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Change is the nature of our universe... Nothin is static...

We haven't measured the phenomena for long enough and our measuring methods are questionable.

The truth is, nobody knows and nobody ever will...

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Posted in: Aid groups in Japan vow to continue support for Afghanistan See in context

But gee, that photo is quite something. It makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Photo-ops sell... Remember the dead kid on the beach in 2015? The day after everybody agreed to accept refugees. Save the Syrian kids!!!... But a large chunk of the refugees ended up being young men.

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Tokyo TTSep. 19  05:38 pm JST

Bring refugees and others into Japan and open up to the world already!

Yes especially since it worked out so well for g7 countries like France and Germany...

Can wait to be culturally enhanced....

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With half the population of Japan, France hosts 436,100 refugees, almost 400 times more. Germany hosts 1,200,000 refugees, over a thousand times more."

With great results... France is already gone, Germany is on its way... I don't think you will be able to convince anybody that sticks to facts... You might get the occasional emotional unicorn pinhead,but other than that , it sounds ridiculous... As if France and Germany were models to build on... Laughable...

Japan is the last civilized place on Earth...

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan; more expected to come See in context

all previous data indicates that they will adjust just fine.



You can censure all you want, this is real and it isn't going away... and nothing racist or hateful about it...

But the Jt crew will probably censure it, posing as the moral compass of an entire nation. what a laughable bunch

Censuring hate is fine... No hate here... Im pro immigration...

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Posted in: Canada PM Trudeau dukes it out with Tory rival over climate, election timing See in context

Trudeau is by far the worst PM Canada has ever had.

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Posted in: Princess Mako, boyfriend Komuro to marry by year-end See in context

3 questions:

Yes ?


So what.???

i find the number of comments on a non-event baffling.

All experts i suppose...

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Posted in: Has Delta killed the herd immunity dream? See in context

Im not gonna play "scientist"... Too many people already playing.

The data (hospital admissions/recovery rates/deaths) suggests otherwise...Delta spreads yes,

But i don't see anything worth worrying about anymore.

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Posted in: Curfew imposed in Melbourne after pub crawls; Darwin in lockdown; NSW sees worst day of pandemic See in context


That is a good idea, but on the other hand, I heard that a vaccinated person can spread the virus in the same way like an unvaccinated person.

Sorry, but you heard a falsehood.

Sorry but science says otherwise...

"Vaccinated people can still become infected and spread the virus to others."

Source is : https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/science/science-briefs/fully-vaccinated-people.html


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Posted in: Burger King releases 100% plant-based Version 2 Whopper in Japan See in context

Who in hi s/her right mind would demand this product???? Isn' t beef good enough ????

what a pity!!!!!

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Posted in: Police find missing Ugandan weightlifter in Mie Prefecture See in context

I bet it's gonna be so emberasing for him to face his wife back home after leaving the note that he wasn't planning to return.

Ya think that kind of individual cares?

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Posted in: Police find missing Ugandan weightlifter in Mie Prefecture See in context

He should be deported immediately

Yes, deported...and persona non grata forever...

The same goes for the people who helped him out...

And put them on "that special list"

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Posted in: Meghan, Prince Harry to develop new Netflix animated series See in context

@bearandrodentThey should have directed Naomi Osaka’s biopic

Based on what? Their names? if they had an once integrity, they would assume different identities and publish/ create on their own merit and talent , if any, anonymously....

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Posted in: Meghan, Prince Harry to develop new Netflix animated series See in context

Pining for a normal life and yet stepping into the spotlight every change they get...

A sad lot

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Posted in: Missing Ugandan athlete leaves note saying he wants to work in Japan See in context

It's a good thing.. It gives Japan a taste of what they will deal with it they give in to Open Borders/One world Lunacy activists and open their borders.

This is not a racist remark... Don't even try...

Desperation tends to disregard rules and laws...That is all im saying...

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel criticized for 'Japanese only' notice for elevator use See in context

Their house , their rules.

Nobody is forcing you to go there.

Wallets speak louder than outrage

No need to throw a tantrum over something this silly.

Move on

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very few rockets make it to the ground..... Google up the "Iron Dome"

4000 thousand rockets shows intent, if anything... Hamas are commmon thugs... Nothin else

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Posted in: Anti-Israel protest See in context

Muslims have no business protesting in foreign countries.

And then they wonder why Japan takes so few refugees...

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Posted in: 26 dead, 3 missing, 54 injured during mountain climbing in Golden Week See in context

@Michael Machida

 I did not go this year due to the pandemic. What is causing people to go out and risk being killed after holding up at home for so long?

I think more and more people are choosing life over irrational fear... Most of the collective fear is likely a direct result of being "holding up at home" for way too long. Out of action... Not being human... Prey posture and behavior.

Science says: "transmission is minimal outside."

Keep that in mind and have a pleasant day

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Posted in: Tokyo cheerleader cafe adds male cheerleader service See in context


Lord have mercy

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Posted in: Japan's proposed immigration law revisions deal fresh blow to refugees See in context

If Japan does not want refugees, then why did Japan sign the UN Conventions of Refugee Status in 1951, 1981 and 1982?"

They want real refugees...

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

@Mr. NoidallToday  06:55 am JST

I blame the parents. They shouldn’t have sent their son to school dressed as a girl. That’s child abuse. We don’t let children drive, drink, vote, marry, have sex, cook at the stovetop, handle power tools, etc. As a parent, you don’t let a child decide his or her gender. This is not something schools should be teaching children. I’m frightened that this is seeping into Japan.


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Posted in: Gov't reveals the five prefectures with highest divorce rates See in context


Thanks a bunch for being the voice of reason.

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Posted in: New virus mutation raises vaccine questions See in context

It has been mutating since the beginning.

By August 3-2020 , there were 6 known documented strains..Nothin new...


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Posted in: FamilyMart introduces sauced buns to turn their popular fried chicken into burgers See in context

"It's cheap and fast but good?"

@simon g

I f i ever find myself on this board second-guessing people's culinary tastes, I ' ll need to take one serious look at my sad self and make some very drastic choices.

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Posted in: Train cars launched between Narita and Tokyo for overseas travelers See in context

" The cab is also considered public transportation subject to the ban. Need to order a special limousine."

Read the article slowly

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Posted in: Skiing may not spread coronavirus but slopes still risky See in context

El RataDec. 4  09:41 pm JST

"It's basically impossible to get the virus when doing outdoor activities"

Well , at least one person here as brains... Others??? Repeating what other have said ad nauseam....

The litany of the fearful... Virtue signaling to the bitter end...

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Posted in: What is it like to take part in a vaccine trial? See in context

"Volunteers are paid $2,400 over the course of the two-year study."

Risk your life/well-being for a mere 2400 $ , a covid hero t-shirt and watch Big Pharma

make billions off it...

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I don't think new comers should get the same social net that lifetime paying citizens have.

That being said, i think they should qualify for some kind of help..Based on human decency...but that's not my fight...It s THEIR responsibility to work out a deal with the state... When you're a guest you're a guest... Sure i ll feed ya a couple days , i lll pour ya wine... but you're not going to re-paint the living room to your taste on my dime.

Also, the racist xenophobic card is shredding every time you pull it out... It' s becoming the mantra of the moron ... No arguments? Racist!!!

Anyway, gotta rip... i hope it was clear enough.


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