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Youre right, one team did it last year in Japan (and it was stirring), but its certainly not the norm.

At any rate, I like the idea of the postseason being a fresh start. Never dug games of loaded dice.

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For those who suggest the kids could have gotten out of the car, if pops had left the container open for any decent length of time in that small car, it would have taken but a tiny spark from his lighter to ignite the very air. He certainly would not have had to fling the actual fluid all over his family.

As for the rest of the posts, are any of you seriously trying to find REASON in the mind of an individual diseased enough to fire up his family?

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They don't need the advantage; they earned the advantage.

Pawatan, what exactly do you mean by this? Whether or not they have "earned" the advantage is irrelevant and certainly not jinjapans point.

The point was it is an unnecessary advantage if a team is stronger. I agree. If you look at MLB, this past post-season was very entertaining, with multiple upsets that would have been nigh impossible here.

For me, the team that wins the division title does get something, namely the recognition of being the season title holder. The postseason should be a separate season, and the only advantage should be the one extra home game.

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Not many even so-so attractive girls in this photo. White chicks dont cut it in Asia. The only undeniable beauty is in the second row, farthest left.

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LFRAgain is right, to try and affix blame is ludicrous, given the subjective nature of experience, and the salient point is Japans atavistic and jingoistic approach to parental rights.

But if you absolutely have to have a barroom opinion, going on what was reported, they both sound like numbnuts.

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