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Posted in: Moderate quake felt in Tokyo, but causes no damage See in context

Two words people: Jim Berkland. If you haven't read his stuff and are spouting off say "how is the big one any closer" implying people cant see earthquakes coming.. you need to shut your mouth for an afternoon and read "the man who predicts earthquakes".

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Posted in: Woman jumps in front of express train; body propelled into station See in context

Wow! This is amazing!! I am absolutely amazed how many people on this message board knew the deceased person. All of you who said "she was selfish" knew her right? Was she a member of this community? I mean why would you say that about a dead person unless you were either completely without an ounce of compassion in your heart, socially maladriot, or you knew and hated the person. If you really think about it (which you CAN do if you really try) I don't believe that she went down onto the platform, lined up the shot like a pool player, made sure there were sufficient people in the shop, then jumped infront of the train... but if your just Trolling, keep up the good work.

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Posted in: Massive Japanese rare earth find underscores huge global demand See in context

Ah! So these "rare earth" materials can be used in the production of intterositers and multiple pre incabulators where "rare earth minerals" can be used in the base plate of pre-framulated amulit or in the free-murlating sinusoidal re-prenulating dingle arm and side-fumbling can be kept infarculcated. Wow.. Great.. What are rare earth materials anyway and why doesnt the article define it's terms for regular "interested" readers? Or is this article only for you "rare earth boffins"? Gomenn ne.

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors seek life in Briton's death See in context

Iife in a Japanese prison worl renown for it human rights abuses or hanged by the neck until dead (optional 2 more times). Which one to you sounds like a more fitting punishment? Living hell or to escape from hell into the next life? And to those of you who thing that he would have been given a light sentence.. do you think you may be being a little.. shall we say.. BITTER?

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Posted in: Big bird See in context

jet dwarfs photographers REALLY! The person that wrote that must not have spent much time around aircraft. .. Hey.. You! Yeah you, writer guy.. Jets are usually (always have been) like.. really REALLY big.

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