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Posted in: Kill Japan's elderly? Cannes film probes chilling idea See in context

Does anyone know of any Japanese films that show that?


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Posted in: Kill Japan's elderly? Cannes film probes chilling idea See in context

A perfect fit for the society that pioneered ‘just in time’. Her (“8 out of 10 chance of becoming reality”) dystopian vision has already been foreshadowed by Japan's finance minister Taro Aso who is on record as saying that the elderly should be allowed to "hurry up and die" instead of costing the government money for end-of-life medical care. You cannot sleep well when you think it's all paid by the government. "This won't be solved unless you let them hurry up and die," he said.

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Posted in: New Zealand hands out extra cash to fight 'inflation storm' See in context

NZ and Oz are a one trick pony; whenever the cracks become serious enough that they threaten to derail the debt bondage model of society, the John Frum ‘free’ money spigot is cranked open to the max, moral hazard be damned and the surf lovers road to serfdom can is kicked further down the road.

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Posted in: Asian shares track Wall Street's inflation-fueled retreat See in context

The evisceration of capital on a heretofore unseen scale has only just begun.

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Posted in: Man mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds gambles it all away See in context

Total chancer. Not only was he not even from the town he stole the money from, he moved there to take advantage of the town’s U turn support funds to encourage young people who’ll contribute to the tax base and grow the community.

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Posted in: Japanese firms' net profit in Jan-March falls 41.3% on cost hikes See in context

Good job the Japanese government have that bottomless pit of free money to keep everyone happy.

When people start speaking of Japanese largesse, I reach for my compendium of Korean proverbs.

"Having the stomach full with only three jujubes" and “A yangban picks his teeth even after only drinking a bowl of cold water."

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Posted in: NZ Prime Minister Ardern tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Interestingly, across the pond, more people have died of ‘Covid’ in the first 5 months of 2022 than in the entire preceding two years. That despite almost the entire adult population now having been vaccinated and boosted to the nth. I know what they say about correlation not being causation, but hey.

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

.......you know what I mean!

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context


If you ever take JA language classes in Japan, you'll find half the class comprised of them, while the other half may start out as such, but lose their enthusiasm as the reality of life here disappoints them, being nothing like the anime and manga they loved.  (+1 / -4)

Ignore the local equivalent of China’s wumao online discourse manipulators; ever eager to express their downvoting displeasure with anyone who refuses to swallow the Kool Aid cant that Cool Japan isn’t as cool as it could be.


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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context


Seems clueless about what he’s letting himself in for, but nevertheless wish him and his entourage well. Just remember to cover the body art when you head to the sento after a hard day doing whatever it is your visa says you do.

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

Responding to Musk’s call about the need to do something, anything, to arrest the demographic decline and make Japan into a country where “rich Jews” (and Nordic types) would want to kvetch, I mean live.


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Posted in: Asian shares track technology-led sell-off on Wall Street See in context

Nothing wrong with the fundamentals; export competitiveness enhanced by the slumping yen, a huge fillip to an economy rendered moribund by Covid restrictions. A return to pre Covid tourist numbers also won’t hurt. And yet the Nikkei genuflects with stuck record slavish consistency to whatever went down on Wall Street the day before. You’re a big boy now Japan. A foolish consistency is, after all, the hobgoblin of small minds.

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Police quoted Miyauchi as saying that a foreigner at a hotel in Dubai handed her a backpack containing the two books as souvenirs.

Her trash the gaijin modus operandi is sure to go down a treat; playing to and reinforcing all the stereotypes. It should be called for what it is; repugnant and contemptible and this mule made to serve hard time.


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Posted in: Manga of book on Soviet women's war tales captivates Japanese readers See in context

Meanwhile, the manga chronicling the experiences of the ‘comfort givers’ of yesteryear goes unread and their sufferings largely unlamented. Narratives of the world unite!

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Posted in: Gov't considers revoking license of operator of sunken Hokkaido boat See in context

The licence revocation section’s fax machine is on the blink and until the replacement part arrives, there’s no other means of delivering the message.

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Posted in: Nearly 80% of Japanese think Okinawa's U.S. base-hosting burden unfair See in context

The easiest way to turn 80% against in the opposite direction is to make it a choice between Okinawa bearing the lion’s share, or that privilege being extended to the mainland. We all know how much lead there is in that balloon.

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Posted in: Some companies try 4-day workweek to offer flexibility to employees See in context

Japan’s major trade competitors will not forever put up with the deceit, the kind of lip service ‘we’re just like you’ tokenism on display here, which is merely designed to forestall the inevitable embrace of reciprocity in labour standards. Work/life balance here will only become a reality for most when those countries that are now getting shafted on trade bite the bullet and put Japan on notice that the free ride is over.

