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Posted in: 9 referred to prosecutors on detainee's death at Aichi police station See in context

Fall afoul of these people at your peril.

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Posted in: Japan's biggest ruling party faction allegedly pooled secret funds, sources say See in context

They threw the funding impropriety book at that Tohoku interloper Ozawa Ichiro, who had the temerity to canvas ideas beyond the pale of what they were prepared to accept. Yet they have zero hesitation in employing the same 金権政治 strategies when they deem it expedient, read stonewalling anything that poses a threat to their oligarchic stranglehold over the nation.

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Posted in: Kishida grilled over alleged gifts to IOC for Tokyo's Olympic bid See in context

Just a fraction of that huge discretionary slush fund would signal, better late than never, that when it comes to priorities, Japan’s heart is in the right place. Sadly, instead of considering the bigger picture, unlike Germany with its open ended reparations and principled rejection of statute of limitations evasiveness, Japan continues to invite opprobrium upon itself.

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Posted in: Locals use big-city thinking to bring Gunma onsen town back from brink See in context

Some of these dumps, they couldn’t even give away, that’s how bad they are. There needs to be a Government department tasked with restoring the natural environment of these places. With so many eyesores to choose from, Japan could be a world leader in reversing the ugliness that blights its scenic places.

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Posted in: Japan complains over S Korea's 'comfort women' ruling See in context

Incidentally, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who married a Chinese man…..

Were it even remotely true, his wife of 40 years would definitely have something to say about that.

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Posted in: Japanese workers took 62% of paid leave allocation in 2022: gov't survey See in context

So that means 38% of workers still just don't take paid leave.

No, that’s not what it says at all! It’s saying that, on average, across all companies which responded to the survey, the amount of paid leave actually taken was 62% of the annual entitlement. Even that miserable 62% is a distortion of the true picture. No prizes for guessing that an appallingly low leave entitlement take up was one of the reasons many firms failed to even respond to the survey. Also, as the article says, the 62% average figure disguises a much lower take up of annual holiday entitlement in specific industries such as food and accommodation.

Other countries need to get wise to Japan’s disguised method of maintaining a competitive advantage by stiffing its workers in the way this survey makes clear.

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Posted in: Japan complains over S Korea's 'comfort women' ruling See in context

South Korea, in denial of it's role during WWII, from serving in the IJA.

Since there was at the time no South Korea, nor any independent Korean entity, thanks to Japan’s erasure of such, the point is moot. Suffice to say Korean soldiers served in the IJA, and not the IKA.

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Posted in: Japan complains over S Korea's 'comfort women' ruling See in context

Some can’t get their head around the fact that in South Korea, unlike in a certain other country, there’s such a thing as judicial independence. If only the blighters could do do as they do here; vest their faith in the 1965 Treaty which absolved them of all responsibility for the excesses of their zealous predecessors who, after all, were only bringing sweetness and light unto the world.

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Posted in: Man arrested for keeping body of 94-year-old father at home See in context

They dare not insist on a head count. To do so would risk having to then admit that there are significantly fewer bona fide pensioners than there are pensions being paid out. Which of course would disturb the Wa no end. Better to keep up the pretense that there’s no fudging and that happiness and contentment are the lot of those in their twilight years.

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Posted in: Japan complains over S Korea's 'comfort women' ruling See in context

Regrets, Japan’s had a few, but then again too few to mention.

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Posted in: 76-year-old man dies after dispute with 19-year-old at traffic lights See in context

This is an incident that makes you feel the difference in social standards.

Perhaps if you were comparing Osaka with Tokyo; but these things are a dime a dozen in Kansai.

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Posted in: Hanshin, Orix players parade through Kobe, Osaka before 1 million fans See in context

In the shade of this parade, many civil servants were mobilized for free virtually forcibly by self-righteous Osaka governor of far-right party "Ishin.

The day of the parade was a public holiday. Any public officials watching would’ve been there entirely of their own volition. And while Ishin might have a city, they still have a ways to go before they have the whole country a la Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, and the other dominoes that are yet to fall.

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Posted in: Two teenagers die after apparently jumping from apartment building roof See in context

Profoundly depressed youth who saw no future and have chosen the fast pass way out. Not for them, gritting the teeth and knuckling down as an ever shrinking youth cohort exerts ever greater demands on the rest to keep the vessel afloat. This and the quadruple briquette gassing the other day are signaling loud and clear that the Einstein’s Definition of Insanity approach to dealing with social problems here, attempting to shirankao them out of existence, is no longer an option and that a total overhaul is imperative.

