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papaguy1980 comments

Posted in: Do it at home: Train manners in Japan See in context

I'll tell you what annoys me... when you're in the queue for the train and the person in front of you gets on first, spends so long standing in the aisle choosing which seat to sit on that the people getting on the other end of the carriage have moved down the aisle and taken all the seats, so although you were maybe second or third in the queue, you end up standing! Infuriating!

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String him up!

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Posted in: Waiting See in context

What annoys me are the people with the masks! They're probably ill and spreading germs, so why don't they just stay at home! Obviously they've nothing better to do! SELFISH!

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Posted in: Mystery sign See in context

Keep both hands on the massive steering wheel.

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Posted in: Hatoyama wins DPJ leadership See in context

Exactly what Japan doesn't need. A greedy right-wingist from a rich family back ground. Even Aso is better that this knob head!

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Posted in: How would you evaluate George W Bush's presidency? See in context

As far as America is concerned, his presidency was average. Same old American crap. As for America's domination of world politics, that has been one of the worst periods in Earth's history.

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Posted in: Aso says world religions can learn from Japan See in context

I seem to recall a certain moustached German/Austrian saying similar things, to a similarly brainwashed people, about how religions should learn something from his ethics. He was a catholic too. But, of course, Japan doesn't talk about that, does she?

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Posted in: Hibiya Park See in context

I think this is the Japanese art of joining a queue as it must be something popular. Most of them won't even know what they're waiting for!

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Posted in: Yasukuni See in context

Many of the dead soldiers would be ashamed of how Japan has twisted and distorted what really happened in those dark years and how they are now enshrined along with such evil, in whose name they were forced to die. They and their families have every right to grieve for they are the real losers. Modern day right-wingists in Japan would not have the courage or intelligence to fight like they did. Lest we forget.

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Posted in: What do you think of American swimmer Michael Phelps' long victory yell after he wins a race? See in context

What's wrong with celebrating a victory by "yelling?". The volleyball players do it every time they score a point!

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Posted in: Does the U.S. need to have military bases anywhere in Japan? See in context

The US Military need to stay because Japan's way of thinking towards its Asian neighbours and its distorted view of history still can't be trusted.

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Posted in: Seedlings See in context

Bend you knees, not your back!

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