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Posted in: Japan newlyweds can receive up to ¥600,000 to start new life See in context

And it will immediately free up a lot of existing mothers to enter the workforce too.

And simultaneously cut into the bottom line of the many restaurants and kissaten that currently cater to these desperate to enter the workforce wives and mothers.

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Posted in: Japan newlyweds can receive up to ¥600,000 to start new life See in context

‘Go to Marriage Life’.

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Posted in: New Zealand economy shrinks record 12% See in context

isn't that the whole porpoise of inflation

When life gives you lemons, there’s always Kaikoura.


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Posted in: Trial of man indicted for killing, storing bodies of 9 people in apartment to begin Sept 30 See in context

..... he once worked as a recruiter in the sex industry

Corrupted to the depths and one who corrupted others by luring them into the flesh trade with glib promises of lucre. Who later ‘graduated’ to getting his jollies carving up lost souls he cynically befriended with a pretence of concern culled from some counseling manual; a one man metaphor for 弱肉強食 parasitical exploitation.

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Posted in: Abe plan for land-attack counterpunch could mark major military shift for Japan See in context

Countries interested in sticking around to ensure that the long term interests of its people are protected need to get real and start playing the quid pro quo game. Membership of a CCP which is increasingly taking on all the characteristics of a power obsessed bully boy, should constitute sufficient grounds for automatic denial of entry permission as well as termination of whatever residence rights have already been afforded these sleepers agents and their families.

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Posted in: Life prison term to be finalized for Peruvian man for killing 6 See in context

The kind of person that sends opponents of the death penalty into hiding, to wrestle with the doubts that forever threaten to flip them.

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Posted in: Abe plan for land-attack counterpunch could mark major military shift for Japan See in context

In the finest tradition of “we had to destroy the country in order to save it”, the increasingly inaptly named JSDF is moving towards a belligerent first strike posture of the kind that prevailed the last time things went all pear shaped. It was Twain, wasn’t it, who said that although history doesn’t repeat itself, it often rhymes.

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Posted in: Life prison term to be finalized for Peruvian man for killing 6 See in context

Thanks to the extra extra attention he’s going to be receiving on account of murdering six of them, I would not expect him to last too long in there. His life will be made such a living hell, he’ll likely decide himself to check out early.

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Posted in: PM contender Suga hints at consumption tax hike See in context


Japan’s consumption tax is now double that of 2013. Australia’s has a 10% Goods and Services Tax, but it was only introduced after extensive canvassing of the viewpoints of multiple stake holders. Not only was there a streamlining of the tax system which resulted in previously higher taxed items becoming cheaper, but most food staples and many other products were completely exempted. Japan’s consumption tax was presented from on high as a fait accompli and with next to no public consultation. It was a highly regressive tax from the get go, in a time when wages have not been going anywhere and with next to no compensatory offsets. Already expensive prices have become progressively more expensive with each jacking up of the rate. Finally, some of those 20% consumption tax countries wage rates are much better than Japan’s, even for part time workers, so even with a 20% tax rate, things are often more affordable than here with its 10% tax, but low wages, and prices that are often double what you would pay elsewhere.

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Posted in: Death knell sounds for some of Japan's oldest department stores See in context

Japanese worried about jobs can console themselves with the knowledge that there will be plenty of opportunities for domestic servant work catering to the nouveau riche Chinese, Koreans, Singaporeans, and HKers looking for bolt holes.

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Posted in: PM contender Suga hints at consumption tax hike See in context

The 893 alter ego of our increasingly tone deaf, born to rule Todai educated elites is increasingly coming to the fore and backs bent double under the yoke are soon to be asked to take one more for the team. With another 所場代 (consumption tax) increase on the way, Einstein’s (misattributed?) witticism about insanity, repeating the same mistake, each time expecting a different result, is to be validated yet again.

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Posted in: Edano named leader of Japan's new main opposition party See in context

In any normal country, the major opposition party is THE potential alternative government in waiting. Here, no matter how poor the performance of the government and regardless of the credentials of those in this new and improved opposition, they’re there purely for cosmetic reasons. It must be hard for those who not only have no chance of ever forming a government, but KNOW they have no chance and yet have to pretend otherwise. Condemned to eternal opposition, content to play the assigned role of dutiful and vigilant tribunes of the people, all the while knowing, and knowing that we know, that the whole thing is a farce.

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Posted in: Maximum caution urged as super typhoon approaches southwest Japan See in context

TorafusuTorasan: this is an AP article so we get the internationally recognized storm names

Given that most of the readers of this site are Japan based, not to go by the Japanese convention is perverse. Editing AP articles to reflect this (eg replacing the ‘internationally recognized’ bullet train with Shinkansen) is common practice. An even better reason is provided by 3RENSHO.

