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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall on Izu Peninsula; one dead, at least 50 injured See in context

“It is relatively lucky for salaried men....the typhoon is coming on the weekend”

鬱病 spikes when typhoons strike on weekdays and companies which truly care about their personnel will always schedule a make up.

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Posted in: Japanese firms see 'Abenomics' sputtering, tax hike hurting economy: poll See in context

“export reliant Japan”

”At only around 16%, Japan’s exports to GDP ratio ranks 4th lowest behind the US, India, and Belgium as the LEAST export reliant economies among the top 25 globally.


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Posted in: Kansai Electric chairman resigns over gift scandal; president to follow after 3rd party report See in context

Ahh, the rancid stench of corruption that emanates from these Old boys club insider wheeler dealers presiding over a cesspit of systemic graft, whose mantra is you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Dedication measured by their finesse at soft pedaling serious safety deficiencies at nuclear facilities and stymying interlopers such as Ghosn with concocted confabulations. Masters of the Universe who guard the ramparts of fortress Japan and are guaranteed a stay out of gaol card for services rendered.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric chairman resigns over gift scandal; president to follow after 3rd party report See in context

The executives have said they planned to return the gifts and money "at the right time".

For “right time”, read never, had this scandal not upset the apple cart.

"We were afraid our relationship with local government would be damaged" if the gifts and money were rejected, Iwane has said.

For “gifts and money”, read bribes.

Once again, greed obsessed elitists, bereft of elementary common sense succumbing to temptation. The scary thing is, it’s just the tip of an iceberg of graft and corruption that makes “greed is good” Gordon Gecko look like Albert Schweitzer.

All that’s missing is the standard refrain whenever they’re caught with their fingers in the cookie jar to “reflect on their mistakes in order to prevent any recurrence and win back public trust”

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“Are any Japanese people demanding revisions to the building fire codes to make sure this doesn't happen again?”

In the absence of mandatory building safety codes, frequent inspections, and severe penalties for non-compliance, it’s a no brainer that incidents like this occur. Too many vested interests and too much shikata ga nai fatalism.

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“Only in Japan”

“I wonder why people feel the need to say stuff like this. Maybe true in this case, because the details are unusual. But there are weirdos everywhere with various kinks. It seems some people are conditioned to seeing every aberrant person as further evidence that Japan is uniquely weird, while aberrant people elsewhere are just aberrations, and not representative of their country.”

If it was meant in a nice way, for example in praise of Japanese people’s non-judgemental qualities, their inherent compassion and tolerance, most Japanese would agree with him.

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What’s the point of even having video surveillance if they’re still getting away with it after 37 times. Serious thought needs to be given to an immediate bolstering of the number of cops tasked with investigating these coin laundry robberies.

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Many Japanese and Koreans live in Cairns; for many more it’s their holiday destination of choice. What are the chances this has been introduced on the sly by one of them versus it being a case of spontaneous fungus generation six thousand kilometers away from its natural habitat.

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FizzBit: “Just ONCE I’d like to see an article by a Japanese news service on the staggering number of Japanese companies reducing product weight/quantity while not reducing the cost of the product.”

It’s happening all over;


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“Trump's hateful authoritarianism won't wash with true defenders of liberty and democracy....”

Don’t fool yourself. The blowback we’re seeing now is a rejection of hypocrite liberalism and its insanely optimistic confidence in Pol Pot style remaking of society solutions. Their increasingly brazen Utopianism correlates with an accelerating debasement of liberty and democracy and is precisely what brought us to this impasse. Importing the endemic poverty and corruption of failed multi ethnic states is guaranteed to make things worse.

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Posted in: No grant for Aichi art festival after 'comfort women' exhibition fiasco See in context

When they say; "The issue is not about the exhibit content but about the procedure," what they mean is that the issue is not about the procedure but entirely about the exhibit content.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric top executives received ¥320 mil in payoffs from local official See in context

One of the lessons of Fukushima is that regulatory oversight was too easily compromised by too close a relationship between corporate interests and the regulatory authority that was responsible for ensuring safety. There should be zero tolerance for shenanigans such as we’ve seen here. What these scum need is a non suspended prison term of at least a year in order to reflect on the gravity of their offence.

