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Posted in: US tries to reassure Japan after documents reveal spying See in context

Wow! All this "ruckus" over spying. I'm not saying it's right, but EVERY country has some sort of espionage network. The U.S. just got caught. Oh no, the U.S. is not the "perfect country" anymore! Oh, boo effin' hoo!

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Posted in: Great Scott! 'Back to the Future’s' Christopher Lloyd coming to Japan See in context

Yelnats & BertieWooster:

Actually they never used the word "funny." They said ..."enthusiastic and occasionally incoherent."

Fans... Go figure! :)

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Posted in: Giant tortoise walks Tokyo's streets - slowly See in context

I realize Godzilla is more popular... by far... However, wouldn't it have been more "appropriate" to use Gamera? :)

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Posted in: Pop this KitKat in the toaster oven See in context

I wish American cared as much about KitKat as Japan does! Very intriguing products exclusive to Japan.

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Posted in: Hatsune Miku costars with BUMP OF CHICKEN in their music video See in context

Good vocal talent from the lead singer. However, a duet with the Hatsune Miku vocaloid not so good. Hatsune Miku's "vocals" did not mesh well in this video.

"Bump of Chicken?" Weird name.

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Posted in: Author Barry Lancet finds Japan fertile ground for thriller novels See in context

This sounds like an interesting read to me. A similar Japanese-themed series I enjoyed was the Nicholas Linnear novels by Eric Van Lustbader (now known for writing the newer Jason Bourne novels).

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Posted in: Sanrio Sofa features Hello Kitty and My Melody See in context

Geez! That's a little over $2,500 US! Ouch! I'm trying to collect as much Hello Kitty stuff for my wife, but sorry Babe. Not THIS one!

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Posted in: Kumi Koda wears sexy oiran costume for new album See in context

Loved her ever since she sang the theme song to Final Fantasy X. I look forward to her latest release. Should be as fun to listen to as always. Highly entertaining singer. Oh, and the fact that she's DAMN sexy doesn't hurt, either.

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Posted in: Tetsujin See in context


I would imagine the plan is to bring in tourists, which usually brings in a few bucks, which never hurts local economy.

That statue looks awesome, and is by no means a rip-off of anything.

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Posted in: Nice pitch See in context

I bet she throws like a girl, too! =)

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Posted in: Scorsese plans film on early Japanese Christians See in context

New Zealand? Something wrong with filming something based in Japan in, oh, I dunno...Japan?

Still, if this is the ONLY way to get this done, then what the heck.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda See in context

Beggars can't be choosers. That said...she's a hottie! And she has a distinctive voice. I first heard her voice from Final Fantasy X-2 and I haven't turned back. Great stuff.

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Posted in: U.S. to court martial soldier accused of rape after Japanese authorities drop charges See in context

Soldave - Read RJD Jr's post again...Reading is fundamental

Mcheeky - Perhaps the information that you found is fraudulent? In any case, whether or not a rape victim is male or female shouldn't matter. If someone is raped & the person who committed the rape is found guilty, then the criminal needs to be prosecuted.

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