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Posted in: 18 children, 3 adults killed in Texas school shooting; 18-year-old gunman dead See in context

StrangerlandToday  09:11 am JST

All guns are legal until they're not. If there are no legal guns, there cannot be illegal guns. When you sell legal guns to the population, you also create an illegal gun market, and people get shot with those illegal guns. Direct correlation mate.

Oh dear, here I go mic dropping with all these facts. How rude of me. But not as rude as shooting a kid in the face at school.

What is dropping from the mic are opinions, not facts.

Isn't it possible if there are no legal guns that there can be illegal guns? Like, if someone illegally transports guns into the country?

Regardless of gun laws, aren't there already laws in the US that make shooting a kid in the face at school illegal?

I went way off base; sorry, as this is a mental issue problem and a criminal acts issue, and not an inanimate object problem.

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Posted in: China offers bonds, tax breaks as new medicine for ailing economy See in context

China is the last major economy bolted to a zero-COVID strategy of mass testing and tough lockdowns to stamp out infections.

Credit to China for putting the health of their citizens before their economy.

The US, which did not employ the zero covid policy, is suffering from inflation, and is likely headed to a recession in 2023; New Zealand, even though it is a much more homogenous country regarding socioeconomic factors compared to the US, went into a recession at the start of the Covid crisis.

China, which consistently used the zero covid policy, saw its GDP rise the first quarter of 2022; incredible performance.

Seems like being number one in the world with the lowest rate of covid infections as a result of its zero covid policy is something other countries could strive for; if they want to protect the health of their citizens and of their economies.

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Posted in: 18 children, 3 adults killed in Texas school shooting; 18-year-old gunman dead See in context

StrangerlandToday  09:03 am JST

Oh dear, you didn't do your research on what happened to shooting numbers in Australia after they banned guns.

Was the proportion of household gun ownership in Australia the same as that in the US before Australia banned guns, and were the demographics of Australia the same as the US?

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Posted in: 18 children, 3 adults killed in Texas school shooting; 18-year-old gunman dead See in context

An 18-year-old gunman opened fire Tuesday at a Texas elementary school, killing 14 children and a teacher and wounding others, Gov. Greg Abbott said, and the gunman was dead.

Obviously another tragedy involving a disturbed individual. Mental illness is a huge problem and the states need to focus on treating these people in efforts to prevent similar incidents.

Thankfully, cases like this are extremely rare in the US; more people die in bathtub accidents than in mass shootings each year for example.

Some might try to blame inanimate objects such as guns, but then porcelain tubs would need to be blamed.

At the federal level, hopefully this administration can do something about increasing funding for programs that treat the mentally ill.

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Posted in: Dazzling but empty stadiums a symbol of China's fading soccer dream See in context

Thus proving the policy is bad for the economy, a perfect contradiction of your postion.

Strange "argument" as proven by China's robust economic growth the first year after the pandemic.

And a source:

That never happened, the one that went to the highest rates in the world was Hong Kong, which obviously is in China and became overnight one of the places with the highest death rates, does this mean China abandoned the zero covid policy?

Fact denial.

The point is that an unnecessary policy is detrimental to China, and other countries have done better with even lower death rates without needing it. That means keeping with a bad policy even if it is not efficient and even if better options are available.

You haven't stated a point, but my point is that the zero covid policy results in the lowest number of infections and is proven by the low numbers in China, the UK, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia, which had their respective lowest numbers until they eased restrictions at which point the numbers zoomed up.

Anyone who says Australia, for example, had more covid infections during their zero covid period versus when they eased restrictions is not dealing with reality and is a fact denier.

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Posted in: Scientists baffled by monkeypox cases in Europe, U.S. See in context

That is the point, there is no "failing" of the immune system, there is infection, which is a natural process product from the adaptation of the pathogens.

Wrong. The reason there is infection is because of the weakened immune system. The natural process would be for the immune system to fight off the pathogens, and as a result, no infection. This is a easy concept to understand.

Something that do not apply at all for the outbreak of monkeypox because it does not require any kind of failing of the immune system, it can infect normal, healthy people.

You are making a comment out of context, as my accurate explanation breaks down the root cause of a failing immune system.

Regardless, the immune system does have an affect on whether someone becomes infected with monkeypox or not, as the article makes a clear point:

“Aside from people in west and Central Africa who may have some immunity to monkeypox from past exposure, not having any smallpox vaccination means nobody has any kind of immunity to monkeypox,” Happi said.

