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Posted in: Turkish pilots, official get 4-year jail over Ghosn escape See in context

Greed conquers all. Do you think Carlos Ghosn has the ability to master mind this multi country escape? There is a missing Link or Carlos indeed has a devious mens rea

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Posted in: Distillery drinking up plaudits as its craft whisky proves a hit See in context

I’ll drink to that

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Posted in: SoftBank reaches deal with WeWork See in context

It would be an interesting thesis for MBA students to analyze Son’s decision making from a to Z on this deal. Can Son vindicate himself and spin this around?

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Posted in: After solid Twins debut, Maeda aims to finish even stronger See in context

Go Kenta!!! Where is your World Series ring? You earned it

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Posted in: LDP wants more women at meetings, but only if they don't talk: Nikai See in context

Where have I heard this before? In America we lambaste old white men who led us through the genocide of Native Americans, the mass kidnapping and slavery of blacks, the unlawful internment of Japanese Americans and the deaths of over 6000 young American servicemen and women in the middle east based on lies of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The Japanese have their own version called “Hardheaded old Japanese men” who dragged Japan through the barbarism committed in Asian countries against its innocent peoples. Unfortunately male hegemony is still pervasive in Japan today. Most men in Japan make more money than women for the same job, Japanese management is devoid of women, Men don’t stand up for women and the elderly in crowded trains.... and the list goes on and on

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Posted in: Man to be extradited to Japan for aiding Ghosn's escape accuses U.S. of 'betrayal' See in context

Quotes from an ole Public defender:

“If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”

“Believe me, I’ve got the perfect crime“

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Posted in: Japan likely to hit COVID-19 herd immunity in Oct: researcher See in context

Incompetency and bureaucracy rule Japan. The government should have been vaccinating its citizens in late December and not wait till March. The vaccines are unavailable as the EU and other countries have not received sufficient amounts towards their quota. Japan may have to resort to vaccines from Russia and China where efficacy is as low as 45%. Herd immunity in Japan will not take place until mid 2022 or later

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Posted in: New coronavirus cases in Tokyo fall to 618; nationwide tally 2,764 See in context

Since the Japanese government is unprepared to vaccinate its citizens until March, here’s one way to stop the pandemic so the Olympics can be held in Japan in July: register all bar and restaurant owners of establishments that stay open past 8 PM at night. Also include all customers who patronize these establishments after 8 PM. This group of people will have a lower priority for hospitalization due to the pandemic. Hospitals and medical facilities must admit Covid patients from the general population before they can admit these owners and customers who are uncooperative and have no concern for the health and welfare of their fellow citizens

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Posted in: A farewell to @realDonaldTrump, gone after 57,000 tweets See in context

“He rocks in the tree-top all the day long

Hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singin' his song

All the little birds on Jay Bird Street

Love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet”

sadly and unfortunately America’s leader whiled away his days tweeting, playing golf, watching daytime dramas on TV and praising Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Adolf Hitler. It was the consortium of his ex-wives Ivana, Maria and Melania who ran the White House while the corona fueled chaos raged unchecked across the country.

To quote Donald, “we are doing too much testing for the numbers should be much lower“. Sadly, the Trump supporters do not wear a mask to show solidarity with their great leader.

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Posted in: An isolated Trump faces looming impeachment threat See in context

Trump’s final Trump card is to call Putin for help. All of this banal chaos goes on while hilarity rocks Xi Jinping‘s headquarters

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Posted in: Airbus to meet suppliers amid jet output concerns, sources say See in context

As Boeing falls down Airbus cannot seize the opportunity except shoot it self in the foot.

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Posted in: Japanese beauty firm under fire over CEO comments on Koreans See in context

Racially bigoted CEOs will drag their corporate empires into bankruptcy. Consumers should mail their receipts to these CEOs and ask for a refund.

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Posted in: Councilwoman says her ouster shows gender bias in politics See in context

We were planning to visit that area but now we will only go if the Mayor is ousted and Arai san is reinstated. Shoko Arai should file a criminal complaint against the mayor. Japanese male politicians need to grow up and become educated about racial and gender equality.

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Posted in: Taiwan marks 200 days without domestic COVID-19 infection See in context

Taiwan is the safest counrry from the pandemic but it was not invited by Hawaii to send its citizens for quarantine waiver entry to Hawaii. Hawaii's governor pushed for Japan's tourists to be first for that waiver.

it is another misstep by Hawaii's governor and a slight against Taiwan's outstanding achievement. In fact New Zealand and Vietnam have better records than Hawaii but will get no headway from the governor who is of Japanese ancestry.

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Posted in: The survivor: Last Korean war criminal in Japan wants recognition See in context

His country was occupied and many of his country men were forced into slave labor and military service. He was treated inhumanely from day one. Sure he was remembered for criminal acts in the military but knowing the Japanese army he was forced into following orders that were criminal. Put yourself in those circumstances

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Posted in: What 'uyoku dantai' and Japanese alt-right groups want See in context

General MacArthur‘s biggest mistake was not to require that schools include the factual history of Japan’s War time atrocities and transgressions against its Asian neighbors. This has fostered a generation of hate and discrimination based on an uninformed and misinformed public. The government cannot apologize for it’s past transgressions against its Asian neighbors for it knows not what to apologize for. These far right hate groups in Japan are just like the Nazis in the United States. The only difference is the Nazis are encouraged by Donald Trump. Abe cannot control the right wing hate groups in Japan because he knows not what the true history is.

