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Yakushiji said he believes Kishida must have a strong sense of distrust of South Korea based on the Moon government unilaterally nullifying a landmark deal to settle the issue of Koreans forced to work at Japan's wartime military brothels "finally and irreversibly.”

You despair for these clowns. They simply can’t help themselves. It’s one thing to try and delude others with their self serving excuses designed to deflect attention away from their own complicity in most of these unresolved issues. But even worse, they’ve managed to convince themselves that the other side is the intransigent party.

Completely biased partisan journalism. The experts quoted are little more than kisha club mouthpieces for the LDP regime. No mention of Korea’s legitimate grievances over Japan’s continual backsliding and denialism. What a contrast Japan and Germany’s respective stances regarding compensation for the suffering and distress each caused. Japan arrogant, legalistic, and essentially devoid of compassion. Germany’s, high minded, generous in the extreme, and not reluctant to renegotiate. None of this mealy mouthed, statute of limitations has passed so we’re in the clear crapola.

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48.2 percent of men cited a partner's earning potential, up from 41.9 percent.

How the mighty have fallen! 奥さん used to hold the fort while 財布のひもを握る was the man’s prerogative. The writing is on the wall though and more it seems aren’t reluctant to be the ひも.

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I do not know how you can get 5% capital guaranteed even in USD. The best you can do is 4 % with a 2 years treasury bond if you keep it until maturity. Maybe some banks offer deposit at 5% but then you take a credit risk on the bank.

Government deposit guarantees are perhaps not to be trusted, but investing in stocks means a quantum increase in risk exposure. Which is why investors are now seeking shelter in bank paper. With no end in sight to interest rate increases, 5% or conceivably more will very likely soon be possible.

Not investing at all when you have significant inflation is the worst you can do as you are sure to see your capital loose it’s value overtime. If you invest, preferably in US assets, and keep your investment over the long term through the highs and lows you are very likely to be a winner over a 10 years period (As long as you invest through low cost products like ETF).

Not just speculators and those who can afford to lose, but millions of others whose wealth is tied up in cratering stocks are staring down the barrel. Index funds aren’t going to save you when all the indexes are cratering at the same time. To take one example; the NASDAQ is off 25% this year. There must also come a point too, where even those like yourself, with long investment time lines, begin to contemplate what-ifs they may never previously have imagined possible. After the 1929 crash, the Dow didn’t recover for a generation. Nobody wants to sell at a discount to what they paid and investors who can afford to wait are well advised to do so, thereby not crystallising losses. That’s a luxury however which many, especially those facing margin calls, cannot afford and there is an inexorable logic to a falling market with no bottom in sight. Each fresh wave of selling ratchets up the pressure on the holdouts so that people who refused to accept a 20% loss end up capitulating at 60% or more, rather than face even greater losses.

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Kishida can spruik NISA all he likes, but aversion to risk is rising, a flight to safety is underway, and markets concomitantly cratering. Investors are now less concerned with protecting capital gains from taxation than tanking stocks and the erosion of capital it represents. Why put money into stocks, whose rise or fall, is inversely correlated with global interest rates. The cold equation is why take the risk when you can get 5% and principal guaranteed investing in something with only a fraction of the risk.

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Currently, the wearing of masks is not compulsory in Japan.

Except we all know that it effectively is.

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The thing that contributes most to low prices in Japan is the stupid way houses depreciate in value after you buy them.

One reason why the value of dwellings depreciates so rapidly is the unforgiving climatic conditions. High humidity and cyclonic downpours play havoc. After thirty years of exposure to the elements, a place is worth a small fraction of what you originally paid for it. If you’re lucky, the land will hold up or even improve in value without you having to do anything. But, like others have said, property investment in Japan is no sure fire way to riches.

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massive additional costs to the society. Police, transportation, garbage removal,...........emergency transportation, hospital costs, rehabilitation etc

Economic activities, all of which count towards the country’s GDP. I know, totally nuts.

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The Bank of Japan channeling the Ministry of Plenty’s Newspeak pronouncements.

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Intermittently clear skies, the occasional drop of rain, a gentle wind; and yet JR ceased services after 5:30. Go figure! Those jets presumably never got the message how dangerous it is. Supers and family restaurants too; either blithely carrying on trade in total disregard. Or, in their best imitation of a pandemic panic merchant, bolting the doors in haste and heading home to hide under the bed. It’s time like this we’re afforded a look behind the omotenashi curtain.

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Peerless when it comes to dreaming up ever new and improved ways to screw little people over, too big to fail Wall Street types have surpassed even themselves in touting higher interest rates as the answer to the inflationary fiat money on steroids regime they themselves instigated.

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While it may be hard on the individual gifted child, as a sorting mechanism, the system here takes no prisoners in its relentless embrace of elitism. Success, having ‘the right stuff’ means successfully navigating the juku and hensachi hoops which determine admission to the best educational institutions and then afterwards the trappings. From both nature (DNA) and nurture ($) perspectives, it helps to choose one’s parents wisely. More seriously, when it comes to a choice between either nurturing individual genius or the prerogatives of the group, no self respecting Asian Tiger Mum would endorse the writer’s unmistakably self-congratulatory tone in regard to Western individualism. To hitch one’s fortunes to the rising group, to them makes far more sense and is indeed the formula they are reluctant to jettison and which underpins their group success vis a vis Westerners who are being displaced on their own turf.

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The main motivation of most Chinese who visit Japan is in search of business opportunities.

Chancers all! Until the ineluctable logic of what happens when irresistible force meets immovable object intervenes and things go all pear shaped.

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Boeing stock, $422 in March 2019, is now languishing at $144.

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The answer is no. The PCR test requirement was dropped on Sept 7th. I flew in from Aus on that day without a test. However the MySOS app is still needed.

