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Try above for Nissan Zero Gravity Seats :-)

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Hydrogen is a wasteful energy transfer process, the sooner fuel cell technology fails the better. The only reason Fuel cells exists is to keep the fuel companies and similar infrastructure for the status quo.

The Chinese are much smarter going all EV (You can charge anywhere a power point or super chargers exists) Much more convenient than looking for a overpriced Hydrogen station - when the consumer will actually have to pay the full true cost (not like the give it away for free to get the suckers to buy a hydrogen powered car).

With Plug in Ev's you can drive on electricity made from your homes roof top sunshine like I do. In summer time I can drive 72Km of driving on my GM made Volt imported into Australia. This range is sufficient for 99% of my driving - I average 0.5 L per life time premium fuel for maintenance mode and those rare occasional longer trips.

My Battery is 3 years old and no loss of capacity as the Volt's battery is fully looked after vs the early Nissans (This is one of the reason I did not buy a Nissan Leaf).

As the capacity will dramatically increase of batteries for auto use will occur they will allow faster charging and hopefully Fuel cells cars will be in the Car Museum - where they belong. Fingers crossed for the health of the planet* and the wallets and purses of the driving public.

Far better to build decent batteries for 10-15 year life than waste ENGERGY creating / storing /transporting and dispensing the folly of Hydrogen fuel. Go Plug in's Mitsubishi, Nissan Americans and Chinese. Plugin are the future hands down.

Toyota, Honda & Japanese government please hang your heads in shame over fuel cells. You have been had.

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I find people could have more legal fun in a car like this.

Lets face it if you tripled the KW output where can you use it ?

Japan has low speed limits and Australia we have an incredible amount of mobile and fixed speed cameras awaiting anyone enjoying their car a little more than normal.

Yes this car will handles corners well based on it's models past DNA.

Agree with the hard top comments - if they could make the top store well. If not - how about a sunroof where the roof splits and half travels front the other half back I've seen elsewhere. That would be cool.

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Was there from 6th -21st myself - First time. Fantastic - highly recommend. Cherry blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen national Garden absolutely photo perfect.

Absolute excellent Japanese food they know how to really cook! , Amazing rail transport never in my life did i do so many train trips in one day with ease, good kind people all who I encountered - even in Hospital unexpectedly twice . (First time in Life i had an accident) Slipped on a garden footpath due to rain at one top Tokyo Hotel on a day tour.... days later in Kawaguchi-ko near Mt Fuji they found 5-6 ribs broken, x-rays etc, other was was throat infection. All very reasonable charges for an Australian - had insurance just in case as one hears the horror stories in the US. Japan has a honest medical charges.

So luckily I have no Tattoos - so spent most of my evenings in Onsens soaking in HOT water 41-43°C at the Snow monkey Ryokan some are 50°C - man the locals there are tough to handle the heat.

Toyota and Mazda do English speaking car tours,

Kyoto has the philosophers walk along the canal with shrines. Many great castles abound

Even holidayed in Yufuin or Yufin, rented a car from Nissan rental, speed limits are too low plus crazy traffic so bank on x2 to x3 time wise then the West (hence trains are faster) Driving conditions on the mountains near ASO can border on the extreme with fog, narrow roads with mirrors on blind bends.

Walking in tourist areas Japanese and Australians walk the same side, only Chinese and US tourist go against the tide - LOL!

All in all great time could write 22 pages in detail, will go back again to Ski next time. Highly recommend to people to really experience Japan the way Japanese do, so try new things and gain understanding - like eat real Japanese food the locals (avoid the touristy eats) very healthy tasty and cheap. I managed to avoid Western fast food, so by the time i left I was hooked on Miso soup etc. Drank 1.5L of green tea one day and had 3 green tea ice creams. Even green tea kit-kat tastes yum.

Great for Holiday ... looks like the secret is out!

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