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

The easiest and quickest way to stop the spread of the coronavirus among the 20 and 30-year-olds is to limit alcohol sales and consumption in bars and restaurants to those who are at least 40 years old The daily virus count will drop dramatically. These establishments will now have a More responsible customer base wearing facemasks and practicing social distancing. This way the bars and restaurants can still remain opened for business with a chance to survive.

To cut down on the spread of the coronavirus among the homeless and/or quarantined travelers requires a simpler solution. Require all establishments selling retail and on premises consumption of alcohol to require proof of current and permanent residency. Homeless shelters qualify as permanent residency but must have a current time stamp

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Posted in: Human rights demo? Thanks but no thanks, says Kurdish residents' association See in context

Japan is a nation of a diminishing populous. It’s rural communities will disappear absent government intervention. Japan can help itself by being a beacon of hope for the oppressed and the abandoned in the world community. The Kurds are the most deserving of help and a safe refuge. They have been oppressed for decades and recently backstabbed by Donald Trump after they fought side-by-side with American troops Japan should extend a welcoming hand to a most deserving group of refugees. The Kurds will help build Japan’s future

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Posted in: Pachinko: A brief guide to a Japanese obsession See in context

Who owns these pachinko game rooms? Are they entertainment industry companies? Are they Organized crime families?

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Posted in: Many pachinko parlors stay open despite state of emergency See in context

I remember Prime Minister Naoto Kan exclaiming “this is the end of Japan“ when the Fukushima nuclear reactors were melting down. Now the rest of the world is hunkered down and all bars. restaurants and nonessential activities are closed in developed countries. In the meantime, the bars, restaurants, cinemas and pachinko parlors are still open in Japan. Japanese citizens will pay the price for incompetent leadership. Zannen desu ne.

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Posted in: With new 'English Online Banking' service, Sony Bank rises to say that Japan finally has a bank for foreign residents in Japan See in context

Japanese banks are like dinosaurs. They do not have online banking in English for nonresident customers. They should join the rest of the world Banks that serve the international banking community. They will be amazed with the magnitude of the international nonresident market.

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Posted in: Abe backs WHO on coronavirus See in context

Abe has finally differentiated himself from the Donald Trump style of fighting COVID-19. He is right to maintain support for WHO

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context

Prime Minister Abe has become the Donald Trump of Japan. He is copying his crony in all phases to fight COVID-19 by uninformed and unscientific means to the end. Our sympathies go to the families of the victims who need not have died because of the incompetent leader ship

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Posted in: Businessman paid $8.2 mil by Tokyo Olympics bid lobbied figure at center of French corruption probe See in context

The old adage goes: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it must be a horse. All the chicanery and debauchery involved in the network of bribes leads one to believe in what the Japanese call “bachi”. The postponed Olympics will cost it’s citizens Olympic sized losses of billions of dollars. All of the co-conspirators should be held financially accountable. Shame on them. They have reduced the Olympic flame to a flicker

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Posted in: Chilean man accused of killing Japanese student to be extradited to France See in context

Let’s see. Matches and a flammable liquid Were to barbecue a steak in the victims apartment. And as a parting gesture over their break up, he was going to clean her apartment with bleach as a parting gift. Finally, to commemorate the end of their relationship, he went to plant a tree in the mountains 15 miles from her residence. It’s in great defense.

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Posted in: Darvish speaks of anti-Asian discrimination in U.S. amid outbreak See in context

During the second world war American Chinese were spat on and assaulted by whites shouting vulture epithets describing the Japanese. During the Vietnam conflict I and two black Air Force officers were denied housing in the civilian communities of Panama City, Florida because of the color of our skin and maybe because I looked like the VC. If the latter was the case then I apologize to my black compatriots. Racism is entrenched within the fabric of American society and inspired by the words and actions of our great leader

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Posted in: Mother arrested for attempted murder of 25-year-old son See in context

Is this perpetrator a Korean National? But she has a Japanese first name. I assume she has a legal status in Japan as a citizen or a legal resident.If someone in America is in the news we normally don’t identify that person by his or her ancestry. I assume that the reporter for this tabloid inserted the woman’s ancestry.

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Posted in: Finance Ministry will not probe Moritomo Gakuen scandal again: Aso See in context

It’s the tip of the iceberg. Remember, loose lips sink ships

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Posted in: Japan Times changes reference to 'comfort women' after backlash See in context

Looking at the gist of the comments, it appears that Japan is still a male chauvinist society. Equally disturbing is the predominance of racial prejudice among Japanese males. This national deficiency explains the Japanese ethos motivating the barbarism committed during the second world war and the failings of international relations in the current era

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Posted in: 2 men sought over 3 bag-snatching incidents in one morning See in context

These punks are all over the world. They all pick on defenseless women and the elderly. They travel in groups because they are cowards. We have them in Hawaii and they pick on Japanese tourists. The next time you see a purse snatching in progress just slug the perpetrator and they will run away because they are afraid to fight

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