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Posted in: American father wins custody of daughter taken to Japan See in context

When a Japanese mother decides take a few monthst vacation with her kids, leaving the husband behind with his workplace duties and what-nots, and then after several months he calls up to check on them as he routinely does only to hear his wife say "Umm, honey, eh...I don't know how to put this but, I'm not coming back...." Lets say for argument sake, he decides to resign his job, sell all belongings (house, household goods, the works...) just to prevent himself from becoming totally destructive towards his wife's insipid decision and giantly leaps across the vast Pacific just to rejoin and rejoice with his kids. Bear in mind, he is to inner grate in a land of no knowledge regarding language, customary habits, wheelings-and-dealings, beliefs, etc. After several years, he notices this is not for him but can't leave the kids behind...what then? Anyone care to elaborate....?

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Posted in: Man dying of stab wounds asks taxi driver to take him to hospital See in context

Watch your backs your backs....!!! Shanking (slang for knifing) lingers all around us now and leaps when less expected!! I wonder what the fuss between them two was all about though!?

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Posted in: Tokyo company raided over tech exports to China See in context

Lmao....@ElBuda Mexicano.....FYI it's

Perhaps this, in part, explains the underground (literally underground) arsenal China has along with currently the world's largest fast-lane high- tech super computer systems!!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for murder of 11-day-old daughter in guesthouse See in context

Nobe was quoted by police as saying that she had felt no maternal affection for her daughter since she was born.

Knowingly she went ahead and ended this innocent child's life instead of giving her up for adoption. My wife and I would've gladly taken this burden from her and raised the baby as our own! We are up in age (over 40's and 50's) so generating one is totally "out of the question" for us.

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Posted in: Osaka gov't worker arrested for stabbing newspaper delivery woman in back See in context


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Posted in: Osaka gov't worker arrested for stabbing newspaper delivery woman in back See in context

lmao....`dennis, too!! Maybe he didn't get the Sunday funnies....

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Posted in: Man gets 50-year term for nine rapes See in context's about time!!

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Posted in: Deputy police chief questioned over suspected shoplifting in Hiroshima See in context

Maybe is all part of a drill. Perhaps the crime rate in Iwakuni is soooo low, he thought it will be good idea to give the boys paperwork.

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Posted in: 79-year-old woman arrested for 24th time for pickpocketing See in context

I'm sure back at the precint, the cops and her are having tea (or coffee...) and cracking jokes "back in the day, remeber the time you....." Cops should start a pool and bet when she'll be back.

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Posted in: 3 junior high school boys arrested for bullying in Shiga See in context

I say....cuff them - gag them, and let the victim boy have his glory for a day by giving an ass whipping till they drop!! Then have these bullies sign a statement to never-ever cross with poor boy. Then again, the poor boy might just turn his other cheeck for forgiveness.,..sad!!!

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Posted in: Yokohama man fatally stabbed by wife's boss See in context

barabarabarabarabara......"and the award for "the worst crime play role" goes to......

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Posted in: Tokyo starts radiation checks on city's food See in context

It would help if the government would come up with a logo to identify radioactive food.

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Posted in: 11/11/11 -- It's also 'Pocky & Pretz Day' See in context

Only in Japan....!!! lmao!! I'm not a Pocky fan eater, but sounds tempting.... My boys can't get enough of this stuff.

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Posted in: Japan sees record number of welfare recipients See in context

I know this may not be relevant with the article, but...Has anyone heard of the Retirement Labor Board agency? (not sure if I am saying it excuse me for this). I overheard if you register and turn in a month's salary annually, by law, your employer is to match it. Furthermore, employers know this but refrain offering it.

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Posted in: Man accused of scalding baby son with boiling water See in context

"doused his baby son with boiling water in the shower"

What idiot would state such a thing!? How can you tell if the infant is doused!? Let me have this SOB!! I'll show him what boiling is!! Mental....totally MENTAL!!!!! Hope the baby recovers!! Gosh, this is SO upsetting!!

