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the lesson in all this is don't trust the US to defend you....

The lesson in all this is that Russia will solve its problems there way and aren't interested in how others portray them.

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Jean ValJeanMar. 02, 2014 - 10:38PM JST

Many of the Ukranian servicemembers in Crimeria are switching to the "local" Crimerian side. That means they do not support the current IMF-backed stooges in Kiev.

And many of these stooges are in fact neo-Nazi fascists which is why Russia has the support it does in Crimea.

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globalwatcherMar. 02, 2014 - 01:28PM JST You probably have not realized yet that US will be the largest oil producing country in the world by 2015. We are much better position in negotiation with Russia.

Not sure of the age of some posters here, like the one who posted this above, it does look as though this is written by a 13 year old. ie. "We are bigger than them" style of posts.

The fact of the matter is Russia won't listen to the US, the US are no position to do anything. The Russian military is already in Crimea, so there is nothing to negotiate. They are protecting their own interests. In case you live in a bubble they did the same in Georgia until things stabilised there, only what is at stake in Crimea, the autonomous region of Ukraine dominated by ethnic Russians, is much more higher for them.

Oh and something else, Siberia, which is a part of the Russian Federation has more oil under it than the whole of the Middle East put together, and Russia basically control the flow of gas and oil going into Europe. Russia and China will be the dominating forces of the 21st century, it doesn't require much deep thinking to come to that realisation. Russia's national debt is at a manageable 10% of its GDP as opposed to the ridiculous amount that the US has. Simple economics.

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Not sure what all the fuss is about to be honest. This isn't a full blown invasion. Russia is protecting her interests in the Ukraine, as it did in Georgia. What Yanukovych did to kick this off was inexcusable of course and he should face justice for that but a portion of the Ukraine, Crimea, is pro-Russian, along with the naval base that Russia has they feel it is their right to protect that.

Even though the US would dispute this they can't do anything about it.

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Labor set up the PNG camp. Labor were also responsible for the influx of economic refugees in the first place. They were the worst govt in the country's history. Tony Abbott has stopped this now so that means Tony Abbot has done a very good job. Pretty simple logic despite the cries from the bleeding hearts.

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Err no it's not disturbing at all. I applaud it. It is illegal in Australia to profit from crime. She is a convicted drug dealer so therefore she must not be allowed to earn money because of it. People are sick of her anyway now, these stupid gossip magazines and television channels would be wasting their money, we just want her and her family to go away and begin to rebuild her life quietly and respectfully.

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What Ossan meant to say is that there is an order in Asia, in which Japan rides on USA's coat-tail, and South Korea on Japan's. People get upset when South Korea try to think and act they are equal to Japan.

America will have no countries on its "co-tails" if it wishes to remain a presence in the Pacific in the coming decades. They will rely on Japan on becoming an equal partner (once Japan finally gets off its backside about it) in order to retain status quo. SK care less about the partnership with America right now - they realise America is a fading power and China is a rising one and so long as they have China not standing in the way, SK will eventually take over the North and unify the country..

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The only people who could possibly have planted the stuff would have been one of her very own family members - all undesirable people. I feel no compassion for the woman, but she has served her time and deserves to be left alone. Unfortunately her family will want to milk this for all its worth and we'll have to put up with the BS campaign they'll tell while they get paid a handsome amount for it.

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If this clown got hit by a truck tomorrow and died, I wouldn't even bat an eyelid.

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Abe has a right to do whatever he wants in regards to Yasukuni. Everyone has an interpretation, but Abe is doing it to respect those who sacrificed their lives for their country rather than the criminals who are enshrined there - Japan has always been and always will be a complex nation. Japan will always be a major player in Asian geopolitics and we need them (as an Australian loyal to her allies) to retain a status quo in the region. Post world war thinking has long ended, America will need strong allies in the 21st century and beyond.

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Won't be long before Japan 'officially' becomes a nuclear state I don't think. We all know that they are already but they should make it official (to the Chinese) and that will stop this sabre rattling by them, and of course it is a much cheaper option than to go toe-to-toe (armaments wise) with China in the future. Keep the navy strong (as it is) and become a nuclear state and that will contain China.

