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Posted in: Japan begins 6th release of Fukushima treated radioactive water See in context

Russia and China are objecting to the Fukushima water release in the ocean primarily for political reasons, however, to placate these kibitzers Japan should do the following: it should release the water on the Senkaku Islands. It will create a new forestry industry for Japan. It can also form a coalition of EU countries and the west to create a multinational nuclear waste disposal site on the Senkakus. Japan’s reticence in acting like a sovereign owner over the Senkakus creates a chink in the armor that even Toranaga Shogun would find untenable. Like we say in the west “use it or lose it!”.

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Posted in: Japan protests after China, Russia call released Fukushima water 'contaminated' See in context

To placate Russia and China about releasing Fukushima water into the ocean, release the water on the Senkkaku islands. Japan can create a new forestry industry there. At the same time, instead of looking for nuclear waste Disposal sites On the main islands of

partner with the US and NATO countries, to create a multinational nuclear waste disposal site on the Senkaku Islands. If Japan owns those islands, it should act like a sovereign owner. Use it or lose it.

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Posted in: Coppola's long-awaited epic 'Megalopolis' divides Cannes See in context

He self financed the film from production to release. Give the guy a break based on his past successes

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Posted in: U.S. Navy flagship carrier USS Ronald Reagan leaves its Japan home port after nearly 9 years See in context

Use it or lose it. The article brought up the Senkaku islands dispute. Instead of Japan looking for nuclear waste disposal sites on its main islands, it should partner up with the US, the European Union and other Allied countries looking for nuclear waste disposal sites and create a new multi nation disposal site in the Senkakus. Japan can also dispose of its stored water from the Fukushima nuclear plant in the same area of the islands. Why let a foreign power like China dictate how you use your own territory?

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Posted in: Nature and human nature mingle in beguiling Japanese film 'Evil Does Not Exist' See in context

De ja vu. Say what?…. Didn’t we see a movie with the same plot two or three years ago? Is this a review of that movie that was previously released?

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. military presence in Japan impedes any peace treaty with Tokyo See in context

Putin has told his foreign minister, Lazarov many times that Japan will never get back It’s northern territories. He is exploiting Japanese foreign policy and intends to build more Russian military bases on the illegally seized Lands.

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Posted in: Sweden officially joins NATO, ending decades of post-World War II neutrality See in context

The longer Putin extends the invasion of Ukraine, the sooner it will be for Austria, Malta, Ireland and Cypress to apply for membership in NATO. Greed conquers all and Putin is a mundane example of an avaricial despot who will soon lose all his power and ill-gotten wealth. Only Donald Trump can save him or vice versa.

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Posted in: Japan and India agree to step up security and economic cooperation See in context

Seriously? Can India be trusted? They get their oil and weapons from Russia. They disregard all of the international sanctions against Russia for attacking Ukraine. When push comes to shove, they will always side with Russia over Japan. They will need Putin to placate China over the border disputes that are becoming more frequent. Japan cannot offer India, anything, except the appearance of friendship and cooperation

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Posted in: Japan diversifying seafood export destinations after China ban See in context

The price for Fukushima scallops in America is unchanged. It is $26 a pound or higher in retail markets.

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Posted in: 4th Fukushima treated radioactive water release to start Wednesday See in context

The price for Fukushima scallops in America is unchanged. It is $26 a pound or higher in retail markets.

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Posted in: Soccer player Ito sues accusers for ¥200 mil over sexual assault claim See in context

Ito has taken the offensive. Sue the hell out of his accusers to scare them into dropping the charges. These women probably have no significant assets to be scared by this tactic. He could face the music in court or he could do what a famous NBA player did when accused of rape. In that case he bought the victim off and the case was dropped by the complainant.

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Posted in: S Korea forced labor victim gets compensation from Japanese firm See in context

Not even a word of apology, or an act of contrition from these Zaibatsu conglomerates who are hiding behind a treaty. Show some humanity or these protests will never die.

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Posted in: Air Force knows what failed on U.S. Osprey in Japan crash, but still doesn't know why See in context

Greed conquers all. It started with a few southern senators who insisted on building the Osprey in their home state. Aviators and aircraft designers opposed the building of the Osprey due to foreseeable deficiencies and design flaws. So aircrews who lost their lives in Osprey crashes are paying the price for political greed.

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Posted in: Crooked restaurants caught overcharging customers, serving mislabelled meat See in context

Greed conquers all. Never patronize an establishment where touts are outside hustling victims. If the food is good, you will see a long line of waiting customers

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Posted in: How Trump urging Russia to invade 'delinquent' NATO members distorts how the alliance works See in context

Late breaking news!!!

Car bumper stickers proliferating in red states:


Trump has selected his vice presidential running mate for 2024. He will help Putin become a naturalized citizen and change the laws to allow Putin to be the vice president of the United States. He has also tapped Rudy Giuliani to be Secretary of State. Tommy Tuberville was asked to be Secretary of Defense.

