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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyers hand dossier to U.N. human rights office showing violations See in context

Good step to the new lawyer, keep going pro you are the man

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Posted in: Man arrested for licking woman's hair at train station See in context


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Posted in: Man cons woman out of ¥6.35 mil in romance fraud See in context

smart dude

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Posted in: 3 Japanese schools believed to have kept human skulls for teaching See in context

for me, they just want to make case over nothing as a result of lack of work.

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Posted in: Mass rape, cannibalism, dismemberment: U.N. team finds atrocities in Congo war See in context

This is what happened in most African countries, look like what is happanening now in Cameroon and Nigeria, the political leaders are selfish and greedy they are dump-ass slumps, i also blame the U.N because at the end they wont take a major step to stop all this, the president of camerron has been in power for over 35 years and cameroon is a bilingual country now the English part wants to seperate but the president decided to kill almost everyone in the English zone. Please the world needs to stand up and see what others are going through especially the U.N.

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Posted in: Man gets 23 years for beating stranger to death outside park toilet See in context

I just realized we all living in Japan have to watch our back everyday we step out, innocent people die everyday because of some ingrades and i also wonder why he gets only 23 years prison term.

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Posted in: Syrian man in Japan opens school in Bangladesh for Rohingya refugees See in context

The almighty God who provided for you is not sleeping, you will be a great and successful man tomorrow, keep doing the will of God he will see you through your endeavors and you shall succeed to meet your dreams in good faith Salim.

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Posted in: Man arrested for hitting ‘noisy’ 10-year-old boy with hammer See in context

this old man should spent the rest of his life in jail for attempted murder and intruding, this is very common in japan where you will see many people would hit the wall or kill someone for making noise. i have had this experience where my neighbor hits my all almost everyday even when i talk on phone.

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Posted in: 7 death row Aum cult members moved from Tokyo detention center See in context

people like them do not need to live in the society i wonder why they had to keep them this long before execution, they are heartless.

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Posted in: Man arrested for hammer attack on 16-year-old girl in train station toilet See in context

he should be put in jail

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Posted in: Bezos tops Forbes world's richest list See in context

good for them

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Posted in: MSDF appoints first woman to command warship squadron See in context

lucky you

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Posted in: Gov't eyes making permanent residency easier for 'Cool Japan' talent See in context

why only expertise in animation and illustration will have such benefit in japan or is it because of the low salary wage? there are many medical engineers and other skilled expertise who already know much about Japanese culture, at least they should have such benefit too.

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Posted in: 'Racist' white powder letter sent to Meghan Markle: report See in context

Why all this racist thing, if some countries can accept same sex marriage which is worst in mankind why won’t they allow the white and black to get married? Is it because he is from a royal family?

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Posted in: 18-year-old mother arrested for killing 2-year-old son See in context

what next? i pitty the poor child

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Posted in: Man arrested for burying body on Ishikawa beach asked acquaintances to dig hole See in context

wicked act, killing a friend for money? how much even? he merit life in prison.

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Posted in: Man wielding knife shot by Osaka police officer See in context

well done police officer, you did well at least you did not kill him.

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Posted in: Woman’s body found on factory grounds; colleague arrested See in context

What a tragedy, may her soul rest in peace, what can be his motive for killing her colleague?

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Posted in: 46-year-old man arrested over murder of parents See in context

very bad, you will now get death sentence.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man faces charges over using flamethrower in park See in context

This boy needs credit, he was just feeling excited at his age, and I think he didn’t want to hurt any one.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern expecting a baby See in context

good news and congrats

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Posted in: SoftBank Group soars on listing reports See in context

i wonder how they rise to this level, my bill keep increasing every month not knowing how i consumed it, @papigiulio is not far from the truth.

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Posted in: Two Americans, two Canadians kidnapped in Nigeria: police See in context

I have read a lot about Nigerians and their bad did, i blame the Nigerian government for all these, the country is full of corruption and all sort of bad things and they are known all over the world. I pray they catch those who are behind all these.

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Posted in: Romanian prime minister resigns just as Abe arrives See in context

good news

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Posted in: Couple in their 80s hit, killed by car; driver arrested See in context

may their souls rest in peace, even though they blamed him of reckless driving, its something which can happen to anyone.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving baby son at Tokyo restaurant at midnight See in context

i pitty the poor boy

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Posted in: 74-year-old man arrested over 37-year-old daughter's death See in context

something is wrong here

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Posted in: 80-year-old man arrested for killing 83-year-old drinking companion See in context

WTF I wonder what they will do to the old man, would he spend the rest of his life in jail?

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Posted in: Woman’s body found in Ibaraki love hotel room See in context

what number did the man use to call the police?

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