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Keisuke Honda will force his way into Milan's starting eleven immediately - this current Milan team is very weak and Honda is better than the likes of Valta Birsa and Antonio Nocerino. Honda will strengthen their attack and should form a good partnership with Kaka and Mario Ballotelli. As for Shinji Kagawa, he has obviously struggled to adapt to the Premier League but he is Manchester United's main man, along with Wayne Rooney, in the European Champions League. He was man of the match against Bayer Leverkusen a few weeks ago and all their attack went through Kagawa in that game. I've always thought he should have gone to a continental European side especially now that David Moyes has become manager of Manchester United. They will be missing out on a Champions League place next season so he should move to Italy, or go back to Borussia Dortmund who play a much more sophisticated brand of football that David Moyes will never achieve at Man Utd.

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Having watched the Manchester Utd game last night it just reaffirms my belief that David Moyes and his ex-Everton backroom staff are way out of their depth at the club. They were a rabble against Citeh last week and last night they fell to a side who hasn't beaten them at Old Trafford in 35 years. I don't know why it is that Moyes has it in for Kagawa, but Kagawa was Utd's best player in that first half but took him off for a babyfaced 18 year old who never looked like getting into the game at half time. Kagawa should look to get out of there and go to a team who will play him where he loves to play - just behind the striker. Moyes is dismantling that club and turning it into a mid-table team for the future.

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Michel Platini; Corrupt? No A stooge? Yes Plain stupid? Yes, yes, yes.

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David Moyes has taken his small club mentality with him to Manchester Utd. With his small club style of play comes the small club type of players. Bringing in Marouane Fellaini should convince Shinji Kagawa that he doesn't have a future at the club under David Moyes. Moyes will play Fellaini just behind Van Persie which is also where Kagawa enjoys playing most. Kagawa should have moved back to Borrusia Dortmund where Jurgen Klopp managed to get the best out of Kagawa with his sophisticated way of playing. Perhaps a move in the new year can help him get back on track.

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Looks like Tony Abbott will be PM for at least six years. Going by the garbage the ALP have been spruiking about their loss it looks as though they haven't learned a thing about it. So if they haven't learned a thing it means they can't fix their problems and the party can't regenerate and they will remain an out of touch mob of useless lawyers and union officials in opposition for many years to come. That isn't in the best interests of the country especially if more turned-off former Labor voters jump on the bandwagons of idiots like Clive Palmer.

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A great day for Australia. We'll actually have adults governing the country now.

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@OzKen - and all your posts have been based on Murdoch and Liberal Party talking points, and not facts. Being able to flap your lips and parrot shock-jocks isn't a sign of intelligence - its just a sad form of sycophancy.

Your opinions of mine are based on left-leaning bias and nothing more. Look, even Labor heavyweight Graham Richardson recognises a change of govt is required. Endorsement enough I think despite your hollow rhetoric portraying the current corrupt mob in a good light. The country's destiny has been set. Eat it up.

Hard to think who is worse, self-centred Rudd as PM or Joe Hockey as Treasurer.

As opposed to previous treasurers of Swan or Bowen - at least Joe Hockey can calculate properly and he has come up with costings that have been accounted for completely. That in itself puts future treasurer Joe Hockey ahead of the two failed incumbents already, and he hasn't even started in his job.

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@secularbeast As you might be aware this has been one of three or four articles published about the upcoming election on this news site over the last 4-5 days. I refer you to my comments made in those sections if you are seeking facts about the failures of this Labor Govt. Don't fret now, it'll be all over in just over 24hrs time and you'll finally be put out of your misery.

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Losing a projected 20 seats is not because a newspaper tells you this government is bad, losing 20 seats is because you have lied, cheated, bullied, and wasted the money of the Australian people and they have had enough of it.

