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Posted in: Tokyo reports 178 coronavirus cases; below 200 for 1st time since Nov 24 See in context

I’ll bet my last dollar that low infection rate is due to closing bars and restaurants after 8pm. That was the secret to defeating COVID-19

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 272 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,032 See in context

I definitely can bet my last dollar on that number of infections

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Posted in: Kyoto slammed for manga telling people not to talk at restaurants See in context

instead of talking make sure you keep customers from emitting digestive gases from the anus, especially with accompanying sound lol what can be worse? Aye?

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Posted in: Remote medical technology useful tool in battling pandemic See in context

I have me a Fitbit Sense watch that monitor my sleep , heart rate, oxygen blood levels and can perform Electrocardiography to detect aFIB and arrhythmia. I can print my ECG scan and Shoya doc here in Japan:)

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Posted in: Suga inspects coronavirus vaccination program at Tokyo hospital See in context

Don’t forget to vaccinate kanto region first!! That’s Chiba Tokyo Saitama Kanagawa the epicenter of Japan

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Posted in: NHK employee arrested for assaulting taxi driver See in context

See another case of Alcoholism. Alcoholism destroys peoples lives and everyone around you....

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Posted in: Mother whose daughters died in overheated car while she went drinking goes on trial See in context

My heart goes out to the poor children who died from an alcoholic mother.

Alcoholism destroys everything around you. They need to ban alcohol and alcohol should be avoided at all cost.

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Posted in: Japan begins COVID-19 vaccinations amid supply worry See in context

Does this mean that doctors and hospitals will actually no longer fear treating people with the sniffles and actually will get a chance to see a doctor without delay when feeling your sick?? I hope so.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson backs Tokyo's hosting of Olympics See in context

Desparate suga wants olympics to happen no matter what. He can have his Olympic it wont bother me nor affect me as I will stay home, work from home and avoid trains during the olympics to avoid contacting any Covid infected anons.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 350 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,305 See in context

4,791 tests??? and you brag you think this nation is safe from covid?? Go ahead let the olympics happen as its the only way we can get the govt to take serious action. Saddly no one will attend the event. best not to and save your money.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 266 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 961 See in context

Keep the numbers low so we can host the olympics guys. Thats the goal here what ever it takes.

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Posted in: Gov't reveals the five prefectures with highest divorce rates See in context

Marriage.....whats the purpose of marriage? Pro ans Con especially in Japan?

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Posted in: Trump looks to reassert himself after impeachment acquittal See in context

Make America great again

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Posted in: Father arrested after 10-year-old disabled daughter’s body found in reservoir See in context

I could not finish reading this article as I cannot understand the mentality of famisuicide as well. I’m a father myself and these stories are extremely unbelievable, unbearable and unforgiving

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Posted in: 18-year-old motorcyclist arrested for attempted murder after traffic altercation See in context

18 years old is not a minor. 18 should be considered as an adult so he will get juvenile detention instead of prison for being a minor

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Posted in: Saturday's quake brings back memories of deadly 2011 disaster See in context

WE are luck no tsunami this time. imagin what would of happen another one hitting nuke plants in fukushima... Im just glad it was not as bad as the last one. I hope we wont have another quake like this in the next 60 years.

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Posted in: Saturday's quake brings back memories of deadly 2011 disaster See in context

This too dont bring back memories but its definitely feels like a warning sign since its about 10 years ago almost since the huge fukushima meltdowns. This quake only reminds me of 3.11 of how long my apartment in Kinshicho was rocking back and forth felt like it would never end. I was luck that day as I had a PTO and was at home during the massive quake but my family were stuck at work as the trains and phones went off line for hours on.

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Posted in: Over 100 injured, trains halted after M7.3 quake strikes northeastern Japan See in context

this earthquake almost marks the 10th anniversary of the 2011 3.11 Tohoku earthquake that rattled the island and causing a Fukushima nuclear meltdowns. Hope all safe.

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Posted in: Japan to set guidelines for flying car tests by March 2022 See in context

Sounds like the American cartoon The Jetsons. Flying cars and back to the future

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Posted in: Japan’s households, firms continue to hoard cash as pandemic persists See in context

In the meantime the news has reported how Nitendo made a lot of money as people stayed home to play video games. Nothing wrong saving your money and that is not hoarding

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Posted in: Gov't to review next week early lifting of state of emergency See in context

Too early and 8 pm shut down did the trick aye? I think it’s the young kids who think they are invulnerable are going out spreading it to elders unintentionally

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Posted in: As pandemic worsens, more medical workers bail out See in context

If you new the adverage salary of a Nurse in Japan. You would bail out too. Not worth the money over getting Covid. As for doctors in public hospitals not sure there salary are but without govt support its too late the medical system is already starting to perhaps crash. At this rate many will unfortunately be turn down for medical care in Tokyo. Not sure what the conditions are in other prefectures as its alway about TOKYO TOKYO the epic center of japan. Hope there is still hope.

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Posted in: 390 Tokyo Olympic volunteers quit after Mori's sexist remarks See in context

Volunteering is not going to Help pay them their bills

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Posted in: 390 Tokyo Olympic volunteers quit after Mori's sexist remarks See in context

Japanese Labour law is good at protecting permanent employees from termination. But not sure if sexist statement is grounds for termination here in Japan.

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Posted in: Biden says decision on Tokyo Olympics has to be based on science See in context

"Imagine all those Olympians who work for four years, four years for one shot and all of a sudden that opportunity gets lost," he said.

what about all those who lost their careers because of Covid?

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Posted in: Doctors warn of long-lasting COVID aftereffects among youths See in context

COVID-19 lingering lung damaged? I wonder if this will cause COPD in the future

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting, robbing Uber Eats deliverer See in context

Some people have nothing to lose and they don’t care if their actions lead to arrest. Stay safe y’all

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting, robbing Uber Eats deliverer See in context

Exactly. He gave you all his money and you still had to assault him. This isn't just a thief. This is a thug who could even progress to killing.

not a thug... he was just very miserable and wanted to take his anger out on anyone where he could to relieve his anguish mind in retaliation from losing his job and is starving.

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Posted in: Suga apologizes for glitch in Japan's COVID-19 contact-tracing app See in context

Japan is the best a apologizing for anything all talk no action

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Posted in: Criticism keeps swirling over Tokyo Olympic chief's sexist comments See in context

Koike concerned? LOL she is fraud herself winning governance of Tokyo acting as if she handle covid correctly... Getting tired of BS

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