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Posted in: Mother gets 8 years in prison over fatal abuse of 5-year-old daughter See in context


How can anyone make excuses for this woman?

Because I've seen the effects of sustained domestic violence on women, an equation that generally involves more than one generation's worth of abuse, ie that they themselves were neglected as a child and, hence, think it's "normal".

And that I distrust the chauvinist and unenlightened nature of the judiciary.

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Posted in: Man with HIV awarded damages after being denied hospital job See in context

May be the key component was his willingness and ability to deceive on official forms, rather than his contageousness?

If there's two people who can do the job, I'd employ the one who was honest and fire the one who was not regardless of why.

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SK are not playing.

It was a joke. Because SK is not buying Japanese beer, there's more to go around for Welshmen in Japan.

Perfect timing. Brewers won't notice the dip at all and by the time the cup's over, the Korean will be back to drinking it.

Why do they feel the need to drink to excess?

Do they think Japanese alcohol drunkenness feel different from British alcohol drunkenness?

Never understood the (lack of) culture; same men, same stories, same pubs, same teams and the expectation of having to shake hands with drunks all the time when you know fine that nothing them wash their hands after going to the toilet for the 20th time.

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Posted in: Morgan Spurlock takes a second bite of the fast food world See in context

So this time we get to watch Spurlock grow breast due to all the growth hormones pumped into the chickens?

Terrible industry targeting the worst could not careless consumers.

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Posted in: Mother gets 8 years in prison over fatal abuse of 5-year-old daughter See in context


Certainly all the child abusers would need help.

No, I don't think she was a "child abusers" so much as a victim of domestic violence. You see this sort of behavior a lot in cult-style environments. The psychology of it is well studied.

You do get cases of two psychopaths together but they are very, very rare. More common is where the mother or woman is just to totally dominated they hardly exist any more and in this case she was afraid to go to the hospital/authorities because of his reaction to her not enjoying abusing the child.

How many women's shelters, helplines etc are?

Likely the mother had unloving parents herself and chronic low self-esteem. You'll probably find substance or gambling abuse.

I mean, just take that. Where were the grandparents too?

As gratifying as lynching someone up a tree is, blame lies with society too.

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Posted in: Mother gets 8 years in prison over fatal abuse of 5-year-old daughter See in context

I have to say I disagree with the lynch mob on this one.

I think the judgement is pretty sexist and demonstrated a lack of understanding in the experience of abused women that I'd expect from male judges in general and Japanese male judges in particular.

She did not actually actively "kill" her, sepsis did.

She died from neglect fair enough. It's likely the mother didn't know the difference between a cold and pneumonia.

Diagnosing severe sepsis in cases of pneumonia is not easy, even from practitioners. It's a physical overreaction to an infection.

The mother needed help long before this crisis and will probably need more now but not get it.

Sadly, I suspect society as whole is not reflecting on how it abandons women in these circumstances.

It's a case of a knock on effect.

I could believe she was in such a state and so scared/compromised/controlled by her husband that she could do nothing without his permission. That's typical.

I'll be more interested to see what he gets.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. has reached trade deals with Japan; no word on cars See in context

Another news story on "there's no news story yet", and 30 speculative comments?


And if bigger cars were not suited for Japanese roads, pray tell how come there are so many Big japanese vans on hte roads here

Because they have factory lots to park trucks in, not domestic parking outside homes, down little alleys.

It's not the roads so much as the parking. And it's the roads.

Have you ever sized and priced up a parking space in the center of a city near a residential block?

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Posted in: Gun control must include background checks, Democrats tell Trump See in context


A map ...

Although we probably don't share the same politics or position on this topic, your point pretty much confirms my position which would be start by completely banning them from metropolitan areas.

Clearly doing so would lead to a huge reduced of all related deaths, and make a policing easier too.

Personally, I think the whole 2nd Amendment debate has been bent way out of shape - and I'm acutely conscious of it all - hence, if you want to play at being a militia man, I want with a militia HQ outside of the city, basic training for all, and regular public service.

Your map though rings alarms bells not just because it is Fox News but because it is John Lott, author of ‘More Guns, Less Crime’, and of the so called "Crime Prevention Research Center".

It's actually a guns right advocacy organisation. Lott is deep into Koch sponsored far right activism and has a reputation for poor statistical analysis and outright fraudulent misrepresentation.

It's actually this hive of logical, academic and political corruption that I am more against than the guns.

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Posted in: New service pays 'bounty hunters' to catch shoplifters and train gropers See in context

If you see a girl in distress, first ASK HER if she wants/needs help. If she nods, makes eye contact, says yes, THEN you can step in. You should not try to force her into a situation where she will feel even worse.

Am I the only one who thinks that making eye contact with a woman who is being groped by a pervert is extra creepy?

I mean, I've seen those videos.