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I'm a realist, after all I know what we'll get on Saturday night. Look if you read the SMH there are loads of lefties on there. Peter Fitzsimons for one. Channel Ten demographically target younger Australians - a sin left-leaning high school and uni students - on shows like The Project and their morning show which got canned because nobody watched it. And the ABC have the unashamedly biased Q&A program amongst other programs who try and spruik up this failure of a govt as much as they can. Even the Daily Telegraph have union lackeys and feminists writing articles for them so don't try and pretend it is all one-sided.

At the end of the day it is not really my problem if there aren't any successful enough lefties rich enough to buy publications, radio stations or buy into TV Networks, and I couldn't really care less. I hate everything this Labor Government stands for so I openly welcome anything that is anti-Labor to drum into the heads of the not too bright, that they have to go on Saturday. It looks as though it is a job well done by all.

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Apart from the Guardian and a couple of independent online journals in Australia, the media in Australia has become little more than the propaganda arm of right-wing political parties and their corporate backers.

Rubbish, there are still plenty of left-wing nuts working at Fairfax, Channel Ten and ABC. The ABC is the real voice of the Labor govt.

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Well done Kobuta Chan. Facts are facts and you have provided many which cannot be disputed. Allow me just to add a few things. What about the set-top box scheme as well - $300M down the drain there. And how about the Mining Tax which accrued next to nothing but in all their wisdom the ALP govt decided to borrow and spend money they thought they would get from it. Who does that kind of thing in the real world and gets away with it?

What about the Carbon Tax, something they promised not to introduce but did anyway against the wishes of a majority which killed the confidence of all small and medium sized businesses. What about the Pacific Solution which was working perfectly to begin with that was inexplicably flattened for no reason other than it was an LNP policy. 50,000 asylum seekers and economic refugees later and there is Rudd feverishly coming to an agreement with PNG in which the detail of it was written on two little bits of paper and no means to make any of the money given to the PNG from this agreement accountable in any way.

Let's never forget the Craig Thomson episode. Using Union funds to pay for prostitutes among another hundred odd charges he now faces. Despite mounting evidence against him, and shamelessly using parliamentary privilege to deny any wrongdoing, the ALP still continued to support this man despite very heavy public opinion against him.

It could go on - the failures, the lies, the wastage over the last six years and now we've been presented with Rudd and his third string ministerial cabinet because most refuse to work with him, yet people still want them re-elected. That shows you why voting should not be compulsory in this country. People can't be trusted to make the correct judgement and they wouldn't bother going to a polling booth if they didn't have to..

As for the alleged bias in the media in this country, if I remember correctly some of these News Corp publications welcomed the change in govt in 2007. I remember reading editorials at the time which stated as much. Why there is such heavy anti-Labor sentiment this time round is because that is the sentiment shared by the majority of Australians - they are sick and tired of the circus. Not only is it the Murdoch press who are against Rudd, even Fairfax Media have turned on him. Even ALP hardman Graham Richardson has had enough.

Now, 2 more days and these incompetents are out...

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The sooner the election comes and goes the sooner this little, unimportant man disappears and Labor can rebuild from the ashes it sees itself in right now. Tony Abbott must be loving it right now, and so he should.. He'll serve at least two terms in office. Enough time to right some wrongs and get the country back on track.

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Proof, show us proof! Otherwise be silent!

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Labor is gone Ronnie, they are facing annihilation. The sooner you accept it the lesser the inevitable blow will be, and the sooner you realise that an enforced rebuild is necessary for the Party to win back the disenfranchised who despise the fact they have shifted away from their ideological foundations.

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The Sun trying to compare Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement with the current determination of inaction in Syria - that lot wouldn't have a room temperature IQ combined.

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Playing the moral card doesn't wash. A timely reminder of that who is hypocritical and cowardly.

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At least Britain has shown it still has some common sense and decency. Well done.

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Kevin Rudd is delusional. He thinks Australia is more important (on the world stage) than we actually are. Some of the things he has said (both as Foreign Minister and Prime Minister) have been downright embarrassing. Lucky for us he'll disappear from the political landscape on Saturday week and the Labor Party can properly rebuild itself.

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