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Posted in: Kishida grilled over alleged gifts to IOC for Tokyo's Olympic bid See in context

As I have said before the Japanese have a saying called “bachi “. It means commit an immoral or illegal act and you will be punished. So the bribes ended with huge financial losses for Japanese businesses and government over the postponement of the Olympics with Covid restrictions.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Japan to compensate former 'comfort women' See in context

Aside from these rulings concerning domestic and international jurisdictions there remains a moral obligation. Has anyone ever heard of an apology for these serious transgressions much less a bow of contriteness? All of these postwar conflicts with neighboring countries continue to fester because Japan does not know how to apologize and support these aggrieved victims who indeed have valid claims and injuries.

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Posted in: Myanmar shadow gov't urges Japan to step up pressure on junta See in context

The general staff of the military junta will not relinquish their power. They have bank accounts in foreign countries and are skimming off the top of the drug trade. The tide will turn when the frontline troops cross over to the side of the rebels. Thousands have already done so and joined the ranks of the rebellion

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Posted in: Japan, China to hold regular talks on trade See in context

The Central committee of the Chinese communist party is directly responsible for the destabilized economy and the general morass of all facets of the deteriorated state of Chinese society. It is time for a second cultural revolution. All the fat cat bureaucrats in Beijing and all the way down to the corrupt village leaders should be sent to work the fields and experience the life of 95% of the Chinese populace. Xijing ping and his corrupt cronies should lead the march to the barren fields and country sides of China holding banners praising Mao Tse Tung and Chou En Lai. Remember that Chou En Lai was once a member of the Kuo Min Tang and he would never have advocated attacking Taiwan.

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Posted in: China owed more than $1 trillion in Belt and Road debt: report See in context

Xijing ping’s Belt and Road project challenge is a brilliant undertaking. He foresaw that graft and corruption would motivate developing countries to offer key access to ports and other transportation facilities as collateral free of debtor consent upon default. China would eventually own free access to ports and critical routes throughout the world for its commercial and military fleets.

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Posted in: WeWork seeks bankruptcy protection See in context

I understand that Masayoshi Son ignored the advice of his experts and was totally taken in by Neumann. It’s the worst investment that Son has ever made. The solution to this dilemma is innovative thinking utilizing empty offices and turning them into productive centers.

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Posted in: Scallops for sale on U.S. base See in context

I love Commissaries. Prices are around 30% cheaper than retail. Be thankful for the opportunity. In Hawaii we pay $26 a pound for Japanese scallops.

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Posted in: Toyota posts record global output, sales in April-Sept period See in context

Still waiting almost 2 years for my new Toyota. I can’t even get on a waitlist.

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Posted in: 'Too hot outside': Saudis take to walking, jogging in malls See in context

When I passed through Riyadh I couldn’t find a seat in the airport lobby because all the natives were sleeping on all the available couches and seats

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Posted in: Jada Pinkett Smith says she has been separated from Will Smith since 2016 See in context

Could it be Will Smith was defending his mistress when he struck Chris Rock?

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Posted in: Japan's Self-Defense Forces struggling to recruit new members See in context

Japan should follow the example of the US. Allow foreigners to obtain Japanese citizenship by serving in the SDF. It should also upgrade the vertical mobility of female members who serve.

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Posted in: Tech firms struggle as Israel-Gaza falsehoods explode See in context

Elon doesn’t realize it but all his posts on X bear out that he is a wolf in sheep‘s clothing but more so that he is a closet bigot.

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Posted in: Jailed Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi wins 2023 Nobel Peace Prize See in context

Thousands of Iranian women are harassed and assaulted by the Gast e Ersad, the Iranian morality police. There aren’t many reports of sexual attacks on these females because apparently these members prefer young boys

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Posted in: Japan hopes to resolve China's seafood ban over Fukushima's wastewater release at WTO See in context

Why is Japan begging for seafood buyers when the price of scallops from Japan are at record highs in locations like Hawaii and the US West Coast

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Posted in: Russian journalist who staged TV war protest given 8 1/2-year jail term in absentia See in context

How can anyone live in a country without freedom of speech?

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Posted in: S Korean migrant's tale to open Asia's biggest film festival See in context

What a treat. I sure wish I could go. Pusan is just so lovely a venue also.

