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Posted in: Abe says Asahi stories on comfort women damaged Japan's image abroad See in context

I know some countries have habits of yelling down when someone trying to verify this issue. First, I want to know whole hard evidence of this issue, we should let fair historian to verify what happened.

Also I heard Korea had same system "comfort women for UN troops", after Korean war. But they hardly review it.

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Posted in: Obama says Japan's wartime sex slavery was 'terrible' violation of human rights See in context

Disappointing to hear that! When trying to verify "comfort women" issue, freedom of speech is always restricted by Korea. Japan is really free and independant country?

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Posted in: Foreign correspondents 'blindly swallowing' anti-Japanese propaganda, writer alleges See in context

When trying to verify Kono statement and comfort woman issue, freedom of speech is always restricted by Korea and China..

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Posted in: Mt Gox says it is working with police in missing bitcoin probe See in context

It's gone when switched off.

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

I think they should do it over and over until nobody questions it. We shouldn't enter into emotional talk, what we need is to investigate with fairness and without bias. I want to know what really happened, appeasement not working

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Posted in: China says Japan's 'hype' on air defense zone spreads tension See in context

Japan says China's 'hype' on Yasukuni shrine visit spreads tension

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Posted in: Japanese WWII soldier who hid in Philippine jungle until 1974 dies See in context

He must have killed people in Philippine, War is justification of murder. You think he should have been killed and not returned?

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Posted in: Germany urges Japan to deal honestly with WWII past See in context

"Germany takes pride in what it sees as its own earnest effort to atone for its militaristic past and the murder of six million European Jews in the Holocaust, although critics say it still has more to do."**

Critics from China and Korea? What else German will have to do? I think it's same as what Japanese are fed up with.

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