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Posted in: U.S. general: No court-martial for pregnant soldiers See in context

YuriOtani, I've seen your posts on other topics. Just admit it: you hate America. Whether the American government, including the military, makes a decision, good or bad, it's decided. The Japanese government takes decades. Am I wrong?

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I'm having my Christmas feast the American way: on base. No thanks, KFC.

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If it interests ya, check on the story of the sub that landed that day on the island of Ni'ihau (Hawaii).

I think you meant the Japanese Zero fighter that crash landed on Ni'ihau and was aided by Japanese-American residents. In the end, the residents killed the pilot.

I knew of this one...I'm from Hawaii. Mahalo.

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As an American, I'm ashame for what the US did to Japan.

As an American, I'm not. Try reading non-Japanese history books.

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Posted in: DC sniper John Allen Muhammad executed in Virginia See in context

I'm definitely for the death penalty. So to those people against it, if a killer tied you up and made you watch him/her kill your loved one(s), then untie you, you wouldn't want to kill that person, or at least want him/her dead?...just curious.

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Posted in: What is your impression of the English-teaching industry in Japan? Have things improved since Nova's collapse or are there still bad apples in the barrel? See in context

I think there are some good schools out there, but the teachers get paid peanuts: overworked and underpaid. I've been teaching eikaiwa as well as doing the ALT circuit for about 10 years and I've seen how badly teachers are treated. I remember when foreigners where hired directly by the city to teach in public schools and made close to 400,000 a month. Now it's half that(temp staff companies need their cut, too). Eikaiwa schools give no incentives for their teachers to stay long. That's why all the good ones leave.

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Millions of Japanese were killed to satisfy the bloodletting...

Your statement is full of crap. Less than a million Japanese civilians died compared to the almost 15 million Russian civilians that lost their lives. You really need to check your history books.

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Posted in: Hatoyama unlikely to change U.S.-Japan alliance See in context

It would be nice to see the US troops leave Japan. Well actually, it would be nice to see US troops leave everywhere and go back home where they belong.

You really don't know why "we(US troops)" are here do you? Look in your history books.

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