How do you know if you wants help, wants it to stop, or wants you to join in?

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Posted in: New service pays 'bounty hunters' to catch shoplifters and train gropers See in context

I have had a funny experience by deliberately putting myself between a chikan and a young woman/girl to stop him.

Boy, he was so upset.

Forget trying to catch them, just give them a little frottage back.

Even better if it's hot and your armpits are at full steam.

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Posted in: Temple offers spiritual support for Japan's Vietnamese community See in context

That's disappointing. So I now read ...

Seems there are other problems with shady brokers promising fake documentation and higher-paying jobs take advance fee commissions.

“They have debts they cannot repay with their salaries at home, so the only option is to flee into the black market for labor.”

It's like the whole comfort women/force labor scandal all over again.

But, may I be blunt, are they Chinese-Vietnamese or Vietnamese-Vietnamese?

One of the problems with all discussions relating to immigration is that it is not specifically enough and, hence, does not double down in the specifically problematic groups.

One thing for sure, the more people you bring in to Japan, the more the word will get out what an easy, soft touch for casual crimes Japan is.

Seems shop lifting gangs are common with them too.

Low paid "trainee" jobs building resentments.

The Vietnamese expat community has out-crimed China to take the infamous rank for the first time.

The reputation of Vietnamese people living in Japan has been tarnished following a Japanese police report that said they committed more crimes than any other foreign non-permanent residents living in the country last year.

Vietnam's expat community has taken over the unwanted top spot from China, Japanese police reported on Thursday, according to Kyodo News.

Police recorded 5,140 crimes committed by Vietnamese people in 2017, up from 3,177 the year before and accounting for 30.2 percent of the total number of crimes committed by foreign nationals.

Shoplifting accounted for 2,037 cases, while cases of burglary jumped to 325 in 2017 from just 12 the previous year.


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Posted in: Gun control must include background checks, Democrats tell Trump See in context

But I always post my felonies on Facebook!

Have you researched what difference that would actually make? I suspect it's next to none.

Easier just not to have any, except those required for work, eg police, defence, extreme animal control etc.

At the very least, the US should start by banning them entirely from metropolitan areas. As in Japan, zero tolerance, heavy sentences, gang bossed held responsible for underlings.

Use the military to clear cities block by block. There actually pretty good scanning technology to make it easier these days.

Popcorn manufacturers will make a fortune out of the entertainment value of doing so.

But, seriously, study up on how Japan did it.

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Posted in: Cities compete for panda as Japan-China relations improve See in context


So the only reason these cities want to "host" a panda is for the economic value?

Absolutely and it's not cheap at all.

It's a business equation in the millions of dollars with as many contractual terms and conditions attached as inviting Taylor Swift to come and play for you, eg right down to the merchandizing rights.

I agree it is all wrong, especially given the universally poor standard of Japanese zoos.

Meanwhile, the government is out gunning down Japanese bears.

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Posted in: 80 years after 1939, Europe's far right scents power again See in context


   Anybody who wants to read up on the ideological underpinnings of modern corrupt globalism might start by reading Thomas Barnetts "The Pentagons New Map",

Had a quick scan of the author's site. It's obviously a lot more real that the usual "Jews/Rothschild/Soros" conspiracy theories I guess others were expecting. It's more about the practicalities of the "New American Century" and US world domination.

I found the analysis of the Leviathan versus the SysAdmin strategy interesting and, of course, it matters to Japan as its included.

Seems like the military overview from a credible insider.

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Posted in: People living on ¥1 mil a year: How do they manage? See in context

@Mike James

Free income? Why?

Because unlike tools, people need to eat, dress and be kept warm until they are needed by the economy or able again.

And they pay for it via their taxes and national insurances.

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Posted in: Gun control must include background checks, Democrats tell Trump See in context

An IQ test would not be a bad component.

I agree it's more than just laws, it's a problem of a broad culture that runs right the way through history and entertainment to be a big component of the national myth. There needs to be sufficient consensus to change that culture, and it needs to be total.

Whereas gun nuts are right to say most are responsible owners and not the cause of the problem (except for providing the 100,000s of stolen guns), you're not going to get the rest of society to give them up unless they do too.

"They've got them, so we'll have them too".

The US needs to study how Japan dealt with the situation and accept that it is even possible.

Most people won't know but Japan pretty much once had the most guns in the world and many of the best guns available at that time. It's said one daimyo had more guns than the entire British Army at that time.

It could pretty much take the model of how they were removed, and apply it.

Unfortunately, there are just too many people taking too many bucks out of the equation, without having to pay for the consequences; and the NRA - as the militarized wing of the Republican Party - is just too useful a political tools for them.

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Posted in: Temple offers spiritual support for Japan's Vietnamese community See in context

I don't know any Vietnamese in Japan but elsewhere they generally keep their heads down, work hard to get ahead, and don't bother anyone.

