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Posted in: I don’t think Japan made sufficient atonement after the war or was required to make those kinds of reparations ... because the U.S. saw Japan as a bulwark against communism. It might’ve been great for U.S. geopolitics, but it obscured suffering of millions of Koreans and millions of Chinese. See in context


I don't see any major problems with this quote, and I'm glad that somebody out there is getting to the roots of some major disputes in East Asia today. The United States was the driving power 


Now go get them to sue the US instead because its their fault.

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine vandalised by man claiming to be Chinese See in context

Let's get one thing straight. The political killings after the Tokyo Tribunal, along with the dismantling of the civil service, the forced redistribution of land and dissolution of titles etc was not about "justice", it was about destroying national leadership ability.

As is attempting to destroy their repuations and examples today.

It was a military strategy that has been probably practised through all time but at least we can be sure for the last 2,000 years or so, by all conqueror or imperialists.

A cutting off of the head (those with alternative leadership skills to the conqueror), to kill or control the beast (the people). A privilege of the victor who may well have done precisely the same or even greater, eg you mention the Philippines, was the US is any moral position to accuse anyone after its conduct there?

Your understanding of Shintoism is faulted. Again, as I wrote somewhere else, tainted by a foundation in a Judeo-Christian world view.

Firstly, Shintoism is not a monolithic, universal religion. What the Yasukuni does, it is business. Not universal practise, not representative of the nation. It was established to provide solace to the living.

Does anyone here really think the priests believe there are little dots of light or spirit souls dancing in the building?

Do you really believe that a priest saying a prayer really changes the nature of a dead person?

Do you really believe in life after death, let alone punishment after death?

Do you even believe in religion? If not, why bother about people who do?

These words and concepts you are using like absolution, evil and enshrinement are all far too colored by a foreign perspective. You should really start be asking what is truly going on here what was the purpose of it prior to the politicization of it.

The priests of the Yasukuni believe that all and any souls can be purified. That's the service they provide.

To demand that they don't purify an impure soul, in order that that impure soul might remain impure for eternity would appear to me to be as irrational as the old "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" arguments the Christians used to have.

Where does Christianity stand on "forgiveness"? Is it a limited or unlimited offer?

Do the "evil" not need the most prayers to save them?

If you want to find someone to blame for any "brutality" in the Philippines, blame the Chick Parsons and Colonel Whitneys of the world - all of whom had considerable personal financial interests in the islands as had the US - for whipping up, funding, arming and training criminal guerilla resistances, to which Japan responded commensurately.

Whites dividing and ruling Asians by making them fight.

As with identical influences in China, without them the IJA would not have reacted as they did.

The problem Japan had, and the US and Allies exploited, was that it was a formal army, attempting to follow internationally law, fighting against foreign and foreign funded guerrillas carrying out irregular warfare against them.

You need to get your Chicks and your eggs in the right order.

I think the problem with foreign views is that they were never educated about the chickens who laid the eggs in the first place.

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Posted in: Two elderly sisters found dead of apparent heatstroke in their home See in context


I don't know if it's true or not but I've heard and read news stories that many elderly Japanese people actually don't like to use air conditioning, especially when they sleep. I wonder why.

It was never in their habit. They've spent their entire 90 years in Japan, and so are adapted to the climate.

Sadly, post-war buildings are not so well adapted to either extremes in the climate which has increased the problem, eg small western sized windows, no verandas for shade, no underfloor ventillation, no natural convection etc.

To be honest, it's not a bad way to go. You get sleepy, then you don't wake up.


+1 on all that.

It is not better to die naturally? There are always seasonal spikes due to extremes of weather, and have been for as long as we have existed.

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine vandalised by man claiming to be Chinese See in context

What was wrong with this? As usual the censor allow the usual tropes but refuse an informed rebuttal.


Supposing Yasukuni was a war museum and shrine in Germany and featured such stars as Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, et al.?

You, like many others, just don't get it.