The negative PCR test requirement was only dropped for those who’ve received three (approved type) injections. With zero scientific justification, those who haven’t been jabbed are required to waste time and money for an essentially worthless negative PCR test result obtained up to 72 hours BEFORE they boarded their flight to Japan. Both before and during the flight they can easily be infected by someone who’s had the three jabs but, like a number of my acquaintances, has been reinfected with Covid, but no longer needs to be tested on account of having received the jabs.

It saves time but is not mandatory to have the MySOS preinstalled. You can do it AFTER landing. They have staff at the first check point on arrival who will talk you through the procedure of uploading the questionnaire (via QR code) and answering the questions.

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Posted in: 40% of evacuees from Afghanistan have left Japan over poor support See in context

Who needs to manufacture hostility for achieving one’s real purpose, when it comes so naturally.

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Posted in: Kadokawa chairman arrested over Tokyo Olympics bribery scandal See in context

A charming family the Kadokawa; this one assumed the reins after his older brother was slotted for four years in the 90s after getting busted importing cocaine. Bubs will soon get to reprise Jeremy Renner eyeing Jason Bourne’s knife hewn calligraphy in Bourne Legacy.

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That sound you hear is a center that’s no longer holding, trees crashing in a wilderness of pain. More terrifying still, the downright complacency, moral cowardice, and utter lack of any sense of crisis shown by those who are in a position to do something about it.

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When the yen was strong, Japan bought huge amounts of US treasuries. As well as profiting handsomely on the exchange rate, with interest rates now soaring interest payments to Japan are going through the roof. A combination of taking advantage of soaring interest income, liquidation of a portion of those holdings to purchase extremely cheap yen, and a more proactive stance on nudging Japanese rates upward seems like the way forward. The sky may seem like it’s falling, but there are still plenty of arrows in the quiver.

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Patience people; the tide will eventually turn. When it does, those invested in Japan and Korea, another export behemoth country whose currency, in defiance of all logic, has slumped against the $US, will be well placed to benefit handsomely when currently out of favor currencies surge. An insanely undervalued Yen and Won, relative to the idiotically overvalued US dollar, will see the return of huge capital inflows courtesy of tourists wanting more bang for the buck than they can get in their own ridiculously overpriced countries.

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I've visited many countries and it seems to me that the relative homogeneity of the Japanese society is in no small part responsible for the low crime rate.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

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In response to Madame Dewi's question, the three models immediately answered, "Even if the man's income is low, it's better if you love each other."

Madame Dewi laughed and rejected their answers, jokingly calling them "all idiots."

At least one of them was telling the truth!

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………predicted that Japanese officials would "simply acknowledge to the IOC that they had some bad actors involved and that they're going to clean it up".

Shades of Rumpole when he did his bit to clean out one of the few rotten apples in that sweet-smelling barrow load, the Metropolitan Police.

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Posted in: Tropicana’s Japanese licensee in hot juice for cartons that boast '100% Melon Taste' See in context

The new people will work extra hard to make sure we don't get caught again."

In other words; you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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Posted in: Unification Church ex-members in Japan say they were treated like an 'economic army' See in context

Japan seems to revel in this kind of self abasement; be it at the hands of the US dominator or, as here, the Korean dominatrix. These cult revelations herald a start to the cleansing of Japan’s putrid Augean stables.

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Posted in: Australian leader Albanese plus 3 former PMs to attend Abe funeral See in context

“In politics sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made”.

Marx (Groucho)

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Posted in: Kyrgios fined $14,000 for U.S. Open racket meltdown See in context

Sadly he has a band of Aussie enablers who celebrate his every ape ish move.

Long before it was hijacked by oafish boofheads and ethnic go getters trying to go them one better, the quintessential Aussie sports ethos was one marked by quiet determination and humility.

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The pendulum is still getting into the swing of the other direction. I am not sure the yen will even viably exist when things start to swing back in the other direction, which is not on the same timeframe as my outlook.

I wouldn’t be too hasty in writing the country off. Japan enjoys a number of advantages that together confer tremendous cost advantage. The yen was seriously undervalued BEFORE this. The combination of hefty trade surpluses, low inflation vis a vis its major trading partners, a non level economic playing field that is designed to favor the home team, lots of leeway on raising interest rates, a potentially huge cash windfall to come once international tourists are allowed back in.

…….hiking interest rates would further ruin public finances. What is 1% of a quadrillion yen of debt? Higher taxes to cover that? That would also smash the value of the massive JGB holdings of the BOJ. Who wants to hold a currency backed by an insolvent central bank.

You could just as easily argue that a sky high US dollar, while good for robber baron hedge fund types salivating at the prospect of acquiring quality Japanese corporate assets at bargain prices, and well heeled tourists with more dollars than sense, is less so for American industries struggling to stay globally competitive, and a US Government struggling with unsustainable multi trillion dollar deficits requiring huge debt servicing costs payable to foreigners (unlike Japan’s borrowings), yawning trade deficits with most of its trading partners, and systemic failure on multiple levels. Things are not always as they seem.

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Those lucky enough to be using $US to fund their forays into the J stock market are poised to make a killing when the pendulum swings the other way and their yen investments become suddenly a whole lot more valuable.

To stymie these carpetbaggers, the J Government could do worse than signal a shot across the bows interest hike of at least one per cent. That, and open the country once more to foreign tourism.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being left in bus for 5 hours See in context

This exact same thing happened a couple of months ago. You would think.....

That is certainly what you should think. Most of us, however, know otherwise.

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Posted in: 3 found dead in Miyagi house in suspected murder-suicide See in context

As the huge number of the elderly population increases even further, this will be a permanent stable in news reporting here.

These incidents are occurring with such regularity that a separate category is needed to accommodate them; ‘Culture’ perhaps.

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