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Posted in: Sandstorms pose serious risk to human health See in context

Describing a real possibility based on scientific studies is not fear mongering, people can make better decisions thanks to that, the only ones in fear are those that systematically reject science and any knowledge that threatens the way they need reality to be.

Textbook fearmongering,

What kind of better decisions would these people hypothetically make? You leave out that detail in place of a broad generalization.

Here's a tip---if you see a sandstorm brewing outside, stay in.

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Posted in: Scientists baffled by monkeypox cases in Europe, U.S. See in context

BroncoMay 21  05:10 pm JST

What is the root cause of the immune system failing which then allows the virus to take hold?

Good question.

The same cause as in every infection, pathogens are adapted to defeat the immunity.


The question is about the root cause of a failing immune system. Not about pathogens "adapting."

One of the root causes of the failing immune system is the ability of white blood (phagocytes, and lymphocytes) cells to be active enough to either produce enzymes to fight off pathogens, or to produce antibodies to basically slow down pathogens so that phagocytes can destroy the pathogens.

Of course, things like age, medications and so forth can weaken the immune system and inhibit the white blood cells activity.

Experts have stressed they do not know if the disease is being spread through sex or other close contact related to sex.

Some do know.

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Posted in: Ex-Olympic medalist Kotani battles objectification of women in sport See in context

Maybe not be so sensitive about people looking at pictures of someone competing as an "artistic swimmer".

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Posted in: Albanese sworn in as PM in Australia ahead of Tokyo Quad summit See in context

Bob FosseToday  02:14 pm JST

At least Australians aren’t crying fake election. Still complaining but at least accepting.

Credit to the Aussies for holding a valid election.

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Posted in: Elvis' granddaughter says watching new biopic 'very intense' See in context

"Elvis", which premieres on Wednesday, stars newcomer Austin Butler in the lead role and Tom Hanks as his infamous manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

Not enthralled with Tom Hanks in this role.

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Posted in: Taiwan not included in launch of new Biden Indo-Pacific pact See in context

Inclusion of the self-ruled island of Taiwan, which China claims as its own, would have irked Beijing.

Hilarious! Don't want to irk China now, do we?

More Biden bungling on this issue.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka at French Open news conference: 'I think I'm OK' See in context

Nice try, but a stronger American beat her today.

Get ready for Wimbledon.

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Posted in: 3 goals in 5-minute recovery wins Premier League for Manchester City See in context

JimizoToday  11:21 am JST

Some finish that. City and Liverpool are miles better than everyone else but Villa and Wolves made them fight for it.

Yes, but as I predicted two weeks ago, Liverpool would fizzle out because of its schedule while City had an easier time. Your sidekick who had a breakdown over criticism over Anfield Stadium and is now painting by numbers is also chowing down on humble pie.

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Posted in: Ex-Olympic medalist Kotani battles objectification of women in sport See in context

Best of luck for her but she faces a lot of problems that make her fight extremely difficult. 

Ahhh, that is in the title of this article, yes.

The final problem I can think of right now is that ambiguous laws and badly defined transgressions make very difficult to put penalties to people that objectify athletes,

Okkkk. Whatever!

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Posted in: Dazzling but empty stadiums a symbol of China's fading soccer dream See in context

In spite of the policy, not thanks to it according to multiple reports by experts.

In spite of the effects Covid has on society, as any medical professional would know. As usual, you provide no statistical data to support your "claims".

New Zealand, which copied China's zero covid policy at the start of the crisis, went into a recession. And when it eased restrictions, its infections and related deaths zoomed to some of the highest rates in the world, while China was the lowest.

Last year, China had the biggest growth in GDP since 1992. China is doing fine, despite your ant-facts denials.

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Posted in: Iran Revolutionary Guard colonel shot dead in Tehran See in context

Although the Guard gave only scant detail about the attack that occurred in broad daylight in the heart of Iran's capital, the group blamed the killing on “global arrogance,” typically code for the United States and Israel.

No, the killing was a response to Iran's global terrorism.

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Posted in: Dazzling but empty stadiums a symbol of China's fading soccer dream See in context

Not with Covid Zero. If they stick to it, the economy will simply crash. It will be as devastating as Mao's Cultural Revolution and set China back decades.

