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Posted in: Man arrested for buying cup meant for ¥100 coffee but pouring ¥200 latte into it See in context

Saves nine... Darn autocorrect....

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Posted in: Man arrested for buying cup meant for ¥100 coffee but pouring ¥200 latte into it See in context

The staff aren't paid or trained to deal with the ensuing confrontation.

While something like this is a total pissant move, in Japan the procedure has been followed correctly. Let the police deal with this entitled fool.

Once is an innocent mistake, this guy is a serial thief and needs to be dealt with appropriately. Idioms to quote here "a stitch on time saves none" and "the thin edge of the wedge" and "the behaviour you walk past is what you choose to accept".

Theft is theft and because small matters like this are treated seriously, Japan as a whole is relatively crime free.

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Posted in: Gov't calls for longer New Year holiday to curb virus spread See in context

Extra time off, great.

Pity for all the non-regular workers without holiday pay.

If people do stay home for long enough, I wonder if we will have a mini baby boom in September?

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Posted in: Quibi streaming service to shut down See in context

Sorry but what was Quibi? Never heard of it before this article.

$5 for a TV service with Ads? Sounds like they are copying the Murdoch method.

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Posted in: 150 pears stolen from orchard in Saitama Prefecture in latest fruit theft See in context

@Spitfire ever seen the over packaged fruit in department stores? These pears were probably destined for something like that. That's 400 yen each, probably his wholesale price too.

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Posted in: No jail for parents who left daughters at home while they used COVID cash handout for hotel stay See in context

It's moments like this that I favour bringing back corporal punishment.

If you impose gaol time upon them, the kids will suffer because their parents are locked up. (but not much different from what these people did to their kids already)

If you impose a fine upon them, then there will be less money for the kids for food, education or sports.

A few strokes of the cane however, that'd make parents like this think twice.

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Posted in: Japanese KitKats are shrinking; Nestlé says previous size may have been too large for customers See in context

This is one symptom of a depressed market.

If income is good, then people are prepared to bear the cost of inflation.

Because incomes are flat or falling and have been so for the last 20+ years, people aren't prepared to accept price rises. Shrinking products are what you get when businesses are unable to pass along cost increases.

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Posted in: Suga, in Indonesia, says Southeast Asia key for Japan See in context

Time for Japan to be a true friend in the Asia-Pacific.

Democracies need to support each other!

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Posted in: 150 pears stolen from orchard in Saitama Prefecture in latest fruit theft See in context

What a shame.

Time to invest in some motion activated lights and security cameras.

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Posted in: 'Sesame Street' launches a podcast to help educate kids See in context

Funny how Sesame Street was created to help provide education to disadvantaged kids to become only available on cable.

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Posted in: Trump objects to 'mute' button in next Biden matchup, but debate will go on See in context

Does it have to be just for the debate?

I'm happy to chip in for a permanent mute button for him.

Americans, go vote!

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Posted in: Suga departs for Vietnam, Indonesia on 1st overseas trip as PM See in context

More ties and relationship building with other countries to exclude the big bully with concentration camps and crushing democracy.

Good, thank you Mr Suga!

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Posted in: China's imports, exports surge as global economy reopens See in context

There is zero need for a formal boycott of Chinese goods, nor do we need tarrifs.

What we do need is a grassroots campaign for people to re-consider their purchases. Instead of buying new cheap stuff from China, why not buy something well made second hand? Targeting waste is an easy way to redirect funds from countries that operate concentration camps.

Additionally, policies to ensure that as much PPE & equipment for healthcare and disease control is made locally and meets requirements for efficient recycling.

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Posted in: Japan's top court backs lower pay for nonregular employees See in context

Way to go Supreme Court's No. 3!

Let's make more people in Japan insecure with their work and retirement.

People insecure with their work & future are FAR less likely to have children!

Now we know the current legal interpretation, how about some new laws that address this?

Or do we want to let Japan's population continue to age and shrink?

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Posted in: Suga's pledge to boost fertility treatment won't reverse declining birth rate, say experts See in context

Say all you want about convincing people to start a family.

But when workers have no time to meet anyone or look after kids because of BS busywork overtime and wages are a joke, why have children?

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Posted in: Pompeo uses Tokyo visit to slam China, seek Asian allies' support See in context

It is about time that nations are waking up to the fact that China isn't their friend.

The world has become top reliant on them for cheap stuff and has to move away and find new suppliers. Ones without concentration camps.

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Posted in: Spider lilies See in context

Love it!

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Posted in: Pompeo uses Tokyo visit to slam China, seek Asian allies' support See in context

Stronger together!

