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Posted in: Abe murder revealing religion's role in Japan's child abuse problem See in context

Unless constrained by checks and balances, power so often corrupts. The problem is not religion per se; the same susceptibility to abuse dynamic applies throughout society. The best safeguard is to strive for a mutually supportive society that inculcates in its citizenry a duty of care and vigilance.

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

It may have been apocryphal, but on the eve of the Great Depression, the signal to head for the exits was when the taxi drivers and shoe shine boys started dispensing stock tips. It’s deja vu parallel universe insanity all over again when Aussies are the world’s #1 spenders, Japan’s the world’s theme park, and social welfare sponges elsewhere are receiving more than what many here make for working 40 hour weeks. Nuts!

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Posted in: Yakuza lieutenant arrested in Tokyo for stealing Pokemon cards See in context

Don’t dignify these guys by bestowing corporate titles on them. Then again, with all the corporate malfeasance that goes on here, equating them with 幹部 of legit businesses isn’t a far stretch at all.

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Posted in: Man arrested after filming up skirt of high school girl on escalator See in context

According to women’s rights advocate Mariko Mitsui, Japan is a paradise for drunkards, sexual harassers, or molesters.

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Posted in: Japan startup reveals close-up image of space debris image See in context

……….it will be traveling thousands of kilometers per second.

For an object that’s well on the pay to approaching the speed of light, they’ve done an exceedingly good job of making it appear stationary.

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Posted in: Former PM Taro Aso looking to meet Trump during New York visit See in context

In an idealistic summation of the meaning of politics, utilizing the latent power of the group to achieve generally commendable ends would be the template J politicians subscribe to. In Trump, they see something of a mirror reflection of themselves. While America’s ailments are legion, the antidote to its despair has been there all along, in the untapped potential of its people. As cynical and expedient as Aso’s jockeying for preferment is, we can recognize where it’s coming from.

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Posted in: Nikkei leads Asian market retreat as Middle East tensions flare See in context

Fools and their money are easily parted.

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Posted in: 6 stabbed to death at Sydney shopping center; attacker shot dead by police See in context

Thankfully, the cop had the gun, not the other way around.


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Posted in: Kishida addresses Congress amid skepticism about U.S. role abroad See in context

Kishida told them. “Although I could never translate, ‘Yabba dabba doo.’”

It’s great to see Kishida “having a gay old time”.

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Posted in: Ohtani's ex-interpreter negotiating guilty plea: New York Times See in context

For there to be trust in the investigation, there must be absolute transparency, whatever the conclusion it leads to. Mizuhara may indeed be the bad guy and his fall richly deserved, but it is incumbent upon officials to ensure that the evidence trail is fully traced and that there be no doubts about who’s responsible and how it all transpired.

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Posted in: China conducts 'combat patrols' as U.S. holds drills with allies in disputed waters See in context

If only we saw a commensurate refusal by consumers to go on funneling the money that underpins China’s ability to back up its bullying tactics with it’s unbridled military expansion.

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Posted in: Shizuoka governor to resign after gaffe insulting vegetable sellers See in context

And all he really wanted to say was: 花は桜木人は公務員.

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Posted in: Shizuoka governor to resign after gaffe insulting vegetable sellers See in context

Most of the time, the deep contempt for the masses is kept under wraps; empty platitudes and virtue signaling the order of the day. Every so often, however, the gears slip and in a moment of candour, we learn what the elites really think. The masses can at least console themselves that, although damned, they’re better off than you and I, forever consigned to a nether region beyond the pale.

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Posted in: Japan health supplements linked to 157 hospitalizations See in context

Since the low point, the stock price has been going gangbusters; up nearly 4% today.

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Posted in: New recruits mark 1st day at work across Japan as fiscal 2024 begins See in context

One should empathize with the cohort that are entering the workforce after a tertiary education disrupted by Covid idiocy. Although probably more comfortable in virtual environments, the lack of meaningful opportunities to build real world relationships and social skills is going to test them. Hopefully, they’ll be cut some slack.

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Posted in: Agency admits two more Johnny's employees committed sexual abuse See in context

It makes one cringe, the unashamed tolerance for ambiguity and preference for pretending not to see what’s staring them in the face. The same ‘see, hear, speak no evil’ mentality operates to condone and excuse all manner of egregious abuses elsewhere.

