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Nothing like reports of a soaring trade surplus, just as trade negotiations are about to begin. The elephant in the room is that the globalist project is under siege on multiple fronts and the days of such huge lopsided imbalances are just about at an end.

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Just accepted a trip to Korea. I know I will be safe.

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Speed: “I think Choe needs to study a little harder at school and learn that Japan had nothing to do with the splitting up of the Korean peninsula after WWII. He can thank the UN/US/USSR for that.”

No responsibility, none at all? With the greatest respect, I beg to differ. Japanese colonization of the Peninsula meant the emasculation of anything resembling a credible deterrent in the form of an independent unified country. Japan’s domination of Korea provided the Russians with the opportunity to overrun the retreating Japanese, then sponsor an alternative Pyongyang regime. History didn’t start in 1945!

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Some countries want to have their cake, and eat it too.

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“my point, which is that, the government cannot force people to buy American products.”

Not American products, indeed! But the Japanese Government can and does force Japanese people to buy Japanese products through its reliance on tariff instruments designed to quarantine the Japanese market from having to go head to head with imports that are usually much cheaper and of comparable if not superior quality. The closed rice market is illustrative of what happens across virtually the entire economy. Only a small fraction of the 300K tons of rice bought annually from America is allowed in at the low tariff rate to be sold in the domestic direct consumption market at places like Gyomu Super. Most of the 300K tons ends up as corn chips and other rice based products which don’t threaten domestic rice’s market stranglehold. Such restrictive trade practices have strong support among vested interests but are completely antithetical to consumer interests. Ultimately, it comes down to semantics. The Japanese Government cannot ‘force’ me to buy that $5 peach or $2 apple. I simply refuse to play their game, and either wait until they appear on the bargain rack or forego them entirely.

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Zichi: “Every year Japan imports millions of tons of American high quality short grain rice from California”

More fake stats meant to quell the growing disquiet about Japan’s penchant for managed trade domestically while insisting on openness everywhere else.

The true figure, easily obtained in a 2 minute search, is approximately 300,000 tons, a tiny fraction of your brazenly inflated one.


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YuriOtani: “American rice? OH YUCK! It has that no good taste! The "Japanese strains" only taste a little better. Wheat perhaps but by the time dairy gets to Japan it is bad. I have had the milk from the commissary and it has a distinctive bad taste. Soybeans would make good fodder for animals.”

Keep it up; more trash talk like this only serves to make clear what countries are dealing with when it comes to trade with Japan. Such puerile and misinformed comments, widely held here, will eventually boomerang back on you puncturing your breathtaking arrogance that America would never do anything to deny Japan continuing unfettered, unreciprocated market access.

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“the feared bacilli of democratic values and the potent virus of freedom”

As presented here, that implies an unalloyed good. As understood by the self-appointed civilizational guardians of East Asia however, those be fighting words.

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“.......the optics of Chinese forces in the streets of Hong Kong in any capacity would still provoke near-global concern and outrage.”

If China does decide to “screw the optics,” what will that mean for the acceptance of continued Chinese immigration to and residence of those who are already in places like Vancouver? Hard decisions will need to be made by people who have gotten too used to not making them. What was it that Confucius said about interesting times?

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Akie: “China gave $1.5 trillions to Japanese people at the end of WW2, to help rebuild the destructed homeland. There is nothing in human history can even get remotely close to that.”

The fruit of Japanese education your honor; exhibit one.

Mitsuo Matsuyama: “Japan is one of the countries that most help other nations”

Additional facts about Japan’s self-serving generosity.


Pacificwest: “Korean leaders invited Japan to annex pre-modern Korea and, you forgot to add “assassinate their Queen.”

“Koreans have a habit of hiding or denying anything that is embarrassing or shameful.”

Like Japanese pretending that they have no idea what you’re talking about when you try and engage them about their own untouchable class, the “Burakumin” and the continuing difficulties and discrimination they experience in 2019 Japan?

And then ask yourself, how many times have you heard Japanese admit they are descended from this group, numbering at least three million and heavily concentrated in the Kansai area.

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“When we talk about humanitarian aid, Japan is one of the countries that most help other nations.”



Any help Japan gives is welcome; but as you can see, it is NOT particularly generous.

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Great pragmatists that the Japanese are, it’s only a matter of time until they decide they’ve overreacted. As for the younger generation, they have no knowledge base,” pretty much sums things up. Spoon fed on a constant diet of Nippon Kaigi half truths and outright fabrications, their inchoate resentment of “intractable Koreans” speaks volumes of the lamentable failure of progressive Japanese thinkers to challenge their compatriots by reminding them of what happened the last time hubristic arrogance towards and disrespect of those who were not Japanese was the default position.


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Shafted so often on previous occasions, by negotiating partners who meant “No’ when they said ‘Yes’, the U.S would be well advised to take its time, adopt a results oriented focus, insist that all and any promises be verifiable, and have a mechanism for ensuring that there will be consequences, in the form of Japanese style white paper trade embargoes, in the case of backsliding.