It's more like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints posthumously baptising everyone who died (apparently they baptized Hitler, so he has been saved and can go to heaven, and 300,000 and 400,000 Jewish Holocaust victims, although perhaps they won't go to the same heave?). They are not worshipped as gods and so on.

And, FYI, the so called "Class A War Criminals" weren't according to International Law at the time either because the laws/crimes they were accused of did not exist which was Radhabinod Pal's ignored position.

 "sham employment of legal process for the satisfaction of a thirst for revenge ... the opportunity for the victors to retaliate."

The Tokyo Tribunal was a garbage showcase piece of propaganda theatre by a party with no moral position to do so. No one takes it seriously except for anti-Japanese racists.

It's worth reading Pal's summation.

As, indeed, it is worth reading some of, say, Tojo's speeches.

Did we find out if the perp was, in fact, Chinese or just attempting to pass the blame onto the Chinese?

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Posted in: Pakistani, in Japan for 31 years, files lawsuit seeking special permission to remain See in context

I don't buy the "asylum" for a being in student protest 30 odd years ago either.

Seriously. If he had wanted to scape, he could have just walked crossed the border to India, gone to Bangladesh/Iran/Afganistan etc.

If he was a true refugee, he would not have had the money to fly all the way to Japan and establish himself.

A number of great people play the game by the rules and are excluded ... but then they reward the biggest scammers for scamming. Ditto, case like this reward what are essentially upper or middle class scammers where they came from, and continue to exclude sincere, law abiding average people.

It reads like he's also been spending years doing nothing in detention centers at society's cost.

Any links to more information?

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Posted in: I don’t think Japan made sufficient atonement after the war or was required to make those kinds of reparations ... because the U.S. saw Japan as a bulwark against communism. It might’ve been great for U.S. geopolitics, but it obscured suffering of millions of Koreans and millions of Chinese. See in context


He's probably got a book in the works...

The real problem is, HE is "in the works" for becoming a high level diplomat or legal expert under the tutelage and sponsorship of these foundations.

He's also a lawyer, he might be looking at specializing in the niche of suing nations, it's a very highly paid legal niche as they know governments have a lot of money to pay costs and can't escape them.

Better he said something like, "I really don't know enough about the issues to comment".

But where is the original full article to put the response in context?

I found this;

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Posted in: Do you support so-called “quota systems” to achieve gender diversity by promoting women to senior leadership positions in companies? See in context


the great capitalistic con trick that now has two adults having to work ...

You make a good point. It does seem that people have to work more these days while raising a family.

I've edited to "great capitalistic con trick".

The amazing thing is, it has all happened without anyone protesting and within a few decades. 50, 60 years ago, one person could go out and pretty much earn enough to support a family while the other person managed the household, cared, tended and educated the children at all levels of society.

Now people just can't afford to and so stop reproducing.

The current form of capitalism is one that ONLY makes a profit by passing on the full an real costs of its business to the rest of society, and this is another example of it. Not just the diminishing population, women putting off having children until the last opportunities, but also a growing general breakdown in society because children are not looked after properly, or are hived off to complete strangers, generally least skilled/educated or of foreign backgrounds (read easily exploitable) in incubator style nurseries.

There clearly is sexist and discrimination against women at all levels in Japan but some of the phenomenon is based on pragmatism, albeit outdated pragmatism, eg the expectation that women will leave to get married and start a family by aged 25.

I was shocked by JeffLee's comment above, clearly a Right Wing American/Social-Darwinianist concept that it was women's 'fault' for not competing. They express similar view over racial minorities that then square the equation if you are a woman from a racial minority (the lowest paid of all). Responsibility for an abusive, exploitive system is boiled to a "it's your fault if you are a loser in the game" ... by that logic, yes, it's women's "fault" if they have to get pregnant and bring up a child. It's only their choice to do an "lose" the corporate game by doing so.

Rather than conclude positive discrimination and quota don't work, as someone quoted Jordan B Peterson saying, rather accept a more obvious conclusion that where they have not worked is where they were not practised well.

