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Posted in: 4 people found dead in tent in apparent joint suicide See in context

Groupthink, even unto death!

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Posted in: 24 of 50 new slots at Haneda to be given to Japanese, U.S. airlines See in context

Reckless: “If the routes are not profitable, then US airlines won’t even want them”

Are you serious? Name one airline which given a choice would prefer to fly into Narita rather than Haneda.

That US carriers don’t need these slots is a given. The numbers of other Asians entering Japan aboard non US airlines dwarfs the number of passengers who might be expected to use a US carrier. If the US strategy is to lease out the slots to these mostly Asian carriers and take a cut of the revenue then it makes sense. It would be fully in keeping with Trump’s mantra of capitalizing on America’s innate advantages, in this case air corridor spoils of war.

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Posted in: 24 of 50 new slots at Haneda to be given to Japanese, U.S. airlines See in context

So, the US cedes those military controlled airspace rights and then two months later we get this hopelessly partial decision awarding US carriers landing rights vastly disproportionate to the US share of the Japanese inbound tourism market. Instead of behaving as if myopia was a virtue, America could and should have allowed Asian carriers the bulk of the new slots but insisted on a guaranteed slice of the revenue stream.

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Posted in: Kono criticizes S Korean assembly speaker's emperor remarks See in context

Keep it up and Japan will ensure that he is “corrected”


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Posted in: University student arrested over murder of Thai woman in Tokyo hotel in December See in context

Visa? No doubt a case of school’s out early and the lesson today is how to die.

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Posted in: Sushi chain worker uploads video of fish taken from trash can See in context

Once again, a camera reveals the all too common arrogance towards and contempt for others masquerading as juvenile hi-jinks.


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Posted in: Barbara Ehrenreich tweets about Marie Kondo widely condemned See in context

The irony, likely lost on those sanctimonious Trump hating virtue signallers, is that her leftist credentials are impeccable.

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Posted in: Military steps in as Australian floods bring crocodiles to streets See in context

Crohamhurst’s 1893 record of over 900mm of rain in just 24 hours looks safe for the time being.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of 15-year-old girl at her house See in context

“He'd be facing 5-10 years in prison where I come from. It's very likely his punishment will be less than half of that in japan.”

Unless of course he went to the “right” school, in which case his punishment would be the order of the feather duster.

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Posted in: Military steps in as Australian floods bring crocodiles to streets See in context

Journalists overreliance on bandying about such “once in a century” hyperbole every time somewhere on planet earth goes through an extreme weather event breeds cynicism and mistrust. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that extreme rainfall continues unabated for weeks and weeks during the rainy season that extends in that part of the world from December through March.

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Nikkei arrest due to plot, treason within Nissan See in context

The West is very quickly coming to the realization that globalism without a level playing field is a loser’s game. Trump’s spirited defence of American interests against the Chinese is the template that should guide all dealings with nations that insist on having their cake and eating it. Japan insists on medieval justice a la Ghosn, that’s their prerogative. It’s a repugnant concept, but it serves its purpose, quarantining Japan from having to make concessions. One wonders just how loathe they would be to tamper with this winning formula if the West decided to play hardball and incorporate into Western legal process quid pro quo denial of basic legal protections for arrested Japanese.

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Posted in: French Olympic probe raises questions about Dentsu See in context

Many of the leading lights of Dentsu’s post war rise to prominence were former bureaucrats associated with the failed Manchuria colonisation schemes to whom the normal rules never did apply.

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Posted in: Man charged with murder of Israeli exchange student in Melbourne See in context


She’s come from densely settled Israel by way of Shanghai, where people are about all hours of the day and night, to a place that would have been almost deserted and an open invitation to a feral lowlife to perpetrate such a deed.

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Posted in: 10 Halloween revelers referred to prosecutors for overturning truck See in context

A-flip out, skip out, trip-out and a-make your stand, folks, any day of the week.......it's such a 'raz' scene, a groovy place to live. Hmm, hmm, hmm. Come take a walk in sane Shibuya.

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Posted in: Chinese court sentences Canadian to death for drug smuggling as diplomatic row deepens See in context

Canadians and the rest of us are being played for mugs. The rich irony isn’t lost on anybody, that this is a regime that is itself completely comfortable with flooding the West with huge amounts of drug precursors, out of some perverted idea that avenging the Opium War is good for the Motherland. Diaspora Chinese in the West are under no illusion that fealty to the regime ends once they’ve set themselves up abroad. For past and future favors bestowed, they’re under obligation to go on rendering their services.

