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Posted in: '2024 bug' to wreak havoc on Japan's logistics See in context

The economical solution is to follow the example in America. Deliveries are made to the door whether the occupant is home or not.

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Posted in: Moment of truth as Japan eyes review of foreign 'trainee' workers See in context

99% of bureaucratic decision-makers in Japan are old Japanese males. They carry forth the misconceived political will that led Japan into his barbaric and disastrous journey described as the second world war. Japan has had the greatest opportunity to enhance its employment base and make a dent into it’s population decline but these old men fumbled the ball. Young men and women must step up to the plate and change this feudalistic hierarchy

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Posted in: Japan discusses regional defense in rare visit to Taiwan See in context

Since Xi dominates Biden, Japan has to step up to the plate. It is time for South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand to fill the void caused by Bidens indecision and unassertiveness When it comes to China’s threat to Taiwan’s sovereignty and democracy

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Posted in: BOJ will not budge on easing to spur wage growth: deputy chief See in context

It is wishful thinking by Kuroda when he hopes that by easing credit it will spur wage growth. Japanese Capitalists have historically exploited their labor force by holding down wages. Japan should be legislatively mandating a living minimum wage for males and females. It should also mandate equal pay for equal work and not exploit female workers. This Will result in more spending by consumers and will uplift the economy.

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Posted in: Why is a Pelosi visit to Taiwan causing tension? See in context

The issue is Biden not Pelosi. China knows that Biden talks the talk but can’t walk the talk. Biden will not definitively commit The United States to defend Taiwan if China attacks. He is a Paper Tiger and is willing to acquiesce over China’s hegemony over Taiwan and the Philippines. Indecisiveness will result in making Guam and Hawaii the front line to China’s aggression. Taiwan supported the US during the Vietnam conflict by allowing US forces to be based there and to support air missions in Vietnam. Biden is failing a loyal and strong ally. Instead, he should be basing American air defense facilities and forces on Taiwan to strengthen the alliance against China.

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Posted in: Whale meat is still not recognized as an ordinary food product. I want to spread the word about delicious ways to eat whale meat, even to people who have never tried it before. See in context

Now, all we need is to stop Japan from killing whales. The government banned serving whale meat to school students nationwide because of high mercury content. So what’s the point in continuing this barbaric practice? Let’s work together to save these beautiful creatures

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Posted in: Huge groups of fin whales sign of hope for ocean giants See in context

Now, all we need is to stop Japan from killing whales. The government banned serving whale meat to school students nationwide because of high mercury content. So what’s the point in continuing this barbaric practice? Let’s work together to save these beautiful creatures

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Posted in: China's Xi: No reason to change Hong Kong's 'one country, two systems' formula See in context

China breached its covenant with Britain to maintain a one government two systems Hong Kong. The Geo political question is “what can Britain do about it ?” When China commences it’s attack on Taiwan and the world responds in Taiwan’s defense and defeats China. Can Britain repossess Hong Kong? And the bigger question is “does Tibet regain its sovereignty and do the Uighurs become a free people?”

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Posted in: China accuses New Zealand of 'misguided' accusations See in context

Biden’s non-assertive stance and inactions in response to China’s expansion of its military dominance in the Pacific and southeast Asian waters indicate a concession of the Philippines and Taiwan to China while drawing the line in the sand for “white” Australia and New Zealand. That is comforting for the two latter countries but they become the new frontline along with Guam and Hawaii. However, is Biden’s support for Australia and New Zealand limited to Ukrainian type assistance in the form of materiel and financial aid as to not engage China directly?

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Posted in: Japan, Philippines vow to maintain rules-based maritime order See in context

Unfortunately Marco‘s is another paper tiger. The ruthless Duterte could not force the 200 plus Chinese vessels from the territorial waters of the Philippines. That area now belongs to China. As the expression in the Philippines goes “I sos marios!”

….”I give up!”

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Posted in: Opponents of SDF base on island worry as it puts down roots See in context

If the residents want the SDF out then they should start learning Mandarin to accommodate their future neighbors

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Posted in: Taiwan not included in launch of new Biden Indo-Pacific pact See in context

Biden is showing The world that he would prefer confronting our foes From afar. He does not want to engage in fisticuffs. He will do the same for Taiwan as he does for Ukraine which is we’ll back you but that’s all. He has all but given up to China’s domination of the oceans in the Pacific. He does not have the willpower To send our troops to Taiwan. Taiwan is on its own

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Posted in: Japan to allow 20,000 daily international arrivals from June See in context

What’s the use? With current immigration policies that allow Approximately 1/3 of arrivals that are projected in June, Wait time in immigration is as long as seven hours. How many passengers realistically can wait in line for seven hours or more when it comes to increased arrivals in June. Bureaucracy rules again in Japan