But, overall, my concern is that this movement is not about improving society but merely further pushing women into having become corporate wage slaves under the guise of equality as the carrot, getting them hooked to the money and consuming on the way.

In Japan there is not the tradition of having a stranger, let alone foreigners in your house to look after it or look after your children (housekeepers, au pairs etc). In essence, parents outsourcing their love, care and attention to more vulnerable and easily exploitable others. As wonderful as having a foreigner au pair might sound, I can't help thinking the tradition is rooted back in the days of slavery.

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Posted in: Do you support so-called “quota systems” to achieve gender diversity by promoting women to senior leadership positions in companies? See in context


If women aren't "competing" for senior positions, it's because they have chosen not to

So, inequality in the workforce is all their own fault is it?

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Posted in: Omar: Go to Israel, see 'cruel reality of the occupation' See in context


Israel have proposed a Two State Solution to Palestine 5 times, and they have rejected all 5 proposals

Israel "proposals" were on a par with America's response to Japan's efforts to avoid WWII, and to surrender at the end of it. That is the mantra but the reality on the ground is something else.

Whenever faced by anyone repating the "two state" mantra, just ask them to draw it out for you. Get them to draw the state they will allow the Palestinians. What's going to happen is that they are going to kill off or try to make life as unbearable as possible, until the Palestinians give up and leave for another State.

Palestinian loss of land map

The best "two state" solution for Israel would be Florida and Nevada, but there's an old joke about that.

The USA offers Israel to become the 51st State of the USA but Israel rejects it. Why? Because it would mean Israel would only get 2 senators, while at present they have 100.

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Posted in: I don’t think Japan made sufficient atonement after the war or was required to make those kinds of reparations ... because the U.S. saw Japan as a bulwark against communism. It might’ve been great for U.S. geopolitics, but it obscured suffering of millions of Koreans and millions of Chinese. See in context

Apparently part of Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation "U.S.-Japan Network for the Future", Webster is also involved in the 'Public Intellectuals Program' run by the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.

(Mike Mansfield was a leading Democrat and Ambassador to Japan).

Given he is such a legal expert, I had no idea the measure of "sufficient atonement" actually had value within transnational law.

He clearly hasn't had enough time to study any historying during all those law courses.

Where the link to the original article?

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Posted in: Pakistani, in Japan for 31 years, files lawsuit seeking special permission to remain See in context

The Mainichi says, "He married Chinese national Liu Yun Jie, now 59, while he was being held in an immigration detention center."

If he has been illegal for 30 years, does that mean he has not been paying taxes for 30 years too?

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Posted in: Omar: Go to Israel, see 'cruel reality of the occupation' See in context


Another Somali-born woman, Ayaan Hirsi Ali ...

Yes, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is one of the Islamophobia Industry paid for puppets and a darling of the Right Wing racists in the US.

The joke is ... she became a Dutch citizen by illegally emigrating from Kenya having given false information about her name, her age, and her country of residence when originally applying for asylum, and admitted that she had lied.

But they make up all these false stories about Ilhan Omar instead.

When it looked like Ali would lose her Dutch citizenship (the controversy brought down the government), she ran off to America sponsored by a NeoConservative think tank American Enterprise Institute to promote Islamophobia.

You can't make this much crazy up but she has that "one day I hope to convert to Judaism" and proclaimed that Benjamin Netanyahu should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his 2014 bombardment of Gaza.

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Posted in: Omar: Go to Israel, see 'cruel reality of the occupation' See in context


What does Israel have to do with her job as a politician in the US?

Because "Israel" (needs defined), hand in hand with Right Wing Jewish-American elite, controls USA politics and, particularly Middle Eastern foreign policy and war making (needs explanation).

However, more accurately they should be described as Zionists so as not to slander religious Jews.

They are also behind the multi-million dollar "Islamophobia Industry", hence targeting these women politicians.

See;  “The Islamophobia Industry: How the Right Manufactures Hatred of Muslims” by Nathan Lean.

Please also be aware that there are good and Left Wing Israelis who are equally critical of the very same people and their crime against Humanity.