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing wife, son with pickaxe See in context

Now...a solo survivor (daughter) to live (and tell, if you may) such a horrifying story!! How tragic....Gosh, can't imagine her mental state now!!

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Posted in: Police to get tough on sidewalk cyclists See in context

Has anyone had the urge of doing an American football tackle on some idiot crusing high his/her bike at local train stations?? I mean, Barabing - barabang!! Deck'em out cold!? I had too many close calls and promised myself to hit them so hard if I get wham and then drag them to the Koban.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 70-km car chase in Kochi See in context

A butthead without common sense!! Do the crime - pay the time!!

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Posted in: One dead after 3 stabbed in Hiroshima Pref restaurant See in context

I'm with Al Smith, too. How could he possibly have access to the kitchen in such state without being detected??? The restaurant is culpable for the weapon.

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Posted in: Man claims he was pushed off train by six drunk cops See in context


Well said Cleo!! They are tax-payers' public servants of the law - 24/7. Granted, they deserve R and R from time to time, but when in public view, they should know better than behave disorderly eratic. And furthermore, take a defenseless tax payer (if indeed he is actively working....) and make a moch out of him in front of others is clearly defamatory!

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context

Do the crime - pay the time!! In her case .... hit the deadline!

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Posted in: Bear attacks 4 men in Nagano See in context

**the attack took place shortly before 6 a.m. when the 80-kilogram male bear wandered into a residential area. Authorities** said in autumn, bears aggressively search for food before hibernating for the winter.

You would think they have signs / decals posted warning off residents and provide counter-attack advice such as purchasing whistles.

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Posted in: Arsonist suspected of torching 40 cars, motorcycles See in context

Either this FOOL got rotten deals on cars and bikes or was denied driving!! Back home in Puerto Rico, my people from the hood would be on the lookout for this loser and if found...Ay Bendito de El, meaning....Mercy on Him!!

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Posted in: Newborn baby found in convenience store toilet trash can See in context

There is NO excuse - PERIOD - for trashing an innocent-defenseless newborn, regardless of her / their reasons as we are living in an information era where options are more abundant and accessible!!

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Posted in: American serviceman in Okinawa held for allegedly assaulting hotel security guard See in context

How drunk was the serviceman??? I mean, he was able to get out the taxi and enter a hotel.

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Posted in: Man slashed with knife after confronting thief at Tokyo Station See in context

Then again, the good Samaritan should have simply paid the beer at the Kiosk and have the clerk come to agreement of the action meaning the clerk calls the cops; then walk up near the guy enjoying the beer- take a snap shot of him and hand it over to the police as evidence. Likely the bad guy gets summons, the good guy gets rewarded and end of story!

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Posted in: 19-year-old man stabs 44-year-old lover in 'mercy killing' See in context

A crime of "passion" or "compassion"....what7s your call?

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Posted in: Man slashed with knife after confronting thief at Tokyo Station See in context

Hmmm....the beer cost what? 200 to 300 yen - as to the shank cost what? 3,000 to 5,000 yen...give and take a little! Today, you don't know where trouble leaps out!! Best to mind your own business until trouble walks your way!! Granted, the old man tried to do the right thing, but look how he ended! And now the offender is out there, being pissed off at the world all because over a beer....

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning newborn's body in library toilet See in context


her mental state of mind...?.... Oh, i get it. It's like.... A. The suppose guy in this picture promised her the Japanese dream to later dump her with the load!! SO, she goes off trashing the poor newborn in retaliation. B. Their family rejected them from the get-go and they figured to be better off without the baby, after staging the little for many months?!...full doesn7t say, right/! C. he/She lost their jobs and their finace status is uncertain.... Get real, will ya!!

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Posted in: Woman arrested over death of 2-year-old daughter in Aichi See in context

I've learned there is nothing sweeter than sleeping with your babies and feeling their breath on your cheeks. And, when your newly born holds your pinky finger in his/her tiny little are hooked for life!! Then you turn a page and read these atrocities done to them - it's downright wrong no matter what !!!!! Such an unsalibrious society.

RIP sweet angel....!!!

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