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Posted in: The changing face of Shin-Okubo and decline of Korea Town See in context

There are people in Japan that still like korean pop culture, and saying that there is not keikan is a lie. But is coming from some people not everyone. So it is not a excuse it exists but then is not only Koreans but other kinds of foreigners too.

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Posted in: Japan’s poster for Academy Award-winning movie 'Birdman' raises eyebrows online See in context

I just knew about the Japanese poster and then I saw the trailer because it was intriguing. After seeing the western poster I actually think the Japan one is better in some sense. For some reason I feel it matches the actual movie according to the trailer better than the American poster does. And I don’t think I am the only one who doesn’t see the visuals as ¨a man being saved by the character behind him¨. I mean is totally something else. I see something completely different that’s why I felt curious about the trailer, but I don’t know… I would say the Japanese poster fits better the Japanese mind but since some Japanese say it looks like a saving scene then…I don’t really know. Anyhow it is just a poster so ...

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to apologise to 'comfort women' See in context

I am Japanese and I think Japan should apologize and end of story everybody moves on with their lives. I cannot understand why it is so hard to say I am sorry. We need to learn how to loose and accept our mistakes. It was hard times, the world was mad and everybody makes mistakes. Apologizing makes us look better as Japanese, pretending and changing what was real is pointless and only creates more remorse among Japanese and Koreans and other Asians. Aren’t we supposed to be an example of modesty and kindness? And foreigners don’t need to say to Koreans to leave us alone or that Japanese are right and Korea is wrong or say something else to defend us like some people are saying here because we actually know that we are wrong but it is just a matter of pride. In any case, ideally what should be done should be done. Our emperor is in a better understanding of this situation. We need to accept and move on.

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Posted in: 18-yr-old suspect admits killing Kawasaki boy to punish him See in context

I cannot understand why some people are trying to come up with some stuff to excuse the mother from any responsibility. I dont care if she had to work the whole night, or that she is divorced, or whatever, her responsibility was to that kid period. As a parent (especially as a mother who has carried that baby inside her womb) I would expect more from her to protect her son and ensure that kid is safe every single day, not only while I am out at work but at school and everywhere he would go. He was only 13 not 18. So I am sorry but the mother has something to be blamed because at least things could have been avoided. I dont care how busy or heartbroken she was because children are first and there should always be time for one´s children. If this would be a sudden incident then it will be different but sadly that kid was being bullied already for some time and he knew he would be killed anytime, so it makes me mad the mother never fought for him and only his school teacher was concerned. So people please don’t say crap like oh it was because she has to work long hours, or she was divorce or whatever because that actually makes it stupid. Many people work like that, and even in worst situations and yet still find ways to leave their children in safe places and under someone’s company, so cut the pity crap, it is a tragic event and there is not only one person to blame.

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Posted in: Magazine asks women if they’d rather date an ugly millionaire or unemployed hottie See in context

and then foreigners say japanese women are the best... lol women are women regarless of nationality. When it comes to reality a lot of japanese girls are materialic (like many other in the west) and few care about their men as a man who needs not only sex but emotional support and someone to be there in the good times and the bad ones. There are some sweet good girls but you have to be lucky to find one because most are shy and uninterested to approach a foreigner. I am japanese and sometimes I feel sorry to see how some japanese girls fool men and foreigners. Japanese are good at pretending anything you can imagine. So it is scary. Even some japanese wives are scary, there are a lot of weird stuff going on that the husband doesnt know, but most think it is acceptable because their men are not home anyway and they think he is probably doing the same thing so why not. At the end the relationship is meaningless but they keep pretending everything is ¨happy¨. I personally admire how westerners at least try to make an effort to have a real relationship and connect with their significant other in different degrees. In japan a lot of things are based on money and superficiality even marriage. So the result of this survey shouldnt be news because it has been like that in japan for a long time already. Anyway, I love my country but I think people should be aware and stop fantazising about japan. Sometimes foreigners have too much energy about japan and sometimes it becomes annoying. Good luck!

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Posted in: The No. 1 thing that foreign men find 'not so kawaii' about Japanese women See in context

I would like to hear opinions about japanese women from men who are not Japan freaks or otakus at any point of their lives. I am curious about real unbiased answers.

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Posted in: Video of pick-up artist grabbing Japanese women on street triggers online protests See in context

Disgusting.... Some men are stupid not just "westerners", some japanese men are terrible too. Japanese authorities should take more actions regarding harassment. It is a big issue and most cases go unreported because of shame. Every month I experience some sort of harassment in Japan and in different degrees. Funny thing is mostly from japanese men and only once in my life was a white man. Anyway... Hope it gets better.... Someday.

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