What I cannot understand is how the generally violent, aggressive and racist Right Wing in the US is taken in by them and increasingly acts as their war puppets.

These people can make, break, elect or remove foreign politicians to suit Israeli interest at will.

There was a very good exposé of them planning to do so in the UK recently so it is inarguable.

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Posted in: Warren apologizes for heritage claim; woos Native Americans See in context


It's racist when to be considered native American, you have to have a tribal govt validate you and get blood quantums but not require Japanese Americans to have Japanese govt validate their ancestry

There are no social advantages to being Japanese-American, as there are to being able to claim to be Native-American (grants/education/jobs/shares/benefits etc), so "racism" does not really fit in this context. Or in disadvantages for that matter (at least post-WWII concentration camp days).

There used to be a lot of institutional racism and discrimination towards Asians in general, and Japanese specifically, on the West coast. The government specifically made unequal laws to prohibit Japanese from settling. But I can't think of any positive discriminations being made.

We need to agree on differentiated terms such as, say, racist and racialist, to discern between discrimination and aware of differences.

There's a lot of unhappinesses and politics surrounding Blood quantum laws and many tribes reject them as being discriminatory and put emphasis on the adoption of culture instead. For example, a lot of Native American women were raped by US military and civilians (it still goes on) "diluting" their child's blood 50% but grew up 100% native (and were discriminated against), a lot of runaway slaves and indenture servants (Scots and Irish) joined Native American tribes and even ended up leading them.

Warren's case is not unique and I was tend to accept it as an innocent mistake. Record keeping was very poor and generally depending on oral traditions, as in her family.

Typically many African-Americans like to claim their have native blood but generally don't. The whole DNA testing scene is blowing many people's minds apart.

In their case, as in Warren's, I would presume that that faith, that belief or the need to believe they had Native-American blood, is a kind of sub-conscious desire for authenticity and belonging that many peoples have.

Warren means well. I think she's cleaner than most politicians.

I suppose this was just her way of living with being descended from immigrant invaders who carried out a genocide of native people and have no right to be in the land they occupy.

FYI, I forget the exact figure but I think it was 65% of the USA is STILL not legally ceded.

It still belongs to the Native Americans who are being denied it.

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Posted in: Do you support so-called “quota systems” to achieve gender diversity by promoting women to senior leadership positions in companies? See in context

This is really a follow on from discussions we had re gay marriage.

A "man's wage" really wasn't a man's wage, it was the family's income that provided the woman with the wherewithal to look after that family. (I don't know how universal this is but,Traditionally, the woman until at least quite recently held the purse strings and ran the household and gave back the man a little pocketmoney. That was, at least, the idealized theory).

Therefore, isn't the real issue we should be looking not gender pay equalizing but reducing single persons' pay to a single persons rate (equal according to ability), versus a family rate for couples with children, bearing in mind the additional costs of a family and the importance of them to the nation?

This would then address the other big problem of people not reproducing sufficiently.

At present, selfishness, immaturity and narcissism is rewarded; while national sustenance, via having family and bring it up well, is punished.

In that way, as per some Northern European nations, either party can be the income earner and either party be the family sustainer.

Of course, that would require more of a socialistic approach as it would have to address the capitalistic con trick that now has two adults having to work, and often more than one job, just in order to support their families.

As private enterprise is so beloved by the current economic regime, that adjustment would have to come via taxation.

And let us not forget paying the women who, in the vast majority full the lowest paid employment, a properly living wage that affords them somewhere decent to live, a chance to further their skills or education, and the hope of having a family in the future.

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context


i was just pointing out that Japanese TV might play a role in this.

I'd put it down to corporate work hours, and the futility of learning a foreign language when you might only get 5 days a year holidays abroad. If you're lucky.

I think there is a slight problem with the long term survival of Japanese as a language though. Languages come and go and Japan is squeezed in between English and Mandarin as the major and, likely, dominant ones. No one else in Asia is going to learn Japanese. Some other nations will refuse Mandarin. China is pushing hard on English language skills, therefore an Asian-English will probably become the neutral meeting ground, with Japanese destined to become an Asian-Gaelic.