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Posted in: Get ready to pay more: Over 40% of Japanese firms to raise prices within a year: survey See in context

Last 30% are arrogant sad looking malnourished young folk who always look unhappy and also are aggressive to anything foreign 

Not to mention totally clueless as to who’s responsible and what to do about it, even if they did.

I’m already hearing talk from young university students that upon graduation they want to leave Japan.

Presumably in the direction of countries that, unlike this one, aren't into trying to prove Einstein’s definition of insanity wrong. And all the while, no hint they’re even aware of the cognitive dissonance that their three wise monkeys denialism imposes on them.

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Posted in: Canadian police face off with protesters opposed to mandates See in context

Some of us were beginning to have our doubts and were on the verge of writing Canada off as a lost cause, another sacrificial lamb on the altar of the virtue signalers and their ‘do as I say, not as I do’ Woke illiberalism. As Orwell (or whoever) said; ‘In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act’.

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Posted in: Japan to limit 4th COVID vaccine to elderly, those with underlying conditions See in context

There are people who want the 4th shot in the arm, supplies are available. Why not jab them? It's completely safe and effective, why the ... hesitancy?

The risk assessment bean counters have adjudged that continuing with a universal vaccine intervention protocol confers little or no overall benefit.

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Posted in: Tom Cruise unveils 'Top Gun' sequel with mid-air stunt See in context

“Flyboys” = glorified truck drivers.


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Posted in: Child's body found after tour boat sinks; probe of operator launched See in context

The June accident involved the same captain of the sunken boat. The June case has been pending at local prosecutors for further criminal investigation, the Coast Guard said.

Where’s ‘Safety Country’ when you need it? Once more we see this reluctance to bite the bullet when people here screw up. While suspended sentences and case by case, soft pedalling may do wonders for Japan’s incarceration statistics vis a vis countries that take such transgressions more seriously, the downside is that real people sometimes pay for the myth with their lives.

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Posted in: Who left the tap on? Teacher in hot water for pool bill See in context

We’re told that it went on for three and a half months, nearly two water billing cycles. Yet nothing was done about it AFTER the first bill, by which time it should have been clear that something was amiss. I’m trying hard also to understand why those who turned off the tap never twigged to what was going on, let alone drew it to the attention of the school authorities.

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Posted in: Missing 86-year-old woman found dead in Kagoshima mountain forest See in context

Translation of a local’s bleak take on life and death in ‘Beautiful Japan’.

My old mother died. I can't afford a funeral, and my old-age pension will stop being paid. Before she died, my mother had told me to cut her into small pieces and mix them with the garbage when she died. Late at night, I packed my mother into a polyethylene bucket, put her on a borrowed cart, and headed for the Yamato River. The wind was so strong on the bridge that the bucket almost fell off the cart several times. "Mom. I'm sorry." After clasping my hands together, I dumped my mother from the bridge. The corpse of my mother was incredibly light and small. The sound of my mother's fall echoed in the dark and empty water. Thank you so much for everything. Mom, please go to heaven. Next year, I will follow in your footsteps.

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Posted in: Japan considering high-level dialogue with S Korea See in context

Chunghee Park a.k.a Takagi Masao


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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Posted in: Japan considering high-level dialogue with S Korea See in context

....he could blame Japan for everything up to the end of WWII in 1945, he cannot blame the Japanese for the follow-up Korean War 1950 - 1953 which caused the huge destruction of the Korean Peninsula. The Japanese Army did not even exist at that time.

In all seriousness, for one second do you really believe that the finger of blame for the conflagration on the peninsula rests anywhere other than Japan? And that the unraveling of its 35+ year meddling was not THE precursor?

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Posted in: Japan considering high-level dialogue with S Korea See in context

Hopefully doesn't start like Moon did by ripping up the previous PM's signed contracts with Japan.

Mealy mouthed, replete with obfuscation, just another in a long line of even worse backroom deal, pennies on the pound ‘agreements’ that were ripe for the trashing. No amount of spin about supposed Korean willingness to improve the soured relationship can disguise the fact that it’s Japan that’s on the back foot and hoping for a modus vivendi with a formidable trade nemesis.

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Posted in: Mysterious liver illness seen in kids in U.S., Europe See in context

Can you imagine the mother of all blowbacks if this and other conditions ends up being attributable to one or the other of the Covid vaccines.

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Posted in: French presidential campaign spotlights Muslim headscarves See in context

“If we must, we will leave (France) so that we aren’t bothered, so that people don’t look at us in a bad way,” 

Of course they won’t contemplate their next choice of domicile extending to somewhere like Saudi Arabia, even with all its ‘freedom’. Nor should they be under any illusion that outlawing head, face, body covering will not spread to encompass more and more places. Such nativist policies are anathema to the globalists; a bacillus they ignore at their peril.

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Posted in: S Korea to drop most COVID restrictions, except mask mandate, as cases fall See in context

Korea’s gain of face = Japan’s continued loss of

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