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Posted in: Prosecutors indict 3 ex-SDF members in reopened sexual assault probe See in context

You go girl! Hope more women step forward.

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Posted in: Kishida outlines plans to tackle falling birthrate See in context

The fastest and most effective way for Japan to increase its birth rate is to require all vendors who contract with city, provincial and the national government to to comply with equal pay for equal work, a universal minimum wage and removal of all glass ceilings preventing Women from upward mobility

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Posted in: Kishida outlines plans to tackle falling birthrate See in context

If the administration is serious about solving the declining birth rate in Japan it should start with elevating the status of women by removing glass ceilings in corporate and governmental institutions and establishing equal pay for equal work for women. And lastly establish a decent minimum wage for all genders

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Posted in: Progress made in Japan on gender wage gap, but more must be done: gov't See in context

Japan is led by old Japanese men who don’t have a clue about gender equality. It is time for women throughout the country to organize, Unionize, protest and demonstrate in the streets throughout Japan.

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Posted in: Political boys club staining reputation of Japan's winter wonderland See in context

Is this typical of all political bodies in Japan? Sadly, the answer is yes. Women are relegated to subordinate roles and subject to sexual harassment even in Japan’s military and corporate board rooms. Societal change starts from the top but that means electing a dynamic leader

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Posted in: Japan drops to 104th in gender disparity rank in World Bank survey See in context

Japan is facing a declining population while having an increase in elderly care. To reverse that trend Japan must achieve gender parity in wages and remove the glass ceiling which prevents women from upward mobility in their jobs. Unfortunately, Japan is run by old men with ancient views and they do not see the direct relationship between gender equality and increasing the likelihood of population growth in Japan

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Posted in: Japan hails S Korea's solution to wartime labor compensation dispute See in context

Japan will need South Korea’s help if North Korean missiles start landing on Japan. All concerned Japanese citizens and companies should donate to the fund proposed in this article

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Posted in: Survivors still being found as quake death toll tops 28,000 See in context

Erdogan’s initial response was that 350 people had died in the earthquake. He has learned well from his friend Putin, by under stating the gravity of his losses. That initial response, caused a major delay in aid from abroad.

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Posted in: 4 more arrested over Tokyo Olympics bid rigging See in context

Greed conquers all

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Posted in: At least 1,400 dead, thousands injured after quake hits Turkey, Syria See in context

Sweden is sending help politics aside

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Posted in: Republicans criticize Biden for waiting to shoot down Chinese balloon See in context

at least three Chinese balloons passed over the US during trumps administration. Of course the GOP only has a one-sided perspective of life which is we can do no wrong, but don’t you ever do a minor wrong.

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

Japan’s failure to establish a decent minimum wage can be Directly related to Japan’s low birth rate. For decades, Japanese women have foregone having more children because they could not afford to have more children with the meager earnings. they were bringing home. Japan must establish a decent minimum wage to increase its population.

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Posted in: 3 admit to bribery in securing Tokyo Olympics sponsorship See in context

Greed conquers all. Show no mercy. Oh, wait there is an issue of bachi in this case. The Covid Olympics skewed the issue. It’s called double whammy. Government prosecution plus loss of business opportunity. Which brings in another saying: you reap what you sow.

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Posted in: Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra to perform in Tokyo and Osaka See in context

Too bad I can’t attend this great event because I live overseas. What a treat for those who live in Japan,

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Posted in: Man gets suspended term for damaging Korean international school in Osaka See in context

In this case, the court’s leniency belies The Japanese judicial system’s indifference to hate crimes against minorities in Japan. At least in the US the authorities, take a strong stance against Asian hate crimes. Prejudice is ingrained in Japanese society and the strongest condemnation is warranted

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Posted in: Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages See in context

Corporate greed is invincible in Japan’s history and relegates Japan to lose its nationhood in 50 years. It shall become a province of another nation that has handled its aging population with careful planning and foreseeability.

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Posted in: Ex-Japan PM Mori harsh on Zelenskyy over war in Ukraine See in context

MORI has a habit of sticking his foot in his mouth. He was Putin‘s caddy when all the while Putin had no intent and still does not intend to return the northern territories. He is interfering with Japanese diplomacy and should be banned from all appointed positions

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Posted in: Putin will not go to G20 summit in Bali See in context

Putin’s a coward. Of course he won’t go to Indonesia to confront the animosity of the worlds leaders. He won’t even go to the front lines of the war he started for fear of being shot and killed by his own troops who have become cannon fodder

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile toward eastern sea See in context

Developing countries at the recent climate conference determined that North Korea is the leading country to reimburse the poor nations for climate change damages. One ballistic missile fired by North Korea is equal to 30 years of Kenya’s carbon output.