Japan really wants nothing more than a homeopathic dose of foreigners.

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Posted in: Strange blanket promises good night’s sleep with help of tentacle-like noodles See in context


It is not theoretically proven yet, but probably the comfort comes from a maximum surface of contact of body because of its unique shape and a bouncing force from each tentacle works as a massage or something.

+1 on the "as something". I think it's mention of "tentacles", rather than "noodles".

I'm not getting this at all as any as a boyfriend replacement.

Seriously, if you roll over to sleep on your stomach, your butt's going to be sticking out in the air like a rock in the middle of a Zen garden. It's certainly not designed for an old house in Aichi in winter. Or anywhere for that matter.

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Posted in: Adults should realize that they could spread the disease to babies and infants. I recommend that people who have prolonged or heavy coughing symptoms promptly consult a doctor. See in context

Yes, it's all true. Many infants get their first case of herpes from some dotting auntie or another too.

I think I'll let you just bow to my kids ... no hugs, no kisses thank you.

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context


Countries like America and Britain, other European countries are all melting pots of race and ethnicity and all are better for it. There is no loss of culture, it's improved and broaden.

I have to strongly disagree with that last statement, and I think Native Americans would do so as well.

Look how mass immigration worked out for them, and that's a pattern that pretty much works out the world over, from the Jomon to the Sami to the Australia aboriginals, to the original Britons in your own homelands.

There are aspects of foreign cultures that can and do destroy native cultures.

Every culture has its own "color", certain colors work better and are compatible with other colors but if you throw them all in together without any thought, all you end up with is a universal, indistinct mud brown. There's a tendency to sink to the lowest level not rise.

On balance, it would be better if Japan encourage people to travel abroad as part of their education or employment to bring back positive elements of foreign culture filtered through their Japaneseness rather than through the doors open to unfiltered negative elements.

Order, efficiency and civility are more valuable than diversity. Diversity has both positive and negative values.

Personally, I think they had the best idea when they quarantined all foreigners to an island just of Japan, at least until they checked out!

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Posted in: Strange blanket promises good night’s sleep with help of tentacle-like noodles See in context

Only in Japan could you have a three-month waiting list for people wanting to drift into sweet slumbering bliss.

I have a suspicion that it is a "lady's thing" in the same way a Hitachi magic wand really isn't for massaging tense neck muscles.

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context

Clearly what is being written here is the expression of a concerted strategy to redefine nationality from its cultural or ethnic roots, to a legalistic or conceptual foundation.

Or, in simple language, having dug themselves a hole as the consequent of uncontrolled and unconsidered mass immigration (they never thought they'd stay never mind import more or breed like rabbits), the British intelligensia is having to contrive a way of making it all work by moving the goal posts that defines identity.

That being British is no longer a shared cultural identity, never mind a gradually evolved genetic one, but merely a legal one within which there are many cultures. One in which no one know precisely what the culture, the rules and instructions by which society operates, is.

As I write this, I am referring back to Japan, the Japanese and Japanese culture.

So, Zichi, is Bobby Ologun as Japanese as the new Tenno?

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Posted in: 12-year-old Prince Hisahito starts 1st overseas trip in Bhutan See in context

Bhutan appears to have adopted a very brave and wise tourist (and immigration policy) that has saved it from some of the excesses destroying other Asian societies.

How did that come about?

From seeing those excesses in places like Katmandu, Thailand, Bali and Cambodia?

I can see why the relationship with Japan is a sympathetic one.

However, with respect to the “High Value, Low Impact ” policy, do you think it is impossible for less wealthy people, or people from less wealthy nations, to respect Bhutan's unique culture and values? 

There's a $200 to $250 per day plus 3 star accommodation minimum daily package rule.

The regimented nature of the tours would suit typical Japanese, but I can imagine not independent tourists.

