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Posted in: N Korea launches missile toward sea; Kishida calls it threat to peace See in context

NK like Russia is being provoked by NATO & the EU regardless of the cost to neighbouring nations. It's all part of the NWO strategy. I've stopped watching most mainstream news now because it is 95% propaganda and it does not portray what the real agenda set by NATO & the EU is.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for attempting to kill 5 family members See in context

@ kaimycahl

At last! Someone with an open mind who doesn't jump to conclusions!

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Posted in: India protests 'unfair' Tokyo Olympic rules for COVID-hit nations See in context

Yes, I agree. An equal footing for all should be adhered to. Either decide not to hold the games or treat every participant equally. And as far as testing is concerned, I don't believe testing is in anyway accurate. So this is also unfair and could be deemed as discriminatory.

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Posted in: Alcohol allowed but no condom distribution in Tokyo Olympic village See in context

The alcohol issue would be the same in most countries.. well, countries that would even consider holding the games.

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Posted in: Alcohol allowed but no condom distribution in Tokyo Olympic village See in context

It's just another one of those shock horror nonsense stories, don't you see that? The organisers have just decided not to provide condoms at the games. So what? The offer of condoms on their departure is probably just misinterpreted.

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Posted in: Honda creates GPS navigation system for your shoes See in context

Didou, you have a good point. I think it is a brilliant invention but it's the use and application of it that frightens me. Far too many tracking devices in our daily lives. Future versions will control where people go even!

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Posted in: Wakayama man stealing uniform from school caught by mysterious man in restroom in middle of night See in context

Yeah.. it's a nonsense story. Another case of 'far too little info. Just enough for people to think how weird Japanese people are'. There are wackos everywhere. I would guess they are both perverts but one had immunity for grassing. If it is at all true!

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for attempting to kill 5 family members See in context

Some of you people amaze me. How can you be so judgemental over a case/incident which we all know very little about? We have no idea what drove this young man to take such drastic action. Did the report not also say the man was injured? Can you just dismiss that? Maybe the rest of the family were attacking him first? We don't know! You've just been given a small amount of info yet you've already decided the punishment. Amazing!

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Posted in: As Japan reboots 44-year-old nuclear reactor, experts sound alarm See in context

I'm shocked it is even being considered. Nuclear power is not the way forward. I'm surprised the Japanese scientists have not been working out a way to harness the power generated from earthquakes! They would prosper well if they succeeded!

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Posted in: Plans to sell alcohol at Olympic venues draw criticism from thirsty Tokyo residents See in context

Firstly I would like to dispute Bob Fosse's comment on Asahi beers. They are the best lagers in the world in my opinion!

Secondly I felt proud of Japan for avoiding lockdowns as much as possible and being slow to trust vaccinations which are still under trials. Now it seems they are being forced into a corner by world agendas. Sad to witness.. Japan is a wonderful and inspirational nation of people.

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Posted in: Step in See in context

Although I feel no insult is intended and people are being too touchy about it, maybe "welcome all" would be best!

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Posted in: Anxiety makes Japanese stingy, says psychologist See in context

Did somebody pay this guy for his research and opinions? Obviously a very generous person because he/she has paid for a complete load of nonsense. I can't imagine how anybody could have reached these riduculous conclusions from the observations listed. Stingy to save the best til last! What?

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Posted in: A fast food delivery guy gave me 10 yen and it made my day See in context

I think it is a typical story of a lovely race of people. The Japanese are so charming and that is what makes Japan my favourite country. Yes, it is the little things that count. It is an attitude lost by most of the world. I hope the Japanese don't get seduced by western ways and that they never change.

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Posted in: We're living in an age when anyone can become a stalker See in context

Burning Bush that is a very robotic mentality. Yes, that is how you would program a computer to respond but we are human! Haha.. even I have said no when I really mean yes or maybe... Can people not be allowed to tease? Obviously not in your world.

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Posted in: Osaka assemblyman in hot water for intimidating children via Line app See in context

Smart girls vs creepy pedo. Phew, I'm glad of the outcome, but he needs to be monitored from now on. He will try similar things again and maybe the girls won't be so smart.

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Posted in: Typhoon leaves up to 10 dead, dozens injured See in context

Can you expect resue workers to risk their lives looking for somebody stupid enough to surf in these conditions? No, no mercy for pure stupidity. It is a tragedy but he only has himself to blame.

