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Posted in: Inflation in Japan unchanged at 1% in October See in context

@LDTM : the only ones scared of deflation is the Government. For you and me inflation is theft by the Government.

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Posted in: Getting into shape See in context

Mmmm she is in good shape !

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Posted in: Japan's rising sun flag removed from classroom at Canadian school See in context

@LandOfTheLost = you make a very good point

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Posted in: Japan's tax agency gears up to pursue hoarded funds abroad See in context

Starting with Mr Ghosn

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Posted in: Gene-edited food is coming, but will shoppers buy? See in context

Not me. At least not intentionally...

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Posted in: BOJ's total assets exceed country's GDP for first time See in context

@Laguna = There is a Limit ?? What limit ?

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Posted in: Driver found guilty of murdering six in Australia car rampage See in context

Interesting that there is no death penalty for someone clearly guilty beyond doubt. All this trial BS ...what for ??? However violence & the death penalty with no trial is somehow acceptable for guilty and innocents in places like Afganistan, Iraq. Libya, Syria etc etc where troups are sent to supposedly liberate. Gotta love the hypocracy of the Western world eh. What a great load of BS !

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Posted in: California bar shooter was ex-Marine; had mental health review See in context

Maybe it's merely the human cost of dirty business (wars)

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Posted in: No place like home See in context

It looks much more inviting than the ugly rabbit warren communist boxes in the background

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Posted in: Why it's still in Russia's interest to mess with U.S. politics See in context

Makes you wonder why this garbage is constantly regurgitated & peddled doesn't it ?

I mean you'd have to be seriously mind trucked to believe the one sidedness of it

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Posted in: Japan can learn from how Australia responds to corporate scandals See in context

Corrupt Nihon learning from corrupt Oz ? ha ha ha good on ya mate

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Posted in: New Zealand fines travelers who won't unlock secure devices See in context

Soon to come everywhere.

We are already Guilty until proven innocent with most things nowadays

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Posted in: Yakuza enjoying benefits of healthier living and longer life See in context

Yaks...you mean the J Govt ?

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Posted in: Kyoto introduces lodging tax on tourists See in context

Greedy government biting the hand the feeds it

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Posted in: Nagoya City Council debates if toilet paper really needed in public restrooms See in context

What color are the walls ?

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Posted in: Man arrested for paying taxi fare with counterfeit money he printed at home See in context

@bluedogsdodge = exactly. They don't like competition though

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Posted in: Preschools using tablets to prep children for digital age See in context

I agree with the comments above. The kids can pick them/learn (devices) up anytime. They need to use their brains,creativity and their hands more not less. They can be dumbed down anytime later on to use an ipad.

An ipad is only a tool not a teacher or babysitter.

What i have noticed here in Oz is that the kids writing/spelling is woeful now. Is the overuse of these devices the culprit. They start using the rotten things prep level now.

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Posted in: Implant helps paralyzed man walk again See in context


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Posted in: High court gives go ahead for restart of Shikoku Electric nuclear reactor See in context

@Stuart hayward = spot on mate. In fact that's the same the world over yet people still turn up to vote for these clowns thinking it makes some kind of difference who they vote for. They represent big business not voters period

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Posted in: Japanese ad showing mom doing all the housework and childcare has people steamed at dad See in context

Great comments above guys keep it up !!!

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Posted in: Disaster recovery debts in Japan proving tough to service See in context

It's all just BS digitally invented or printed money anyway

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Posted in: Bert and Ernie a 'loving couple' claims writer; 'Sesame Street' disagrees See in context

What is it with the need to sexualize everything nowadays

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Posted in: Serena cartoon fuels debate about 'racist' Australia See in context

Aint it grand how people who act like complete pillocks tend to throw out & hide behind the old rascist and sexist tags as a smoke screen to hide their obvious ugliness as human beings. No doubt Serena is an awesome tennis player that has achieved in Tennis what no other has however her actions on the court against Naomi were UGLY and it's not the first time either. Just because she is a she and happens to be black doesn't give her the green light to behave like a back passage. Bravo to the cartoon for saying it exactly like it is !!

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Posted in: Times are a-changin' in London where cash is king See in context

It would be very foolish to be completely cashless in life

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. dropped phosphorus bombs over Syria See in context

The first casualty of war is the TRUTH. That goes for all sides involved

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Posted in: 3,000 people being transported out of typhoon-hit Kansai airport See in context

@expat = "Put it down to anti-competitive business practices, collusion between politicians and the construction industry, and career bureaucrats landing post-retirement gigs at all of these quasi-private enterprises. Corruption on a massive scale that the media regularly ignores."

That beautifully describes any western country i can think of . Crony capitalism

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Posted in: BOJ chief says no rate hike for long time See in context

@Jefflee = So called government Central banks are owned & run by private banks. So who do you think they are designed to benefit ? There is no free market. It's a scam as is Fractional reserve money printing...i mean banking. I could go on and on. Have a bit of a study on it. It took me a while to wake up to it.

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Posted in: Secret to Japanese couple's 80 years of marriage: wife's patience See in context

No patience by the husband also ? ha ha ha ha

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Posted in: New book by Woodward says Trump wanted Syrian leader killed See in context

The constant barage of BS we are fed on Trump makes me think he must be doing something right

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