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Posted in: What happens if China invades Taiwan? If Japan got involved, its own sea lanes would be destroyed. Food imports from the U.S., Australia and the EU would stop. The whole of Japan would lose physical access to imports and it would lead to famine. See in context

I hope there will be no War. No one will come out of it undamaged...

Taiwan knows it will lose and so why not have a scorched earth policy to fire all its missiles at coastal cities...Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen, etc.? Thousands of Mainland Chinese will perish.

Why not blow up the Taiwan huge semi-conductor plant so that the world loses?

Why not blow dams, bridges, tunnels, leaving China with a destroyed Taiwan?

Japan is not likely to get involved as it means a war with China and very bad outcomes for both Japan and China. Rather, wait for the War to be over and reap the benefits.

For China, the cost can be enormous...it will set China back for at least a decade.

Taiwan has not crossed the Red Line...declaring independence. So, China has no excuse to attack Taiwan. The posturing and noise can continue...no harm done.

For Taiwan it is to generate votes for its next election victory. It is all about politics of survival. Not many more US politicians will visit Taiwan. It is also to generate votes for the Nov elections.

My gut feel...No War.

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Posted in: Shooter signaled Abe killing in letter to Unification Church critic See in context

The candid confessions of Yamakami may become crucial in the trial. He has reasons to hate Abe. He himself was tormented by his family financial situation due that Korean church.

That Abe and perhaps many Japanese politicians are associated with a Korean church when Japan and Korea are at loggerheads, is a shock.

Yamakami's lawyer will point to the security lapses. Abe would have been alive if the security was alert. Yamakami exploited the security loop-hole. That he managed to kill Abe was his success. However, Abe could have been saved if the security was adequate.

I do not expect a death penalty or even a life sentence. It was not a wanton crime. It was borne out of long hatred no matter what it was rational or not. That the Police failed is a big factor..it would not have become a murder if the Police has done their job.

Will the Chief of Police or the security supervisor on site be charged for negligence too?

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Posted in: Kishida announces Hiroshima as host city for G7 summit in 2023 See in context

Kishida was almost unknown before he became Prime Minister. Now, he is showing good capabilities as Prime Minister. I am getting impressed.

Geopolitics is tough...military spending, taking sides, imposing sanctions, even going to war.

However, in remembering the horrors of war is an act of leadership. One has to know the limits before going into a War.

My country was invade by the Japanese but when I am in Nagasaki and in Hiroshima visiting the Atomic War Memorials, my feelings are with the victims of that atomic bombing. How many suffered horrible burns and decades of suffering before they die?

Today, the world still talks of a nuclear war, now have the hypersonic weapons to deliver them. May that never happen.

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Posted in: Biden urges N Korea to right 'historic wrong' of abductions of Japanese See in context

Biden may have many negatives but this one shows his best self...compassion and humanity. It may even offer a way for NK to come to the table.

Kim is also a person with humane feelings despite all the accusations of him being cruel. He helped carry the coffin of his mentor...a Marshall that mentored him for years. No other President, King or Leader has ever helped carry the coffin of someone they loved.

So, I hope this offers a small doorway to a bigger doorways.

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Posted in: Kishida, U.S. ambassador visit Hiroshima See in context

Even though my country suffered the Japanese invasion, still I felt sympathies for the innocents who died from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I have paid homage at both places.

The world is in danger of a nuclear holocaust that can wipe out most of Mankind on earth. There is a need to end the War, to resume a peace process.

Zelenksy got to go, not Putin. Zelensky caused the War by his insistence to join NATO, by his refusal to even discuss the Minsk Agreement. By his sheer stupidy...merely freezing all issues for ten years would have postponed today's Ukraine tragedy.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy's attestation ceremony See in context

Well rehearsed. The Ambassador is taller but has to bow below that of the Emperor and yet keep sufficient distance. So, they had someone stand such that the Ambassador stops at the right distance and can make a bow...not too low, not too high. Well organized.

Japan is all about the right protocol. Even a tall American must bow...they may even have coached the Ambassador the art of making a bow. Westerners can make ackward bows and that will be caught by the cameras.

Lights on... Action... Cut.

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Posted in: Putin's demand for ruble payments? No way, say EU nations See in context

So, the West can abitrarily change Laws, seize assets of Oligarch, etc. with impunity? Can impose extensive sanctions with impunity? And now they talk the sanctity of Contracts?

Sure...it is in their favor, the sanctity of a contract or a Law exist. If not, they can do what they want and Russia has no right to retaliate.

Shut off the gas and see how many more sanctions will apply.

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Posted in: Truck driver gets 14 years in fatal drunk driving case See in context

Umezawa's co-workers are quilty as co-murderers. For five years, he was drinking while on the job and they never reported him to the Police. This has lead to the eventual death of the children.

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Posted in: Tokyo, 15 other prefectures facing power shortage See in context

All power stations are designed to max. earthquake conditions. So, are the pumps and equipment. So even in a moderate tremor, Tokyo and many prefectures are facing power shortages, what happens when there is another 2011 Tohoku big quake?

