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Posted in: Human rights panel: Japan was wrong to detain Carlos Ghosn; owes him compensation See in context

Even now, 150 years after opening up, there is a huge disconnect between how law actually works as a thinly disguised instrument of constraint and the ideal, an impartial arbiter and safeguard against oppression. 

In his Introduction to Japanese Law (1976), Noda makes the point that those tasked with drafting the new Meiji laws, using firstly the Napoleonic Code (later, German models) as their template, “had to invent terms for concepts that were totally alien to Japanese thinking.” Another has made the point that if Western democracies relied as little on law as Japan does, they would be rocked by incessant civil commotion and probably witness a collapse of the authority structure. While conversely, if Japan were to use the law as it is used in the Western democracies, and as it is supposed to be used under the Japanese constitution, the present Japanese authority structure would collapse.

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Posted in: S Korea starts fining people not wearing masks See in context

some may think they are using their own citizens as an escape goat for their policy failings?

The goat to Japan campaign has a lot to answer for!


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Posted in: 30% of surveyed Japanese actors/voice actors admit to suicidal thoughts due to work See in context

“Why does the world have have to be so Dicksonian”

“There have been occasions in my later life (I suppose as in most lives) when I have felt for a time as if a thick curtain had fallen on all its interest and romance, to shut me out from anything save dull endurance any more.” 

“We were always more or less miserable, and most of our acquaintance were in the same condition. There was a gay fiction among us that we were constantly enjoying ourselves, and a skeleton truth that we never did. To the best of my belief, our case was in the last aspect a rather common one.” 

Charles Dickson, Great Expectations

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No doubt Covid layoffs and the ketchiness of the authorities here has played a part, but where I come from people of this same ethnicity were once implicated in their disappearance whenever a canine went missing. Never assume that those from afar share the same cultural assumptions and understanding about what’s acceptable and what’s not.

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Posted in: Voting under way in 2nd referendum on Osaka metropolis plan See in context

Standing in the way of Osaka’s long hoped for rejuvenation, bureaucratic inertia, central government hostility to having a strong competitor to Tokyo, and the myopia of the voters themselves, whose interest in this election extends hardly beyond the impact it will have upon the provision of services. The LDP and Communist Party make strange bedfellows indeed, but such cynicism is fully explicable when you understand what each have to lose if the yes side wins.

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Posted in: Man gets 17 years in prison for killing 75-year-old mother, dumping body parts See in context

It give you the creeps to wonder at humans capacity for evil, and whether the mother ever had any inkling that there would come a time when the little angel lying asleep in the crib and the young boy she’d nurture and make sacrifices for, would one day not only beat her to death but then take indignity to the next level by dissecting her and then dumping her in the ocean as fish food.

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Posted in: U.S. calls bid to stop extradition of 2 to Japan 'meritless' See in context

Treachery begins at home. From the Foreign Office official “advising” that he could see nothing untoward about a quick repatriation, through to Raab’s deliberate evasions and transparent placing of the interests of the UK’s great and powerful friend over those of the citizens he ostensibly represents. Missing in action, the moral courage demanded of its servants, as exemplified by that call for someone to “speak for England”.

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Posted in: French prosecutor: Nice church killer is Tunisian who entered country from Italy See in context

......the Nice suspect arrived in Lampedusa in September, spent 2 weeks on a quarantine ship in Bari and then received notice of expulsion and slipped away and over the border to France.

Let me get this right. He’s entered Italy illegally, and then in no time at all he’s in a position to do a runner to France. Not a good look whatsoever.

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Read this to disabuse yourself of the notion that cutting the budget deficit was something close to the hearts of Democrats back in the late 90s and nothing to do with the Gingrich led Republicans who controlled Congress, putting the Democrats on notice that their free spending ways were oh you tee.


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For the past three decades, mainstream Democrats have tied their fates to the twin mantras of free trade and globalization, which have cost millions of jobs and many thousands of factories. Bill Clinton campaigned for and signed NAFTA in 1993. He also negotiated and signed the agreement that created the World Trade Organization in 1994. And he negotiated the agreement that resulted in China’s entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001. Barack Obama negotiated and campaigned for the failed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. It is time for progressives to own and reject these failed policies.

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OMG, what nonsense. The same number of manufacturing jobs as 1969?! There's 130 million more people in the US now than in 1969.

69 years ago, 1969 eh! Your maths is as dodgy as the easily disproven falsehoods you’ve been peddling. And while it’s true that America’s population is a whole lot more than 1969, let alone 1951, the figures eloquently attest to the success of the Commander in Chief’s efforts in reversing decades of betrayal.

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Posted in: Trump or Biden, Japan likely to face harsh demands in trade talks See in context

Peter Neill Trump has failed completely to deliver manufacturing back to the US......Trump has not delivered more manufacturing jobs

This partisan narrative you’ve been peddling has already been debunked.