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Posted in: Finland erects barriers at border with Russia to control influx of migrants, closes crossing points See in context

At first, they came one at a time, then in the tens, hundreds, later thousands. While I rejoiced in my infinite compassion, my enemies took full advantage of my boundless capacity for self deception and before long were facilitating the transfer of numbers once inconceivable and my world was coming to resemble those from whence all my new neighbors were so desperate to escape. Finns are not the only ones being compelled by necessity to make hard choices.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly groping girl on Nagoya subway See in context

Police said the man works in the child welfare division of the municipal government.

A target rich environment that gives him full rein to extend his hand of friendship to those deemed in need. Right now he’s probably wondering what all the fuss is about, waiting for it to blow over so he can get back to what he does best.

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Posted in: Four found dead in apparent suicide on road in Saitama Prefecture See in context

厭世 strikes again. An incident that elsewhere would not only be extremely rare, but elicit an outpouring of shock and mystified incomprehension on a societal level, will here register barely a blip on the national consciousness.

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Posted in: Number of Japanese restaurants abroad triples in last decade to 187,000 See in context

And how many of these ‘authentic’ establishments are owned and operated by the real deal, not culture appropriating imitators?

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Posted in: Cannabis-derived gummies probed after 9 fall ill in Tokyo See in context

Here’s another link.


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Posted in: Cannabis-derived gummies probed after 9 fall ill in Tokyo See in context

Reefer Madness; coming to a Japan near you.


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Posted in: Woman facing arrest for theft jumps to her death from apartment while police wait See in context

What's the point of arresting them and spending tax payers money on this crime?

To make it clear to the plebs that short of the grave, there’s no escape. It’s non-negotiable; the treadmill for the fifteen million credits and, for many like her, lottery odds of ever truly escaping the grind. Or, the alternative of checking out any time you like.

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Posted in: Woman facing arrest for theft jumps to her death from apartment while police wait See in context

Ruth Benedict’ s ‘shame culture’ claims yet another victim. With 外圧 just about the only way to engineer change here, the U.N needs to step up pronto and dispatch one of its special rapporteurs. Task him, better still ‘her’, with inquiring into whether Japan’s welfare system is fit for purpose. Examples like this one should feature prominently in the final report, along with comparisons with other nations.

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Posted in: Woman facing arrest for theft jumps to her death from apartment while police wait See in context

One here, another there, and everywhere, day in day out, rinse repeat, only the names change, the basic story doesn’t.

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Posted in: Case of deceased woman suspected of killing husband and brother-in-law sent to prosecutors See in context

For too many, Abe’s ‘beautiful country’ sure ain’t pretty. But so long as weakness Is despised, compassion eschewed, and people continue insisting Cassandra-like that we’re living in the best of all possible worlds, so too will stories like this keep repeating.

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Posted in: Man whose wife, daughter were killed by elderly driver in Ikebukuro receives death threat See in context

If it is found that Iizuka is in any way connected with this threat, then he must be made to pay.

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Posted in: Security tight for Halloween in Shibuya See in context

Oh for that masochistic thrill of being constantly buffeted by boisterous, inconsiderate juveniles and wannabes, the exquisite ecstasy of being herded by over-officious, hectoring, acoustical whip bearing police, there to keep the proles in line.

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Posted in: 'Friends' star Matthew Perry, 54, found dead at home See in context

In a 2002 interview with the New York Times, he confessed: “I wanted to be famous so badly. You want the attention, you want the bucks, and you want the best seat in the restaurant. I didn’t think what the repercussions would be. “You have to get famous to know that it’s not the answer. And nobody who is not famous will ever truly believe that”.

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Posted in: Australian retailers add security tech amid rising thefts, customer aggression See in context


Great grand-daddy walked along the street with a ball and chain around his feet and that's the way they'd like to see me walk just to give the toffs a chance to talk.

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Posted in: About 93% of Japanese firms raised employee wages in 2022: survey See in context

a government-affiliated think tank said Saturday.

And this masthead sees no need to question their self serving agenda? For shame!

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Posted in: Israel declares war; goes after Hamas fighters and bombards Gaza See in context

Time to get tough on Gaza, for Israel to show some strength for once - and start liquidating en masse.

Morgenthau Plan Redux!

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Posted in: After 2 years in office, Kishida may call snap election soon See in context

those incredibly loud election vehicles…….They're the only thing I really dislike about Japan.

C’mon, put your mind to it and try a little harder!

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