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Posted in: World judo chief urges Japan to clean up its act after scandals See in context

The All Japan Judo Federation does not own Judo or is it "they're" sport. If the AJJF or any Judo Association from any country should be punished should they bring the sport into disrepute then they should be punished. It is quite simple.

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Posted in: Japan aims higher after booking World Cup spot See in context

I had to laugh, Zaccheroni wants to find out where Japan is placed in the world pecking order of world football. Um er the FIFA rankings would be a good place to start looking Zac! Japan lost to Bulgaria and could not find the net until it was gifted to them against Australia. As Kagawa pointed out, Japan cannot win when they play without Honda, and the guy cannot take on class teams alone. The same old problem for Japanese football. Everyone wants to play midfield, those that cannot play in defense. Japan does not have the talent base for internationally experience forwards.

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Posted in: Next James Bond movie expected within 3 years: MGM See in context

Seriously ! Three years to take to make one movie ? I think if directors like Peter Jackson can produce movies in a time-frame which are released one movie every year for three years, what is stopping MGM from doing the same?

Maybe MGM just made so much money they don't need to make Bond films so often. Hey MGM, let me remind you, Bond films are made for fans, not for you!

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Posted in: Anti-whalers return to Australia claiming victory over Japan See in context

The Japanese whaling fleet is not welcome in the Southern Ocean. If the Australian Federal Court has ruled that Japanese whaling is illegal, because Japan is breaking the law, administering the law in Australian waters is the role of the Australian Navy. I would say that next whaling season there should be Australian navy guarding our waters so there are Zero whales caught!

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

You are probably right CH3CHO.

Japan in its current state is a political cash cow for Korean and Chinese political parties. Something out of the ordinary which dominates world PR for a good reason will only boost Japan's credibility, tourism and global status needs to be implemented.

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

I would agree with UnserSchicksal. What does Japan have to do so that China, South Korea and the Philippines are satisfied? What type of apology and show of remorse will satisfy China, South Korea and the rest of the world?

The fact is that China and South Korea will never be satisfied with any apology or sum of money Japan will offer. Why? These governments both in China and South Korea were established after the war to fill the political void after defeat of their oppressive Japanese colonial rulers. Successive Korean and Chinese governments, their very political foundation and strength at the domestic level derives from being able to continually win support by attacking Japan at any possible opportunity.

Abe wants to create a "Proud Japan" and I am all for that, I live here it is my home, I love Japan as a country and a people. Yet he has to render and counter these Chinese and Korean continual political barrages with social efforts backed up by bold and creative actions.

Yes Japan often sees itself as a victim, yet if Abe could construct something physical (like a Museum of Peace) which shows Japan as an aggressor, then defeated nation, changed nation rebuilding and contributing to peace, now a country ready to move on and be better country with its partners in Asia and around the world, it could show the world Japan is prepared to accept its past, be responsible for its actions, reflect on its past and have become better global people.

Forget...Yokoso Japan, or Visit Japan campaigns, maybe Japan needs to have a "Sorry Japan" year in 2014. In the 70th anniversary of WW2, a year dedicated to healing the political and social issues domestically and internationally. A huge PR and event effort which would show the world Japan and the Japanese people have changed and and repentant for once and for all. Then from 2015, Japan could be Proud because they did everything they could as a nation to the world to ask for forgiveness and move on as a nation.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Disney has always had the the theme of "where dreams come true"! For Koyuki and Hiroko if their dream came true then thats fantastic. Congratulations for these two people for standing up for what they believe in. A bad lesson for kids? I think not,. More to the point a wake up call for the Japanese government that their marriage laws our outdated and not in touch with an evolving society.

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Posted in: Saitama man dies after hospitals reject him 36 times See in context

OK the hospitals refused because there were no doctors or free beds. Every hospital has doctors on call and why did the man need a free bed? One can only conclude he did not have National Health Insurance and these hospitals did not want to have to pay the bill for the mans stay in hospital and the fee for the on call doctor.