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Posted in: Japanese cattle farmers fear U.S. trade deal will be death knell See in context

For the sake of Wa, the micromanaging authorities here will work assiduously to ensure that after all the middlemen take their cut, there’ll be little price differential between imports and the products of the cosseted domestic farm lobby. Same old, same old.

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Posted in: BOJ ready to ease policy further if necessary: board member See in context

When it comes to shafting its own people, Japan’s ruling elites take cynicism to the next level. They hardly need worry at all about any backlash from a docile populace long inured to toothless work regulations that keep workers on an extremely tight leash. The mandated denial of sufficient rest opportunities and refusal to reward workers a fairer share of the pie which you see here, confers an enormous cost advantage upon the owners of capital and the West has hardly begun to think through the logical consequences of being outgunned by closed economies that embrace a business is war by other means mindset. The consumption tax fiasco illustrates like nothing else, the contempt these powerful forces have for little people. There’s been almost zero consultation about the sales tax hike. Salaries haven’t gone up in years; in real terms, taking inflation into account, they’ve actually fallen.

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Posted in: Children reveal more info on assailant who killed parents in Ibaraki home See in context

Completely random attacks are exceedingly rare here, and the likelihood of the perpetrator being somebody known to members of the family will be the default assumption of the police. The odds are whoever did this will soon be in police custody.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan sign limited trade deal, leaving autos for future talks See in context

Other countries will likely be ropeable over this. Going beyond what it told its TPP negotiation partners was the absolute bottom line, is a sure fire way of undermining that previous agreement. The only question is who’ll break ranks first to spill the beans about the Japan that can say ‘no’ except when it’s dealing with its great benefactor America. Even if they don’t go public, the damage has already been done and there’s likely to be a serious trust deficit.

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Posted in: Anger at acquittals of TEPCO execs in Fukushima case See in context

@Kazuaki Shimazaki:

Some excerpts from the article which I linked in my previous post, completely undermining your misguided defence of TEPCO, as some sort of exemplary paragon of corporate responsibility and your starry eyed delusion that corporate-government moral hazard is unimportant. It wasn’t for nothing that the unholy alliance between this corrupt company and the public officials they corrupted has been dubbed the Nuclear Mafia. Read the article and you will understand why BOTH the company and its official enablers should be in the dock.

“TEPCO has become a symbol of everything that is wrong with the nation of Japan: cronyism, collusion, corruption, and weak regulation. Originally a public utility until it went private in 1951, it has enjoyed over half a century of lax government regulation. Despite its many accidents, TEPCO has managed to shield itself over the years from rigorous investigation and censure. It has done so by wining and dining the Japanese media, spending the equivalent of $294 million in advertising, and hiring retired National Police Agency bureaucrats and former METI officials as “special advisors.” Using political connections, threats, and a complacent press, they have managed to stay in business.”

“In 2000, Kei Sugaoka, a Japanese-American engineer who had worked at the Fukushima reactor one site, blew the whistle on TEPCO’s decades of cover-ups and dangerous practices in a letter to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). As an inspector for GE which helped build the plant, he stated: “I was performing a visual inspection on the steam dryer (a critical part of the nuclear reactor) at the Fukushima site Unit One for TEPCO. The dryer was inspected and found cracked to the condition to where it was required to be replaced by a new one at an extensive cost. Then, the most damning evidence: “We submitted (video) tapes to TEPCO for METI, edited with visual cracking intentionally omitted per TEPCO request.. Sugaoka refused to comply with the request to edit the tapes himself, noting that this was a criminal offense. “I wasn’t willing to lie. That made me a troublemaker. Lying was standard practice at TEPCO, and maybe for most of the nuclear industry. “

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Posted in: Anger at acquittals of TEPCO execs in Fukushima case See in context

Kazuakishimazaki: “As long as it complies with the minima set by the government, it may focus the rest of its efforts on profit. It is one of the reasons the government acts as a go between. If they must plug someone for criminal negligence, the correct target is the heads of the governmental team who wrote and reviewed the norms active as of 2011, not the corporate heads. The only ways I see heads of corporation being proper criminally liable even if they met the governmental norms is if for example you can prove they for example bribed the people writing the norms to make them looser.”

