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“Under the Liberal Government, Australia is fast becoming a Fascist state. Look at our privacy and freedoms have been eroded in the pass 10 years. The Government doesn't want journalists to expose its corruption, illegal activates, or war crimes.”

I get it! Under a Labor Government, everything would be just hunky dory. You forgot to append to your comment the mandatory “authorized by riperez on behalf of the Labor Party.”

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“Saikawa may well be a scumbag but that by itself does not make Ghosn a saint.”

Nobody said he was. But I think we all agree with the first part!

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With each passing day, Saikawa and co’s po-faced denials about economic nationalism being the essential rationale behind their attempts to try and unscramble the Nissan-Renault omelette ring less and less true. The corollary of their naked power plays is that other nations are paying a great deal more attention to the growing evidence of collusion between government and private firms to stymie foreign penetration. Victory over this latest manifestation of Black Ship marauders from afar may well turn out to be a Pyrrhic victory.

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“asians of all shapes and colors were quite contented rotting away with their poor primitive lives, minding their own business in their part of the world, until the west ( europeans and derivatives ) came knocking with gunboats and armies and black ships for what purpose ? to exploit and loot asian resources for their own factories, to get new asian markets to trade for their finished products. western prosperity and riches were a lot derived from all these worldwide looting of resources, especially from the asian colonies from the 16th to early 20th century.”

Some might be taken in by such Nippon Kaigiesque railing against Western imperialism and your careful exempting of Japan from any blame with your term “Europeans and derivatives” . Let the record show however that Japan’s ruthless exploitation of the resources of the Asian mainland going back all the way to Hideyoshi and beyond proved they were no slouches in that department.

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“Japanese firms have invested $100s billion in the US economy employing 100s thousands of Americans, other than US military and weapons just how much have AMerican firms invested in Japan and how many Japanese do they employ! Seems like its America who wants to take all and give very little in return the figures speak for themselves.”

And the return on their investment runs into the trillions, underpinning Japanese prosperity. Prime Minister Abe, with his feting of best buddy Trump, knows which side his bread is buttered, even if you don’t. Curious logic on your part to accuse America of ingratitude and yet begrudge it for wanting to emulate Japan's foreign market penetration is everything mindset.

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“...for decades Japan has invested $100s billion in the US , built many factories , employing 100s thousands of US citizens manufacturing more than 70% of the vehicles it sells in the US , made in the US. Japanese vehicles are some of the best selling in the US and Americans buy them because they like them. I think Japan has more than earned that privilege.”

US market access and the windfall financial benefits this has delivered ought to have been met, but hasn’t, by reciprocal access to Asian economies. Instead, here in Japan as well as elsewhere in Asia, the Black Ships are good sentiment you express would be roundly condemned as near treasonous. You obviously haven’t got Trump ‘s memo that Asia’s one trick pony propensity for holding two contradictory positions simultaneously no longer cuts it.

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“For too long Asia has turned a blind eye to US and other Western countries trade grievances, and now they’re paying the price. Isolate trade scofflaws and make the world a safer and more stable place”

There, I fixed it for you.

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“yet still some still want to bash Japan”

Come down off your high horse. This is not about “bashing Japan” but about signaling the free ride’s over at last and thenceforth it’s America first; just like for Japan’s leaders it’s always Japan first.

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It’s high time the US started thinking long term and this will put the Asian mercantilists on notice that access to the US market is a privilege that must be earned, not an automatic right. Going forward, only the deluded can continue to believe that Asian prosperity is viable without reciprocity.

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Yet another par for the course human tragedy in a society which prefers stigmatizing and sweeping under the carpet rather than fostering compassion and empathy. The deeper kinds of intimacy and mutual reliance which might have prevented this are precarious and rare. In this passionately social world, loneliness dogs the spirit. People are constantly "getting together", but they never really get there and whilst everyone is terrified of being alone and despite the universal assumption of wareware Nihonjin comradeship, in company they often remain as remote from each other as the stars.

