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Posted in: Ex-justice minister Kawai granted ¥50 mil bail in vote-buying case See in context

All a show; to hoodwink the plebs that they’re serious about rooting out graft and corruption.

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Posted in: Fans from abroad unlikely for postponed Tokyo Olympics See in context

If they can afford an Olympics without foreign spectators, the umpteen billion dollar Tohoku and Fukushima clean up, and all the other rorts and boondoggles, they can just as easily ‘suffer’ an 80 to the dollar exchange rate instead of the 107 it is now.

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Posted in: Married couple found dead at home in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Among the suicides and murders of the past year, how many would not have happened were it not for Covid pushing vulnerable people over the edge. Those entrusted with ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of society’s spoils stand condemned for their mealy mouthed response to a crisis which they in no small part helped to bring about.

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Posted in: Cherokee Nation asks Jeep to 'retire' name of SUV See in context

Railing against cultural appropriation, whilst oblivious to how incongruous it looks coming out of the mouth of someone by the name of Chuck Hoskin Jnr.


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Posted in: Travel agency JTB to cut capital to become eligible for tax advantage See in context

It seems completely wrong that a company of this size can be allowed to reduce its capital base (money on the line) from around $23 million to a paltry $1 million. Perhaps they’re setting themselves up for bankruptcy, in which case you would expect to see its share price going through the floor.

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Posted in: Osaka firm accused of helping Vietnamese work illegally See in context

This is what happens when the people who control your society have little or no awareness of how dire Japan’s demographic decline is, and how imperative the need to welcome immigrants like these Vietnamese, willing to work hard and put down roots. In lieu of the absence of an orderly immigration policy, we end up with the very poor substitute ad hoc one we currently have.

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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo ask gov't to lift state of emergency early See in context

The official Japanese response to Covid has been anything but heavy handed. Indeed, most of the time, the modus operandi has been simply ‘wait and see’ and cosmetic tinkering for appearance’s sake. The guiding idea being that if you wait long enough, eventually the original impetus will disappear, saving you the trouble and cost associated with the ‘better safe than sorry’ hard choices seen elsewhere.

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Posted in: Man gets out of taxi on Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge; then jumps to his death See in context

Reminiscent of one of those summer night TV ghost stories that give you a chill on the back of your neck and goosebumps.


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Posted in: Hives, chills reported following COVID-19 vaccination in Japan See in context

GdTokyo: In this case, anti-vaxers, conspiracy theorists and the just plain selfish benefit from herd-immunity without getting vaccinated themselves. They also, get public insurance to help pay the medical expenses that they incur if they are infected. And yes, it’s selfish.

Every year the death toll of the common flu runs into the tens or hundreds of thousands. Your argument applies equally to every person who doesn’t get an annual flu shot, catches the flu and infects others, all of whom receive a partial subsidy from the public purse for medical treatment. If you’re going to attack those exercising the freedom of choice to refuse a Covid shot, at least be consistent and widen the net to include all those virtue signallers who are now railing against those advocating a cautious approach to Covid vaccination, yet see no inherent contradiction between that and their failure to get the annual ‘herd immunity’ promoting flu shot themselves.

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Posted in: Pandemic puts pressure on gov't to open up rice stockpile to charities See in context

Anecdotal reports cut both ways. One student I know, laid off at her part time job at a hotel, organized through a 派遣会社, has been receiving monthly support of 5万円 since the middle of last year. Regular as clockwork, the money arrives in and she doesn’t have to do a thing for it. She told me that she immediately went and found another job to fill in all those hours freed up. No rice shortages for her!

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Posted in: New Zealand-Australia row erupts over 'terrorist' dual national See in context

2020hindsight: Japan has twice the number getting citizenship as Australia.

Laughable! Japan (population 127 million) 12-15,000 per year; Australia (population 25 million) in excess of 200,000 per year.

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Posted in: New Zealand-Australia row erupts over 'terrorist' dual national See in context

2020:hindsights: It really shouldn't. Citizenship is citizenship. If you grant it, it should be for life. That's how Japan law works.

Japan purposely ensures that only a small number of foreigners are granted Japanese nationality. I think you will find, however, that her rules about what is and isn’t permissible and character requirements are just as, if not more draconian than Australia’s. If ever Japan decided that it was in its interest to confer citizenship to similar high numbers of people as Australia, so too would you likely see them emulating the Australian approach of making citizenship much more subject to revocation if people fail the character test.

