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This is really interesting and I'll have to look into these studies myself. I wonder if there is much - if any - influence by the outliers who buy hundreds if not thousands of CDs in order to take advantage of the voting and perk systems used by pop groups like AKB48?

Having gone almost 100% digital, I must say I do miss the inserts and artwork of physical CDs. However, digital is by far the most cost-effective approach for myself living in the United States on a budget.

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I hope the don't get rid of kumamon...

There's a roughly 0% chance of Kumamon going anywhere. That bear is insanely profitable right now and it would take a perfect storm of stupid to get rid of him.

As for the other mascots, it will be sad to see some go but I don't think many people realize the sheer number of these mascots in Japan. A good number are never even seen - let alone remembered - beyond small groups of attendees at local events.

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The processes in place make it too difficult for foreigners and some Japanese to attend. The costs are prohibitive, the daily limits are frustrating, and it's just a headache. I would have loved to have given them my money to go up to the top when I was visiting a couple of years ago but it just wasn't worth the hassle after the first few attempts. Nothing wrong with the tower itself, just some really obvious issues with the execution.

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