Although it is worth pointing out that many are actually Chinese-Vietnamese like the Hoa, not Vietnamese-Vietnamese, hence having to leave to avoid discrimination.

Roughly stated, they were kind of disliked because they tended to business and making money and, hence, became targets of jealousy etc.

At worst, even where they are involved in crime, growing marijuana and human trafficking to support it, they don't generally appear to cause the same problems others do.

I'm thinking immigration from pluralistic Buddhist societies will fit far better than from cultures with monotheistic roots, who tend to have superiority issues believing themselves to right and demanding accommodation and even submission to them.

Japan Buddhism could do with Theravada elements being beefed up a bit.

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Posted in: New service pays 'bounty hunters' to catch shoplifters and train gropers See in context

Mizu no Oto

How many times in your life have you actually witnessed someone shoplifting?

A few.

Three times I can think of off hand, the last being a few weeks ago, they were foreigners/immigrants too.

How's that for racial profiling. True but I imagine the morality police won't allow me to state who.

May be the Japanese ones are just better at it, or don't stand out so much?

Another good argument against niqabs! Yup, true case.

I don't know if it is a thing in Japan at all, I certainly have not seen it, but overseas certain demographics have this thing of picking up stuff and eating it in a supermarket, and then hiding the wrappers somewhere in the store.

It's still theft but you would not want to collect the evidence.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. is 'locked and loaded' for potential response to Saudi oil attack See in context


the more you realize that the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel are the main warmongers on this planet.

Perhaps the false flag attack on the tanker did not work so they are having another try?

It's depressing how easy the American population are whipped up into a frenzy by Fox News and prepared not to back whatever warring the leaders want but even go out and die for them, and continue to sponsor Israel to the tune of billions every year ... $10.5 million per day, over $3.8bn per year.

The concern about Saudi goes further than just warring, it's also the vast and expensive "hearts and minds" campaign promoting it's own brand of backwards fundamentalist Islam, the Salafi/Wahhabi tradition, internationally.

It appears to create the foundations for terrorism and radicalism that more secular branches don't.

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Posted in: Sam Smith announces new pronouns of 'they' and 'them' See in context


I don’t know why people get so freaky about this kind of thing.

Because in a case like Peterson's they get threatened with losing their jobs or even tenures for failing to comply with the latest politically correct fad.

ze, sie, hir, co, ey, mx, zhe, zher, zhim, jee, jeir, jem ... I mean, there's no way on earth you can keep up with them all.

Personally, I'll just stick with the universal 'gfy' and call them what I like.

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Posted in: 80 years after 1939, Europe's far right scents power again See in context

I always thought the most obvious "globalist" were the Right Wing free market capitalists ... but in other circles it's taken on a meaning akin to the old "reds under the beds", for whom "socialism" is the new "satanism" and who believe the Nazi were Left Wingers.

Yup, it's confusing.

I'll be interested to read any response you get.

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Posted in: 80 years after 1939, Europe's far right scents power again See in context

Noting the original author is "a member of the UK Labour Party and is an active fundraiser for the party", such parties appear to have adopted a cynical strategy of bundling in, appealing to, and prioritizing of all sorts of minorities as the only manner - albeit generally unreliable and inefficient - by which they might be elected to power.

Meaning that it is all really just about them being elected, and yet it still does not reliably work.

One thing I disagree about with them is the labeling of any dissent as being "far right" and playing the Reductio ad Hitlerum form of association fallacy.

And that's a critique from a position further left than them.

The truth is, their positions are more correctly set as Center Right, the bizarre fact being that even avowedly nationalistic parties, like the British National Party, have positions that place them further to the left of Labour.

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Posted in: Why do some people mock others' taste in music and dismiss groups that they don't like as being crap and having no talent, etc, as if they were an authority or arbiter on musical excellence? See in context

@Black Sabbath

I'm hard pressed to even consider most of Jpop as technically even music

I'm usually critical of any South Korean that reaches these pages, however, I have to admit to watching the "Mr. Taxi" video more than once.

Having also owned the eponymously named Black Sabbath album, and Paranoid, I'm thinking you're not exactly in much of position to argue over what is "music" or not.

Girls' Generation and their fans could definitely dance better to their hits.

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Posted in: Otter teabags for the cutest teatime ever See in context

Teabags have forever lost their cute appeal to me, since the word became a verb.

Everyone know the most elegant and best tasting way to make tea, is to just use the leaves or flowers.

I would avoid a whale shaped tea bag if it contained brown tea.

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Posted in: Sam Smith announces new pronouns of 'they' and 'them' See in context

So, is that all 7bn plus of the rest of us "officially" informed and is he and his PR team going to spend the rest of his life policing our speech?

+1 on the epidemic of narcissism emanating from the Liberal Fascists and the "Land of the Free to Tell Other People What To Do" over this business.