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Posted in: Man gets 14 years for killing student in 2018 See in context

14 years for destroying a young life, stealing away her dreams and unrealised potential. Cruelly depriving her family and friends of the joy of knowing her and following her progress through life. Leaving in its place nothing but a boundless, wrenching grief.

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the two major islands in the chain, Miyake and Mikura.

Note to editor: The largest island in the chain is Oshima, next Hachijojima, Miyakejima, then Niijima.

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Posted in: Who pays for the extra toilet paper? The big questions of the work-from-home era See in context

Here in Australia you can claim a reduction

Australia looks after it’s people in many ways; one area it’s lagging, however, is in not reimbursing workers for their transportation costs to and from their place of employment. During the lockdown, many Japanese working remotely, continued to receive a transportation stipend that could easily run into the tens of thousands of yen. Of course, it goes without saying, this extra perk was not extended to part timers.

I haven’t heard anything mentioned about home/office expenses tax deductibility for this year; perhaps others out there have more information about the situation here in Japan..

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Posted in: Toyota, Nissan to seek reimbursement from UK if Brexit talks fail: Nikkei See in context

If you were to build a house with council consent and plant a nice garden , and the local council ran a bulldozer through the first 3 metres of your property to make the road wider . . . . . you'd be asking for compensation too.

The only thing wrong with your analogy is that the bulldozer lacks money for spare parts, the road is being downgraded to a bush track, and the property with the lovely garden is now an unkempt mess and on the market ever since the owner was retrenched.

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Posted in: At least 5 Kindai University soccer players used cannabis See in context


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Posted in: Teacher arrested for sexually assaulting teenage girl in hotel See in context


I salute your respect for the presumption of innocence. In this case, however, it was in the paper and therefore we can proceed on the assumption that it’s not idle rumour.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for sexually assaulting teenage girl in hotel See in context

So, he already had form! Elsewhere, he would’ve been locked up quick smart, or (in the case of doubt) would’ve been told in no uncertain terms that he was on notice and that if there was a next time it’d be curtains.

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Posted in: Japan considers making promotion of paternity leave mandatory for companies: Nikkei See in context

Many Japanese people I know did not particularly enjoy their childhood

....... but it was a veritable Disneyland compared to what was in store down the track.

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Posted in: Coronavirus vaccination to be made free in Japan See in context

Coronavirus vaccination to be made free in Japan

Nothing in this world is free, Japan!

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Posted in: Nissan employee testifies against former exec Kelly at trial See in context

Those in charge here look with repugnance upon the concept of the presumption of innocence and justice systems which entertain notions of reasonable doubt. Papal infallibility has nothing on these guys (and it mostly is guys).

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Posted in: Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi, 40, found dead at home in apparent suicide See in context

The financial rewards that enable them to afford 7+ million yen annual kindergarten fees for their progeny come at a price. Pressure that can eat away and destroy even the most visibly well adjusted.

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Posted in: Japan newlyweds can receive up to ¥600,000 to start new life See in context

And it will immediately free up a lot of existing mothers to enter the workforce too.

And simultaneously cut into the bottom line of the many restaurants and kissaten that currently cater to these desperate to enter the workforce wives and mothers.

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Posted in: Japan newlyweds can receive up to ¥600,000 to start new life See in context

‘Go to Marriage Life’.

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Posted in: New Zealand economy shrinks record 12% See in context

isn't that the whole porpoise of inflation

When life gives you lemons, there’s always Kaikoura.


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Posted in: Trial of man indicted for killing, storing bodies of 9 people in apartment to begin Sept 30 See in context

..... he once worked as a recruiter in the sex industry

Corrupted to the depths and one who corrupted others by luring them into the flesh trade with glib promises of lucre. Who later ‘graduated’ to getting his jollies carving up lost souls he cynically befriended with a pretence of concern culled from some counseling manual; a one man metaphor for 弱肉強食 parasitical exploitation.

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Posted in: Abe plan for land-attack counterpunch could mark major military shift for Japan See in context

Countries interested in sticking around to ensure that the long term interests of its people are protected need to get real and start playing the quid pro quo game. Membership of a CCP which is increasingly taking on all the characteristics of a power obsessed bully boy, should constitute sufficient grounds for automatic denial of entry permission as well as termination of whatever residence rights have already been afforded these sleepers agents and their families.

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Posted in: Life prison term to be finalized for Peruvian man for killing 6 See in context

The kind of person that sends opponents of the death penalty into hiding, to wrestle with the doubts that forever threaten to flip them.

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Posted in: Abe plan for land-attack counterpunch could mark major military shift for Japan See in context

In the finest tradition of “we had to destroy the country in order to save it”, the increasingly inaptly named JSDF is moving towards a belligerent first strike posture of the kind that prevailed the last time things went all pear shaped. It was Twain, wasn’t it, who said that although history doesn’t repeat itself, it often rhymes.

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