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Posted in: Hashimoto blasts education board over basketball teacher lapse See in context

Unfortunately this type of incident will happen again and again. Japan's education system is archaic and is in serious need of reform. You have to really feel for the kid, he was in need of help, even expressed his pain to his parents but it appears no one really cared. As it is with many school team sports in Japan, the coaches methods and disciplinary actions are agreed upon by the parents before they enter the club. So his parents endorsed this corporal punishment style of discipline, the school principle endorsed it and the Ministry of Education, who employs the coach endorsed it, all by failing to take any serious preventative action to protect students. All are accountable and yet nothing will happen. Just another kid who couldn't cope with the system, a statistic. The coach is criminally responsible and should be charged.

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Posted in: Osaka to reintroduce Saturday classes for elementary schools See in context

Its quality of education, and the type of education rather than quantity. I have a young daughter and so happy that I am not living in Osaka. My family time with my kid on a weekend is so precious, why would I want my kid to attend school on Saturdays? If the schools cannot teach what they have to in 5 days, then its the Education system which needs to be reformed and drastically improved.

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Posted in: Softbank CEO embroiled in Twitter war after donating $500,000 to Hurricane Sandy relief See in context

We all have done it from time to time, wrote a message or a Tweet and hit ENTER, only wishing later we had not. Son has said in the past that the purchase of Sprint is a new challenge for Softbank. Along with that challenge comes a social responsibility as well. Using Twitter to communicate his best intentions was not probably the smartest move, but at least the guy wears his heart on his sleeve. Its just a Tweet, its not as if Son is taking out full-page advertorials in the Washington Post proclaiming is new found generosity and bragging about donations. Basroil's suggestion for improving antenna services in devastated regions would have far better help and PR value.

Sound like 0440 has an ax to grind. There are always small minded people out there you feel confronted or under attack when foreign companies buy-in to their countries market. Son makes a small tweet about his wishes to help those people in need and he is criticized. 0440 is probably the type of person who supports Republican's like Romney ! Oh....just google "Romney Donations" and you will see in America it is socially acceptable to brag and publicize about your own personal donations.

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Posted in: Softbank announces $20 bil Sprint-Nextel buyout See in context

So many people and companies here are adverse to risk. Really like Son's attitude and vision. Best of luck to him and Softbank on this new challenge.

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Posted in: Germany's Bundesliga takes on Japanese flavor See in context

Poorly written article, does not even mention Shinji Kagawa winning the inaugural Bundesliga Football Player of the Year award. Since this article is about the Bundesliga and Japanese players playing in Germany, why the conclusion about South Korean footballers? Bad press, boring article.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan win hearts in defeat See in context

You have to give credit to Team USA and congratulations on their 3rd Olympic title. There were many defensive lapses in Nadeshiko Japans game right through the competition. The 8 min heading goal by Llyod a classic example with Japan's defensive line all watching and facing the ball and failing to cover the attackers coming forward. The 2nd goal by Lloyd was a fantastic strike and not much defenders or keeper could do. Yet the defenders gave Lloyd the space and well the rest is history. At 2-0 many teams would and do just give up and I really like the fact that Nadeshiko Japan kept trying to win the game. Mind you Japan had their chances to level the game and even go ahead. Some great saves by Solo and the crossbar especially. I really enjoyed the game and thanks Nadeshiko Japan so such an entertaining Olympic campaign! You Gals ROCK!

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Posted in: Interpol issues arrest notice for Sea Shepherd founder Watson See in context

Japan has simply found a common ally. The Sea Shepard in 2002 discovered an extensive amount of illegal shark fishing off the Coast of Costa Rica. In retaliation for exposing this illegal practice the Costa Rican government placed an arrest warrant for Paul Watson for apparently an alleged violation of ships traffic and attempted murder. That was 12 years ago and it seems suspicious that now the Costa Rican authorities are making a renewed effort to have Watson extradited. Japan is a huge investor and financial partner for Costa Rica, it would only take one phone call from the MOFA and Costa Rican authorities could hardly refuse to act.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Japan's Economic Cooperation with Costa Rica (Cumulative total until fiscal 2010) Loans: 66,155 million yen Grants: 5,273 million yen Technical cooperation: 20,340 million yen http://www.mofa.go.jp/region/latin/costarica/index.html

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan beats France to set up final clash with U.S. See in context

Well done to Nadeshiko Japan for holding on to win. You have to give credit to France as well, they really played well, had so much possession of the ball and never gave up. That penalty miss was a stroke of luck for Japan, really had the match gone on any longer France would have scored. The last 15min Japan's defense was full of holes and very sloppy. I would really like to see them win the final, but they are really going to have to produce something special to beat the USA. In the World Cup, Nadeshiko were fighting for all Japan and were a very driven team. This time round the USA has unsettled business and I think they will be hell bent on trying to win gold. My prediction is.....Nadeshiko GOLD. Samurai Blue GOLD.

