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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

IF the customers didn't want, it can be removed. No one forced them to eat the extra.

The wasabi was hidden inside the fish and rice. And the portions were so large it was inedible. It wasn't like they put the wasabi portions on the side, which would not have been a problem.

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context


For sure.

Watch this Japanese media news, doing damage control for Japan Inc. Notice they interviewing unsuspecting Chinese tourists who say they love lots and lots of wasabi (which justifies the restaurant's motives). But the Japanese reporter didn't bother to show those Chinese tourists, how much wasabi we're talking about here Would their answers be the same if they knew their sushis could be plastered with tablespoon full of wasabi? I think not. And for some head scratching reason, the same reporter bringing up the fact that Pyeongyang, North Korea also consume Japanese wasabi too (oh yeah, that justifies and explains everything - rolling my eyes).


It certainly looks as if the Japanese press instead of just telling the truth that this restaurant was being bad, is instead making excuses for the restaurant for some reason. Like I said, it only got Japanese press attention after this story went viral in Korea, and the Japanese press decided to get involved to do damage control. They only decide to concentrate on the wasabi story, and totally left out the accusations of racial slurs, jokes, and rude behaviors thrown at Korean customers. Totally missing in the Japanese news stories. Why? Racism is everywhere, and certainly this kind racist stuff may not happen just in Japan. But it's another thing for Japanese media try to excuse it because of national pride issues.

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

You've got to have a link for that. Any evidence for this claim?

Already posted the link above. You can easily google translate it to Japanese.

Of course it was racism, but Japanese media doesn't want to face up to it so that's why you're asking for a link.

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

This is the first I've heard about this, and I've read about the story in English and Japanese, and watched about it on the Japanese news. Can you give more insight as to where you got this information from?

It's all over Korean internet forums, including this article which describes what happened. Koreans who went that restaurant posted a warning about this restaurant in a Japan travel related forum, about how the waiters routinely refer to Korean customers as "chon" (a derogatory slur against Koreans), many Koreans there came forward and said it happened to them there too. They described sushi's hidden with plastered wasabi which was unedible. And when they complained to the restaurant, the answer they got was that "many Koreans love wasabi, so that's what they got, so what's the problem?" attitude. That's how this controversy got started

But of course the Japanese media all conveniently left out the most important details of racist attitude of the staff of this restaurant, abusing their customers. Instead the Japanese press turned it into a wacky news about a restaurant trying to be accommodating to foreigners which went wrong.

If you read Japanese, you can google translate this Korean into Japanese, and it should be 99% accurate.



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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

Add soy sauce to the wasabi and dip.

That's what most people do, don't they? But what this restaurant did was hide globs of wasabi between the fish and the rice. The unsuspecting customers took one bite and you can guess what their faces looked like after that.

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

Here's the picture of a spoonful of wasabi on one piece of sushi.


The problem here wasn't just the prank against foreign patrons from Korea and China. But it was all the racist slurs thrown at the customers, rude service, and discriminatory behavior from the staff of this restaurant. If they didn't want these customers, they could have just hung a sign saying "no Koreans, and no Chinese allowed".

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Posted in: Juncker says he wants EU-Japan FTA concluded by year-end See in context

EU thinks they'll get the same type of deal with Japan, that they got with South Korea. Since the EU-South Korea FTA in 2012, South Korea has had $13 billion trade deficits with EU every year since. The reason for that is European, particularly German cars that have flooded into South Korea to tip the trade balance in favour of Europe. Before the FTA in 2012, South Korea had a $10 billion surplus with EU. However, EU is mistaking that Japanese will be like the South Koreans and will start buying European cars in mass. It's not going to happen. Japan will put up every invisible trade barriers they can think of, and the Japanese consumers will never support foreign companies in their homeland.

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Posted in: To halt smartphone slide, Samsung rewrites playbook See in context

As this is Japan, shouldn't this read: Galaxy rewrites playbook?

Yup. You can't use the name Samsung in Japan. Only in Japan.

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Posted in: Suzuki denies cheating on fuel, emissions testing See in context

Not surprising, knowing the real quality of these Japanese cars or lack there of.

