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PickleToday  05:05 pm JST

Down 25% from a week ago and down 50% from two weeks ago, I hope this trend continues for a while and that the next wave is very small indeed as we have seen elsewhere.

Which trend?

The one where Tokyo's rates are up about 3500% from this day last year?

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Japan began Monday to simplify its coronavirus reporting system by targeting elderly and high-risk people in a bid to reduce the administrative burden on hospitals and local health centers.

Ok, just hide some numbers.

Makes things easier.

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Posted in: Taliban sign deal for Russian oil products, gas and wheat See in context

In essence, the US provided the Taliban with oil products, gas, and wheat, while also funneling money to Russia.

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Tokyo reports 5,327 new coronavirus cases

Huge numbers again!

And the 8th wave is coming soon!!

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theResidentSep. 27  12:14 pm JST

@painkiller: OR Driving License. I have one, some don't. As photo ID what are you worried about? Mine carries no info anyway as PR. What are you afraid of?

Neither a driver's license nor a PR card is necessary to check into a hotel. If you are showing either of those, well, why do you worry and what are you afraid of?

Any 5 Star Hotel will always ask for some form of ID if you are NOT in their system already as previous guest or a Loyalty member.

That is true in several countries.

Not Japan, where it is illegal to refuse a room to someone who is a resident in Japan if they do not show any type of ID.

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The explanation still contradicts your correction, because it is not the epidermis that is fulfilling the roles of the nervous system, it is the nervous system itself that is simply doing its function in the epidermis.

No, you are proven wrong again.

Since you have completely unable to provide any reference where a medical professional use this imaginary term to refer to the skin that means it is still a baseless appeal to authority about something only you personally believed, but could not demonstrate.

You mean like a medical reference from the Center for Neurosurgical&Spinal Disorders with a sentence like:

*Each pair of nerve roots exit the spinal column and branch out into the body forming the peripheral* (outer) nervous system

See how this medical professional uses "outer" in exchange for the word "peripheral" so that laymen like us can easily grasp the meaning?

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Good to see that you now understand it is not the skin itself but the actual nervous system the one that is being described and therefore no need to point out to the skin itself as ifi it was another nervous system. This helps understanding why no medical professionals call it this way, as you mistakenly declared.

I see you did not understand the meaning of epidermis. Basically it is the top layer of the skin. Now with that understanding of a term used by medical professionals you have the understanding of the outer nervous system--again, a term used by medical professionals to describe something to laymen.

So let's look at that quote again that should finally clarify fo you your misunderstanding:

*The sensory nerves in the epidermis** serve to sense and transmit heat, pain, and other noxious sensations.*

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Posted in: Japan to run new domestic travel subsidy program until late December See in context

theResidentToday  08:40 am JST

Residents card.. That any decent hotel asks for upon check in anyway. Same as last time.

Hotel should not be asking for resident card, and one is not required to be shown.

If the purpose of checking residency is because a subsidy is given to visitors from certain prefectures, then a driver's license is all that is needed for residents in Japan.

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wallaceToday  11:17 am JST

The sensory nerves in the epidermis serve to sense and transmit heat, pain, and other noxious sensations. When these nerves are not functioning properly they can produce sensations such as numbness, pins-and-needles, pain, tingling, or burning.

Excellent description--medical professional quality--and gives us a "feel" for the outer nervous system.

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"There is still no cure for cystic fibrosis," he stressed.

This is a horrible illness often affecting the young.

However the triple-pill treatment taken by Fiant, which is sold as Kaftrio in Europe and Trikafta in the United States, has had a major impact since the U.S. first approved it in 2019.

This is a major step.

Which completely supports the criticism I made, the nervous system would be then also this "outer nervous system" which makes the distinction irrelevant.

No, your mistaken criticism also displayed a lack of knowledge of a basic term.

In a nutshell, for the laymen, the nervous system has two main parts:

*The central nervous system 

*The peripheral nervous system

Easy to understand the functions of those two main parts (some basic research is necessary to get a deeper understanding).

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Also I have never heard the skin being described as our "outer nervous system", after all there is a very clear role of the usual nervous system fulfilling this role that can't be replace by any other kind of tissue of the skin.

It is unlikely you would have heard of the skin being described as our "outer nervous system", as this phrase is used by medical professionals as informal medical terminology for laymen to understand.

The peripheral nervous system, which consists of the nerves outside the central nervous system, connects the central nervous system to the skin, for example.

The central nervous system on the other hand is basically comprised of the brain, the spinal cord, and neurons.

Peripheral nerves consist of, among others, sensory nerves.

Hence, the skin being known in informal medical terminology as the "outer nervous system".

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You keep commenting this, but it is still completely false. The WHO and the international experts from all around the world (including Japan) gave the same recommendation, to prioritize masks for symptomatic patients, which was also what was done in Japan.

Anyone in Japan, or Asia for that matter, is aware of the medical experts' advice to wear masks here in order to reduce infections, given at the start of the crisis, as my sources published several times attest to.

No reason to try and prop up the WHO for something that agency itself acknowledged was incorrect medical advice.

