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Total BS to talk about this as something that might happen in the future. The stampede has already begun. Certain areas in the big cities are now awash with mostly Asian go getters who heard on the grapevine that Japan was in the process of dismantling the drawbridge and decided to up stumps and relocate to the new El Dorado.

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Posted in: U.S., China reach 90-day ceasefire on tariffs in trade dispute See in context

With the Chinese finally signalling that they’re prepared to roll over and play ball sends a loud and clear signal to Japanese elites. Get with the Trump program, or suffer the consequences.

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The cultural conditioning that makes for a generally placid surface can only be relied on so much to keep a lid on things and elites here know from their own history that this passivity can be a double edged sword. All indications are that we’re reaching one of those inflection points, where the temptation to go on squeezing, exhorting the masses to dig ever deeper into their reserves of gaman, is actually undermining society and triggering the kinds of mayhem that this incident typifies.

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Stop gap solutions to a permanent problem. Stupid is as stupid does.

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The land of the fair go is morphing rapidly into a dystopian nightmare and unless they get a handle on it soon, they’re goners.

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“The government plans to set aside a total of around 2 trillion yen in the fiscal 2019 budget for such measures, which also include shopping vouchers with enhanced purchasing power for households with low income or children under 2 years old.”

Good luck trying to ensure that’s not rorted! You can bet that to avoid paying the 10%, there’ll be a corresponding increase in proxy purchases by those who are under the limit.

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Posted in: Australia proposes stripping native-born extremists of citizenship See in context

And because cleaning up the mess your friends leave behind is always a thankless job.

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Posted in: Australia proposes stripping native-born extremists of citizenship See in context

sf2k “Why are conservatives so dumb?”

Because of useful idiot enabler sheeple and the policy failures of those they are duped into supporting.

There, does that answer your question?

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Posted in: Australia proposes stripping native-born extremists of citizenship See in context

Not only should those convicted in a court of law forfeit the right to quiet enjoyment of the country they’ve pledged to wage holy jihad against, but so too should those who spawned them, if also resident, be turfed out on their ear.

Such policy dilemmas have been foisted on Australia as a direct result of an overly generous immigration program that is rapidly turning into a millstone around its neck.

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Posted in: Japan's trade surplus with U.S. shrinks further in October See in context

“LOL Toyota sells almost the same number of vehicles than VW yet is still about 25% more profitable. “

All of us living in Japan are fully apprised of how such figures are achieved. Toyota’s greater profitability is a result of significantly greater outsourcing than is the case with Volkswagen. It’s comparatively superior profitability is a smoke and mirrors parlour trick, achieved through ruses such as outsourcing to third party subcontractors which are responsible for a much greater proportion of the finished product than Volkswagen’s subcontractors. It goes without saying that working conditions and salaries there are far inferior to Toyota’s. Then there’s the quasi-militaristic work ethos that confers a huge comparative cost advantage, by denying workers here rights that Volkswagen workers simply take for granted. Two days off a week, flexible working hours, no arbitrary postings to distant places, a minimum five weeks annual vacation able to be used in full, no service overtime, labor laws with real teeth. All of these translate into the higher profits which pad the bottom line and enables Toyota to undercut foreign competitors which are legally obligated to pay for all those things.

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Obscenely selfish mother who, having notched up a double killing, has ticked the box that qualifies her for that sort drop with a long rope around her neck.

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Very hard to grasp whatever it is that you’re trying to say with your red herrings and illogical non sequitur ripostes. I offered an indisputable example, the car industry, to demonstrate how foreign makers are artificially restricted to little more than niche toeholds, allowed to sell far below what commensurately they should be enjoying if there was a level playing field. And all you can come back with is that Toyota is 25% more profitable than Volkswagen.