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Posted in: New Zealand-Australia row erupts over 'terrorist' dual national See in context

And her children suffer because of it?

Let me get this straight. You’re saying that just because she has children, she’s entitled to a get out of jail free card? No way Hose! Her children are in the situation they’re in entirely because of her selfishness and stupidity. If anything, the bar for citizenship should be raised even higher so as to make it absolutely crystal clear that the granting of citizenship has attendant responsibilities for which the penalty for failure to abide by include forfeiture.

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Posted in: New Zealand-Australia row erupts over 'terrorist' dual national See in context

At the moment in Australia you have citizens and a second class 'provisional citizens

Have you ever heard the expression “do the crime, do the time”? Citizenship is not a right, but a privilege. In treating her “provisional citizenship” like a flag of convenience and by virtue of a fanaticism alien to all right minded people, she forfeits that privilege.

You focus on “rights”, but what about the attendant RESPONSIBILITIES. In choosing this path, in choosing to put her own selfish interests above those of Australia, she has displayed a lamentable grasp of her civic duty to behave as a good citizen. She has only herself to blame for the predicament which she now finds herself in.

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Posted in: New Zealand-Australia row erupts over 'terrorist' dual national See in context

Yes, so Australia benefit from NZer's going to Australia, enriching their culture, paying taxes and in general leading to the increased prosperity of Australia. But if there are any problems Australia want to disown their own citizens?

The point is they’re NOT Australian citizens. And spare us pleeezzz; what motivates these ‘cultural enrichers’ to move to Australia in the first place is the chance to maximise the size of their bank accounts; not some saintly motivation to increase the prosperity of Australia.

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Posted in: New Zealand-Australia row erupts over 'terrorist' dual national See in context

As Muldoon famously said, immigration of NZer's into Australia increases the average intelligence of both nations.

So, that’s going to be their defence when they plead their case before the Australian judge. They might also like to reference Greg and Trevor, how ‘we’d’ never do that, and about all the sweetness and light we bring Australia’s way when we’re not doing things we shouldn’t.

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Posted in: New Zealand-Australia row erupts over 'terrorist' dual national See in context

"Coming to New Zealand, where they have no immediate family, would not be in their best interests. We know that young children thrive best when surrounded by people who love them."

If population movement between the two was more evenly balanced, Australia wouldn’t need such draconian rules. The reality is that it’s not; Australia is much more of a magnet for NZers than the other way. For every one Aussie living on the other side of the ditch, there are far more Kiwis taking advantage of liberal visa rules that allow them to take up Australian residence, Whilst the proportion of troublemakers on either side is probably quite similar, it’s the absolute number which is the problem. NZ bleats about the ‘unfairness’ of having to accept repatriation of trouble makers who may have learnt their ‘trade’ in Australia because there are too many for a small country to reabsorb. If the shoe was on the other foot, I seriously doubt that the Kiwis wouldn’t be demonstrating the same level of determination as Australia to remove their ‘problem’ Aussies.

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Posted in: Mori to resign over sexist comments; Kawabuchi, 84, tipped to replace him See in context

Just like the posters of the JT are allowed to say anything and everything about Japan.

Are you seriously suggesting that those who wax fat on the public purse and who speak in our name should not be held accountable to a higher standard? If anything, they should be far MORE conscious that their words can have real consequences and be on their guard against uttering such outrageous, ill considered remarks. If the penny still hasn’t dropped after a lifetime spent in politics, it never will and he needs to go.

I’m sure that most commentators here would repudiate any suggestion that there is an equivalence between Mori’s intemperate remarks and the JT commentariat’s freedom “to say anything and everything about Japan”.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks end at 30-year high on global economic recovery hopes See in context

Central banks have lost the plot big time with much of the “magicked” money spilling over into the real economy, fueling manic speculation the likes of which always presages a collapse. It’s a runaway train careening towards disaster and our putative leaders are either blithely unaware, or else knowingly complicit in fomenting the hard rain that’s gonna fall.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign workers hit hard by pandemic See in context

The faux outrage on display! Lambaste callous Japan all you like, but too many of those now in a precarious position, surely knew or should’ve known that life is no bed of roses. There were no guarantees when you came, so don’t expect them now. Covid has been a salutary reminder of certain harsh immutable truths, too easily forgotten when times were good.