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Posted in: Agency admits two more Johnny's employees committed sexual abuse See in context

A culturally conditioned acceptance, even preference, for the smell of decay also explains the reluctance to do anything about it until events conspire to render it no longer possible to pretend the stench is tolerable. The pederast Johnny and his cronies banked on society’s capacity for self deception and not wanting to let go of something that beneath the glitter was rotting and beyond salvation.

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Posted in: Japan rail operator gives up plan to launch maglev train in 2027 See in context

Yet another MASSIVE money-wasting boondoggle.

The social contract here depends on such things. What better way of getting people inured to privation and gaman endurance than ‘twenty year plans’ of this sort.

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Posted in: Japan eyes upgrade of 16 airports, ports for possible defense use See in context

The architects of this continual ratcheting up of war talk and expenditure on the instruments of war have embraced the MAD doctrine and made it their own.

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Posted in: MLB launches investigation into Ohtani interpreter Mizuhara over gambling reports See in context

The inability of the Ohtani camp to keep its story straight points to a serious credibility deficit. It bodes ill for a trajectory that once seemed assured.

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Posted in: Eyes on Bank of Japan as unions announce big wage hikes See in context

Taking inflation into account, wages for MOST workers here have been in decline for years. When it comes to the news, personally, my preference is for the unadorned truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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Posted in: Extension of Hokuriku Shinkansen line opens, boosting tourism hopes See in context

Japan builds infrastructure; America wastes its wealth propping up unconscionable regimes abroad at the expense of doing good at home.

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Posted in: Soccer player Ito sues accusers for ¥200 mil over sexual assault claim See in context

Being falsely accused of rape is an extremely rare event (compared to the actual number of rapes) 

As opposed to being truthfully accused? Then why not just say so?

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Posted in: Man gets 20 years for killing woman, dumping her body in Miyagi mountain forest See in context

the crime involved confining the woman for a long period of time in order to force her into prostitution

There a special place in hell reserved for these evil doers.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at highest level since March 1990 on tech buying See in context

This is telling us that the yen is extremely undervalued and needs to appreciate to sub 100.

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Posted in: Kishida vows 'ceaseless' aid as snow hampers quake relief See in context

Kishida had said on Friday that his government would tap 4.74 billion yen of budget reserves for reconstruction efforts.

It had better be ‘ceaseless’, because the woefully insufficient $35 million he’s just promised, itself less than the paltry $37 million offered to the Ukraine, needs to be ramped up by a factor of ten if there is to be any hope of an expedited recovery.

How about liquidating some of Japan’s vast US Treasury reserves; taking both the huge profit on their purchase cost, and ensuring some much needed currency appreciation to bankroll relief efforts.

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Posted in: One-third of Japan's unmarried adults under 50 have never dated See in context

23.7 percent of men said having a romantic relationship is a waste of time and money

What do you expect with this kind of utilitarian attitude. It’s not all about YOU, and it’s not all about MONEY.

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Posted in: S Korea's top court orders 3rd Japanese company to compensate workers for forced labor See in context

1965 agreement Korea. The agreement is clearly a lump-sum settlement agreement with respect to claims arising from Japan’s annexation of Korea from 1910 to 1945. 

The 1965 agreement was a travesty from the start. Analogous to the long running joke about the LDP being neither liberal, democratic, nor a party, the 1965 document provided nothing in the way of individual compensation and nix for Korea north of the 38th parallel. The South Korea of 1965 was a vastly different place from now, presided over by a quisling strongman negotiating from a position of weakness.

The seeds of genuine reconciliation are there already and Japan can take partial credit for the flowering of a democratic civil society. Looking at it as a work in progress would be a face saving alternative to the current stubborn intransigence and one-sided insistence that everything was resolved nearly 60 years ago, which it patently was not.

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Posted in: S Korea's top court orders 3rd Japanese company to compensate workers for forced labor See in context

By forcing it to confront its historical amnesia, Korea is doing Japan a huge service. Japan will fight it tooth and nail, but holding it to account for its depredations on the Korean Peninsula is exactly what Japan needs to normalize.

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Posted in: Japan’s Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular People holds anti-Christmas protest in Tokyo See in context

So long as it’s just harmless fun and not a triggering event for desperate and dateless incel types to hurt others. The whole idea of these himote sharing quality commiseration time, as if it’s their preferred status, reeks of cognitive dissonance.

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