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Taiwanese people, It's China that is being aggressive, not Japan. Chinese fishermen slammed their boats against the Japanese coast guard within Japanese territorial water in 2010. That kind of violent act scared Japanese, however, the Japanese government tried to hide the video which showed what had actually happened. To many people, that looked like the J gov. was acting in favor of China. This incident in 2010 prompted Tokyo Gov. Ishihara to make a purchase plan of the islands, and his bold suggestion made the J gov. to purchase them instead in a hurry to prevent people with unknown motives to buy the islets.

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because it's unfair for people who are ordered by the court to be stuck somewhere for 20 yrs, their freedom is severely restricted, and that could be inhumane. Imagine you married a foreigner and moved to a foreign country and lived there for a while. Suddenly you got dumped by your spouse for infidelity,that is hard enough, and you got ordered to live close to your former spouse and cannot even leave the country,or to return to your home country to get support from your own family. Esp. if you became a single mom or dad and didn't have any means to support yourself, financially and mentally( no family, no friends), it's not hard to imagine their living condition would suffer miserably in a foreign country. There are many people who are being trapped like that . The Hague convention helps the people who married a foreigner and lived in their own country, but if the Hague sends the kids back to a"habitual residence" , still the issues of those who live overseas remain. If one got divorced in a foreign country, one has to lose the rights to choose where one wants to live?

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If Japan had a concept of joint custody and visitation rights, I wonder whether Dr.Savoie would have chosen to divorce in Japan? If he did though, was he able to move his current wife and her kids to Japan? Probably not.

This case is complicated, since he remarried an American citizen, who was also divorced and had children. Amy Savoie is apparently stuck in Franklin TN, because she has either full or joint custody with her former husband. (?) That's why Dr.Savoie moved from Japan to TN.

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