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"A woman looks at a poster..."

Actually, it appears a woman is walking through a door and ignoring a poster.

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totally biased article. gotta agree with the "scrap and build" thing. tear down old crap and build up better stuff in its place. almost the single biggest reason why japan is better than the u.s.

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akasakarealesta has got it right. My last place was where some guy in his 20's had somehow died while inside the apt, but they wouldn't tell us why. Sure enough, a 20% discount on the rent... but only for the first two years. When we'd renew the contract -- or move out and they rent to someone else -- it went back up to the normal cost and there's no longer any need to mention dead people. No doubt that is precisely how they keep it so that every apartment in the country isn't classified as having someone died in it before.

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I likey

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