The entire Metropolitan Tokyo will be paralysed for weeks? Good luck to chasing up the property prices.

Tokyo is long overdue for a major earthquake. And Mt Fuji may even erupt again.

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Posted in: Kishida to attend G7 summit in Brussels to discuss Ukraine See in context

The Ukraine war is the fault of the G7, G20, G whatever, UN, all world leaders. The solution was so simple...Just freeze all contentious issues for Ten years. No NATO expansion, No threats to the security of Russia.

Zelensky has zero experience in international politics and was being used as a stooge. Now, he realize that is no NATO, no EU, just token support. Meanwhile Ukraine is being destroyed and will take decades to recover and possibly by occupied by Russia for some years on those land seized by Russia.

What has Zelensky achieved? Only destruction and being played out. He is the biggest fool.

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Posted in: Kishida to attend G7 summit in Brussels to discuss Ukraine See in context

Total nonsense. Japan does not represent Asia at all. Will S. Korea, China, Vietnam and dozens of countries accept Japan as their voice on Ukraine War? He is just another US puppet.

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Posted in: Japan to invest $42 bil in India to strengthen economic ties See in context

Good decision instead of spending on American weapons of war. Japan and India can collaborate as a counterbalance to China.

JICA, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, can assist to help India grow more food, expand on solar and other green energy and also to improve on its sanitation and other essential infrastructure.

Indians are some of the brightest brains..just look at the number of Indians in research in USA, UK, etc. Or the Indians who are leading global organizations. Boards of Directors chose them for their skills.

I graduated from Japan and now I will also look at finding opportunities to invest in India.

I am an overseas-born Chinese who grew up in a multi-racial community. I do not embrace the racial bias about Indians...there are good and bad people in any country.

I am leading major infrastructure development in Tunisia and I am already looking at the cheap and creative ideas of rural Indians. Give India a chance...Make Peace Not War.

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Posted in: Biden warns Putin of strong Western response to any Ukraine attack See in context

Cutting Russia off from SWIFT will mean Russia will cut off Suez Canal too. No SWIFT, no free trade for any nation that uses USD and SWIFT. Only ships to China, India and other countries supportive of Russia will be allowed through. Want a hot war...welcome. The Eastern Mediterranean is already part of the Russian naval zone.

And do not expect China to sit on the sidelines. China's powerful navy will block the Straits of Malacca and South China Sea too.

Iran will block the Straits of Hormuz. Oil price will rise to $200 or higher.

Want an expanded hot war? Bring it on....

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Posted in: Biden warns Putin of strong Western response to any Ukraine attack See in context

A useless 2-hour summit. No agreement to make lasting peace. Russia's concerns are being ignored. USA is threatening but will threats stop a war? Neither leaders made any firm commitments.

There will be a War.

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Posted in: Bidens honor Pearl Harbor's fallen in visit to WWII Memorial See in context

The War is long over. We are left with the memories. Whether it is remembering the war dead in USA, Europe, Japan or Germany....let us put history to History.

Let us remember that War causes deaths and much suffering. Let us forgive and pray for ALL who died.

As clouds of war gather now...Let us remember the horrors of World War 2.

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Posted in: Kishida sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

I am an overseas Chinese. My dad was wrongly imprisoned by the Japanese during World War II and suffered a lot. However, I graduated from Tokyo University under the Mombusho Scholarship. It opened the door to world and my life fortune.

The War is long over. The Shrine is the sacred place for Japanese to honor the War Dead. China needs to bury their hatred of the Japanese. What Japan does within Japanese none of the business of China.

What if Japan makes a lot of noise over the student massacres at Tiananmen Square? Or about that supposedly fake body of Mao on display? What China does in China is none of Japan's business...same applies to China.

It is now 2021, a new century.

I am looking to invest in Japan in gratitude. War is long gone. The pain and hatred are long gone too.

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Posted in: What awaits 2 Americans accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan? See in context

Three years in jail? They better plead guilty immediately, serve time and be free again. Imagine being detained for years for interrogation and pre-trial sessions. They will be rotting by then.

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Posted in: 2 American men wanted for aiding Ghosn's escape arrive in Japan See in context

They amount they got was pittance...all gone to expensive lawyers now. Ghosn is free in Lebanon and will never leave Lebanon. He can still global business.

I think it was revenge against Ghosn. Shame on Japan.

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Posted in: 2 American men wanted for aiding Ghosn's escape arrive in Japan See in context

America, the Land of Democracy and Freedom. Yeah...also free to be extradited to Japan, a country known for its harsh treatment of prisoners under investigation, 99% confession and conviction rate. Zero chance of success on appeals.

So, love your deal ole USA. You may have served the nation but the Nation will junk you like a pariah dog.

Prisoners sit upright the whole day. No sloughing. No way to relax. It is not a jail in USA. And hence, if sentenced to long years, one is likely to go bonkers.

