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the party promised to effectively exempt people who earn less than about 10 million yen annually from paying income tax

The contempt Japan’s ruling circles have for the intelligence of those they consider beneath them knows no bounds. It’s bad enough that they mock the peons by dangling such ludicrously unrealistic fantasies that don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever coming to fruition. Even worse, when it’s the main opposition party lying through its teeth in a way that’s all but guaranteed to render whatever chances it might have had effectively zero. For services rendered, they've earned the right to yet another stint as Jiminto’s ugly step sister’s hardly any less ugly cousin.

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Problem, too much work; their solution, double down and come up with reasons why you should be doing even more. Kicking and screaming they’ll go, but real change will only occur when a unified West presents them with an ultimatum; persist in this skewed playing field unfairness or suffer the consequences of restricted access to Western markets. Quid pro quo or the highway!


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Yabumotoの yabu(籔)= 危険、又は有罪の判決が確定したことをいう。

If the name fits, wear it.

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Compensation in the billions......SK never helped Taiwan

Peanut reparations, much of it tied loans, ensuring Japan itself benefited even after its 35 years of exploitation came to an end; dwarfed by that which split in two Germany paid and which, in a spirit of contrition and generosity, never begrudged renegotiating. No sight either of those lovers of freedom fighting alongside Koreans against communism in Vietnam. To have been a fly on the wall in that share house when our humble hosts shared their profound light of Asia wisdom with their no nonsense interlocutors.

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When he says, in his vague and unspecified way, that he wants to spend our money for us, we know instinctively and with the benefit of hindsight that it won’t be accruing to you or I but going as a bribe to others. That dejavu all over again feeling is history rhyming.

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Posted in: More than 1,000 Japanese firms, people named in 'Pandora Papers' See in context

So are they going to get arrested or does the law not apply to them?

Just as the Russians used to say; ‘we pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us’, it’ll mostly, apart from some token fall guys, be a case of they’ll pretend to arrest us, and we’ll pretend to be all penitent and promise to never do it again. Rinse, repeat.

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Posted in: More than 1,000 Japanese firms, people named in 'Pandora Papers' See in context

Only about 17% of residents have My Number.

You’re confusing having a physical card (over 26% according to the article below) with just having a number, which you, I, and most of us have


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Posted in: Asian shares skid after S&P 500 logs 1st monthly drop of '21 See in context

It’s red ink all round in Europe so all eyes will be on NY tonight to see whether the slide can be arrested and the napalm moment averted. Pre market’s not looking good and another couple of percent down there and it won’t be pretty in Tokyo for the start of the new week. Having ridden the wave from low valuations, some may be tempted to take their profits and avoid what could become a rout. In which case many of those who hold out will, eventually, be forced to sell and realise losses.

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KennyG: Kenshin_u is correct, forcible conscription did not take place for Koreans before 1944.

Kenshin_u: On the other hand, young Koreans were not drafted until 1944, and the war ended after only training, not in time for actual combat.

You’re flogging a dead horse KennyG. Your partner in denial said no Korean draftees saw actual combat. A fallacious assertion contradicted by numerous historical sources. Another one for you below.


Long before those military draftees were sent to war zones from 1944, there were enormous numbers of Korean civilians (both draftees as well as volunteers) serving in support roles assisting the Japanese war machine on its murderous march through Asia.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Mitsubishi asset sale in wartime labor case See in context

On the other hand, young Koreans were not drafted until 1944, and the war ended after only training, not in time for actual combat.


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The funny thing is that Japan has already paid a fortune to them in payments and the victims never saw a penny of it. In other words, their own government pocketed the money pooped on their own people who deserved it. Now Japan is the S. Korean government's favorite whipping boy. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Japan’s amen corner busy at it again with their mealy mouthed mea culpas and distortions; desperate in their determination to invoke the travesty of a travesty 1965 Treaty and it’s bargain basement pennies on the pound compensation for 35 years of Japanese military rule and a civil war which was a direct consequence of that occupation. Very little magnanimity, starting with their assiduous (and successful) efforts to exclude Korea from being represented in its own right at the postwar San Francisco Peace Conference, through to the 1965 ‘deal’ with the wartime collaborator President Park, the monetary value of which pales into insignificance compared to what dismembered and genuinely contrite Germany paid and goes on paying and which is constantly being renegotiated to this day. Facts which, try as they might, our amiable hosts simply cannot avoid.

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Reunification, when it comes, will trigger all sorts of secondary effects across Asia and beyond. Sensing that the tide has turned and the ancien regime is crumbling, the Yellow emperor fan club will suddenly be the only game in town as the ‘how now kow tow’ opportunists shamelessly abandon one set in stone certitude for another.

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The suspect loyalties of the large diaspora increasingly present a challenge every bit as formidable as that of a revanchist Motherland, whose demands on their allegiance they ignore at their peril. Penalties for treasonably aiding and abetting militarily the West’s new bete noire may need ramping up to reflect this new reality.

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Both had been in the hospital but had been released, suggesting that whatever they had been suffering from, it wasn’t life threatening. Yet curiously, within a few weeks they’re both dead. We’re told it was a murder-suicide, but the evidence that it was health-related isn’t clearly stated, although it’s implied. If that is the working assumption, it would’ve been helpful to have been given more information about the exact nature of the difficulties they were experiencing.

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Like a stuck record, our resident amen corner continue their refrain; 'these are outliers, and there’s nothing to see here, move along'. Their cherished belief in an Arcadian Japan, one that exists only in their imagination, brooks no contradiction and their deflections that stem from a stubborn desire not to want to confront the truth have begun to take on an almost surreal quality, despite the fact that incidents such as this one and the 20 year old who attacked his parents are now daily staples of crime reporting. Unpalatable as these daily proofs are, they aren’t going to be solved by the ostrich reflex, or mimicking the three wise monkeys, but by consigning the myth to the realm of mythology and henceforth joining the reality based community’s search for solutions.