Do you have any scientific study that concluded masks do not prevent infections, which the WHO presumably relied on at the start of the crisis; otherwise they made a suggestion not founded on science.

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Elton John on Friday sang at the White House at the invitation of President Joe Biden, after declining invitations from his predecessor Donald Trump.

Elton certainly has his politics all mixed up.

Bob FosseSep. 25  01:55 pm JST

Sir Elton also praised Bush for his progressive AIDS work. It seems he has a lot of respect for US Presidents. Well, not all of them obviously.

I am guessing Trump was not hurt.

Americans recognize Trump as a bigger celebrity than Elton John.

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Posted in: Rihanna to headline the next Super Bowl halftime show See in context

The Super Bowl will take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on Feb. 12. 

Kind of a long way off. Buffalo and TB.

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Posted in: Japan reports 43,587 new coronavirus cases See in context

Japan reports 43,587 new coronavirus cases

Numbers still high! Okinawa numbers up too!!

And the 8th wave isn't even here yet.

Positivity rate still zooming up.

The actual number of infections is incredibly higher than the numbers seen published here.

Japan believes opening the borders like other countries means this crisis is over, while overlooking protective measures, even though Japan, like many Asian countries, relied on international experts here and ignored the WHO's advice at the beginning of this to not wear masks.

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Posted in: Conspiracy theories are dangerous even if very few people believe them See in context

No misunderstanding, the scientific evidence argument is completely valid because the examples in the comment DO have scientific validation that allowed them to be recognized as true, while the examples on the article don't. The only misunderstanding here is yours, that could not recognize the argument is the lack of evidence from the examples of conspiracy theories, and though they would be supported by it. The point is the opposite, that these examples are NOT supported by scientific evidence, so they are nothing like the examples listed in the comment.

You still misunderstand because not all the examples have scientific validation. Maybe it is just one of your reading comprehension issues, but if you read the article closely you will see the section about philosophers.

Do you really need evidence about false information not bringing anything positive to a discussion? or is this once again an excuse you are using when you have no logical argument to disprove something that you don't want to accept. 

So, you don't have evidence. Not surprised.

And as usual, whenever an error in your thinking is clearly and easily pointed out, you start throwing out irrational assertions trying to support your initial "claims". Just accept your errors, and move on.

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Posted in: Texas vow to 'eliminate all rapists' rings hollow at clinics See in context

More than 14,000 rape crimes have been reported in Texas since the law took effect last year,

Were any pregnancies the result in cases where there was a conviction?

Bob FosseToday  11:37 am JST

No. Only someone with zero grasp of reality would expect to actually happen in a thousand years. Abbot is another circus barker, getting folks riled with nonsense.

Do you have experience as a US voter to support this view, or is this just hyperbole?

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Posted in: Conspiracy theories are dangerous even if very few people believe them See in context

Conspiracy theories are dangerous even if very few people believe them

Intriguing how this article is from Germany.

The huge difference is that the examples you mention were supported by scientific evidence, while those that the article talks about are not, in fact they are debunked by that evidence, which means calling them false and wrong is valid, repeating information that can be demonstrated false is not beneficial nor lead to progress.

You misunderstand the original poster's comment, and you overgeneralize, because not everything in the article is supported by scientific evidence, so your assertion is false.

No, it is not. It is perfectly valid to censor false information that people try to use to mislead others into acting irrationally or making mistakes, there is nothing fascistic about it. 

Do you have any evidence or proof for this assertion? It is full of inherent circular reasoning. One person's rationality is another's irrationality when there is no scientific evidence to support either's view.

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BroncoToday  08:08 am JST

Sweden never imposed draconian lockdowns and instead essentially followed the focused protection model.

Locking down children, danger taping playgrounds and replacing the classroom with 8 hours of iPad screen time was wrong.

Excellent points.

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Posted in: Khmer Rouge tribunal ending work after 16 years, 3 judgments See in context

His personal feelings about getting some kind of justice are not even about how efficiently he go it.

You're confusing whatever argument it was you thought you were putting forward, now introducing the "efficiently" concept when you first started on the line of:

 it seems that spending hundred of millions of dollars and one and a half decades is not justified, 

So, mixing up your points. Or just trying to escape from the corner where you were schooled on the actual facts.

That does not make him an authority on the efficacy of the judgment,

Because you say so? What sources do you have to back that up? What do you think an expert in this case requires? Do you have any idea? Just trolling as usual after your argument gets demolished?

Except he has not, ever.

Except that is his job.

Again, I have never said I am one on this field, but I have never baselessly pretended other people to be as you are trying to do.

You certainly aren't.

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"I just wish America could be more bipartisan on everything," John said.

What a strange comment.

Why would Elton John, as a foreigner, care about this aspect of US politics?

Just play the piano and sing.

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Posted in: Why do you think South Korean movies, such as "Squid Game" and Parasite," for example, are achieving greater success and recognition abroad than Japanese films? See in context

somehow I get the impression that Japanese products are made thinking exclusively about the Japanese market, so only a segment of the public in other countries (people already interested in Japan) become interested in things even if they have equivalent quality.

Then you are not aware of the actual trends in this field, since Japan's Netflix series Terrace House, for example, was not only followed by an international audience, it was also adapted for the US market by filming a season in the USA, and using American participants in the show.

