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Hmmm.. Well folks that live for months in near darkness because of their position at the pole do also have problems with depression.. I suggest that you upgrade your Vitamine D intake. That will calm it down. Supplimenting that lack of sun exposure with some sun vitamine. D and a bit of C.. Or set a spot over a chair and get a lizard light.. the UV from it after 20 minutes to a half hour sitting under that with next to nothing on will help too. Use it when the sun doesn't shine.. That is also an alternative north polars use. Sun room.. UV bulbs and a closet with loung chair and book.

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Why go for a sales tax that will only end up hurting those welfare recipients and retirees.. Go instead for a larger capital gains tax and Corporate tax. Also take into account taxing Hotels and sin tax llike booze, cigeretts and what not. Eliminate a food tax as the poor need no inflation on that..

As for the elderly care unless they have dementia it would be better that they stay with a relative and get home nursing assistance and day providers. Cuts down the cost. Day care for elderly too works well.. Why pay for full nursing home care if they don't need the expensive nursing aspect of it?

I understand that when you play with money and demand and supply eventually that all gets tied up and knotted.. Perhaps we should stop playing with it and go with a resource based economy.

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If your vaccinating all your pets on scedule you need not worry that they will give you the disease. Wild or ferrel pets however lose immunity of their vaccinations after 3 years. The bears likely got it from small animals like squirals, coons and rabbits.mice, rats, and ferril cats.

As for seeing cute little dogs and puppies and wanting one.. Psychologist suggest this link is actually a desire to have babies. Cute little eyes and small faces and pleasent coziness.. Well babies give off all of that too. Have a kid instead.

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Man I have dozens of bearded dragons on my property.. But they are a protected species in Australia.. If our weather continues to desertify as fast as it is we will lose the lot to the lack of water and vegitation for them. Bearded Dragons like to hang out by the creeks as they love to swim and catch bugs that fly around the water..

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I surely agree. That Isreal is the one that deserves international monitoring. The Likud Government is very extreme and arrogant, Militancy like that gets nations in trouble. He is very secularist as well. It would pointless for Iran to develope nukes to strike Isreal.. Such a tiny place that is and all the islamic neighbors would receive a fair share of that bomb. They would not want to hurt them. Also the wind would carry that radiation as a blow back right in their faces. Talking about pissing in the wind..

Another consideration is that for Isreal to start something with Iran would pull Russia into it.. If Iran didn't have a nuke they would before the day was out curtasy of Puttin. With Bibi's name on it. From Russia with Love.

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