If need be, sell off some of those assets that living and working here in the good times enabled you to acquire. Demand some financial support from the extended clan whose fortunes got a jump start over their neighbors through the money you sent them. Call in favours from those who owe you.

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Posted in: No. of recorded crimes in Japan drops to lowest postwar level in 2020 See in context

Goodbye old normal, hello new normal.

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Posted in: Senior bureaucrats' lavish dining with Suga's son under probe See in context

It increasingly looks as if Suga is being cast adrift with the obvious withdrawal of support months out from the party’s next leadership ballot. To the party heavies, his faithful service under Abe now counts for little and we can expect the white anting and damning with faint praise to continue. He’s a dead man walking and it ain’t pretty to watch. Until his engineered demise has run its course, he could render us all a service by calling for a thorough cleansing of the putrid Augean stables in order to lay the groundwork for a true 一新.

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring doctor over mask request See in context

Easy to imagine what the cantankerous goat’s poor wife and kids have had to put up with all this time. I bet secretly they’re celebrating his comeuppance. Not impressed also with Asahi, which should know better than to reinforce the stereotype that a 68 year old who isn’t working should be referred to as “unemployed” rather than “retired”. Then again, societal expectations that there’s no rest short of the grave, goes a long way towards explaining this poor sod’s outburst. Such ‘to hell with everyone except me’ selfishness is a corollary of Japan’s enthusiastic embrace of 痩せ我慢 frugality, and aversion to providing its people with anything more than retirement pensions completely inadequate for anything but the satisfaction of basic needs.


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Posted in: Lawmaker Anri Kawai resigns over 2019 vote-buying scandal See in context

“The party will make efforts to regain the public trust”

You can’t lose what was never yours to begin with. It also begs the question; how hopeless is the opposition which, despite a never ending litany of policy failures and corruption scandals on the part of the ruling party, cannot make any traction whatsoever. And how miserable the job of an opposition politician, knowing that they have near zero chance of ever being able to effect anything not already approved by those cynicism personified, elitist septuagenarian control freaks whose continual re-election is indicative of a jaded populace completely and utterly inured to this farcical charade of a responsive democracy.

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Posted in: Suga asks people to hold on a little longer as he extends state of emergency See in context

“Politicians........local hostess club... will still be irresistible and they'd still be forced to frequent them from time to time?”

The sacrifices these guys are making on our behalf; putting themselves in (c)harms way, going out on a (nubile) limb, making sure their fingers are on the pulse.

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Posted in: Daughter left mother's body in freezer for 10 years See in context

Those whose circumstances have changed, such that they no longer qualify for state largesse in the form of subsidized housing, pension or other welfare payments etc are loathe to report the fact. And those whose job it is to ensure that entitlement conditions continue to be met are once again shown to be asleep on the job. Japan is full of such endearing/infuriating (take your pick) 事なかれ主義 scamming and the institutional systemic laziness that aids and abets it. Elsewhere, people who defraud the taxpayer go to prison; here they’re effectively incentivized to continue cheating as the risks of getting caught are so low.

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Posted in: Insurers face 'mind-blowingly' large loss if Olympics canceled See in context

Don’t be so sure that taxpayers won’t be left off the hook for significant compensation payable to these firm believers in ‘privatizing profit, socializing losses’.

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Posted in: Daughter left mother's body in freezer for 10 years See in context

File away in the overflowing compendium of ‘as mad as hell, and I’m going have to take even more’ stories that modern Japan is fast developing a reputation for.

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Posted in: Nikkei posts biggest daily drop in 6 months See in context

The Mother of all financial reckonings surely can’t be far off. When day traders, the shoe shine boys of today, are bidding stocks up hundreds of multiples their true worth, it’s time to head for the exits!

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Posted in: Nikkei posts biggest daily drop in 6 months See in context

Japan can easily manage an exchange rate of 90 to the $US. It’s exports to GDP ratio is one of the three lowest in the OECD, it has negligible foreign debt, and near full employment. The days of depreciating currency to maintain, indeed enhance its competitive edge, are over.

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