Deny it all you like, but the reality is Japanese markets are case studies in multiple levels of regulation (kisei) overkill designed to thwart foreign competitors on trade. The vocabulary of regulation here provides a glimpse of how markets are totally governed by a web of regulatory controls and procedures designed to curtail their free operation. Horitsu, Seirei, Shorei, Tsutatsu and Kisei, then under Kisei there's Kyoka, Ninka, Menkyo, Shonin, Shitei, Shodaku, Nintei, Kakunin, Shomei, Ninsho, Shiken, Kensa, Kentei, Toroku, Shinsa, Todokede, Teishutsu, Hokoku, Kofu, Shinkoku. Plus there's Naiki, and Gyosei Shido and Jorei. So many, many, many varieties of regulations and restrictions, that attaching English equivalents becomes problematical.

America’s new found determination to force Japan to come clean about its market manipulation and distortion operations, the more likely it is that a workable compromise can be found for tackling the unsustainable trade deficit.

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Japanese may know quality. Unfortunately, the degree to which they are able to avail themselves of superior quality imports has long been circumscribed through all manner of strategms designed to prevent foreign market penetration. Comparing the US, Europe, and Japan, it’s easy to see which markets are more hospitable to foreign products. All things being equal, the European share of the Japanese auto market should be in the vicinity of that which they enjoy in the US, around 8% if your figure is correct. When we examine the stats however, at a glance we can see how distorted and protectionist the market here is. The top 9 companies are all Japanese while superior German manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Benz are little more than niche fillers that the Japanese can tout to the world about how open the market is. Korean cars, which enjoy significant sales in both the US and Europe, are unheard of in Japan. I

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A solid improvement on the export side of the ledger, even though there is still an overall trade deficit, as in America’s case, translates into hundreds of thousands of new jobs and a renewed sense of purpose, the pride that comes from work, hope for the future, and the taxation revenues that the government needs to sustain its many programs. You tell us that Japan “spends far more than it earns”, but apparently that’s OK. When America does the same, the sky is apparently falling. At least be consistent.

As for your non-sequitur comment about Humvees, the irony is that the paucity of Chinese or Korean vehicles on the streets of Japan is eloquent testimony to the continuing existence of a mindset that is fast reaching its use-by-date.

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The Russians gave Japan 6 months clear warning that the treaty they’d signed with imperial Japan demarcating Far Eastern spheres of influence would not be renewed. This was six months more warning than the Japanese gave the Americans at Pearl Harbor.

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A ten to one numerical superiority does not necessarily translate into an overwhelming war fighting potential and can easily be a huge negative. As for “superior army”, the IJA believed themselves to be that and that the Bushido fighting spirit would be enough to prevail over the qualitative superiority its enemies could be expected to harness. Five million Japanese paid the ultimate price for their leaders’ hubris.

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American products are beginning to fill the shelves

Can't say I've noticed.

I wouldn’t expect you to notice, but it’s happening. Japan is growing increasingly nervous that protestations about rigged markets are starting to resonate with Americans and expedited purchase of big ticket items presages greater liberalization down the track. If America’s current leaders can hold their nerve, China and others are likely to all fall in line.

Wtfjapan: “more fake news, deficit is now at a 6 yr high thanks to Trumps tax cuts”

You need to read up on the difference between the overall budget deficit and the trade deficit. What everyone, except you, is talking about is the latter.

To be fair, I did track down some stats which validate what I said about a bump in exports since Trump’s ascension. Imports too have risen in tandem, but both figures attest to a healthy trend.


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Posted in: Japan's trade surplus with U.S. shrinks further in October See in context

Lo and behold; the deficit is falling, American products are beginning to fill the shelves, and the sky ain’t falling in. Ratchet up another victory for our Great Helmsman.

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Posted in: Hagerty defends U.S. trade policies, says they are not protectionist See in context

Some are still refusing to accept that America’s days of unilateral trade surrender and complicity in the erosion of its power are over. They’d better get used to it though because things are not going to go back to the way they were anytime soon. Threatening to deprive the mercantilist East Asians of their taken for granted market privileges is also America’s way of signaling to them that henceforth your way is going to be our way.

