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Posted in: Plastic bottles vs aluminum cans: Who'll win the global water fight? See in context

Remember too that aluminium cans also have a plastic membrane on the inside anyway

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Posted in: Gov't to use ¥710 million from reserves to deal with typhoon damage See in context

Makes you wonder how much longer you can keep printing and debasing the currency before the world/people lose faith in it and massive price inflation strikes. But then i guess every other country is doing the same to maybe to a lesser degree though

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Posted in: Flooded out of their homes See in context

Poor buggers

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Posted in: When disaster strikes in the 'cashless' era, there's no substitute for old-fashioned money See in context

@ Davestrousers & Norman Goodman = Exactly !!

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Posted in: Rihanna blasts Trump in new Vogue interview See in context

Who gives a toss what she thinks

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Posted in: Naoshima: A remote island of world-class art See in context

@BigYen = agreed very over rated

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Posted in: Winning streak See in context

wanna see him try that in prison

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Posted in: Nice fit See in context


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Posted in: Young people are right about climate change: It’s time to listen See in context

CO2 is plant food NOT poison

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Posted in: Young people are right about climate change: It’s time to listen See in context

IF it were true what is the solution then ? Relying on Governments and handing them more of our money to fix it....

Yeah that'll work a treat !

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Posted in: Court rules TEPCO execs not guilty of professional negligence over nuclear crisis See in context

Joke of the day !

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Posted in: More than 100 bushfires out of control along Australia's east coast See in context

Hope you're proud of yourselves Greenies

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Posted in: WHO welcomes Facebook pledge to curb anti-vaccine misinformation See in context

The thought police are winning

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Posted in: As with adults, no easy way to address weight with children See in context

Tough love is what is required

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Posted in: Pinterest to direct vaccine-related searches to health orgs See in context

@ Virusrex = feel free to have your Vaccine dose and mine also.

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Posted in: Curry for breakfast: Coco Ichibanya now has morning sets See in context

YUCK !!!!

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Posted in: 92% of HPV-caused cancers could be prevented by vaccine: health authority See in context

Of course the CDC is to be trusted. ha ha ha Talk your own book. What BS !!

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Posted in: Climate deniers get more media play than scientists: study See in context

The man made climate change is a SCAM.

Even if it wasn't no amount of Spin/lip service and handing governments money will make any difference anyway.

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Posted in: Fiji PM labels Australia PM 'very insulting' after Pacific standoff See in context

@ Andrew Crisp

Yes it's a money making racket. And like all good Socialists Barny Banana has his snout right in the trough

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Posted in: Epstein suicide sparks fresh round of conspiracy theories See in context

I he really dead ? i wonder

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Posted in: Trump's America: Where politics dictate definition of racism See in context

@ Serrano = i agree

The amount of bashing Trump is getting from brainwash media tells me he must be doing something right

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Posted in: 56% oppose amending Constitution under Abe gov't: poll See in context

Governments the world over will do what the hell they want and ignore those they supposedly represent. It's a sham !

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Posted in: New Zealand gun owners turn over their weapons for money See in context

@simon g

Sadly we don't live in an ideal world buddy. I wish we did and nobody had guns especially the military and criminals. But tell me how disarming the innocent and those that use an automatic gun for a living (hunters farmers) fixes anything for the innocent/law abiding other than making them a softer target ? What is the real motive for the gun control eh ?

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Posted in: Legalizing pot tied to less teen marijuana use See in context

Bingo !

But But but the mafia (government) won't make any more money out of the war on drugs etc

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Posted in: New Zealand gun owners turn over their weapons for money See in context

Only a good idea if the criminals also hand in their weapons

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Posted in: Mt Jinba: An under-the-radar hike near Mt Takao See in context

@ Burning Bush = it looks a bit Phallic

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for killing 5 neighbors in Yamaguchi loses final appeal See in context

@ Disillusioned & Toasted Heretic = who do you propose should pay for his cell and food then ? You ?

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Posted in: Tensions over history, North keep Japan, South Korea at odds See in context

Some people will just never get along and forgive and forget.

Whoopsy I think I've just perfectly described my marriage..

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Posted in: How to fight against climate change living in Japan See in context

Climate Change Bollox. Co2 is plant food & a basic building block for life not a poison. It's purely a tax grabbing racket all while the naive sheeple are happily being fleeced to fatten the elite pockets

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Posted in: Study shows major real-world impact of cervical cancer vaccines See in context

Bollox ! Who funded the study. Ask the girls/ladies damaged by the Vaccine what they think of it's effectiveness

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