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Posted in: FIFA clears Nadeshiko Japan coach for telling players not to win See in context

I think Sasaki should have kept his big mouth shut.

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Posted in: Australia, Japan draw 1-1 in World Cup qualifier See in context

alliswellinjapan: I would have to agree the ground was very poor and Zaccheroni actually referred to the "terrible" pitch conditions in his match closing comments as factor which played against Japan. At the end of the day both teams had to play on the same sub standard ground and conditions. Both teams found the boggy turf difficult I am sure.

Firstly I have to say congratulations to Japan and Australia for a really entertaining match. There was never a dull moment, and both teams were playing to win and had their chances. Only a few years ago Japanese forward's played this stupid irresponsible game of passing the ball in the goal box rather than shooting. It was such a refreshing change to see creative forwards like Kagawa and Honda actually looking dangerous and being aggressive in front of goal. If this is the style of game which Zaccheroni has brought to Japanese football then he is to be highly commended.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

Takeshi is not comparing same sex marriages to bestiality at all. All he is saying is "how far can we go" on this issue?

As Zichi mentioned before there is nothing special about heterosexual marriages anyway. According to NHK yesterday, out of every 4 marriages in Japan 3 have domestic violence issues against women. Japan is ranked No. 30 in the world and the USA is ranked No.24 as the best counties for Mother's (Save The Children Report 2012) Hardly fantastic results for modern industrialized nations who sanction heterosexual marriages.

Heterosexuality, Homosexuality relationships are consensual choices and preferences between human beings, period. Bestiality, the unfortunate animal has no choice.

As ReformedBasher mentioned homosexual relationships have been happening for centuries in many cultures. So I don't see what the big fuss is about. If gay people want to marry and the world becomes a happier place, whats wrong with that ?

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Posted in: Kagawa tight-lipped on future after Ferguson visit See in context

Whoever is Kagawa's agent, they deserve a bonus this year. Such a smart move to leave any contract decisions until after the Cup Final. Kagawa's great performance this year and also in the Cup Final really added to his to his value as a player. Now he has helped bring some silverware to Dortmund, his management are in a great position to negotiate the best possible deal.

In fact it has been announced that Kagawa will not extend his contract at Dortmund. No Japanese player has ever succeeded to land a big EPL contract. United have signed Paul Scholes for one more season, so I suppose Fergie is looking to fill that attacking midfield position.

I would not rule our Arsenal also having a bid for Kagawa. More than United, Wenger has a better understanding of Japanese players, culture and language which might suit Kagawa. Yet Kagawa has said himself he often dreams of playing at Old Trafford, so that's a pretty good indication as to where Kagawa will be going if the offer from Fergie is on the table.

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Posted in: Japan pins judo hopes on young blood See in context

Its really good to see some new Judoka representing Japan. Yet on the big stage, nerves and coming up against new high class opponents, it will be interesting to see if how they perform.

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Posted in: Japanese beer heads cause Westerners to froth at the mouth See in context

I think the whole article is not very well written or informative at all.

People who buy these kind of home beer servers are more interested in the novelty factor rather than the quality of the beer and or size of the beer head. End of story.

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Posted in: Diet deliberates bill to support working mothers See in context

No no no its nothing to do waiting lists until the child is old enough. Families who apply want their kids enrolled NOW so they can return to work, not in 3-4 years time. I have a baby in that age bracket and with both my wife and I working, we cannot get our child into government day care. There are only X number of positions for 0-2 babies and more kids than positions available. There were 12 positions at both the government credited day care centres in our area, 196 families applied.

What is the point of these "Kodomoen" if 80% of the children ( 0-2 years) in need will not have access to this new service ? A total waste of money!

