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Posted in: Police officers forced to eat 15 burgers at a time to toughen them up See in context

Think about the cost of the food, (making money is kinda a big thing in Osaka, im told) so each burger is 400yen? times 15, is about 6,000yen, about $50 bucks. who pays for that? thats part of the bullying, making the young police guy lose some money, unless, they get them delivered FOR FREE. maybe there are staff at McD who can leak the info, if there is a prearranged setup to send free food to the local Koban. oh, leaking info isa problem after this new secrecy law has been passed. then why are we seeing this bullying police story in what makes this NOT secret? a police captain being reprimanded for force feeding his staff is not important to be a "secret" my point is, who determines what news items are too hot to post or print?

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