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Posted in: Last crew member of Enola Gay dies in US See in context

I'm sorry but I can only regard this man as the messenger of evil. Whether he was a pawn or not is beside the point. What he contributed to was/is the most evil act ever perpertrated by the human race on the human race and all lifeforms. No sympathy from me and certainly no honour. He was certainly no hero! I will never forgive the US for this act. I don't believe they were not aware of exactly what their actions would result in. In my opinion this is far worse than the atrocities Hitler commited. Good ridance to the last survivor of Enola Gay.

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Posted in: Gov't gives up on plan to buy land for storing nuclear waste See in context

Zichi, yet again you have hit the nail on the head!

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Posted in: Heatwave kills 15; more than 8,000 hospitalised See in context

Well bully for you smart Alec TheInterstat. Aren't you the clever one (not)? I agree with MapleG. People suffer at much lower temperatures in cities and to think that old people would make it up just to socialise is ridiculous. Just because you might not suffer yourself does not mean people make it up. We all have different tolerances and our tolerance decreases with old age. I spent 3 months in Thailand in the summer and it was extremely hot then. I could cope but I was young. I couldn't cope now that I am in my 50's. If 8,000 people are hospitalised I can't see how anyone can say it is a sympathy call. My mother is in her 70's and she can't cope in the UK with 25 degrees! She is not a liar!!!

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl arrested for beheading classmate in Sasebo See in context

Let's focus more on the poor victim and her family. This is very sad indeed..

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Posted in: Do you support the restart of nuclear reactors in Japan? See in context

Thunderbird2.. It only takes one big quake though. That could happen anytime. So never mind the record since the 60s that is irelevant.

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Posted in: Do you support the restart of nuclear reactors in Japan? See in context

No, No, No! Lessons learned surely???

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Posted in: China executes Japanese man for drug offenses See in context

Strangerland, many thanks. You are the only person to make any sense on this topic. Not only that but the death penalty is wrong no matter what the crime. Anyway, the report does not mention any details about the offence. Perhaps it was just a dude with a splif! if it was a personal amount of any drug what harm is it to anyone else? Now does that deserve the death penalty in anyone's eyes?

No matter what the death penalty is primitive and wrong. To use violence, which the death penalty is, means that you do not have the intelligence to win the argument by reason. I feel very strongly about this.. so primitive you death mongers.

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Posted in: Kidnap suspect said he threatened to kill girl unless she got into his car See in context

Frungy, He used false plates! Did you not read the report?

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Posted in: Why do Japanese cleaning crews bow at trains? See in context

I think it is lovely whatever the reason. The Japanese are very polite and there certainly cannot be any harm in that. That is what makes them the most charming race on this planet! Why question it?

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Posted in: Campaigners push for pacifist Japanese people to win Nobel Peace Prize See in context

Of course Toshiko!!

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Posted in: Campaigners push for pacifist Japanese people to win Nobel Peace Prize See in context

You know what, I actually think this a validate candidate for the award. Perhaps the best possible candidate and certain winner. Yes, 128 million people have taken a stance and upheld peace and non agression! I love it! I love the Japanese people and I am sorry about the recent changes. Although I can seee Abe's point I think the Japanese should maintain what they have upheld for so long. A message to us all... Well done Japan, you get my vote!

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Posted in: Ramen restaurant manager arrested for kissing unwilling woman See in context

Hahaa, I can understand the attraction as Japanese women are soooo elegant. But there is no excuse for that kind of behaviour and ultimately disrespect! How would he like if somebody forced unwanted attention on him? We all deserve to be respected..except him!

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Posted in: Angry scenes as TEPCO shareholders demand end to nuclear power See in context

@zichi - Do you always read my mind? Haha.. you always post my sentiments and make the most sense to me. Fact not fiction.. that is how to address such issues as nuclear power disasters. Yes, compensation is an obligation that should be fully addressed by those responsible for what others have lost.

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Posted in: Tokyo rated No. 1 city in the world in Trip Advisor survey See in context

Well there's a surprise.. but not really. I've traveled to many countries in Europe and Asia and the US and Tokyo is by far the best city I have ever been to. Wow, to me Tokyo is heaven. I plan to move there once I can secure a job.

It all boils down to one thing, the people! Japanese people are the friendliest on this planet. They are helpful, happy, polite and honorable. Not nonly that but Japanese women are the most beautiful of all. Not just in appearance but by nature. they are really feminine, something that western women are losing.

Fairplay.. I totally agree with the poll results. Tokyo is the best city on earth but don't tell everyone or they will ruin it!

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