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“Nissan and Renault, with headquarters 10,000 kilometres (6,000 miles) apart and very different histories and cultures, have always been seen as unlikely bedfellows”

Ahhh...., the old tyranny of distance argument trotted out yet again to rationalize Japan’s hostility to penetration by outsiders. Not a hint of it though when it’s Japanese takeovers of foreign firms, in which case it’s totally benign, worthy of commendation, and how dare you suggest otherwise.

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'What this AFP article failed to mention, is that this so called "debt mountain" is almost all domestic, unlike other OECD nations. They make it seem like a crisis, when it is simply safe debt to Japanese.'

If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. Subtract export income from the equation, which is looking increasingly likely with America finally waking up to the East Asian mercantilist caper, add the static birth rate and political resistance to meaningful reform; it’s highly likely that this desperation doubling down on the consumption tax with minimal compensatory offsets may well see the catatonic patient finally succumb.

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The already twice delayed tax increase is dead in the water. Rightly fearing another delay would shred whatever little remaining credibility there is, our elitist ‘betters’ just haven’t around to letting us know and the rest of us peons are left dangling. Anywhere else, repeated failures on multiple levels similar to what this government has demonstrated, would’ve been dealt with expeditiously with the mother of all electoral chastisements. Sadly, Abe and his gang is still with us, still trying to disprove Einstein’s theory of insanity.

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“Technically speaking all the bank is doing is taking money from the left pocket and putting into the right one!”

Not really! It’s more like borrowing from earnings that have not yet been accrued. And the way things are going, with an ominously declining population and rapidly escalating welfare bills, it’s becoming more unlikely by the day that the books will ever be balanced.

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Australia’s GST (goods and services tax) is 10%. Unlike Japan however, there is a long list of daily necessities exempted. It was only introduced after extensive canvassing of the views of all interested parties, and compensatory adjustments to help ensure that nobody would be worse off afterwards. Compare that with Japan, where the central government treats with disdain people’s legitimate concern that raising the tax without ensuring that we’re not worse off than before would be highly retrograde.

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"Problem is that he probably said in public what a hell of a lot of others were thinking in private."

Occasionally, very occasionally, the mask slips and the honne is exposed. The anger is directed not at WHAT he said but that he had to say it.

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zichi: it is the prerogative of the American Government, just as it is for the governments of all other countries, to do exactly as it wishes with the revenue that it raises. If the people of America are unhappy with the way that money is being spent, they will have an opportunity to pass judgement at the next election. What you see as a hypocritical betrayal of doctrinaire capitalism, others see as a highly laudable defence of American interests, especially his going in to bat for a farm sector long denied a place at the table by Japan’s cartel dominated overseers.

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zichi; in what parallel universe are subsidies and price support not standard operating procedure across most industries? You make it sound like America is some kind of outlier, when in fact it is hardly that.

Certainly Japan can’t be considered a bastion of non-interference with its cosseted farming and automobile sectors and long suffering consumers denied the kind of food and vehicle choices taken for granted elsewhere.

If you accept that protecting the livelihood of farmers justifies government price support and there’s nothing wrong with expecting consumers to pay high prices and be denied food imports, then you must also accept that other governments, in this case America, have not only the right but the responsibility to look after their own.

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wtfjapan: “Average J citizen already buys more AMerican made products, than vice versa, for America to balance the two way trade Japanese would have to buy twice as much Amercian products as AMericans buy Japanese.”

Using your own logic, China should be running an enormous trade deficit with America. Because there are four and a half times as many Chinese as Americans. Instead, just as with Japan, there too we see engineered structural barriers and market manipulation designed to perpetuate unequal trade and the ratcheting up of enormous unsustainable imbalances always in their favor. The sooner Japan and China accept that the days of treating America like a cat’s paw on trade are over, the better for all concerned.