Good to see everyone using a mask as well.

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Posted in: Nintendo's Switch faces French claim of 'planned obsolescence' See in context

This is why we haven't moved from 3DS to the Switch.

Our 3DS will last forever on a single charge, are sturdy and well built.

Sure the 3D function is a gimmick and got quickly turned off, but the unit is reliable.

Switch just doesn't have the same sturdiness, glad we didn't move over.

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Posted in: Suga aims to get new digital agency running by autumn 2021 See in context

They should get Nintendo on it

I see it now, access your registration via a Switch app. While you are only joking (I hope) I'm sure they couldn't do any worse than what is currently in operation.

Just as long as the system is secure enough to keep out unfriendly actors from Russia and China, then that is a step in the right direction.

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Posted in: 'Suganomics' will target quick wins, not grand visions See in context

"He hates people with vested interests."

And I'm sure the feeling will be mutual.

But if he makes promises and keeps them, works for the benefit of the people then he will be returned to power a year from now.

Good luck Suga, you'll need it!

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl he met on TikTok See in context

When TikTok first came out I looked at it and said "This is cancer" and didn't allow my kids to install it like all their friends had.

So far nothing has been able to change my view about the platform.

Additionally, why weren't her parents monitoring her internet access? Why was she able to meet with a stranger?

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Posted in: Koike lowers virus alert; Tokyo to be included in Go To travel campaign from Oct 1 See in context

Third wave, here we come....

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Posted in: Fear and loathing in Hollywood at streaming companies' stranglehold See in context

It wasnt always this way. What went wrong?

Yes, it was. When I was 12 I remember being hit in the back of the head with a Jaffa (Google that of you don't know).

When I was a teenager, I too was anti social at the cinema and cringe at those memories. Good times, but not who I am now.

They still are animals, like ever, but now people have more options to see new release movies. No longer do you have to wait to rent a movie three to six months after the cinematic release, to watch on your square TV with pizza and a 50c fee if you forget to rewind the tape.

Now you can watch movies simultaneously along with release, on your Hidef Widescreen TV on demand. Western society is full of degenerates, and you don't have to endure them to enjoy a movie anymore.

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Posted in: Self-driving buses being tested across Japan let you pay with your face See in context

Oh no, people are so put out by Ojisan taking a little extra time to find the right coin. Poor you.

And it's so hard to use an IC card anyway, right?

The only beneficiary of this is the companies. Bus drivers will be laid off or not replaced after retirement and this will only increase profits for the capital holders but impoverish communities. Why not just hire someone to help Ojisan load credit onto his IC card and keep bus drivers as they are?

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Posted in: Fear and loathing in Hollywood at streaming companies' stranglehold See in context


I totally agree about visiting Japanese theatres. No noise, people quietly enjoying the movie. Of course laughter and tears, but not anti-social selfish creatures. I didn't want to point this out in my original comment for fear of becoming fodder for JCJ.

Also agreed about laughing alone, sometimes the jokes are too subtle and non-native speakers tend to miss it.

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Posted in: Fear and loathing in Hollywood at streaming companies' stranglehold See in context

I can hear the audience breathe, it gives me the pulse of to what extent my film excites people.

In Australia I can hear the audience talk, eat and let their kids kick the back of my chair. Don't get me started on teenagers who can't afford a hotel room. For $20 a ticket? And the price at the candy bar? Flip that!

Movie theatres need to provide a better experience and so far, they haven't. Consumers have been voting with their wallets, either to download movies or to pay for a streaming service.

Convince me that your service is superior and I will happily pay. But when I can have a better experience at home, at a time of my choosing, with snacks of my choosing, with company of my choosing, why would I pay more to recieve less?

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Posted in: Death knell sounds for some of Japan's oldest department stores See in context

How many young people have to accept low wages and long hours?

When do they have the time and money to buy fancy things? It's impossible to splurge when you are barely making ends meet.

Companies are in a race to the bottom with working conditions and wages, then act surprised when people don't have the funds to buy their products....

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Posted in: Wanted murder suspect ends fugitive life in South Africa after 17 years See in context

If the accusations are found to be true, hopefully he will be given somewhere nice to hang out in....

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Posted in: First trans, non-binary characters to debut on 'Star Trek' franchise See in context

For me, Star Trek jumped the shark by season two of Voyager.

The same that there is only one Matrix Movie, six Star Wars movies and I'm still waiting for seasons seven and eight of Game of Thrones.

These companies are free to produce whatever they think people will watch, and the people have enough options to do something else.

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