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Posted in: South Korea to fine Nissan for alleged bogus emission data See in context

Yubaru, exactly while Nissan and joined with Renaut and now Mitsubishi, SK carmakers are increasing getting worried as Japanese carmakers continue to grow and grab world market share. Dont see anybody lining up to join with Korean makers, who can blame them, they make junk

Based on what evidence Korean makers make junk? Looking at Consumer Reports and other automobile rating magazines, it's Nissan that's actually making junk, with so many of their models being recommended as don't buys. I don't think Korean makers are really worried about Nissan enough to make up stuff. Nissan only sold 800 of those cars in Korea last year.

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Posted in: Japan eyes more foreign workers, challenging immigration taboo See in context

Calling them "trainees" and paying them $500 a month, is not "immigration". It's called "slavery", or "exploitation".

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Posted in: Foxconn agrees to Sharp at reduced price See in context

Bad news for HonHai who was hoping that they could use Sharpe's LCD production to woe Apple into buying their LCD panels.

Apple is moving away from LCD technology, and is rumoured to be moving into OLED displays by 2017.


This is a huge gamble for HonHai buying outdated LCD technology. Even Forbes says the writing is on the wall for LCD panels.

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Posted in: 1,152 hate speech rallies reported in Japan since 2012: Justice Ministry See in context

That works out to roughly at least one hate rally per day in Japan.

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Posted in: Foxconn agrees to Sharp at reduced price See in context

Sharps TVs are world leading its just the prices are too high and people tend to go for the cheaper Samsung LG equivalent

Not true at all, if you check the prices on Best Buy and other US retailers, it's the Korean brands that are pricier than the Japanese. Not only price, but Consumer Reports and other reviewers consistently give higher marks for quality to Sammy and LG over the Japanese brands. It's that only in Japan, people don't know this.

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Posted in: Foxconn agrees to Sharp at reduced price See in context

Japanese need to get used to seeing more of their companies getting taken over by Chinese interests. With their aging population and falling domestic demands, they better get used to more of this type of news.

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Posted in: ‘Country of origin’ mislabeling discovered on canned sardines and Pacific saury See in context

I would have rather eaten the Taiwan fish, rather than one from Hokkaido. There's less chance of Fukushima radiation poisoning.

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Posted in: Sharp shares plunge after takeover thrown into question See in context

I really don't know if he is overpaying. Sharp has a really good reputation. If the company were taken over, and the new products were great, the investment would really pay off. If the new products were junk, that would be the end of the company.

Farmboy, it's not exactly certain how Hon Hai is going to turn around a huge money bleeding operation like Sharp. They probably have to start cutting jobs in Japan, just suck in all the technology, then move the meat of the production off shore to China where Hon Hai (Foxconn) has their facilities. What's left in Japan will probably be just R&D.

Barrons reports that Hon Hai is overpaying by roughly 50% over value, and that Sharp's LCD business is almost worthless because it's a huge money loser.


The answer is very simple. If Hon Hai insists on buying Sharp, Sharp should cut the price to $3 billion (instead of originally agreed price of $6 billion) to cover for the $3 billion worth of hidden liabilities that Sharp didn't declare.

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Posted in: Sharp shares plunge after takeover thrown into question See in context

However, Bloomberg News, citing people familiar with the matter, said it involved potential liabilities topping 300 billion yen ($2.7 billion) that Hon Hai would have to assume in a takeover.

LOL.. I told you yesterday imaginative Japanese accounting practices will make sure this would happen.

Despite its bleeding balance sheet, the company is still a leader in LCD technology

LOL, unfortunately the world is rapidly moving onto better technology. LCD is old tech. Hon Hai is overpaying for old tech.

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Posted in: Sharp accepts bailout from Foxconn parent See in context

Sounds like Foxconn is having second thoughts--they haven't signed an agreement yet, and now say they won't until they've investigated and resolved some new "material information."

Sounds like they want to make sure they won't be stuck with unknown debt held by Sharp. Japanese companies are famous for creative accountings not much different from what China does to cook their books.