In the fantasyland of your imagination, companies and governments work in tandem, honorably working for the good of their respective constituencies. Fukushima’s fire and brimstone denouement exposes this rose colored glasses view as a complete sham. Make no mistake, it is corporations and governments in the dock, caught out corruptly colluding with each other to condone unacceptably low (read cheap) safety standards in a region where tsunamis are endemic and now evade responsibility for the results of their venality.


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Posted in: Man arrested over 9-year-old stepson's murder See in context


Correlation is not causation; is what Nakazawa is saying in the article you linked. The Swedish study Nakazawa references does not question that stepchildren are more likely to be killed and maimed by their stepfathers. It simply posits that discriminative parental solicitude may not be the explanation for it. The study points out, and empirically demonstrates with a small Swedish sample, that men who become stepfathers, by marrying women who already have children from previous unions with other men, are more likely to be criminal and violent to begin with. Their greater tendency toward criminality and violence, not their genetic unrelatedness, is the reason they are more likely to kill and injure their stepchildren.

Nakazawa goes on to say that this makes perfect sense, that “divorced women with children are on average older, so they have lower mate value than younger women without children. Given choice, and all else equal, all men would prefer to marry younger women without children rather than older women with children with other men”. For Nakazawa, the logic of assortative mating is that women with lower mate value are more likely to mate with men with lower mate value. 

At the very least, Nakazawa argues, the Swedish study has begun to throw one of the foundational principles of evolutionary psychology into possible doubt. Finally, according to Nakazawa, if the Swedish findings are replicated, and if its explanation for the greater risk of homicide faced by stepchildren is true, then it will have secured a place in the Evolutionary Psychology Hall of Fame for successful academic regicide.

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Posted in: Anger at acquittals of TEPCO execs in Fukushima case See in context

“There was no "latest mandated airworthiness directive". At best there were reports and internal research which might eventually form the basis of an updated "mandated airworthiness directive".

Though it should not be necessary to make clear that it was intended metaphorically, it’s understandable that a non native speaker such as yourself (HK wasn’t it?) unfamiliar with the subtle nuances of English, might have thought otherwise. You can be assured that if a smoking gun had existed, in the form of compromising paperwork or an email trail, it would long ago have been excised from the record. FYI, there are indeed safety directives and recommendations issued by reputable bodies, including for such facilities as the one at Fukushima. It was negligence plain and simple that these were not acted upon, let alone canvassed with an open mind.

“The balancing line is calculated by the government and laid out as government standards after consultations with industry (to determine the possibilities and costs of safety measures), external experts (to identify the potential risks of NOT implementing extra safety measures), and the Customers (to determine their willingness to suffer extra burdens in pursuit of safety).”

It is laughable in the extreme for you to be suggesting that safety not profit was the primary concern. Or, that the corporate stooges with responsibility for delivering on budget and on time would’ve countenanced dissenting opinion. It sounds like the kind of thing you might read as small print on a prospectus for TEPCO investors as advised by Enron.

“The usual minima for negligence is failure of a duty of care”

You've nailed it there!

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Posted in: Anger at acquittals of TEPCO execs in Fukushima case See in context

“If an airplane gets struck by lightning and crashes into your home, you can't sue the airline. Sometimes things happen and there is no one to blame.”

But what if an airplane crashed after having been given the all clear to fly by an airworthiness maintenance engineer who hadn’t been keeping up to date with the latest mandated airworthiness directives. Or, perhaps came to grief because it collided with a truck that had been inadvertently parked on the runway.

A nuclear reactor is inherently potentially dangerous and it was the responsibility of those in charge to do far more to minimize the risks than they apparently did and for that they must be held accountable. It is fallacious of them to argue that nobody could have foreseen the known risk associated with tsunamis in an area which has a history of devastating ones.