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"We can't just do nothing," a senior Abe administration official said.

Itching to prove to everyone that Japan, although once licked, was never beaten.


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@Kazuaki Shimazaki: “not quite Oyatoi”

No, totally! You have completely failed to address the point I made, which is that the initial stated justification for Japan’s near trade embargo on crucial parts had nothing to do with supposedly lax South Korean export controls and everything to do with Japan taking umbrage with the Korean court’s decision to impose punitive sanctions against Japanese firms in Korea with links to the colonial period.

You yourself acknowledge that the former is the true reason. I merely point out to you an example of Japanese hypocrisy exposed. I don’t know about you, but I’m not comfortable with this duplicity. It makes you doubt everything they say.

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Only the truly deluded can believe that the 1965 Treaty marked the end of Japanese having to deal with the consequences of their heinous deeds on the Peninsula and elsewhere. To regain trust and respect and to provide closure, Germany has approached the entire post war period with the proven to be correct attitude that tangible and sincere demonstrations of contrite humility and a flexible attitude to reparations was the only way. If Japan wants closure and healing of the festering wounds stemming from wars of aggression that it started and which continued for a much longer period than corresponding German aggression, it needs to do likewise.

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“Japanese officials denied South Korea's allegation that they are using trade to retaliate, and Abe and senior ruling party lawmakers then suggested that shipments to South Korea may have illegally ended up in North Korea. Japan then cited a loss of communication between export control authorities from the two sides for three years, accusing South Korea of failing to respond to Japanese requests for talks to provide clarifications, criticized South Korea's export control capability, and said the measure was for national security reasons.”

So, with this admission, the Koreans have been vindicated in their accusation that the Japanese were merely inventing justifications. And the Japanese who were saying that it wasn’t a fabricated tit for tat retaliation, but was all to do with failures in South Korea's export controls, have now been exposed as bald faced liars. Algessumnida!

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The Peking plutocrats with their delusions of grandeur have shamelessly banked on the gweilos sleepwalking to their doom. The cat however is well and truly out of the bag. In case anyone didn’t notice, One World has been unceremoniously put on the back burner, hang together or hang separately is becoming the new mantra and in consequence, Asia is becoming one humongous arc of instability.

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You need to remember at all times that the impetus for the colonization of Korea was Japanese self interest. It was at the behest of this imperative that Japan became the imperial overlord of a foreign country and made its people subject to Japanese edicts. That Japanese capital and organizational innovations played an important role in laying the groundwork for the modernization of the country is not disputed. In the same way that Japan itself had profited from Western encroachment and diffusion of technology, so too did Korea. But always remember, these gifts had strings attached and were entirely at the behest of the subjugating power. A purely benign occupation would never have sown the seeds of bitterness and hatred which Japan has reaped ever since the occupier’s zeal was tempered by American and Allied fire and steel.

Japan is no different from other imperialist powers that sought to bolster their power and security by taking advantage of the weakness of others. Apologists and those seeking to absolve Japan will always shy away from the distinction that benefits accrued incidentally by Korea are separate from the enrichment of Japan that was the primary reason for Japan being there in the first place. These true believers in the myth of Japan as selfless promoter of Korean development, probably also zealous adherents of the WW2 Japan as victim narrative, will never voluntarily accept that their narrative is fatally flawed by an inherent incompatibility between their aim of exonerating Japan and assuaging it’s guilt through recourse to selective truth that insults the dignity of the nation by preventing it from making amends for the festering wounds stemming from the colonial enterprise.

As for your claim that Korea would have been better off had Japan been left in a position to continue its charitable good work on the peninsula, the less said the better.

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@Kazuaki Shimazaki: “First, I did not say anything about Ends and Means, and second, even if I did say one end justified one means it does not mean a blanket acceptance, does it.”

With the greatest respect, I’m afraid your long-winded, bereft of substance, apologia for Japan’s imperialist subjugation of Korea completely fails. Having prefaced your screed with an outright declaration that the ends does not justify the means, the rest of your diatribe totally contradicts that. Using your own personal example as somebody who has benefitted from Western technology to imply that Korean outrage is unjustified and that any Korean who isn’t grateful for the blessings of Japanese (surely you mean Western?) technology is a total ingrate is surely doubling down on ends justifies the means.

Just as I suspected, you made no attempt to address the substance of the charge I leveled against you, that consistency demands you be on board with Beijing’s reining in of Hong Kong, Tibet, and the restive Uighurs, all of whom pose a splittist threat to China’s screw the Gweilos One Belt One Road Manifest Destiny.

One wonders indeed which side of the fence you would have been when, in early 1942, Japanese descended upon Hong Kong and subjected your countrymen to a harsh three year regimen of uninterrupted cruelty. You write like someone who might benefit from knowing.


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Posted in: Consultation centers handled record 159,000 child abuse cases in FY2018 See in context

Safety Country is not as safe as they would have us believe and this latest statistical “recalibration” will do nothing to dissuade resident cynics (realists) that said “Safety” is less reality than aspiration.

