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Posted in: Top court overturns Italian premier's immunity See in context

Whats shoking is that Italians have no reaction when it comes tothis kind of stuff. They are so numb as regards the dirty busines of their politicians youd think this is a third world country.

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Posted in: Yuki Amami still single but happy with Toshiba’s mother-oriented appliances See in context

The headline had me scratching my head.

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Posted in: Kobayashi reclaims world hamburger-eating title See in context

look at those guns! proves you don't have to be overweight to be an eating champ although i still think these eating contests are a waste of resources.

Although Kobayashi is obviously gifted with a super fast metabolism what you say is totally true. No slob eats as much as I do after a heavy lifting session at the gym.

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Posted in: Berlusconi calls Obama 'tanned' again See in context

What a fool! In every other country people despise the negative sterotypes attached to them. How come Italians people try so hard to live up those stereotypes? I guess I used to be like that too. Now I`m just not impressed.

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Posted in: Baucus changes health bill over Democrat concerns See in context

Forcing people to buy health insurance from private firms sounds like fascism to me.

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Posted in: UK troubled by anti-Islam rallies, counterprotests See in context

Good to see the least civilised elements of British society go at it. Hopefully they`ll slaughter one another and free the UK of their inconvenient presence.

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Posted in: Woman dies one month after being stabbed by stalker See in context

basically he was bleed dry by the establishment. I am sure Ejiri didn't mind spending the money on herself. They were all in this tragedy equally as far as I am concerned.

As in "she was asking for it"? Sad story tho, and whats even sadder is that she probably couldnt do anything about it. The police here cant/wont do anything about stalkers.

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Posted in: Fast food places like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, KFC, etc, are frequently criticized. What do you think of them? See in context

Burger King and Fakkinare nice. KFC and Wendys are ok. MacD is the lowest rubbish out there. If you like that stuff you`re tastebuds must be seriously warped!

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Posted in: Campaigning See in context

Yes, he shoud totally give up his seat. We all know women suffer from a major impediment that makes it very difficult for them to stand.

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Posted in: Stalker dies after setting woman's house on fire in Wakayama See in context

According to police, the woman had contacted them last year reporting the stalker, and police had warned the man. The woman then received a slanderous letter from an anonymous sender earlier this year, the details of which were being investigated. Police have stated that they were “taking the appropriate actions” at the time of the incident.

The last sentence is just totally contraddicted by the first two.

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Posted in: US church creates stir with gay exorcism video See in context

To the many people saying homosexuality is natural, maybe stemming from genes, and therefore should be accepted, what about all the ones that no one accepts? Drunks, thieves, pedos, etc. are also under the same exact influence (yes, genes play a part in all these), yet they are only condemned because they can't control it, they can't help it like any gay person out there. Yeah, they can hurt other people, but most of them get no sympathy (especially pedos) if they try to "come out the closet" and even try to get over it with help from others. They are usually told to "stop doing it or else" without that same consideration to what they are going through.

People call them sick and disgusting without tolerance although they are what they are. It wasn't too long ago that gays were the same.

My question is that do you put these people on the same boat as gays or not? Aside from the fact that some may or may not hurt others, either they cannot help it (like gays) or they can (like gays). Which one is it?

I dont think gay people can help being gay anymore than I can help being straight. If it was a matter of choiche dont you think straight people could wake up in the morning and wonder whether maybe they could just be gay for the day? Does it happen to you? I know it has never happened to me so I dont understand how would think of it as a matter of choice. Regarding the other question. I think that homosexuality is totally harmless to society and to the homosexuals themselves. The same cannot be said of pedos and drunks. Also, being that they dont harm anyone, no one should have any business deciding whether it should be acceptable or not. Simply no one should have a say in the matter.

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Posted in: Italy's Berlusconi demands public apology from his wife See in context

Welcome to politics Italian-style.

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Posted in: Infant's body discovered in ceiling of building in Gunma See in context

What a calculated crime. Mother of this baby must be very sick and it is time that police nab her before she get pregnant again. Do many women have babies just for fun? I wonder how many more babies like this one are hiden in Japan? 'CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MANY WOMEN WILL HAVE TO TESTED WITH DNA TO FIND THE REAL MOM. But where to start???

I dont know what article you are talking about. The one I read only talks about a bunch of bones found in an apartment. It doesnt talk about mothers, crimes or any of the other things you mentioned. Maybe youy have access to info we don`t?

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Posted in: Crocodile dumped outside pet training center in Chiba See in context

Sorry dr_jones, we`ll have to jan-ken that one!

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Posted in: Japanese pop singer dressed as pineapple robbed in Sweden See in context

Guys its a serious matter! ... but I agree its a pretty funny story.

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Posted in: Fight over urinating dog got police to Pittsburgh ambush See in context

I can already see him defending his actions in court, crying, "because I love this country... ...and I fear for it..."

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Posted in: UK charity urges Madonna to rethink Malawi adoption See in context

More child shopping for Madonna?

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Posted in: Pink Panther suspect in 2007 Ginza jewelry heist arrested in Cyprus See in context

I don`t see why he should be extradicted. When was the last time Japan extradicted one of their own criminals?

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Posted in: Mitsui ship fired on by pirates off Somalia See in context

It really is time that the major world powers put their navy ships there to just blow these so-called pirates out of the water - end of problem. They forfeited any rights they may have had when they took up their profession.

They`re already there.

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Posted in: Emergency fax request from man with speaking disability neglected by Yokohama fire department See in context

Here's an idea for them and they can have it for free. Issue an email address for people like this man to send a request for assistance - why does Japan hang on to the fax system?

There could be one central email 'centre' which could then forward and co-ordinate a response from.

So you assume all old people in Japan can use emails?

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Posted in: Afghanistan Taliban leader was at Gitmo See in context

Im all for closing Guantanamo but I dont see why this should imply I want terrorists on the loose. Just try the prisoners and if found guilty lock them up in any high security prison you want.

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Posted in: Obama tackles recession, war and ethics on day one See in context

Then he should go get a few years of executive experience like Sarah Palin did, and then run for president. Whoops, too late now! OJT will have to do!

Were you being sarcastic?

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Posted in: Israeli troops begin withdrawal from Gaza See in context

Strange thing to say considering in every part of the world ocean front property is considered the highest in value.

The world is a bit bigger than California.

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Posted in: Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation See in context

Jeancolmar, you can boycot Israel all you want but it ain't gona do much when they can just take money right out of your pockets, ie. US tax dollars going as economic "aid".

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Posted in: Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation See in context

“The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) is not working against the people of Gaza but against Hamas and the terrorists only,” the leaflets said in Arabic. “Stay safe by following our orders.” Is this what you call a practical joke?

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Posted in: Israel destroys Hamas homes, flattens Gaza mosque See in context

"Thenewfront forgot to mention that 1 Hamas leader was hiding behind women and children -- not that's really pathetic!!!" Or maybe he was at home with his family?

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Posted in: Defiant Hamas hits Israel with dozens of rockets See in context

terrorists such as Iraq, al quida, hamas, north korea and other cruel countries!

You are so confused I wouldn't even know where to start. And so Israel has a right to exist? But tell me, does Palestine have a right to exist then?

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Posted in: JR train driver shows up for work drunk in Sasebo See in context

Such shocking news! I think the government should release a statement on the matter. Or maybe even declare a state of emergency?

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Posted in: Italian police arrest 90 in Mafia raids See in context

At least this one time I can say "big up to the carabinieri!"

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