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Posted in: Abe lays wreath at Australian war site in Darwin, 75 years after bombing See in context

”tried to invade Australia”

Their invasion of New Guinea may have been a prelude to an attack on the island continent, but apart from a few raids here and there, there was never any invasion nor to my knowledge were there documented plans for one. The U.S West Coast was also shelled, but it’s a long way from there to having troops on the ground.

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“She was quoted by police as saying that just before the accident, she nodded off for a few seconds and lost control of her car.”

To navigate through your Japanese labyrinth of typically narrow and congested roads, requires the utmost concentration, not to mention nerves of steel. Her claim to have fallen asleep at the wheel rings totally untrue to anyone who has actually driven here. For my money, the real reason was probably something more prosaic like taking her eyes off the road for a few seconds in order to type something on her スマホー

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Posted in: Truck full of gas cylinders set on fire; 3 stabbed in Melbourne terror attack See in context

Halwick: Oh? A failure on so many levels because the police don't have a crystal ball to foresee this act of terrorism act and prevent it? How unrealistic. It's anti-police people like you who damn the police for what they do or don't do or can't do. Okay, so what's your solution?

You shouldn’t jump to conclusions. My beef is not with the men and women in blue; it’s with those who’ve made their job so much harder.

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Posted in: Japanese man arrested for wildlife smuggling in Australia See in context

I’m looking forward to seeing this guy’s face plastered on posters at air terminals around the country. Along with his name and nationality, in big, bold romaji. Name them and shame them!

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Posted in: Truck full of gas cylinders set on fire; 3 stabbed in Melbourne terror attack See in context

A failure on so many levels. Gross incompetence and dereliction of duty by those tasked with vetting a man who, once established, proceeded to repay his host’s hospitality by becoming a known felon. You can’t make this stuff up. And they wonder why Latham has joined forces with Pauline.

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Posted in: 49-year-old man, socially withdrawn for 40 years, arrested for abandoning mother’s corpse See in context

“All Hikikomori should be forced into the military, to turn out to be real men. In South Korea, all men are all enroled in the military, it is compulsary there. It should be compulsary here too.”

Tell that to the ghost of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew, who likened encouraging Japan’s thankfully dormant martial spirit to giving liqueur chocolates to an alcoholic," Mr. Lee said. "Whatever they do, they go to its limits."

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Our resident amen corner continually tell us that we cannot extrapolate anything meaningful from individual cases and that our concern about a fundamental breakdown in the social compact is misplaced. Nothing to see here, move along, they inform us.

I’m with Voltaire on this one. We are definitely not living in the best of all possible worlds. The warning signs are all there and remaining silent is not the answer.

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Russia’s intransigence on the matter of the northern territories has a lot to do with not wanting to set a precedent that might embolden German irredentist claims to the Kaliningrad enclave and other swathes of territory carved out of the dying Reich.

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Such incivility and dissing of a fellow academic and fait accompli rejection of her bid for tenure implies that moves were already afoot to get rid of her. One can only wonder, the sequence of events that preceded the final denouement.



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Posted in: 53-year-old man didn’t report mother’s death so he could keep collecting her pension See in context

How about a moratorium on checking bicycle users credentials, and instead diverting manpower resources to a one off check to co firm that everybody in receipt of a pension is actually alive. Too hard basket?

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Posted in: Former ‘Mr Todai’ participant arrested for allegedly raping woman See in context

The old ‘can’t remember’ excuse again. For something which happened just a few weeks ago! Said, I imagine with a totally straight 無表情 face.

“Entitlement comes to mind, and here's to hoping IF he is found guilty he gets a nice long stay in a small room!”

Not gonna happen. This is the apex of the education pyramid, a place where the elite strata self-reproduce and where the rules that govern ordinary people don’t apply. All that’ll happen is that money will change change hands and an insincere apology will issue forth. Rinse, repeat.

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