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Posted in: Pro-Moscow Japan lawmaker visits Russia in defiance of gov't advice See in context

A great team. Maybe Suzuki should propose allowing Russia to station its troops on Hokkaido and Tamaki should offer China to station its troops on Okinawa. That way we will have a balancing of interests in the future of Japan. Oh wait, where will we put the North Korean troops?

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Posted in: Foreigners fleeing conflict zones to be eligible for Japan long-term residency from Dec 1 See in context

Bravo! This fulfills Japan’s obligation to the convention but more importantly it significantly contributes to Japan’s desperately needed Increase in its workforce and overall population.

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Posted in: Japan's rapid military build-up a worry for Okinawans, governor says See in context

Gov. Tamaki’s plan to deter China from seizing all of Okinawa must be to kow tow to the Chinese general commanding Naha airfield and city and ask him to kindly be nice to the civilian residents of Naha and to kindly leave Okinawa.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor tells U.N. that U.S. military base threatens peace See in context

As governor, Temaki would like the removal of all US military bases from Okinawa. The question is what is Temaki‘s plan when China declares oceans south of the main island to be Chinese territory. That day will come so let’s hear what Temaki’s contingency plan will be.

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Posted in: Hearings in $1 billion lawsuit filed by Carlos Ghosn against Nissan start in Beirut See in context

Anyone can file a suit. Trump sued his rape victim and lost again. Ghosn’s days are over. Unfortunately he is a wanted man by Interpol. But with his money and wealth he can find safe harbors in Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria and Belarus if he tires of Lebanon.

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Posted in: Japan labor market set for change as huge worker shortage looms See in context

As I have commented before there are several significant solutions to solving Japan’s labor shortage. Japan must do the following contemporaneously:

Raise the minimum wage.

Mandate equal pay for equal work.

Improve immigration policies to allow workers with families to revive abandoned farms in rural communities.

Allow the immigration and naturalization of workers with needed skills to address the short fall of the current and future labor market.

Remove the glass ceilings that block the upward mobility of the female labor market

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Posted in: Come walk the streets of Japan’s oldest Chinatown in Nagasaki See in context

I’ve been to Nagasaki’s Chinatown. Shops shut down early in the evening. The Chinatowns in Yokohama, Honolulu and San Francisco are much larger. But I must say it is quaint at and compact

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Posted in: Group of 20 expands as African Union joins bloc See in context

At the G 20 summit Mohdi of host India urged the world community to support the global south. This is contemporaneous with his ban on exports of rice from India to needy countries. Simultaneously his good friend Putin blockaded the export of wheat from Ukraine to needy countries. The world awaits further bans on food exports from their allies, Iran, Brazil and South Africa. There will be no ban on food exports from North Korea because it can’t even feed it’s own people

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Posted in: China declines to join IAEA system to monitor Fukushima treated water See in context

China doesn’t recognize international conventions or treaties. It violates the law of the seas daily. Ask the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan about how courteous and law abiding Chinese warships conduct themselves in international waters. They sail like organized pirates.

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Posted in: Baseball player Yamakawa suspended indefinitely over alleged rape case See in context

historically Japanese police have a history of male officers disbelieving complaints of sexual assault by women. The assumption was that women exaggerate the sexual incident or induced the males to make sexual advances.

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Posted in: White House says Putin and Kim Jong Un traded letters as Russia looks for munitions from North Korea See in context

In response to Putin‘s request for munitions from North Korea, Kim Jong Un offered North Korean troops to serve on Russia’s front lines. But Putin responded that he needs munitions and not cannon fodder. Then Putin offered thousands of Ukrainian children to which Kim joyfully clapped his hands and said we have a deal

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Posted in: Japanese baseball star Yamakawa not to face charges over alleged rape See in context

It’s an uphill battle for women when they the alleged rape in Japan’s male dominated society. The female victim was probably interrogated by male investigators, and the case was reviewed and terminated. by male supervisors

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Posted in: Angels wave a white flag on their season, reportedly placing 6 players on waivers See in context

Estevez should also be waived, or at least find another closer and put him in the bullpen. He is Unreliable and incapable of Helping the angels to make the postseason

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Posted in: Kim calls for N Korean military to be constantly ready to smash U.S.-led invasion plot See in context

The US has never initiated a peace time attack on North Korea. This annual ruse by Kim is designed to explain to his citizens why they are limited to eat a daily ration of only half a bowl of gruel while Kim has three mansions occupied by 13 mistresses who eat to their hearts’ content

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