippled by pandemic See in context

Good riddance to Pubs and booze production centers. This is what we need to save our livers. Stop encouraging people to down toxin drug called achohol your not doing humanity a favor. Think of a wiser buisness rather sell booze a drug that kills.

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Posted in: Japan's izakayas, once a staple of after-work socializing, crippled by pandemic See in context

I think this will solve the problem Japan faces with alcoholism but may require more alcohol rehab facilities to open to prevent AWS.

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Posted in: Recreational pot laws may boost traffic deaths, U.S. studies say See in context

Alcohol is the worse drug you can get intoxified leading to a blackout and does more harm that Cannabis and probably no such thing as overdosing like alcohol poisoning and live failure. That being said any substance that will alter your reaction time and cognition behind a wheel will lead to accidents no doubt. The key is drink and smoke responsibly and follow the rules and regulations.

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Posted in: Half of telecommuters in Japan work longer hours than before pandemic: Rengo See in context

This is so true! Especially if you work in IT. I am a victim to working long hours since COVID-19 and working from home. Everyone thinks your available 24/7 and I am working 16+ hours a day non stop months on and burnt out like no joke. I wish this covid19 would come to an end so we can go back to work and have the managers stop cracking the whip and being so KPI driven and trying to povide visibility on work thats being done. So what do you do CC everyone constantly in every email you shoot out. Micro-manage your outlook schedule and fill it up showing busy so everyone knows your working hard to the grave.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka called racist after posting meme in response to COVID-19 cases See in context

Yellow Monkey? Since when were asians consider yellow skin? I think they look more like the traditional Japanese Snow Monkey bathing in the winter hotsprings with their pink monkey face if want to talk about comparison. I don't understand why people compare monkeys to asians and africans. If you said " Im going to go eat chinese food" people would say your racist for calling it chinese....

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Posted in: Office cluster pushes Tokyo coronavirus cases to 6-week high of 55 See in context

As mentioned before we are not out of the woods and now disney will open July 1st i hope the virus doesn't spread like wild fire.

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Posted in: Japan's virus contact-tracing app gets 2.7 mil downloads in 3 days See in context

Everyone jump on the bandwagon! I do not see how this virus tracking app can treat cronoa virus....not preventing you from catching it either when Japan is so condense that you have to play dodge ball with eachother when walking in the streets or during a commute zig zagging accross as you walk to avoid getting bumped into someone. Rather than focusing on a tracker app they should be spending that time on trying to fine a cure to this chinese virus in my honest humble opinion.

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Posted in: Blood type, genes tied to risk of severe COVID-19: European study See in context

a news worthy virus article! Is this blood type thing going to solve a puzzle they havn't solve yet?

My blood type is A+ does it matter if its A or A+. I guess we will find out what happens when the winter comes and everyone catches some form of a cold and flu and have cornovirus like symtoms as they we rush to the clinics for meds.

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Posted in: 50% of young adults felt education gap during school closures over virus: survey See in context

Who needs Universities when we have the internet. Online schooling is the best. You can get all your education from the internet super highway. But then working from home is not a good idea because managers will be like screaming I dont have VISIBILITY what did you get done today with anger.

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Posted in: Self-cleaning mask can kill viruses with heat from phone charger, researchers say See in context


I agree. This whole pandemic goes without a saying never let a good crisis go to waste as there are aways profits to be made in some form of any shape.

I do not need know virus killing mask as I have no intention to wear a mask all my life i rather wear a gas mask which a lot more effective than a cheap mask.

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Posted in: Gov't urges citizens to install virus-tracking app See in context

I have a flip phone how do i install the New World Order agenda 21 virus tracking app?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 47 new daily coronavirus infections on Sunday See in context

Lets hope those 47 that we CCP virus confirmed got proper medical treatment and they were tested before END Game stage of the disease.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 47 new daily coronavirus infections on Sunday See in context

Commuters have no respect for social distancing. Desperate for seats on trains.

The trains are not as busy as before, and its not difficult to spread out on trains by standing, but commuters are hellbent on squeezing next to each other on seats when there is hardly anyone standing.

This week I had a couple of women come and sit right next to me for literally 2 or 3 stops. Seriously.

Well its true majority are hellbent over a seat. if you happen to get a seat offer it for 1000 yen to guy standing infront of you sure he will for the cash out for your seat.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 47 new daily coronavirus infections on Sunday See in context

Yeah blame in the host bars and nigth clubs in and not on the chinese who were planning to at and feed the chinese poppulation with infectious bats and now that back fires and the entire world is infected from this chinese communist party virus and we all though just because the state of emergency was lifed and everyone going about like they forgot that the virus was still around thanks to the BLM movement/rioting. Is this virus even real or is this just proganda?

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Posted in: Citing jobs, Trump claims victory over virus, economic collapse See in context

Very sad voilent story to hear but let us not forget that Presidents in the US are likely not elected, they are selected meaning the next president is already in place set and stone and elections never counted as it feels. The last greatest president in my opinion we had was President Kennedy.

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Posted in: No imminent plan for another state of emergency for Tokyo, Fukuoka: minister See in context

Let the econemy open but keep them damn school closed. Are you trying to kill my KIDS you Japanese samurai govt??? Halt ALL school! NOw! Children is our future not the eldergly. Why let children die from corona virus??? Doesnt make sense to open up school .

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