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Thanks a bunch for being the voice of reason.

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It has been mutating since the beginning.

By August 3-2020 , there were 6 known documented strains..Nothin new...


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Posted in: FamilyMart introduces sauced buns to turn their popular fried chicken into burgers See in context

"It's cheap and fast but good?"

@simon g

I f i ever find myself on this board second-guessing people's culinary tastes, I ' ll need to take one serious look at my sad self and make some very drastic choices.

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Posted in: Train cars launched between Narita and Tokyo for overseas travelers See in context

" The cab is also considered public transportation subject to the ban. Need to order a special limousine."

Read the article slowly

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Posted in: Skiing may not spread coronavirus but slopes still risky See in context

El RataDec. 4  09:41 pm JST

"It's basically impossible to get the virus when doing outdoor activities"

Well , at least one person here as brains... Others??? Repeating what other have said ad nauseam....

The litany of the fearful... Virtue signaling to the bitter end...

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"Volunteers are paid $2,400 over the course of the two-year study."

Risk your life/well-being for a mere 2400 $ , a covid hero t-shirt and watch Big Pharma

make billions off it...

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I don't think new comers should get the same social net that lifetime paying citizens have.

That being said, i think they should qualify for some kind of help..Based on human decency...but that's not my fight...It s THEIR responsibility to work out a deal with the state... When you're a guest you're a guest... Sure i ll feed ya a couple days , i lll pour ya wine... but you're not going to re-paint the living room to your taste on my dime.

Also, the racist xenophobic card is shredding every time you pull it out... It' s becoming the mantra of the moron ... No arguments? Racist!!!

Anyway, gotta rip... i hope it was clear enough.


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"Once in Japan they won't get same social net that most of Japanese would get."

And rightly so

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"This is a good example of countries bringing in foreigners and exploiting them. When they can't survive they do what ever they can do to survive in the environment they were brought into. If the government doesn't give them help."

a couple thoughts...

Clever attempt to blame someone else for their actions... Not taking responsibility ... The "infant" syndrome.


"Survive in the environment they were brought into"....

Last time I checked Japan Inc wasn't carrying out abductions on foreign soil... Nobody forced them to board a plane

3 - You are a mid 20s female ( or male raised mostly by females)


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Again? and how much this time???

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" These typhoons come every year! The government can't prepare infrastructure to deal with this! OK, I got it, all care no responsibility!!! Where does the money go then?? Oh!, hostess bars!!! OK, got it!!!"


Please enlighten me, how does one prepare infrastructures for something of this magnitude, besides opening the dams, sending self defense troops and setting up shelters?

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The Old Man Koizumi!

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300 for a city like Tokyo is nothing.

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Posted in: Why is the U.S. experiencing a coronavirus resurgence? See in context

Surely thousands of black lives matter protesters gathering all over the country wouldn't have anything to do with it right??? But then again way easier to look the other way...

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