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Posted in: S Korea in shock, grief after 153 die in Halloween crowd surge See in context

It was reported that about five males started pushing the crowd from the back which initiated the disaster. I remember watching the Bastille day parade in Paris when about three males deliberately pushed the crowd for about 40 meters causing many people to fall on each other

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Posted in: N Korea fires another missile; flies warplanes near border with S Korea See in context

That’s amazing since North Korean pilots fly only an average of 20 minutes a year due to fuel shortages and budget constraints

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Posted in: '2024 bug' to wreak havoc on Japan's logistics See in context

The economical solution is to follow the example in America. Deliveries are made to the door whether the occupant is home or not.

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Posted in: Moment of truth as Japan eyes review of foreign 'trainee' workers See in context

99% of bureaucratic decision-makers in Japan are old Japanese males. They carry forth the misconceived political will that led Japan into his barbaric and disastrous journey described as the second world war. Japan has had the greatest opportunity to enhance its employment base and make a dent into it’s population decline but these old men fumbled the ball. Young men and women must step up to the plate and change this feudalistic hierarchy

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Posted in: Japan discusses regional defense in rare visit to Taiwan See in context

Since Xi dominates Biden, Japan has to step up to the plate. It is time for South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand to fill the void caused by Bidens indecision and unassertiveness When it comes to China’s threat to Taiwan’s sovereignty and democracy

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Posted in: BOJ will not budge on easing to spur wage growth: deputy chief See in context

It is wishful thinking by Kuroda when he hopes that by easing credit it will spur wage growth. Japanese Capitalists have historically exploited their labor force by holding down wages. Japan should be legislatively mandating a living minimum wage for males and females. It should also mandate equal pay for equal work and not exploit female workers. This Will result in more spending by consumers and will uplift the economy.

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Posted in: Why is a Pelosi visit to Taiwan causing tension? See in context

The issue is Biden not Pelosi. China knows that Biden talks the talk but can’t walk the talk. Biden will not definitively commit The United States to defend Taiwan if China attacks. He is a Paper Tiger and is willing to acquiesce over China’s hegemony over Taiwan and the Philippines. Indecisiveness will result in making Guam and Hawaii the front line to China’s aggression. Taiwan supported the US during the Vietnam conflict by allowing US forces to be based there and to support air missions in Vietnam. Biden is failing a loyal and strong ally. Instead, he should be basing American air defense facilities and forces on Taiwan to strengthen the alliance against China.

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Posted in: Whale meat is still not recognized as an ordinary food product. I want to spread the word about delicious ways to eat whale meat, even to people who have never tried it before. See in context

Now, all we need is to stop Japan from killing whales. The government banned serving whale meat to school students nationwide because of high mercury content. So what’s the point in continuing this barbaric practice? Let’s work together to save these beautiful creatures

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Posted in: Huge groups of fin whales sign of hope for ocean giants See in context

Now, all we need is to stop Japan from killing whales. The government banned serving whale meat to school students nationwide because of high mercury content. So what’s the point in continuing this barbaric practice? Let’s work together to save these beautiful creatures

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Posted in: China's Xi: No reason to change Hong Kong's 'one country, two systems' formula See in context

China breached its covenant with Britain to maintain a one government two systems Hong Kong. The Geo political question is “what can Britain do about it ?” When China commences it’s attack on Taiwan and the world responds in Taiwan’s defense and defeats China. Can Britain repossess Hong Kong? And the bigger question is “does Tibet regain its sovereignty and do the Uighurs become a free people?”

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Posted in: China accuses New Zealand of 'misguided' accusations See in context

Biden’s non-assertive stance and inactions in response to China’s expansion of its military dominance in the Pacific and southeast Asian waters indicate a concession of the Philippines and Taiwan to China while drawing the line in the sand for “white” Australia and New Zealand. That is comforting for the two latter countries but they become the new frontline along with Guam and Hawaii. However, is Biden’s support for Australia and New Zealand limited to Ukrainian type assistance in the form of materiel and financial aid as to not engage China directly?

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