China started zero covid more than 2 years ago, and had positive growth during the entire crisis.

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Posted in: China cuts key mortgage reference rate as COVID bites See in context

Just my point. Your whole stance on this issue is: 

•based on splitting and splicing semantics.

No, based on the English language.

And that was thanks to the zero covid policy, which means it is by itself a negative influence on economic growth,

Wrong. New Zealand, unlike China, did not have a strong economy at the start of the crisis. China's economy, on the other hand, has been able to enjoy positive growth alongside with its zero covid policy. Sounds pretty successful.

Same as China, even at similar times, does that means that the explosion of cases and deaths that china had is because it abandoned the zero covid policy? that is your whole argument.

Wrong. New Zealand, even with its small population and less dense population than China, has a higher infection rate. Even higher than Australia and Canada.

And by the way, Australia and New Zealand have lower death rates than China after adjusting the reports to the same way China use to hide the real number.

The real number known by only you? Or the real number known by medical professionals, which shows China having the lowest covid death related rate in the world.

How do you know 1 million covid deaths have been prevented? In fact, how do you know if anything you have written on the issue is accurate?

Because the 1 million deaths in the US did not occur in China.

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Posted in: If the current inoculation rate continues, we’ll have no choice but to dispose of some of the vaccine. See in context

They don't work like they were advertised, waste of money even if they end up being used

True; otherwise there wouldn't be a large increase in infections in people who already received the vaccine like we see in the US, New Zealand (one of the highest positivity rates in the world) Australia and Canada.

Not enough data out there to make a case for the necessity for the 4th shot for the majority of people.

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Posted in: China cuts key mortgage reference rate as COVID bites See in context

A growth that has been decreased thanks to the policy that is still unnecessary, no expert have said that China's economy is thanks to the policy, but in spite of it, and greatly reduced.

Yet still growing. That is the point. New Zealand, on the other hand, had a recession.

And experts have said the growth is because of China's zero covid policy.

Cleared up that misunderstanding.

Yes, again because of the zero covid policy and it was solved after abandoning it, it would be another argument against it. specially because death rates are lower than China, which demonstrate the zero covid policy can be surpassed in efficacy by more scientifically supported approaches.

NZ. like Australia, experienced higher infection and death rates after easing zero covid policies. As the respective government statistics show.

Does anyone still think zero covid works???

What do you mean by "works"? Prevent over 1 million covid related deaths like in the US?

Then yes, it works.

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Posted in: WHO: China's COVID plan is 'unsustainable' due to Omicron See in context

“We understand why the initial response of China was to try and suppress infections to the maximum level (but) that strategy is not sustainable and other elements of the strategic response needs to be amplified,”

Meanwhile, the WHO, of which many of its recommendations have been proven scientifically wrong, does not have any suggestions as to what is sustainable. Is the US approach sustainable? With over 1 million covid deaths? What is the definition of sustainable according to this "institution"?

What stance? the WHO has not antagonized any country since more than 10 years ago, there would be no turnabout by being "diplomatic" while clearly saying their methods are wrong.

Neither the article nor anyone's comments mentions the word "antagonized". Not sure to what you are referring. Sounds like you are trying to push a point that you want to discuss, yet which is beyond the scope of this discussion.

New Zealand still has a lower death rate than China, this is because instead of uselessly trying to prevent every infection they focus on preventing hospitalizations and deaths, with the added bonus that they do not have to let people die because of lack of access to medical services as in Shanghai.

Wrong, as statistics show.

China do not have under 10,000 deaths,

Wrong, as statistics show.

There is nothing circular to providing an argument that refutes yours, its veracity do not depend on itself.

Your argument breaks down to, You're wrong, I'm right.

Is responsible for making recommendations based on science, your own quoted text clearly says "calls for..." not "makes the decision to..."

So the WHO does not have any authority to direct any government. Glad you finally understood that.

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Posted in: Thousands of COVID-negative Beijing residents sent to quarantine See in context

Thank god we don't live in China under the CCP!

No, but Japan did the same thing to thousands re-entering the country.

"Experts have determined that all Nanxinyuan residents undergo centralised quarantine beginning midnight May 21 for seven days,"

Some quarantined for 10 days in Japan.

when omicron makes it impossible to be successful and when much better measures means infections represent a much lower risk? that is what makes the policy nonsense right now.