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Posted in: Wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant leaked radioactive water, TEPCO says See in context

Total incompetence. Looks like no one inspected the valves for days and there were probably no monitoring cameras or sensors. Tepco should let Boeing take over the decommissioning and clean up. At least they could do a better job.

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Posted in: Chinese ships warn Japan SDF planes to leave airspace near Senkakus See in context

Japan exacerbates the situation by declining to exercise its territorial rights to the island. It could, for example, establish a WeatherStation on the Island. It could even release its Fukushima water discharges on the island to encourage flora and fauna development which could lead to commercial agriculture endeavors. In other words act like you own the Island which you claim. Use it or lose it and you don’t blame China to see the opportunity in the face of a reticent government that hesitates to act like an owner

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Posted in: Taylor Swift could make it from Tokyo to Super Bowl. Parking her private jet could be tricky See in context

No problem Taylor. Just do a commercial plug for US Air Force recruiting and the Air Force will accommodate you by letting you park your jet at Nellis Air Force base. You can do a great version of “the Air Force Blues”.

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Posted in: Former Tokyo Olympic official says he's not guilty of taking bribes See in context

Greed conquers all

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Posted in: How genocide officially became a crime, and why South Africa is accusing Israel of committing it See in context

Hogwash. South Africa, North Korea, China, Iran, India and Belarus are Russia’s staunchest allies. Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine. South Africa supplies Putin with arms and munitions. It is one of Russia’s largest trading partners in defiance of international sanctions. For South Africa to raise the issue of genocide is not only hypocritical but it is a party to crimes against humanity. South Africa should be brought before the international court of justice as a co-conspirator with Russia.

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Posted in: Beijing steps up military pressure on Taiwan See in context

In response to China’s bullying of Taiwan, America barks at China while wielding a big stick. We know what China’s motives are but what are America’s intentions in this international confrontation? It can’t be over Taiwan’s sovereignty because Nixon and Kissinger kowtowed to China decades ago. America’s actions in Southeast Asia and Taiwan have only been in it’s self interest to contain China and to protect the safe passage of merchant ships through oceans now proclaimed by China as its territorial waters.

in America’s increasingly self protective political atmosphere, Uncle Sam does not have the balls to enter into a treaty with Taiwan nor will it station American troops on that island nation. America soon forgets that Taiwan supported the US during the Southeast Asian conflict with Vietnam by allowing American bases to refuel B-52 bombers enroute to bombing missions over Hanoi.

The future does not look bright with Trump’s MAGA on the horizon. The Republicans want to pull out of Ukraine and will likely not support Taiwan. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and other Southeast Asian countries must step up to the plate and form a NATO like organization for their own self protection and self I determination.

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Posted in: The training that saved JAL passengers was worth every yen See in context

Question: how did the JAL cabin crew’s response and decision making compare to the TEPCO Fukushima nuclear power plant crew’s response and reaction to that disaster? Was the Japanese “ringisho” system of decision making a part of the critical actions taken?

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Posted in: Japan's labor productivity ranked 30th among 38 OECD members in 2022 See in context

This is the result of decades of exploitation of the working class by Japanese industrialists and politicians. Minimum wage on the West Coast of the United States averages around $14 an hour while the minimum wage in Japan is seven dollars an hour. Japanese women do not receive equal pay for equal work compared to their male counterparts. Glass ceilings also prevent Japanese women from vertical mobility, in corporate Japan.

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Posted in: Foreign English teacher in Japan calls student’s ability garbage; says it was an 'American joke' See in context

Please enlighten me. School children in the Philippines speak fluent English, and at least two Filipino dialects. Japanese High school graduates can hardly speak English. Wouldn’t it be better to have Japanese students take a vocational class of their choice instead of a wasteful English class?

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Posted in: Prospect of wage growth still challenging for households, BOJ See in context

In Japan, only the industrialists and politicians have fat wallets. The minimum wage in Japan is seven dollars an hour. The minimum wage in Hawaii is $14 an hour. It is time for the Japanese workers to stand up for their rights. Equal pay for equal work. No glass ceilings for women workers. Increase the pensions for retired workers. Stop the exploitation of part-time workers. End the abuse of foreign trainees. Japan must join the rest of the developed countries in recognizing workers rights.

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Posted in: Territorial disputes with Japan over, says Russian foreign minister See in context

Years ago, Putin told Lazarov that Japan will never get its land back. Putin was milking Japan for all the royal treatment he gets when visiting there.

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Posted in: Kishida pitches Japan scallops at ASEAN dinner to counter China import ban See in context

Japanese Scallops still $26/lb in the U.S. Go fiiggah.

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Posted in: Top gov't spokesman allegedly received ¥10 mil in kickbacks: source See in context

Greed conquers all. Why are old Japanese male politicians synonymous with corruption?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics sullied by bid-rigging, bribery trials more than 2 years after Games See in context

Greed conquers all. The appropriate Japanese term for what happened to Dentsu is called “ Bachi “.

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Posted in: Japan gets 'fossil' award again as climate action slammed See in context

It’s interesting that China is the world’s largest consumer of fossil fuels but it was not given the award

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