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Posted in: Khmer Rouge tribunal ending work after 16 years, 3 judgments See in context

No, I am saying his opinion is about his personal feelings of gain from the veredict, but has absolutely no relevance about how efficient the process was, which is the criticism done and that you don't address at all in your comment, do you have any expert evaluating the topic that says the expenditure is justified?

He is the expert evaluating the topic, which is why his statement is mentioned. He isn't a random person stopped on the street for a soundbyte.

He is the foremost expert on crime of the Khmer Rouge.

He was a founder of the Institute for International Criminal Investigations in The Hague .

He is one of the persons behind the trial of these men in the first place.

He is the authority.

His opinion speaks for victims since he is part of the group representing the victims.

You have no clue about this.

Has Youk Chhang even said to be an expert evaluating the efficiency of tribunals? because you are trying to make an appeal to an authority the own person is not making.

yes, if you spent a few minutes to look him up you would know this basic piece of information.

I have never made an appeal for myself being an authority,

You're not one.

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Posted in: Hiroshima bombing recalled in Oregon 'peace trees' campaign See in context

An Oregon official involved in the campaign told the audience that recognition of the continued threat of nuclear weapons is especially relevant today, with Russian President Vladimir Putin making veiled threats to use them in his war against Ukraine.

Leave it to Oregon.

The nuclear bombs used in WWII were a response to a nation being attacked, not the other way around.

“I believe the best way for me to speak about peace is through the A-bombed trees.

How about speaking about the threat of militarily aggressive governments like WWII Japan, and the current Russian government. There's a relative link. No reason to mention only atomic weapons, when bullets are the deadliest weapon of all time.

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Japan reports 39,218 new coronavirus cases

Some of the highest numbers in a year!

Positivity rates one of the highest in the world.

Far from over here.

Thankfully Japan listened to the experts at the beginning and used masks, contrary to the WHO's advice.

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Posted in: Khmer Rouge tribunal ending work after 16 years, 3 judgments See in context

So because one interested person say it is happy to get at least some results this means the process was efficient? that makes no sense.

You mean this interested person, Youk Chhang, who was named one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the Heroes and Pioneers section doesn't have a valued opinion on this?

How about the opinion of someone that actually can evaluate if the costs and time are justified?

You mean Youk Chhang, who was the director of DC-Cam whose work focused on documenting the crimes of Democratic Kampuchea, and which published a textbook on the Khmer Rouge period is not able to evaluate this; but we are expected to listen to your opinion telling us this was not justified?

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer Tanaka goes on trial for drug possession See in context

Obviously the reason for the arrest is just an excuse,

The reason for the arrest is clear as day.

He was found to be in possession of a plastic bag containing stimulants.

That's not an excuse. The reason is the possession of stimulants.

the excuse is for the search,

Now you're trying to change your statement based on getting called out for making an obviously nonsensical remark. An excuse is seeking to defend or justify. In this case, the police do not need to defend or justify anything. Tanaka was the one arrested, and tried in court. Tanaka would have needed an excuse.

I corrected you on your mistake and misunderstanding already; kind of cringeing to see you try and weasel out of another of your unsubstantiated opinions.

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer Tanaka goes on trial for drug possession See in context

As an excuse for what? that is not what is written in the text you quoted, it is clearly explained that I believe the reason used for the arrest is the excuse, not the arrest itself.

Police in Japan don't arrest someone for an "excuse". The reality is, Japan has an established legal system, and no one has ever been convicted in court as an "excuse".

The facts of this case are obvious, and it is obvious Tanaka was not arrested as an "excuse":

The court heard that Tanaka was acting in a “suspicious manner” outside Kashiwa Station at around 10 p.m. Prosecutors did not specify what Tanaka was doing, but said that he tried to avert the gaze of policer officers as they approached him. He was found to be in possession of a plastic bag containing stimulants.

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Posted in: Truss reviews location of British embassy in Israel See in context

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid tweeted earlier on Thursday that he was grateful to her for considering moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Truss has my vote!

Great move. Get that embassy where it rightfully belongs.

Anyone who rejects the notion that Jerusalem belongs to Israel accepts and supports terrorism.

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer Tanaka goes on trial for drug possession See in context

Obviously the reason for the arrest is just an excuse, the police was onto Tanaka and clearly understood he was not over his addiction. 

He was arrested as "an excuse"? I do not see anything under Japanese law making "an excuse" illegal. Excuse means something offered as justification. He was arrested for possession of stimulants, which is illegal. There was no mention in any of the courts of an "excuse".

The biggest problem is that this completely undermines the decision of the first Judge to show clemency because Tanaka refused to get help, he got it easy before, not likely to get it now and this may become a dangerous precedent for other people that could have benefitted from that clemency and had a genuine intention to fight their addiction.

What is the problem? And who is it a problem for? This is Japan--it is certainly a problem to possess illegal substances. But this is not the first time someone received clemency, only to later violate the terms of that clemency and get into trouble again.

No precedent is set here, as this is not the first time someone was convicted of a crime, given a light sentence, but reoffended later.

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