I read Bhutan's managed to defend itself against the combined armies of KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, Subway and Starbucks!

Elsewhere we are discussing the concept of social diversity. Many accuse Japan of being too homogenous a society yet Bhutan appears to have adopted a policy that protects it cultural identity.

How's it all working out for the country?

Our vision

“To promote Bhutan as an exclusive travel destination based on Gross National Happiness (GNH) Values”.

The tourism industry in Bhutan is founded on the principle of sustainability, meaning that tourism must be environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable and economically viable. The Royal Government of Bhutan recognizes that tourism is a world-wide phenomenon and an important means of achieving socioeconomic development particularly for a developing country like Bhutan. It believes that tourism, in affording the opportunity to travel, can help to promote a deeper understanding among people and to strengthen ties of friendship based on a deeper appreciation and respect for different cultures and lifestyles.

Towards achieving this objective, the Royal Government, has adopted a very cautious approach to growth and development of the tourism industry in Bhutan. Its tremendous potential as a truly indigenous industry and the clear comparative advantages Bhutan enjoys, are compelling reasons to promote Bhutan as a high-end tourist destination in a manner which accords with the tenets of Gross National Happiness.

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Posted in: Trump moving to make immigration whiter, wealthier See in context

I suppose what with greater automation, robots and AI, the blunt fact is developed nations don't need "poor, tired and huddled masses" to exploit as low paid workers any more.

What's the point of inviting people in if you have got jobs for them to do and roles within society? That would seem to be a contributing issue.

In addition, each person that enters requires a certain share of resources and infrastructure, so why not either target parties that afford to pay for their share, rather than require it given to them reducing others share?

All nations should hang an invoice over to any would be immigrant for their share of the natioan infrastructure. I've read it has been calculated to be about $150,000 per person, eg family of 4, bill of $600k to pay back.

This would appear to be so obvious to me and yet I have never seen it suggested or discussed. It strikes me it would also alleviate the general criticisms of anti-immigrationist, eg "why do they get everything handed for free, while we had to pay".

Some families never pay that back in their lifetime, others add to the debt by requiring incarceration, high health costs etc and constitute an even greater deficit to the nation.

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context

I don't know about the term "socialists" because there really are no such major parties but it does appear that the center left parties all over the world have adopted a mantra of "diversity is good" primarily as an election strategy, in an effort to bundle everyone up for no other reason than for them to get elected.

I tend to agree the main driver of immigration is for capitalist exploitation of cheap workers without a thought to the interests of native workers, their greater costs and the long term effects.

What's wrong with liking Japan Japanese, France French, China Chinese and so on?

Why make everywhere the same?

America is a pefect example of a nation overrun by immigrants, primarily White immigrants, and look how violent and conflcited it is.

Why would Japan want to give up what it has to become like that?

My experience of the US, including NYC, is that I was suprised how racially segregated it was.

I would not want Tokyo or Kyoto etc to become only 44% Japanese.

@Do the hustle

It is actually quite annoying when someone walks up to you in a pub and says, “You from?

What kind of "pub" are we talking about? Are you sure they aren't Filippino or Thai bar girls?

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Posted in: 12-year-old Prince Hisahito starts 1st overseas trip in Bhutan See in context

I point out Japan makes a 170% return on its investment to Bhutan, does good for Bhutan (Japanese natural disaster response technology is some of the best in the world) and, therefore, can afford to throw in a junket off the back of it ... and I get 16 negatives?

Tell me, not that I care, but what's that for ... 16 negatives for making Japan look good?


Funny thing is, the separation of the Tennō and political power in Japan works really well and avoids the kind of ignoble calamities of modern politics like Trump tweeting from the presidential toilet seat, presidents being caught in flagrante delicto with porn stars and enthusing about grabbing pussy in public.

I do think Japan should use the term Tennō though, as I don't think "Emperor" in English communicates the role properly. They are not Napoleonic or Caesar-like rulers, it's just a job in PR with a little bit of academic thrown in to keep it interesting really. Was it not the last Tenno who was a bit of an expert in native seaside birds? Hope this young man finds his own niche in life.