The enrollment system is based a means test of the families annual income. This disadvantages families who have both parents working. Instead of assisting mothers and fathers out there trying to work, the system in fact discourages mothers from working so they can get their babies into a certified government daycare center. In a NHK documentary about the day care system a few weeks ago, they interviewed a mother who actually divorced her husband ( they still live together) so she could become a single mother. Single mothers on low incomes are given greater means test points and her child was accepted into government day care. Just shows what lengths some mothers are going to for their kids to be accepted. The government day care are better staffed, usually larger in building size and playground size and must have a registered nurse and food preparation team etc, so it is easy to see why most working families want their babies to attend these government day care centers.

If the government wishes to help support working families then this "Kodomen" idea is not going to help at all. The longer any person is out of the workforce the more difficult it is to get back into the system Without support for the 0-2 year old's by increasing enrollment numbers and increasing the number of day care staff, the government is actually forcing mother to place younger aged babies into more expensive private care or the alternative choice is for the mothers to stay home until the kids are 3 years old. This just places further long-term financial strain on families and single mothers/farthers who want to return to work.

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Posted in: Japan to play S Africa for Olympic hockey berth See in context

Well I suppose the softball players are not traveling to London, so the media have to fill in the gaps. Tough women running around in short skirts, playing an aggressive game, I cannot see why field hockey is not a bigger sport in Japan?

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Posted in: Gree to boost gaming controls after 'complete gacha' charge See in context

This is a very interesting and topical subject I have been following in other press earlier in the year where Nintendo's founder raised the question that social gaming companies were actually fraudulent by creating games not for people enjoyment but creating games for the sole purpose to extract revenue through added on purchases and upgrades etc.

To me these games seem perfectly legal and there are no monetary gains to be made. If a player wants to upgrade their character with some uber weapons or the player wishes to pay to enter the chance to win a lucky card what is the problem? Its not like these games are unsolicited lotteries or gambling.

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Posted in: 'Avengers' smashes U.S. box office record See in context

Japan is always the last on the release list. Any movie which is successful overseas is left to the last possible moment to release in Japan so the local distributors PR and marketing efforts can use the hype created overseas. Its just all about maximizing the release time for greater returns. More bums on seats will happen thanks to all the associated press buzz generated over the next few months. Summer school holiday release for sure.

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Posted in: Illiteracy costs Japan's economy $87.78 billion: World Literacy Foundation See in context

Japantoday please do a bit of research and understand the article before creating your headlines. Its should read "Literacy adds $87.78 billion to Japan economy". Japan has a 99% literacy rate which makes the headline absurd and totally wrong. What the article is saying is that literacy can be attributed to creating $87.78 billion to Japan economy, not the opposite.

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Posted in: 'John Carter' loses $200 million for Disney See in context

Ok the book was a big hit way back in the day (1920's) but that does not mean it will be a hit in 2012. If Disney can say they are going to make an operational loss of over $200m then they must have calculated the movie to make a lot more, for a serious return on investment. In fact I think that figure will make it the biggest movie flop in history as Cutthroat Island lost $147m.

Stanton is a very good director, but it sounds as if the marketing and executive powers to be at Disney really meddled too much and in the end lost the plot.

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Posted in: Osaka mayor, Yomiuri boss trade dictator insults See in context

I think Hashimoto slipped up to use the word 'dictatorship' and he knows it. Leadership is a better word. It takes courage and leadership to challenge the embedded political and social old boys club. It takes leadership to unify political boundaries within Osaka to cut costs, to challenge 'dictatorial' style monopoly companies like KEPCO to abandon nuclear energy in favour of renewable energy sources and to begin opening the energy sector to greater competition. Yes Hashimoto is making enemies, but is there any other political leader in Japan who you can suggest who is being proactive, innovative and challenging the mind set of the very political system for the benefit of the electorate?

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Posted in: TEPCO criticized for being vague on terms of higher rates for corporate users See in context

Tokyo need to follow the same direction as Osaka and begin to open up the electric sector to stimulate competition. There also needs to be a national referendum to the continued use to nuclear power in this country. Only once the Japanese people have spoken will all governments at all levels and electricity companies be compelled to ACT !

TEPCO cannot any longer be trusted as a company and have not earned the right or trust of the people to be the sole electric provider for the Tokyo region. TEPCO cannot be allowed to continue to have exclusive market share with this kind of attitude to customer service and safety.

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