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Posted in: Japan working out details of missile deployment ahead of N Korea launch See in context

This cat and mouse games is nothing new. NK just wants to be in the spotlight and to further engage the USA so it can further negotiate food aid and other concessions. As is with any Japanese government, the same when the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant was critical, I doubt there would be a quick response to any TOMORROW surprise launch scenario. Japan has a consensus government, not a government of leadership or action orientated.

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Posted in: Special anti-terror squad to guard Haneda Airport See in context

I have seen these anti-terror squads on TV news before. They are the elite police squad who run into business building in single file all carrying cardboard boxes right?

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Posted in: Lower house passes Y90.33 tril budget despite opposition protests See in context

Have said it before in other threads, if Japan cannot pay off its dept, keeps borrowing and does not have the infrastructure to pay off its interest and loans, it will eventually end up like Greece and the economy will grind to a halt. The only way the government can generate cash flow is through issuing bonds and by raising taxes. Government employees have already been forced to take a 7% pay cut, but what about the fat wages and superannuation payouts of politicians?

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Posted in: Environmentalists living in 'fantasy land', says Australian trade minister See in context

India and China want fossil fuels they should source and dig them up in their own countries !

This muppet (or Rio Tinto puppet) trade minister is living in a "fantasy world"! Yes we all need power, fuel and energy. The fact is, Australia is just as bad as Tobacco companies, weapons manufacturers, drug producers, all who deal in death of some type. Burning coal has long been a scientifically proven catalyst for rapid depletion of our life sustaining atmosphere. Thank god we have environmentally contentiousness groups who do care about what governments and business are doing and informing and educating people of the possible consequences.

Secondly and more importantly, Australian uranium in the form of radiation is now spread across Japan, polluting the seas and will be causing health issues for years to come. TEPCO has been for years purchasing uranium from Australia. Australia might have natural resources but the long-term global social, economic and environmental damages which Australia is ultimately supporting and funding slow death through coal and uranium sales is a disgrace.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to be sensitive to history issues See in context

Firstly I am impressed with the response from Chinese Foreign minister Yeng Jiechi ! It would be very easy for China to simply escalate the current Diaoyu / Senkaku tensions. Japanese government are minnows when it comes to political international relations, especially within Asia. China-Japanese relations have come a long way since the frosty Koizumi years. It would be a shame if such childish island naming incidents and senseless mayoral comments about the Nanjing Massacre were to damage Chian-Japan relations. Kawamura and Ishihara should pull their heads in and concentrate on local issues and politics.

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Posted in: Olympus, 3 former senior execs charged See in context

Sounds like an overfed, toothless old watch dog to me. Go back to sleep Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission. Sounds like the government decided it needs a fiscal energy shot. I do hope these guys go to prison, the staff and employees at Olympus who have for year worked to produce some of the world best optical equipment don't need further financial troubles. Punish those responsible !

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Posted in: U.S. moves to isolate Japanese, Russian crime groups See in context

Elbuda Mexicano is spot on here. There should be a coordinated international financial strike force involving the effort from many countries and not just the USA alone. Interpol seems to be a toothless tiger at times and it might be time to try something new.

If these transnational organised crime groups cannot shift or use their funds in the USA they will look to other markets to invest. It will be interesting to see if there any reaction by the Japanese and other governments on this issue.

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Posted in: Water temperature rising in No. 2 reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

That steam coming out of the No 2. reactor does anyone know if those vapour particles are radioactive ? This is not cold shut down at all and in fact it means that the plant is not safe at all.

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Posted in: Gov't says no to free medical care for children under 18 in Fukushima See in context

My sincere sympathies go out to any families living in Fukushima. The Federal Governments stance on this issue lacks any compassion at all, not only for the families of Fukushima but also neighbouring Miyagi and Ibaraki as well. The key issue is here is that the Fukushima Government is trying to push all it can to get financial aid from the Federal Government. The Federal Government is on the verge of a financial crisis in the next few years much like Greece or Spain if it does not service its debts and loans. At the moment it just does not have the funds to cover its costs (Pensions, Health insurance, etc) and this is why we hear of talk about raising consumption tax to 15-20%. All public servants are taking a 7% reduction in wages this year as one example of the government trying to save costs.

So if a boy living in Fukushima breaks his leg or hospitalised with tonsillitis should he receive free medial treatment? NO

Should all children under 18 years of age receive scheduled free medical testing for radiation exposure? YES Children are Japan's future and not providing support to children for free radiation tests and medical support to those exposed to radiation is down right pathetic and cold hearted.

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Posted in: Monty Python members to re-unite for new film See in context

Why Robin Williams? Its not like MP need his talent or jokes.

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Timeon, that's a fantastic effort and lucky to have a deal like that. To gain level 1 of the JLPT in just one year. I think everyone has different set of circumstances and abilities. It goes back to borscht was saying from the start. What are the intentions of the Japanese government? To fill healthcare positions or to filter out the best candidates who have the determination and ability to contribute long-term to Japan? I know if Japan opened the door and lowered the current set standards or requirements there would be an public and professional uproar. "What about jobs for ordinary Japanese citizens, what about Japanese nurses who go through all that training and then are teamed up with someone they cannot properly communicate with in sometimes life and death situations?"

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Posted in: England's World Cup bid chief quits after sting See in context

Brown's "bigot" gaffe recorded in his car, and now this. In public positions of responsibility you really cant open your mouth and say anything negative or slanderous about anyone these days.

There is still time for England to rescue its bid before FIFA venue tours and the decision in Dec. I am sure there is going to be plenty more allegations and scandals to come.

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Posted in: Japan soccer chief concerned over lack of goals See in context

Smithinjapan is spot on. The only reason why this has become an issue now is because the fans are UNHAPPY. Typical reactionary bureaucracy at is best. Japan have always played this 'Hot Potato' style of football in front of goal. Let me call this style of game 'small football'. Japanese strikers don't have the physical abilities, characteristics or power of a Rooney, van Nistelrooy, or a Ronaldo so players rely on small passages of speedy play to score goals. It was obvious that the FW and MF were not working well together in the last 2 games. Only a few months to go and Japan really needs to get its act together.

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