The world is flooded with LCD panels and China is currently building a huge factory. When they're finished constructing it, they'll flood and dump the market, forcing a collapse in price. Taiwan's Hon Hai is a third rate company which has no technology and this is a quick way to jump on a second rate technology from Sharp, however they'll get a rude awakening later when the market is flooded with cheap Chinese LCD's.

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Posted in: Hon Hai CEO says Sharp to decide on investment within week See in context

Sharp needs to beg Taiwan to buy their outdated technology.

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Posted in: S Korea firm unveils K-pop band with limitless members See in context

Alex80, normally people copy successful businesses, not failed ones.

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Posted in: Japan Display to produce OLED smartphone panels from 2018 See in context

LG and Samsung makes up 95% of the OLED market - a near monopoly right now, and it will only get worse for Japan Display. Japan is looking at 2018, 2 years from now, but by then, LG and Samsung will have foldable and rollable OLED screens that will revolutionize the form factor of everything including smartphones and TV's and even give new high tech transparant OLED screens as windshields on automobiles.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker says 'comfort women' were prostitutes See in context

lol, they couldn't even wait 2 weeks to blast off on again about them Korean prostitutes.

Very sincere apology it was.

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Posted in: Hadid says Japan trying to take her Olympic stadium design copyrights See in context

Japan breaking contract, breaking promises, going back on their words, saying doublespeak, and trying squirm their way out of the deals. Big surprise there.

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Posted in: With luxury Acura makeover, Honda aims for brand survival, China revival See in context

Why would anyone pay more for brand that's a gussied up Honda cars?

If you want luxury, you go with BMW, Benz, and Audi. Acura? It's really a more expensive version of Honda cars.

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Posted in: How would a 'President Trump' deal with Japan? See in context

WIthout the US military presence in Japan, Japan, sorry for losing WWII and dreaming of its former glory as a Japanese Rising Sun empire, will rise to become militarily aggressive.

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Posted in: Historic S Korea-Japan deal stumbles over statue See in context

Once again Japan back tracks on their agreement. If Japan is truly sorry, they would not be demanding things in return for their apologies. It's just ridiculous the behavior from Japan. SK should not work with Japan in North Korean missile crisis. Let Japan deal with North Korea on their own. Leave the statue where it is, to remind Japan, on a daily basis so that they never forget the history, and to prevent Japan from erasing all remnants of their war crimes.

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Posted in: Filipino women raped by Japanese WWII troops demand compensation See in context

I'm starting to see why Japan was so reluctant to settle with Korea now. Suddenly it's a gold rush.

And you blame this on the victims? If Japan had honorably settled this long time ago with all the comfort women regardless of their nationality, instead of lying and denying, then this wouldn't be happening today.

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Posted in: Should the statue of a girl dedicated to the memory of Korean women forced to work in Japanese military wartime brothels be removed from outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul? See in context

CH3CHO JAN. 04, 2016 - 03:03PM JST Choseon Ilbo


“The Korean government acknowledged the Japanese government’s concerns over the statute for the security of the embassy,” Yun said. “The Korean government will try to find an appropriate resolution by consulting with concerned civic groups.”

So, the Korean Government has to make an "appropriate resolution", either destroying it or relocating it.

As I understand the statute is on a piece of land that belongs to government, it can be removed at the will of the government.

CH3CHO, why did you take out the word "try"? This is what the article said in entirety.

“The Korean government will try to find an appropriate resolution by consulting with concerned civic groups.”

"Will Try", does not equal to "Guarantee". I notice that you have history of misquoting articles out of context as well as quoting incomplete portions that serves your purpose.

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Posted in: S Korea's Park urges public to support WWII sex slave deal See in context

Video letter from one of the women, why she thinks this wasn't right and why they can't accept this dirty deal.

English subtitle provided


Maybe the focus just shouldn't be on governments. I just doubt wether this can or should be resolved as a political decision.

You are absolutely right. However, this issue was tearing apart the relations between the two nations. It was necessary to save what was left of the relations. That was the view of the K-government, pressed by the US behind the scenes. It's just unfortunate that the comfort women were sacrificed for the good of the entire nation.

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