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I am totally against any prejudice be it race, creed or sexuality. I too get annoyed about all the gay rights campaigns and publicity but I also realise that some people need it rammed down their throats to get the message. It is about time that the human race accepted others for who and what they are. No discrimination... what a perfect world!

Being gay should not be an issue for anyone. Just like your skin colour.

I am heterosexual but I have many friends and relatives that are not. It's never made me raise my eyebrows because if it is a problem (which it shouldn't be) it is their problem not mine.

Live and let live.. the sooner everyone adopts this opinion the less publicity gays will seek...

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Fukuppy made me laugh so much I could not type for ten minutes... hehee. Kinki, I already knew about and i actually think it is a really nice name for a place. There is a really good band in England called Chikinki. Very kawaii name. But Fukuppy... hahaa

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I work in technology and I find Apple infuriating from all perspectives. They charge consumers far more than their competitors and have no global view of collaboration. They stick with exclusivity which is detremental to the consumer. 20 years ago they were the best for multimedia but now the competition has caught up and exceeded them in many regards. I'm not a fan of microsoft either but if these giants worked together it would be advantagious to us all.

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I'm totally opposed to war and regard myself as a pacifist. The stance Japan has taken since WWII is very admirable and shows compassion, strength and humanity above what most nations abide by. On the other hand why should Japan be the only nation that limits their own power in the face of conflict? Why should Japan self impose dissability on themselves? Just because they allow themselves more freedom to take military action doesn't make it anymore likely that they will. They as a nation have already proved that they ultimately strive for peace. Unlike some of their neighbouring countries. On that basis I think perhaps Abe has a good point !!!

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Posted in: M6.3 quake hits off Kyushu; 17 injuries reported See in context

I experienced a 5.3 whilst in Tokyo last year so i can imagine what a 6.3 must be like. I think a 6 is 10 times greater than a 5!

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I can't really comment on Japan's stance on nuclear power because I do not live in Japan (unfortunately). But on the otherhand I think it is a global question as to whether it safe to switch them on. Japan cannot decide alone on this question as it has the potential to affect the whole world. I can fully understand the need for nuclear power in Japan as there is little natural fuel resource available there. Unfortunately Japan is a volatile land for such plants and there will always be global concern..

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Right that confirms it. I'll be flying Skymark whenever possible! :)

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I've read every single comment on this subject and I can't help thinking that most of you and the politicians are stuck in the past. Move on... the war was nearly 70 years ago. Is there a nation on this planet that has not committed atrocities? Surely evolution should be about advancement and not clinging on to what we were before. as a species are we not in search of peace and harmony? Forget the war/s. All of them. If you can't do that then learn from them and think of them as big mistakes. WAR IS HATRED! War will always create monsters from mild mannered humans.

This is not about forgiveness.. the war junkies were generations before us. Nobody should suffer the sins of the fathers.

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The point is it is all well and good to recognise mistakes of the past and learn from them but do not base opinion of a nation on history. Look at where and what Japan is now. We cannot base opinion on the past as every nation would be riddled with guilt and shame. Since the war, nearly 70 years ago, what has Japan become? Probably the most admirable nation in the world! And what of China?

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Get real world. Japan has never acted as a threat to other nations unless under attack. The Japanese are the most admirable race of people on the planet and should not be hindered by the paranoa of a dictatorship nation like China. Japan has enough to worry about without other nations making their very existence any more difficult. As a nation they have no natural resources for fuel so that is why plutonium is a necessary comodity. Not only do they have the constant threats of volcanic activity, eathquakes, tsunamis etc. but they also have China.

Kick a nation whilst they're down why don't you? Leave them alone or offer some help. They are struggling whilst China is a rising nation determined to achieve global domination. Personally I have never met a race of people that are more sincere and human than the Japanese.

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Haha Ken, your post is very amusing although you are missing a very important point (at least from a male perspective). Japanese women are so beautiful! Is that not why western men wish to learn Japanese? Learning a new language is but a small task considering the possible rewards.

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