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Posted in: Submarine collision with ship left more extensive damage than first thought See in context

China 1, Japan 0. Beijing must be delighted. How to take one sub out of action. ha ha

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Posted in: As teen suicides rise, 21-year-old Japanese student starts online message counseling See in context

He looks sad...understandable.  Helping those who are depressed and suicidal is stressful.  May he look after himself and be strong each day.

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Posted in: Jeff Bridges says he has lymphoma See in context

His chances are good. I am helping a 58-year old woman with lymphoma. Started as a benign lump in the neck two years ago. She had chemo, has 40% chance of relapse.

Today, she is doing well using alternative Oriental therapies. It is about boosting your immune system.

Lymphoma is not of those aggressive cancers with a high morality rate.

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Posted in: Crown prince warns of need to remember World War II 'correctly' See in context

There is a growing concern that Abe's path to military expansion can lead to increasing tension and conflicts. While it is appropriate for Japan to be more assertive on military matters, there is no need to keep bringing up World War II which is now almost 70 years ago.

The less said the better for all sides. It will be better to just say...the World does not need to repeat the horrors of World War I and II. And the less we talk about those events, the better.

There is much more important topics to concentrate on than the old war. And all territorial disputes should be postponed till 2100.

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Posted in: 21 year-old woman in coma after building sign falls on her See in context

Shocking. Japan suffers from high winds frequently and sign maintenance is a must.

Head traumas are life-changings and can lead to grave consequences. I pray for her full recovery. Getting compensated later may not recover the quality of her life.

I will be more careful when going out in high winds.

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Posted in: Indian guide accused of raping Japanese tourist surrenders See in context

She will not be the last Japanese to be raped while on an overseas tours. Japanese women still do not have that sense of caution. It is not Japan when you are overseas.

She was stupid enough to trust a stranger in India. It could be Malaysia, Thailand or a Latin American country. No matter. Just do not go with locals who are not from well-established tour agencies unless you are prepared for the horrors of a rape of even being killed.

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Posted in: Texas man killed by exploding Takata air bag: autopsy See in context

Not sure why the family bought a Japanese car.

I lived in Houston for three years. My first task was to research American cars as they have bigger engine capacity, are more rugged, etc. While fuel consumption was not that great, safety during accidents was my first priority as cars can go very fast on highways.

So I bought a Ford Taurus that was second-hand and was of good value. After three years I could still sell it for a reasonable price. Worth every cent.

With all the news of Takata airbags, everyone from car owner to dealer to manufacturer should have made every effort to track down. Perhaps the US government should just banned all Japanese cars with Takata airbags and have the manufacturer provide a solid American made car for free until the issue is fully resolved.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist says guide in India raped her See in context

Stupid woman. She was foolish enough to travel alone and to trust strangers. And the sex was probably unprotected. Now she has to worry about the consequences.

Her travel is traumatised and she is going to suffer years of trauma recovery. Will female tourists every learn? So much news and we hear of women from any countries being raped in India, in Malaysia, etc.

There are ways to travel safe. Rule 1: Never talk to strangers. Rule 2: If not sure, go to the nearest big hotel and ask or a big company. And never, never follow someone.

Even for men, there can be mugging by strangers. Better to be suspicious.

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Posted in: Hakuho wins 33rd title, but it's lonely at the top See in context

Maybe we should move the Sumo tournaments to Mongolia. The reigning champion has the right to specify his homeland as the venue.

If the Olympics and many international sports can be hosted around the World, so should sumo.

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Posted in: Goto's wife says she is proud of her husband See in context

Japanese accepts Death quite differently from many other races. They face death bravely. And taking one's live via seppuku was an honourable way to go. Today, the corporate seppuku is resignation of top management staff for major set-backs.

Goto did a foolish act by going there. And he paid the ultimate price. Did he not think of the dangers? Did he not think of his family? What was it so glorious to go there when Westerners have been beheaded over the months?

Just because he died does not mean I need to say something polite. Japanese and most of us should just avoid such war-torn zones.

To-date neither the government nor any prominent papers or journalists have warn: Stay away from Iraq and Syria. It is downright selfish if we do not reflect on this tragedy and prevent the next one.

One young Japanese in his mid-20s was beheaded by Al Qaeda in Iraq. The Japanese public has not learnt. The victim is probably heading to Iraq or is already there.

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Posted in: Abe expresses outrage at IS video purportedly showing Goto being beheaded See in context

Jihadi John and his gang of ISIS devils are being hunted. USA does not publicize their intelligence till they have killed them via air-strikes. The end is not too far off unless they stop using all electronic devices. And without electronic communications, they cannot fight too.

The days of ISIS are numbered. Saudi Arabia and other M.E. countries are no longer giving them financial aid. The low oil prices was also meant to greatly reduce the wealth of ISIS supporters.

People think the Saudis are conducting an Oil War against USA. Not true. Obama is not reacting. It is all a big camouflage to bring Russia, Iran, Venezuela, etc. under control. The Saudis are the biggest friends of USA. Japan is also supporting this "Oil War".

By end-2015, I expect that ISIS is not longer having any territory that they can control. The tide has changed.

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