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Kazuaki Shimazaki: “I'll like to think that first I will be able to remember the nice things they did, not just the depredations which I may not even have experienced. If I have to eat barley.......I'll also remember that they built and arranged staffing for the school I go to, that before them my country's literacy rate was maybe 10%. There is also a university now. And my parents were the ones who sold my sister to god knows where in the Imperial organization - she was not abducted.”

The age old plaint of all unrepentant imperialists and supporters of misunderstood dictatorial regimes, that the ends always justifies the means, that the good that was done outweighs the negatives and excuses the excesses. It’s a dangerously facile assumption that it does and I’m surprised to hear that, in the case of Japan’s imperial adventure, you’ve swallowed the Kool Aid and see no contradiction at all between that and your stated disappointment with the Motherland extending its tentacles over your Hong Kong. The very same arguments Beijing uses to justify what it is doing there were not entirely dissimilar to those used to justify Japan’s 35 year duration iron-fisted control of the Korean Peninsula. You need to get with the program Kazuaki! (Your Chinese name Japanized?) China needs all its people to be on board with its version of Manifest Destiny. I’m sure once you realise you’ve been a bit of a laggard, you’ll make up for lost time and get right behind more re-education camps for ungrateful Uighurs and the push to bring all Tibetans to heel. After all, it’s all for their own good, isn’t it! Well, isn’t it?

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“That's the problem with agreeing to a "final and irreversible" agreement, then deciding that actually you're not only going to reverse it, but that it's not final at all. When you do that, it removes any motivation for anyone to negotiate with you in good faith again. You're a hostile negotiator.”

Only someone who has no real understanding of the depth of negative feeling harbored by Koreans toward the Japanese for things done to them during and before the 1910-1945 occupation of their country could say something look this. Their default assumption is that Agreements are sacrosanct, otherwise firms would not do business knowing that the goalposts might one day be shifted on them. That may well be true nine times out of ten, when the situation is normal and you’re not dealing with the accumulated baggage of centuries of animosity. If we assume that Japan was sincere in its desire to want to atone for its unsavory behavior on the peninsula during colonial rule, it is incumbent on it, as the aggressor, to demonstrate contrition and humility.

On his 1970 visit to Warsaw, the German Chancellor Willy Brandt symbolically got down on his hands and knees, dogeza style to kiss the ground. Only when he was safely out of office, and only much much later in 2015, did a Japanese deign to do likewise when former Japanese prime minister Hatoyama visiting Seodaemun Prison in Seoul knelt in front of a memorial stone as an expression of apology for Japanese war crimes in World War II.

While at the time, positive reactions may have been limited, his show of humility was a small but vital step in bridging the gaps World War II had left between Germany and Eastern Europe. In historical terms, Brandt gained much renown for this act, and it is thought to be one of the reasons he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971.

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“Who cares what happens after the sale when you're only making Y900/hr?”

You mean ¥901. Santa’s early this year!


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The Japanese are being very disingenuous when they accuse South Korea of laxness when it comes to technology transfer. If they want to play the blame game, they can start by placing some of it on themselves. Institutionalized racism has always condemned the Koreans to a life on the margins. In their inimitable can-do way however, the despised minority have been able to turn the tables on their hosts by accumulating vast wealth through pachinko, loan sharking and other activities. How much of this wealth has found its way to North Korea is anybody’s guess.

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Posted in: Man stabs woman in Daiso store; says he just ‘wanted to kill someone’ See in context

“I'm telling you, things have changed. Society is in decline, safety cannot be taken for granted anymore.”

Nothing new under the sun. There have always been wackos aplenty here, they simply blend in and most of the time pass unnoticed. It’s only when they’re pushed over the edge that we pay attention.

Their education is not like ours. From childhood, the schools nurture forces of explosiveness and violence in every Japanese as you would put together a bomb, but they have carefully screwed down over them the lid of discipline and self mastery. For this most docile and tractable of human flocks, most of the time the safety stays on. When it doesn’t, watch out!

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Any increase will simply be swallowed up by the 2% consumption tax increase. Robbing Taro to pay Shintaro.

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Shochinmono: “It's rather difficult not to find it out unless you don't know how to use google search”

What kind of a convoluted gobbledegook answer is that? Anything not to have to admit that you’ve been caught out again being economical with the truth.

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Showchinmono: “You’re basically denying the international treaty, even with 14 years of struggles needed for the run-up to final conclusion.”

Given that the Occupation of Japan did not end until 1952, and subtract three years because of the Korean War, I’d like to know where you get your 14 years from for a treaty that was concluded in 1965.

As for your spurious assertion that I’m “calling Japan stupid,” the less said the better. You are just going to have to accept that there are people out there who have a different (much better) idea than you about what is best for this country and how to go about achieving it.

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”....taking a toll on (Japan’s) export reliant economy”

At only around 16%, Japan’s exports to GDP ratio ranks 4th lowest behind the US, India, and Belgium as the LEAST export reliant economies among the top 25 globally.


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