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Ok, I guess as always it has to be me to say it, but hasn't anyone else noticed that the man holding the sign is PUSHING A TODDLER IN A STROLLER.

No, the man holding the sign isn't pushing a stroller. Someone in front of him WEARING TOTALLY DIFFERENT CLOTHES is doing that.

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Is that girl holding an Elvis doll?

Why would someone at a Beatles-related concert have an Elvis doll? It's Paul McCartney. Notice the bare foot, as in the Abbey Road album cover. The girl's dresses & the doll have the image of the Beatles from the Sgt Peppers LP cover. They've really done a great job, hope they got to see Mr McCartney in concert.

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noborito said:

or companies will just move out and trust a japanese person to head the company. that said, the company will simply fail.

What a ridiculous comment. For a start, logically it makes no sense. If a company "moves out" how can they then trust anyone to head something which is no more?

Then you're saying "If a Japanese person heads a company, the company will fail." Strange, I see many companies thriving in Japan, headed by Japanese. What world are you in?

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'mushakusha' vexed; irritated; fretful; in ill humor

All and good, but not many people actually speak like that

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Heard of Google before?

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I did PCP/Angle dust when I was about 14. It's no joke. Thankfully, I only did it once and the only person I hurt was myself. To the poster above, I'll let you know this, its made from embalming fluid.. I got it from a friend whose dad worked as a mortician.

Don't know what your friend gave you, but it might not have been PCP

Nasty incident, no need for misinformation.

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Where does it say this particular gent is homeless? More likely he's passed out after a heavy cherry blossom session. The homeless tend to be a bit more organized in their sleeping arrangements than this.

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bunch of tawts the majority, if i'm honest.

I'm sure they were, as in...

"What did you learn at school today son?" "I wuz tawt how to spel."

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