You can bet that one of the first things those in positions of power did was to destroy evidence which might incriminate them. We need a whistleblower to come forward and expose their self-serving deception.

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“Worthless cockroach. People like him are why I fully support Japan having the death penalty”

You’re not allowed to say that. People against capital punishment refuse to make any exceptions. The death penalty is state sanctioned murder, something we should never condone lest one innocent person be executed.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy hit and killed by train in Kanagawa See in context

Yet another par for the course human tragedy in a society which prefers stigmatizing and sweeping under the carpet rather than fostering compassion and empathy. The deeper kinds of intimacy and mutual reliance which might have prevented this are precarious and rare. In this passionately social world, loneliness dogs the spirit. People are constantly "getting together", but they never really get there and whilst everyone is terrified of being alone and despite the universal assumption of wareware Nihonjin comradeship, in company they often remain as remote from each other as the stars.

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Posted in: Japan set to host 'spectacular' World Cup despite legacy issues See in context

The cherry blossoms! What a name for a rugby team.


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Posted in: Trump says U.S. has reached trade deals with Japan; no word on cars See in context

@Tawkeeo: “Wat are you trying to say, exactly?”

I could say the same thing in regard to your rambling attempt to deflect from my abundantly clear point about Japan as the outlier par excellence when it comes to market share held by foreign automobiles. Unable to come up with any reason to explain Germany’s far greater acceptance of foreign automobiles (5x more), you wisely avoid this altogether and instead rely on that old trope that foreign makers small share of the market is entirely due to the superiority of the domestic product, something which miraculously doesn’t seem to apply when we’re talking about German people’s willingness to buy foreign. Encouraging people to view car imports as status symbols and not as something that everyman should aspire to owning is one more cleverly maintained barrier that a country like Japan must and will eventually get over.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. has reached trade deals with Japan; no word on cars See in context

The elephant in the room, Japan’s (mandated) hostility towards foreign motor vehicle imports. In all of the other major markets, including China and Korea, the foreign vehicle market share is waaaayyyy higher than Japan’s. German automotive excellence doesn’t prevent that country, with its 40+ million fewer people, from importing five times more than Japan. Even South Korea, with only about 40% of Japan’s population, will soon overtake Japan in the value of foreign vehicles sold there compared to here. When most of the US-Japan trade imbalance is comprised of automobiles and automotive parts, it’s a no brainer that Japan must finally lower the drawbridge and embrace reciprocity.


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Posted in: Minnesota governor says Japan can't pick up U.S.-China trade war slack See in context

“America is quite capable of manufacturing many "superior" goods.”

Unfortunately, we here in Japan are too often denied those superior American (and other countries) goods. Our recompense for being compelled to accept inferior domestic products, the dubious satisfaction of knowing that taking one for the team is its own reward.

Japanese may indeed buy German cars, but they hate being reminded of their propensity for tokenism designed to forestall closer examination of its (compared with Germany) far more protected automobile market. The value of German foreign auto imports is five times greater than Japan’s.

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Posted in: U.S. to expand low-tariff quota for Japanese beef See in context

“there are too many average Americans supporting their president's America-first mantra.”

Japan can hardly cry foul. After all, they wrote the game book on exploiting the openness of others in order to advance their own economic interests, whilst ensuring the drawbridge was at all times raised sufficiently high to deter or impede all but the successful few who’ve sought inroads into their own market.

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John Sun: “Japanese won't buy any more US products. Even no tariffs for cars and many others. They just won't buy them, you are not able to see any US branded cars in the street. They just don't buy it”

They don’t buy them essentially because the markets here are effectively quarantined from having to go head to head with superior foreign imports. A compliant populace has internalised a false consciousness view that Japanese products are superior. It thrives despite people having zero actual contact with the foreign products they won’t hesitate to bad mouth.

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Posted in: Minnesota governor says Japan can't pick up U.S.-China trade war slack See in context

Melissa Shimosato: “I just read a very beneficial article on CNN about country dealing with economic challenges that I think every Head of State including myself should read.”

And which state would that be?

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