You don't define "successful", but China has a lower rate of infections than the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and on and on. And experiencing positive economic growth throughout the entire crisis.

Sounds like a starting point for the meaning of successful.

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Posted in: Scientists baffled by monkeypox cases in Europe, U.S. See in context

Bats in China, monkeys in Africa.

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Posted in: Japan to allow 20,000 daily international arrivals from June See in context

Elvis is hereMay 20  05:35 pm JST

Bet all restrictions dropped by end of June.

No, August at the earliest.

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Posted in: China cuts key mortgage reference rate as COVID bites See in context

Unfortunately the CCP is so invested on keeping their appearance of infallibility that the obvious measure that could prevent the negative effect on their economy (replacing the zero covid policy with alternatives that prevent hospitalizations, complications and deaths even better) is simply out of consideration, lets see how much this lasts.

There is no validity to this "thought" since China is the only major country that has had positive growth during the whole Covid crisis. New Zealand went through a recession. The US keeps raising its rates; inflation is getting higher. We are experiencing first hand Japan's economic struggles.

venzeToday  11:17 am JST

PBC announces largest cut in 5-year LPR as China fast-tracks pro-growth policies.

China is managing its economic growth well in accordance with its projection, despite in this defining & critical time of global lethargic economy. 

Excellent points.

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Posted in: Dazzling but empty stadiums a symbol of China's fading soccer dream See in context

China will be fine.

"China's reputation as a reliable sporting event host has been damaged," the sports consultant Bi said.

In contrast, how is Japan's reputation after the recent summer Olympics?

China still has money, and will be able to host events in the future when it is ready.

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Posted in: Japan to start 4th vaccine shots for elderly, at-risk groups from May 25 See in context

The announcement came after the Cabinet approved a revision to a ministerial ordinance required to offer the fourth shots.

Not enough studies support the 4th shot.

But since the risk of becoming sick, hospitalized or complicated because of the infection that still means not vaccinating is more profitable, the unvaccinated person is simply much less likely to remain healthy thanks to the easily transmitted infection.


Regardless, the best approach to not getting sick from Covid is to not get infected in the first place.

Instead of relying on vaccines hoping it will make one "less" sick, the CDC determined that people who fare best are the ones who do not get infected in the first place.

Kind of an obvious concept, but one that is overlooked by those pushing the vaccines.

We know who you are.

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Posted in: WHO: China's COVID plan is 'unsustainable' due to Omicron See in context

WHO emergencies chief Dr Michael Ryan said the agency recognized that China had faced a difficult situation with COVID-19 recently and commended authorities for keeping the number of deaths to a very low level.

Well, if the WHO is commending Chinese authorities, that is quite a turnaround from their stance of two years ago.

At least they finally acknowledge the success of China's zero covid policy. And remember, zero covid is the best covid.

New zealand and Australia would be a better option, this is because contrary to what you believe (and always fail to prove) they do not have "the highest death rates in the world", New Zealand even have lower rates than China once the way of reporting is made the same.

9000+ new infections in New Zealand the other day; 0 in Shanghai.

Seems like the facts contradict your version of "reality".

No they don't, which is why you have always failed to prove it either, that is just your personal belief. Your argument is easily disproved the moment countries that have higher infection rates have lower death rates compared with China, betting for better health services and vaccination instead of an unsustainable zero covid strategy allows that, the WHO is the one saying it, just you saying they must be wrong is not an argument to prove it,

Hmmm, USA with over 1 million deaths, China with under 10,000. Kind of an easy set of numbers to compare for non-medical professionals. So, you are wrong again.

No it is not, it is a well proved fact with not even half of the people most vulnerable being fully vaccinated and boosted, and using a vaccine well known to be less effective than the best avaialable ones. I know this completely refutes your point, but even if you don't want to believe it that does not make it less true. 

A poorly written, confusingly circular argument nonetheless, and the statistical data for your "claim"?

Why would you think the WHO specifically calls for the use of vaccines in China to replace the zero covid policy?

The WHO is responsible for making government decisions?

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Posted in: Study finds cleaner air leads to more Atlantic hurricanes See in context

The article describes a correlation, but then they use as title: Study finds cleaner air leads to more Atlantic hurricanes. As they say: correlation does not imply causation...

Good point.

The title is correct, because the primary source do not only describes a correlation but goes to great lengths to justify a causal relationship.

Wrong. Your source does not describe a causal relationship.

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