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

This is a Keystone cop version of the ringisho system of Japanese decision making. There must be consensus building before any meaningful and significant action can be taken. They have to go to the whole process again to decide whether the identity and photo of the perpetrator can be made public. By that time the perp could be halfway across the world and back. Hawaii has a similar situation with its governor. it takes him about 10 days before he can reach a decision when time is of the essence. It took him 43 minutes to cancel a false missile attack from North Korea that had all of its citizens in Hawaii scrambling for cover. He said he couldn’t find his Twitter password when all he had to do was call 911

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

I know people who have homes in Japan but aren’t allowed in. This just shows how incompetent the Japanese immigration system is. He who has money makes the rules. Let’s hear the sanitized explanation from the immigration department

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Posted in: Japan planning to allow 20,000 daily foreign arrivals in June See in context

What’s the use? Returning residents from Golden Week vacations are experiencing up to 7 hour waits in immigration. Japan is unprepared

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Posted in: Human rights lawyer from Korean community in Japan undeterred by hate See in context

One should feel sorry for these prejudiced Japanese who spew hate and violence at other minorities. For they are uneducated and culturally deprived. Many of them grew up in dysfunctional families and now find themselves in Low income jobs unable to find vertical mobility and a place in functional society. Unfortunately their children will grow up just like their parents

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

As long as Japan is run by old misogynist Japanese men things will never change. Their forefathers got Japan into pillaging and rampaging all over Asia. Their discriminatory and predatory immigration policies commit Japan to a declining population that will only accelerate into oblivion

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Posted in: Brazil deforestation shatters April record See in context

Greed conquers all

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Posted in: Yoshinoya refused to let 'foreign' student attend recruitment event See in context

This company is out of control. Can consumers afford a boycott?

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Posted in: Japan's 'womenomics' pioneer says mindsets must change See in context

In the US women’s rights are declining. The country is led by old white males who are making abortion illegal. They are dictating that women have no power over their own bodies. It’s like women telling men that they must be castrated for committing rape or causing the birth of an unwanted child. Hmmmm. Maybe that’s a good idea.

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Posted in: Japan's industry minister negative toward banning Russian oil imports See in context

Again, another flub by old Japanese men running the country. Never mind that Japan imports less than 8% of carbon pollutant energy from Russia and never mind that Putin will never give Japan back its northern territories, Japan cannot support its allies and stand up to dictator Putin. It comes down to greed conquers all. Kowtow to Japanese oil and gas importers rather than doing the right thing. Let’s hope when Japan needs the support Old men leading its Allies will be less avericial

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Posted in: Relatives try to fulfill missing Hokkaido boat couple's marriage hopes See in context

I saw the owner of the boat run from the reporters. After his decision to send the boat out in severe inclement weather he can’t face the public and apologize. Greed conquers all

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Posted in: Operator of missing Hokkaido boat apologizes for causing fatal accident See in context

Greed conquers all. Arrest and charge him to with negligent homicide. Each passenger who died demands of life sentence without parole for this social deviance.

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Posted in: Object ruled out as sunken Hokkaido boat after diver checks See in context

The boat captain was advised by fishermen returning to port because of rough seas that it was too dangerous to go out. Did the owner of the boat order the captain to proceed anyway? Greed conquers all.

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Posted in: Record-low yen risks turning Japan into a 'poor country' See in context

Japan is paying the price for its past irrational policies in bowing to Business pressure to allow the proliferation of part time workers, misogynist business practices of limiting female vertical mobility and gender based unequal pay for equal work. In addition, Japan needs to increase its skilled worker immigration policy by tenfold to rejuvenate its stale economy. This will surely shore up the international strength of the yen and rehabilitate the domestic consumer economy

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Posted in: Ghosn says he is ready to defend himself See in context

His bribes to government officials to ban him from leaving Lebanon is only good until the next Lebanese election. If these officials are booted out where do you think Ghosn will flee to? Brazil is a good candidate or some other South American bureaucracy were bribes will be willingly accepted

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Posted in: French prosecutors issue international arrest warrant for Ghosn See in context

Ghosn, the master chess player, has found himself to be checkmated. There are at least two other jurisdictions contemplating indicting him in addition to France and Japan. He is confined to Lebanon for life amidst the bombed out city plagued with power and water outages. The proverbial out of the frying pan and into the fire. Se la vie.

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Posted in: Famed directors denounce sexual abuse in Japanese film industry See in context

My lady friends took a look at pictures of Shion Sono, Houka Kinoshita and Hideo Sasaki and made comments like “These guys aren’t even good looking” and “ no wonder they had to resort to rape“.

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Posted in: Japan rejects South Korean protest over school textbooks' descriptions See in context

Japan is locked arm and arm with Russia, China, Myanmar and Syria. This consortium led by Japan censors the truth out of school textbooks. If you believe Japan, World War II never happened Thousands of women voluntarily went to Japan to volunteer as sex slaves. Over 100,000 Korean men Went Voluntarilyto Japan to work as slaves in munitions factories and mines during the war. The problem with these old man who lead Japan today is that they cannot face the truth and apologize for past transgressions. Let’s hope the new generation of leaders Will spread Goodwill instead of hiding the truth And censoring school textbooks.

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