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Posted in: High school teacher arrested for drug possession See in context

What kind of stimulants did Imai allegedly order via the Internet?

Meth or was it some concentrated form of caffeine (which sounds ridiculous might be against the law to order online even if available OTC in most drug stores)?

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Posted in: At old-style drinking places, the quest for Showa-era nostalgia clashes with reality See in context

A lot of these neighborhood joints are primarily about selling booze and cater to heavy drinkers. The inexpensive food is an afterthought in many cases. The tourists now much more than ever before, drink way less than ever ... so in those cases, they are a clear irrirant to the server/operators but have no idea why.

Now you know.

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Posted in: In modern society, many people feel a desire to erupt in rage if something irritates them. If railway companies take no measures, the number of violent incidents would continue rising greatly. See in context

In air travel, a recent study indicates that air rage incidents are 400% more likely to occur if economy class passengers happen to board the aircraft by first walking through the first-class cabin:

Physical and situational inequality on airplanes predicts air rage http://www.pnas.org/content/113/20/5588

Not that railways may be in a position to do anything about them, but perhaps there are also similar triggers for incidents on board trains in Japan (and elsewhere). For example, the mere presence of a fellow passenger with a nicer-looking suit or briefcase ... or maybe a handsome/beautiful travelling companion ... or even a quiet diligent-looking high school student from Gakshuin or Keio reminds the some of their less-privileged backgrounds or their delinquent son or daughter who dropped out after middle school...

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Posted in: Father, two children drown while fishing in Miyagi See in context

It's strange to me how in a country where not only a jetski rider requires a license but also any passenger... that one could somehow go out on a body of water without lifejackets ...especially for kids.

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Posted in: TEPCO admits delay in declaring 'meltdown' was cover-up See in context

Only a few hours after 3/11, according to one of the partially declassified emails released from Hillary Clinton's private email server on 1/29, it appears there was a detailed memo sent out from an agent in Tokyo warning about radiation leakage from Fukushima while acknowledging Japanese government and TEPCO were still actively denying any sort of a leak. This email was distributed amongst the top ranks of US State Dept.

Look for ' Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602 '

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Posted in: Less is more as Japanese minimalist movement grows See in context

I saw more of these photos on BBC/Reuters from the same photo essay ... and there's one of a young man lying on a futon in what appears to be a 3-tatami mat room of a 22 sq meter apartment. "Minimalism" is something one does purposefully however "poverty" - which is what that photo reminds me of - is involuntary.

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Posted in: SoftBank president Arora resigns after being cleared of misconduct See in context

Arora, during his brief tenure at Softbank, made over $2 billion of investments into startups and other ventures in his home country of India ... and if you happen to be just a little bit skeptical of what the real economics are in India, that is a Hell of a lot of money to be throwing over there.

Even if you understand just a little about India ... you've likely heard how incredibly bureaucratic and backward it gets especially in the rural areas. Then, how is it that their economic GDP forecasts always seem to be a just a few points above China...? As Jim Rogers suggests, those economic numbers are simply made-up ...

Taking a company like Softbank down the 'Jai Hind' path out of misplaced patriotic fervor is probably the biggest factor that led to dissatisfaction with Arora.

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