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Posted in: Spa! magazine apologizes for women's university 'sex listing' See in context


Super Free by any other name. Oh you pretty things, don’t you know you’re driving your Mamas and Papas insane.

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Posted in: Australian PM slams 'ugly racial protests' in Melbourne See in context

“Currently the Asian ethnic mix of the total Australian Population is over 25%. Yes - that's correct. 1 in 4. Over 30% of Australians were born overseas - ie 1st generation migrants.”

You need to Google Wikipedia again. As much as you sound like you want it to be true, the Asian percentage share is an order of magnitude LESS than that figure of 25% you adduce.

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Posted in: Tax hike, global slowdown threaten Japan's economy in 2019 See in context

If ever there was a time to delay jacking up the consumption tax rate, it’s now. The situation was much better those previous occasions when they put it on ice and we’re further away now than ever from it making any sense. Any Japanese intransigence over trade talks will be dealt with very harshly; the yen will recommence its drive towards 80 to the dollar, tourism will sink as people lose interest in coming to a place that they can no longer afford, and when the Nikkei goes sub 15K you’re talking about real pain. Those with yen cash reserves are salivating at the prospects of making some serious money with the strengthening exchange rate or picking up much cheaper stocks.

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Posted in: Wheelchair fraudsters fake disabilities at Tokyo Disneyland See in context

Given the many opportunities they get to practice and hone these skills, Japanese are very good at both scamming and also detecting scammers. Indeed if 詐欺 was an Olympic sport, Japan would rank up there with the best of them. I look forward to the next installment, where somebody they know spills the beans.

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Posted in: Abe discusses Russia, Japan's low birthrate, social security in New Year statement See in context

“.......we will aggressively purse the resolution of Japan's postwar diplomatic concerns,"

Cheque book diplomacy time again!

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Posted in: Nikkei falls in 2018 final session, marking 1st annual loss in 7 years See in context

Um, you're showing a lack of understanding on how these things work. The debt is the cumulative sum of deficits. The debt increases more when deficits are larger, and increases less when deficits are smaller.

Ummmm....no! The debt is NOT the cumulative sum of deficits. You need to read up on what constitutes the national debt. It includes things like government bonds sold to the Chinese and Japanese which are only indirectly associated with Government deficit expenditure. Nice try.

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Posted in: Nikkei falls in 2018 final session, marking 1st annual loss in 7 years See in context

Yes, deficit spending was reined in somewhat. The national debt meanwhile went through the roof on Obama’s watch. No money for border protection on the Dems watch, but unlimited amounts of it courtesy of voodoo economics QE to assist the globalists in bringing their dreams to fruition.

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Posted in: Nikkei falls in 2018 final session, marking 1st annual loss in 7 years See in context

Two wars that owed less to any philosophical predisposition for war on the part of “the other side”, than to opportunist Neocons spawned from the hard left.

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Posted in: Nikkei falls in 2018 final session, marking 1st annual loss in 7 years See in context

“the Dow was at around 9000 when Obama came in about 20,000 when he left , Trump 20000 in currently 23000, just some persepctive”

Obama’s time in office also happened to coincide with an increase in the US national debt from 11 trillion to over 20 trillion dollars.

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Posted in: Australia swelters through heatwave as records tumble See in context

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Australia gets hot in summer.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan wants to promote free and fair trade for global economy See in context

Trump’s shenanigans, for all their Noo Yoik bombast and chutzpah, are putting the fear of Yahweh into these mercantilist Asians. The Japanese repositioning themselves as the poster child of trade openness tells you the old jig is up.

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Posted in: Japanese boy dies after being pulled from water in Australia See in context

This is an enormous entry fee free swimming pool many times larger than the largest 千人風呂 right in the heart of the city. In Japan, if such a thing existed (which it doesn’t) it would be surrounded by a fence, cost many yen to get in, be drowned in syrupy muzak and subject to regular bullhorn driven exhortations to empty out every so often. Japanese who visit there must be dazed by such open largesse.

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Posted in: U.S. to call for currency provision in trade deal with Japan: USTR See in context

An amicable trade relationship is not possible so long as one side insists upon running completely lopsided trade surpluses that it engineers by deliberately quarantining and distorting its own markets. Nobody should be in the least surprised when the other side is unable to finally take it any longer and cries foul.

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Posted in: U.S. to call for currency provision in trade deal with Japan: USTR See in context

Start accumulating as much yen as you possibly can. Japanese intransigence virtually makes it certain that it won’t be long and we’ll again be looking at a sub 100 to the dollar exchange rate after which you can bank your profits.

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