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Police force in deed. On second thoughts, might not the gung ho behavior on display be part of a coordinated attempt to resuscitate an image tarnished recently by the cop busted for upskirting. All alternatives are bad, it’s just that some are less bad than others; which in many people’s eyes makes them good.

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Posted in: China’s 'Little Kyoto' shut down by government after complaints of Japanese culture invasion See in context

I will reply with "Kubla" Kane invasion of Japan

Charles Foster’s brother; not some crooked politician.

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These news are getting crazier and crazier, maybe Japan society is getting some serious mental outbreak.

From mid June until mid September is always silly season here, with a surfeit of heat triggered craziness predictable as clockwork. The cooler weather heralds a return to relative normality and back to the pressures that foreshadow next year’s fun and games.

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Posted in: Surfer fatally bitten by shark off Australia's east coast See in context

I’ll just stay in the boat and have a Tooheys when ‘down under’.

A Tooheys or two, rather than a tooth. Wiseman, very.


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Suga is a fall guy through and through, the epitome. His only function was to serve as a stop gap; to shoulder all the blame for the failed policies of his predecessor. The slate is now wiped clean; the Olympic debacle, the Go To campaign, the farcically unscientific lockdowns, the Einstein’s definition of insanity economic policies that have only served to keep the economy on life support for the past quarter century; all forgiven. All we need now is for Abe’s tummy troubles to miraculously clear up, then it’ll be deja vu all over again; where the past comes to life and we all get to be like virgins, for the very first time.

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Posted in: Man turns himself in, saying he killed his mother, dumped her body in mountains See in context

Universal Basic income is a necessary thing. 10 to 20% would be a good start. Not Enough to live on, but Enough to save each year to invest, take a vacation, do something new with your life. 

The basic pension, which people pay into for 40 years of their life, delivers around a cool 80万 a year. A UBI, if they ever got around to introducing one, presumably the last country in the world to do so, would surely be far less than the ‘generous’ 国民年金. You’d be lucky to get 十万円 (their most recent favourite number) which, once you factor in the additional taxes they’ll impose, will leave you with just a few coins to throw into the offertory box at the annual shrine visit. Or perhaps enough for a 年末ジャンボ flutter.

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Posted in: Senior police officer arrested for filming up woman’s skirt See in context

I wonder if he is charged with the equivalent of a felony charge?

And what miss demure would think about it if he was, or whether she’d even know the difference. Most likely he’ll lose a months salary, be demoted, and have to suffer the ribbing of his colleagues, at least those who haven’t been likewise outed in this way. There must be at least one or two.

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Posted in: Surprise, criticism abound among public over Suga's resignation See in context

Where’s Charles Atlas when you need him. Once again we’re treated to the unedifying spectacle of the people having sand kicked in their faces, mocked by well connected practitioners of the political dark arts and their fait accompli pronouncements. In this supposedly consensus driven society, there’s a palpable absence of public discussion preceding key decisions and very little sense that people feel invested in the political process . Little wonder there’s a reigning sense of fatalistic resignation to whatever is dished up. Even as an outsider, it’s depressing to observe how resigned the masses are to their lot.

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Posted in: New Zealand police kill man after he stabs 6 people at supermarket See in context

Chalk another one up to blowback for our reap what we sow meddling to ‘protect’ our interests (remind me what those are). Not content with stumping up all that moolah for a military presence outside our countries, we’re doubling down and importing, potentially, thousands more like him, necessitating the expenditure of more millions, which we haven’t got but just put it on the tab, to maintain around the clock police tabs on people who’d have our guts for garters. Madness, absolute madness!

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Posted in: Suga to resign; says he couldn't run for reelection and handle virus response See in context

Blind Freddy could’ve predicted Suga’s decision not to contest the upcoming leadership ballot. He’s far better playing the stoney faced spokesperson apparatchik than in his present incarnation. The could do worse than putting the old warhorse in charge of communicating the content of the runes to the plebeians. In Japanese life, as we saw with his predecessor Abe, there is such a thing as a second act.

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As a craftsman I have had way more things end up jammed into some part of my body and years later have it poke through the outer skin easily discarded.

You ought to be in pictures.


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Posted in: Moderna says COVID vaccines sent to Japan contained stainless steel particles See in context

The metal particles would remain in the liquid left in the vaccine vile.

You got that bit right.

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International Paralympic Committee spokesman Craig "I'm sorry. Rules are rules” Spence said their excuse for arriving three minutes late was that they didn't hear the announcement or it was in a language they did not understand. The F20 class in shot put is for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Spence’s attitude begs the question; was it his sporting prowess in this event that got him the gig? That’s the only reason I can think of why he’s there.

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There is zero indication from the article that the murdered high school girl was having a live affair with the man or that jealousy was the motive for the murder.

Zero indication?? (from article) “Komori said he had become acquainted with Washino about two years ago through Twitter, and that his wife became jealous after finding out about it, the sources said. He told investigators he called Washino to meet with him and his wife.”

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Posted in: Couple arrested after 18-year-old girl found dead in Yamanashi See in context

Such callous inhumanity as these two have shown is no longer rare and, sadly, we’re becoming inured and numb to stories like this. Such relationships, conceived in essentially instrumentalist terms, are gratuitous and calculating in the extreme and seem predestined to unravel. Another thing; before disposing of her in such a callous and barbarous way, Dumb and dumber didn’t pause to consider whether she might have mentioned to someone, either in writing or verbally, about this bizarre love triangle?

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