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Posted in: Maximum caution urged as super typhoon approaches southwest Japan See in context

Why label these typhoons with foreign names when the focus is entirely on Japan? Probably to avoid the risk of controversy, Japan chooses not to follow the naming tradition. Numbering should be the universal default, if only to eliminate the possibility of those with malicious intent stirring up ill by attributing that little bit ‘extra’ to typhoons

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Posted in: Japanese kids suffer near worst mental health among richest nations: report See in context

No surprise that J kids mental health score ranks so low. We should be cautious though about what we read into that. Life satisfaction is not necessarily commensurate between societies. Japan’s preference is for a tractable flock, conditioned to be that way through inculcated, ingrained helplessness. Paradoxically, the stress inducing emphasis on passivity, mutual dependence and being attuned to ‘reading the air’ about what is or isn’t socially sanctioned in an intrinsically 危ない world, has a flip side; subliminal contentment.

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Posted in: Man commits suicide after killing ex-girlfriend See in context

This is a society that prizes taciturn stoicism and sublimating one’s grievances and yet at the same time tolerates, even encourages, us to accept quarantining emotional and irrational behaviours from inspection which might ameliorate the negatives. Indeed, emotionality and illogicality are one of Japan’s defining characteristics and seen in few other places to the same extent. In the berserker tradition, however, when the last protective seal blows, hitherto seemingly mild mannered types are capable of utter mayhem.

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Posted in: Australia records its deadliest day of pandemic See in context

Consumer spending.........had declined by only 3% across the rest of Australia.

Only a fool would take on faith the claim that the damage to the national accounts (excluding Victoria) is a piddling 3%. With next to no foreign tourists since April, a huge reduction in the number of interstate travelers, and subtract the tens (hundreds?) of thousands of foreign students not allowed in, the damage to the national accounts must be many multiples of that.

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Posted in: Britain's treasury officials pushing for tax hikes: media See in context

Never let a Corona crisis go to waste. 12% 消費税; coming soon to a Japan near you!

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Posted in: Japan proposes wiping down Mauritius mangroves by hand to remove oil See in context

The fax machine is down and we’re still waiting on parts.

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Posted in: Spies called in as cyberattacks again halt NZ stock exchange See in context

If it’s found to be state sponsored economic terrorism, the response should be swift and punitive. It’s odds on though that as per usual they’ll let things slide. This only serves to embolden those responsible, normalising this level of mischief and raising the ante once again, all the while antagonising and contributing to the radicalisation of the people at home. Of course, the other side brooks no interference whatsoever and has zero compunction about locking people up and throwing away the key if they happen to get on their wrong side or fail to pay the right people.

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Posted in: Abe to hold press conference at 5 p.m. Friday See in context

An abrupt and unscheduled end, without an anointed heir apparent to take over the poisoned chalice of leading the LDP would be perfectly in keeping with the overall incompetence that has characterised his tenure. The best thing he can do would be a candid admission that his three arrows palaver was a miserable failure and that his vacating the stage relieves us of having to bear the unbearable and endure the unendurable.

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Posted in: Gov't says 98.6% of households received virus relief cash handouts See in context

For most Japanese people the money goes into their bank accounts and stays there.

Most of the people I know including foreigners and Japanese used the 100,000yen as it was intended.

The truth is out, there.

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister and his lawmaker wife plead not guilty to vote buying See in context

For services rendered, and because they’re our scumbags, not the other side’s, at most there’ll be a severe reprimand. The LDP always looks after it’s own.

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Posted in: NHK apologizes over tweets said to fan discrimination against Koreans See in context

NHK’s refreshingly candid admission that it could have done a better job of trigger warning the easily triggered doesn’t appear to sit well with those who like their history sanitized to the nth.

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Posted in: NHK apologizes over tweets said to fan discrimination against Koreans See in context

All because the stronger bullied the weaker. Past is past. Learn the lesson and move forward. 

The angels of our better nature, especially after major conflagrations, always counsel against repeating the same mistakes that resulted in calamity. Before the dust has even settled, the same instinctual and history honed drive to accrete ever more wealth and power once again takes over. Twas ever thus that while societies would never willingly accede to being the bullied subordinate, they have much less hesitation when it comes to exercising the prerogatives of dominance.

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Posted in: NHK apologizes over tweets said to fan discrimination against Koreans See in context

the imagination to see what will happen in current Japanese society where discrimination is rampant if such posts are made."

and even when they’re not!

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Posted in: Fears grow over China's possible massive sales of U.S. debt as weapon See in context

Until the Don came along and upended the apple cart, American decline stretched to the horizon. Chinese threats to offload treasuries eloquently attests to how much the game has changed.

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Posted in: Asian shares track Wall Street gains amid vaccine hopes See in context

All of this artificially created Ponzi debt money that’s inflated stock prices to absurd valuations is only hastening the day of reckoning.

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Posted in: Japan's consumer prices flat as deflation specter looms See in context

fears of a national plunge back into deflation

Fearing that prices are likely to go down, not up?

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Posted in: Mayor of town in Kochi Prefecture resigns over groping incident See in context

I must have felt conceited and a sense of pride at having served as mayor for 10 years.

There’s not a whole lot separating the arrogant, entitled, and priggish behavior on display here and the SOP of the LDP since 1955. Give this man a cigar!

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