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No wonder the Japanese are showing little enthusiasm. The last thing they want to have to deal with is angry trade partners incensed that America has secured a better deal negotiating from outside the TPP than what those countries negotiating in good faith from within the pact were able to achieve. Unfortunately for Japan, it’s caught in a cleft stick of its own making and has little choice but to ‘accept the unacceptable and endure the unendurable.’ That, or face tarrification Trump style.

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“Perhaps it works in the army, but is not necessary for children who are growing up...”

Denied the right to have an army, and innoculated against militarism through the horrors of WW2, the nation elected to turn the economy, the workforce, and the entire school system into a surrogate war machine. Tanshin funin, service zangyo, and similar boot camp features in the work world have their analogue in the school system, with its eight days a week yarisugi routine of school, club activities, and after school juku. The collateral damage, the human cost in lives cut short by suicide or bent out of shape, forced to conform to a world that has much in common with Full Metal Jacket’s fictionalised barracks portrayal, is something which increasing numbers of people here and Japan’s major trading partners are no longer prepared to tolerate.

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Posted in: Fashion tycoon Maezawa says he is selling valuable paintings because he has no money See in context

You won’t see me celebrating this narikin arriviste’s wasting of millions on Basquiat paintings and other obscene indulgences, or lamenting his recent financial travails. Especially not here, where untold millions struggle to survive on meager pensions, are working themselves to death and are still up to their eyeballs in debt, or are jumping in front of trains. Don’t get me started on the paucity of green spaces to relax and unwind. If money is good for anything, it should be used to ameliorate the conditions of the majority.

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Nothing like a general amnesty to ‘improve’ the stats in safety country.

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Posted in: U.S. deploys aircraft carrier strike group, land-based bombers in warning to Iran See in context

Shades of US duplicity in the years leading up to the last time things went all pear shaped, when they were openly flouting neutrality pledges in order to goad Hitler into retaliating, and electing a Democrat president (Roosevelt) who was brazenly manouvering to do the exact opposite of his re-election campaign promise to keep America out of Europe’s War.

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Trump’s on a winner here, putting the Beijing plutocrats on notice that access to the U.S market is not an automatic right, but a privilege that has to be earned.

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yoshisan: "So are all "Non-asian" non-citizens in Japan law abiding? You say do not tar someone with the same brush but you do it to those "asian" foreigners. Saying them they are all criminals and inferior to you."

Don’t twist my words. I wrote "us law abiding non-citizens shouldn’t have to be tarred with the same brush” as these (criminal) blow-ins. The only person who takes this to imply that non-Asians are superior to Asians is you.

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At least it was specified that they were ‘Asian’ foreigners. The rest of us law abiding non-citizens shouldn’t have to be tarred with the same brush as these blow ins.

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”......unregulated immigration from countries with poor vaccination rates, and travel to countries where measles is still endemic), the rates and seriousness of many other diseases also decreased dramatically”

The downside of globalism! With Japan targeting 60 million inbound tourists a year, a large proportion of them from Asian countries with demonstrably deficient health services, we can expect more and more outbreaks such as this.

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In the context of war, the sentiment expressed in the L.A Times editorial below and the subsequent influx of Mexicans was a natural consequence and entirely to be expected.

“A viper is nonetheless a viper wherever the egg is hatched... So, a Japanese American born of Japanese parents, nurtured upon Japanese traditions, living in a transplanted Japanese atmosphere...notwithstanding his nominal brand of accidental citizenship almost inevitably and with the rarest exceptions grows up to be a Japanese, and not an American... Thus, while it might cause injustice to a few to treat them all as potential enemies, I cannot escape the conclusion...that such treatment...should be accorded to each and all of them while we are at war with their race.”

Incarceration of Japanese Americans, who provided critical agricultural labor on the West Coast, precipitated a mass immigration of Mexican workers into the United States to fill these jobs, under the banner of what became known as the Bracero Program.

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Toshihiro: “During the allied invasion of France during WW2”

One man’s invasion is another’s Liberation, なるほど.

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