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PapaZhak comments

Posted in: 8-year-old girl on bike killed after being hit by minibus See in context

I have an 8yr old daughter too, so this scares me and breaks my heart! Both she and her older sister have helmets and orders from "Papa" to wear them. But I've caught both of them riding without them! Very scary!!

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Posted in: 70,000 commuters delayed by quarrel over cell phone on train in Chiba See in context

Here here, IvanCoughalot!!! Here here!!!

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy stabs 14-year-old sister to death at home See in context

I`m #6 of 8 children (3 girls, 5 boys), and none of us ever thought of killing each other (maybe I should check with my sibbs before posting so bold a remark!). Fight? Oh yes!!! This crime is a tradgedy and my heart aches for this Family. If I came home one day to learn that our eldest had killed our youngest, I think I would die of a heart-attack on the spot. Sickening.

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Posted in: Woman held for abandoning baby in toilet in Tokyo apartment block See in context

Based on her statement to the Police,its clear she murdered her infant son. It doesnt take a genius to figure that one out. Even the simplest, uneducated, destitute individual would have considered leaving the baby at a Shrine, Temple, or even on the door-step of a nice looking home. 46 weeks to find a solution, and her solution was murder, hoping she wouldnt get caught. Shes a sociopath so no amount of reasoning with her, ranting & raving,"What were you THINKING?" regrettably would avail NOTHING! I agree that the penalty for this crime should be frightening, enforced and ALL OVER THE MEDIA. The Public needs to be educated that this crime is SHAMEFUL AND SERIOUS.

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Posted in: Actress Sayuri Kokusho celebrates Y1 mil lottery win See in context

Isnt anybody else a little baffled by the incorrect grammar,"Youve never going to believe this..."? This should actually read, "YOURE never going to believe this..." and Im not an English teacher!! I`m rather surprised she said anything about winning a lottery prize. Personally, I think that was poor judgement. Remember the entertainment industry...at least everybody is humming about WHAT SHE SAID. There could be some method to her maddness.

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Posted in: One man’s culinary paradise is another’s cultural wasteland See in context

Lighten-UP folks! Recognize the humour in Clays article. I had some great chuckles...Thanks, Clay! Ive been living here in Japan for about 12 years now. Im originally from Vancouver, Canada. Ive had both good and rather disappointing culinary experiences in Japan, much the same as anywhere in the world. I suppose each experience with food has much to do with how hungry I am before waltzing into a restaurant. Yes, Yes, it seems no matter where were from, Clay had a searing remark to raise everyones eye-brows, but HOW can one NOT burst out laughing at,"culinary katakana--barely recognizable, its meaning unclear..." ? Clay, you are SO rude. You made me laugh til I cried. Im probably just homesick. Bon appetit!

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