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I'm_Bwian_and_so's_my_wife! comments

Posted in: JAL flies back into the black as travel demand picks up See in context

"JAL flies back into the black as ticket prices rise 100x for Golden week."

There, fixed it for you.

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Posted in: Japan split over Diet debate on Constitution revision: survey See in context

Would you really want today's batch of politicians writing any constitution?

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Posted in: Chinese electric vehicle brands expand to global markets See in context

Do yourself a favour, buy some roadside land between Nagoya and Tokyo. Set up a restaurant and entertainment area. Install electric car recharging ports. Start branding and upscaling. Be first to the coming-electric vehicle party and retire in 2028.

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Posted in: FIFA threatens European TV blackout of Women's World Cup See in context

If they want to be clear, publish exactly how much of the fee is going into the woman's game (and how much is going into FIFAs pockets).

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Posted in: Three new 'Star Wars' films on the way: producers See in context

Yeah, because they did such a great job with the last three Bore-Wars movies.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for fatally assaulting 2-year-old son See in context

There are far too many shocking news stories like this in my past 3 years in the country. Clearly, this society has a problem when young children keep dying at the hands of abusive or neglectful parents. My feeling is child welfare services are too protected. I have a 2 year old and I would welcome any service that investigates her safety and healthy upbringing. We are not talking about ideology here. It's not that she just missed a few appointments,.it's that she obviously had a history of big problems and when the flags were raised, they took the child to a safe environment. ...unfortunately, for the child, rip, that protection was dismantled by the will of the murderer.

Services her need to show some teeth. Get those kids out and to safe environments. Parents need to commit to real change. Normal jobs, sobriety testing, visits, counselling, ... Don't like it? Tough. Child's rights should be protected over yours!!!

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Posted in: Brazil will be top-ranked team at World Cup in Qatar See in context

Argentina! You heard it here first.

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Posted in: British PM Truss forced into humiliating tax U-turn See in context

Poor start for the prime minister. With the mandate to clear the sot and smoke from the post-Johnson, Tory chimney, Liz Truss employed a tactic that very nearly saw her being put on the woodpile. She should seek stability before bringing in or allowing her closest allies to bring in radical mandates.

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