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Posted in: Climate deniers get more media play than scientists: study See in context

Largely capitalism, specifically industry, only makes a profit because it passes on the full costs of doing the business to society, the rest of us, and the environment.

It's just been the way of capitalism since it was perverted in the C19th to exclude what are called "externalities" or external costs. Very read costs but ones that don't appear on the spreadsheet.

I've always thought that the "global warming or not" debate missed the point and was engaged in merely as it was a distraction from the great problem.

Stopping all and any non-renewable, non-sustainable, non-biodegradeable industrial products entering the ecosystem.

Industry's waste, by-products and, ultimately, garbage.

We need to be working towards a point where NOTHING that is not renewable, sustainable or quickly and easily biodegradeable should be entering the ecosystem ... and then to focus on remedial action removing the 150 plus years of industrial era pollution.

Your corporation makes smoke or gas? You pay to remove it or pay to stop it entering the eco-system. It's your - not society's, not the environment's, not some other species - problem.

Your corporation rips up a tree or some other natural resource you did not actually make, you pay to replace it and make it good after.

Funnily enough, this kind of full cost, circular economy was what Adam Smith conceived of as capitalism, not the theft, vandalism and short termist despoilation that passes for it today ... getting rich by dumping responsibility for it all on to future generations.

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Posted in: Nations meet over endangered species; Japan's ivory trade on agenda See in context

Japan's heavily bought into the US "free trade" thing where self-regulation is supposed exist. We see here what that really means.

A recent investigation revealed that nearly 200 retailers in Japan are willing to sell ivory hanko knowing the sought-after name seals are destined for export which is illegal.

Since 1970 more than 262,000 elephants have been killed to supply ivory to Japan, mostly for hanko. 

I think if people have adopted to Rolexes, and pocket calculators over soroban, they can just sign things with pens.


... it's the world against Japan again! "Our" culture is being threatened

I appreciate you are not writing that in your own voice.

When and from where did ivory hanko become Japanese culture? I don't remember Elephants roaming the Chubu Sangaku.

It's saddening that the best the ivory spokesman can come up with is

"The many people who work in the ivory business will no longer be able to continue with their work in that business - and that is a serious problem"

No thought of the animals at all. 

What the shops need to do is be made to have large posters of elephants shot down by AK47s and their tusks chainsawed off in the window?

"the world’s largest legal domestic ivory market"

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Posted in: Climate deniers get more media play than scientists: study See in context

And what's your "real scientific background"?

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Posted in: 12-year-old Prince Hisahito starts 1st overseas trip in Bhutan See in context

Japan is Bhutan's leading development partner, it has provided assistance in

agricultural and rural village development,

economic infrastructure development,

social development, and

strengthening governance throught providing scholarships.

It has provided technical cooperation worth 1093 million yen and got back about 1709 million yen in exports (small excavators, automobile, products related to automobile etc).

It's good for business.

Japanese are also one of Bhutan's primary tourist market.

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In my opinion it was a deep and dark exploration of the American psyche that is still relevant today

I'll plus 1 you on that. You are right. Although it used the metaphors of hippies and bikers it was not about them, it was about the American Dream and how it had gone bad. That was what the early interviews were always about.

Funny, the conservative elements within American biking are still out using it to hate Jane Fonda in public, even though her brother just died.

It was a tremendously seminal piece, specifically for its use of rock music in the score and broke the mould of Hollywood opening the doors for independent movies.

Two asides not generally discussed about it. The first was that motorcycle (choppers) were actually styled and created by African-American rider mechanics. That was hidden for many decades due to the racist nature of the American Harley riding market and they never got their credit.

Secondly, it was also a breakout role for Toni Basil who played Mary the Hooker and her career and influence is worth looking into. She's also never for credited for it. Basil was in Hopper's artistic circle and starred in the Bruce Conner short films that inspire him in Easy Rider. Basil deserves to be up there with the like of Yoko Ono for her cultural influence.

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