Didn't the Canadian Jordan Peterson get himself in a real pickle about just this issue, causing a big stir among the Alt Right by refusing to bow to them?

Apparently human rights legislation prohibits "discrimination based on gender identity or expression" and we are all supposed to use alternative pronouns such as a singular 'they' or 'ze' and 'zir'.

How is one ever supposed to keep up with all the permutations?

I'm still having a hard enough job working out imperial and metric.

WTF is going in on American liberal campuses (because it appears that zey are really where it is all coming from), copy and pasted into other legislations?

In Peterson case, proponents had complained to his employer, a University, that his comments are "unacceptable, emotionally disturbing and painful".

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Posted in: Netanyahu vows to begin annexing West Bank settlements See in context

@Norman Goodman

Was one of the Trumpettes, Mr Jared Kushner, going to deliver "The Deal of the Century" for the Palestinians, a one off, miracle peace maker?

What ever happened to that, or did the media just forget?

It is pretty shocked how one sidedly indoctrinating the American media is, and how the misled, uninformed and supporting ordinary people are, over these issues.

I wonder why that is?

Those middle eastern invasions were surely the most brazen cases of "sheep being led by the nose to slaughter" (in this case slaughter others), modern history has ever seen.

But, yes, I think you are right. On one hand there's a sort of subconscious resonance because it's just a extension of what White America did; on the other hand, there's a sort of brazenness among the East European, Russia and American Jews taking Israel that says, "we'll, you did it, so who are you to tell us what we can and cannot do?".

What's more concerning is the not so much a "revolving door" but the open corridor between US and Israel politics and power and support for even openly criminal ventures.

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Posted in: Japanese court hears case on 'paternity harassment' See in context

OK ...


I don't see most companies having the resource to provide the same flexibility of having a empty positions for a year.

To a degree I agree with you. It's a problem were you have so many small manufacturing companies supplying larger ones on Kanban/Just In Time (JIT) bases.

But the predominant large corporations have so much over-employment that it would not be difficult. They could be a lot more flexible and efficient.

I met some guys from a German company that bought out a Japanese manufacturing company in Japan once and were doing amazing things. One of their big things was "everyone goes home at 5pm on Friday" and has a weekend meaning also that the work also had to get done.

Their big criticism of the J-corporate scene was the amount of time and energy wastes on consensus seeking meetings which were actually really consensus enforcing meetings and they made a real effort to speed that up using their model which was, from memory, small groups working together getting things done and people actually speaking their mind and making open criticisms in meetings. The latter was a big culture shock.

As for big corporations, they appear to spend the first 1/3rd of one's career destroying any personal identity and independence moving people around at random from positions/departments/places, and make these utterly unreasonable demands of time and commitment that were not even really productively efficient, then the second 1/3rd destroying any possibility of family life.

Sometimes I felt I got to spend more times with company wives than they got to spend with their husbands ...

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Posted in: Japanese court hears case on 'paternity harassment' See in context

Did he hurt his shoulder rubbing it against the athletes? Must have been rugby players.


Huh? This guy is Japanese...

The NYT, a regular Japan critic, actually reports two such cases are ongoing, the other being an American, Glen Wood, who was a managing director for global sales in the Tokyo office of Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities bank.

Obligatory long hours have got to stop too.

“This is about harassing people for trying to spend time with their family and forcing men to marry their companies instead of their family,” said Mr. Wood.

He said: “We need to assure that there’s work-life balance so that children can spend time with their parent and parents can spend time with their children. That has to be recognized as a universal human right.”

The lawyer makes a good point.

“In Japan, there are a lot of good laws on the books,” said Mr. Imaizumi. “But the problem is that few laborers exercise their rights under the law. We need some courageous people to exercise their rights and stand up in society.”

Japanese law grants both men and women up to one year of leave from work after having a child. Parents are not guaranteed pay from their employer, but are eligible for government benefits while off. However, only 5% of eligible fathers took paternity leave in 2017,

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Posted in: Netanyahu vows to begin annexing West Bank settlements See in context

So where is the other state going to be, in the "Two State" solution they keep talking about?

(No, I don't believe it ever was going to exist either).

Why does American support this?

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Posted in: Abe shakes up cabinet, bringing in rising star Koizumi See in context

Having a father as prime minster is a plus, seeing and experiencing politics at early game to really understand it and having a former prime minister to consult.

Plus 1 on that. It's a no brainer.

He appears to have avoided the excesses of American royalty like Bush and Kennedy jnrs.

Master's degree from Columbia University in New York, researcher at Washington-based think tank, serving as his father's political secretary, it's a solid, international background. He looks like he could have been in a boy band, so'll be a hit with the old ladies who prop up the LDP; yet visits Yasukuni Shrine so'll be a hit with the old men too.

Good heavens, he even has a hafu wife to court the liberals.

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